The meaning of Asshole

The word asshole is used a lot in today’s language, and it has several meanings. Ever stop to wonder where the term came from? How many different ways it can be used? Well you are about to get an English lesson on the word asshole.

Asshole is most often used to describe a person who is disagreeable, cantankerous, or rude. It can also be used as the lovely hole where shit comes out of our ass. Oddly enough b it can also be a term of endearment. In the sentence “I love that asshole”, it is used as a term of endearment. In the sentence “I’m gonna tear up that asshole”, it is used in a more literal way to describe a sexual act one wants to perform. In the sentence “I really hate that asshole”, it is used as a derogatory term. Asshole is a very descriptive and versatile word, and let’s face it, it’s a term we enjoy using.

A person can use it as a stupid, mean, or contemptible person.It is a word that people use more and more each day. Even when there mad at a person. It can be use use as a slug word while people talking. It can also use a person part to as the worst part of a place or thing.

It can be also use as a word as a donkey. People call donkey a ass to or a Jackass,
But using this word is use a lot from people, Taking the word ass in a sentence is like i’m going to kick up ass or they can joke about the word . It is also use in the Bible as a ass mean Donkey.

Today people make video’s people ass and having sex. or just showing off there butt’s that is another term as ass. People write books and but the word in there books if it a love book or a sex book. New words are coming out every day with the word ass in it. So if you really look at people hollow the word ass at a person in anger and somecne be joking around with them.

Special love books people love to read at night how they get along and see what words in the book. People also use it as the most miserable or undesirable place in a particular area.As it get heated as in a anger or being mad people comes out asshole and a lot of other awful names.

Some Dr’s even have to check your ass for health reason and make sure everything is going right in your body.There also use a kinda x-ray that they stick up your ass to check see if you got cancer or tumors . So ass isn’t a bad word it depends how you use the word really .They also people say pull your pants down just to dare you to look at your ass.just for the fun of it.

People also get something grave on there ass like there names , birthday or a special someone. Just using the word ass really isn’t good they also can make a humor out of it sample, person come up and tap on your shoulder say’s man i see the crack of your ass pull up your pants and then take there hands and jerk your pants down were your ass is showing in front of a lot of people, here your face is red and people laughing.

People pull jokes all the time were they tie a rope around your belt lope and as soon as you get up your ass is showing and there is pants hanging in the tree.People some pulls a lot of stuff on people just to see there ass like sticking glue in a chair and you try to move there your stuck in a chair both your pants and under wear glue to the chair only way getting out show your ass and your whole lower part,there they sitting there laughing and you mad as crap.

As we come to the end of the word ass, people does a lot of jokes , Dr’s checks your ass and there is love books, most of all a Donkey call a ass. I am from the south and around here we say bless your heart and makes it sounds so much nicer, My boss is a asshole bless his heart.

The meaning of Bullshit

Bullshit, No Bullshit

Bullshit. Sure, you know it when you see it, but what does it actually mean? A Google search for “bullshit etymology” proffers that the expletive is both a noun referring to “stupid or untrue talk or writing; nonsense” and a verb meaning “talk nonsense to (someone), typically to be misleading or deceptive,” but that is, frankly, bullshit. It goes deeper than that. Like many expletives in the American lexicon, bullshit works in a variety of situations to convey a plethora of ideas, more than simply bovine butt bombs.

“Bullshit,” when used as a noun, is meant to express dissatisfaction with anything that is presented under false pretenses, does not meet the speaker’s expectation. For example:

American tacos are bullshit.

The user doesn’t need to be addressed for the bullshit to be appropriately used; any person familiar with Mexican street fare will have the same reaction when a plate of flour tortillas or – Heaven, help us – hard shells are brought to the table: “This is bullshit.” By that definition, it can also be applied to your buddy spinning a yarn about how he caught the world’s largest fish and threw it back because such a glorious foe deserved a better ending.

“Bullshit” also serves as an interjection, meant to convey indignation or outright disbelief with a set of circumstances.

When the ref threw a flag, negating the last goal scored, Mark exclaimed “Bullshit!” before heading into the kitchen for another beer.

Perhaps Mark truly believes the call was a bad one, or maybe it was just really inconvenient for his fantasy lineup. Either way, the use is appropriate. Use of the term as an interjection is referred to as “calling bullshit.”

Bullshit also serves as an adjective, serving the same purpose as its noun usage: it is meant to convey disbelief or dissatisfaction with the noun in modifies. The difference in the two manners of speaking is the simple presence (or lack thereof) of the bullshit in question in the sentence. Let’s revisit our friend from before, the one eating tacos that are bullshit. Instead of “These tacos are bullshit,” he or she could just have easily have stated “These are bullshit tacos” and conveyed the same meaning: I wanted tacos and these do not at all match my expectations.

Finally, bullshit is a verb. In this context, it means to speak or convey a message in a manner that is casual, without serious thought, otherwise not meant to be taken seriously.

Todd spent a few minutes bullshitting with Mark about the game over tacos.

The paper was due in two hours, so I had to bullshit the last few paragraphs.

So where did this rather unique and specific piece of diction come from? Like most things that are cool and cultured, the French did it first. There is a word in Old French, boul, which roughly means “deceit” or “fraud.” Cultural exchange in Europe led to the adaptation of the word in Middle English: bull, meaning false talk or fraud, and was in use as early as the 14th Century, where it appears in the “Cursor Mundi”. Yes, religious scholars have been calling bullshit since the 1300s; drop that little factoid on the next person to give you a hard time for cursing in church.

Bullshit didn’t make its official debut into the American lexicon until 1915, the “shit” suffix likely added as further insult to the subject being addressed as bullshit: not only is it false, it stinks odiously. After World War II, the colloquialism exploded in popularity, becoming commonplace slang used by the young and old alike, civilized and savage. In the time since its first recorded American usage, bullshit has proliferated exponentially in its use, experience nearly 800,000% more usage according to this analysis. That doesn’t mean you can’t call bullshit on the next old man you hear clamoring about we used to live in a classier time. Like every other aspect of ever language developed in human history, its preferred forms of swearing evolved with the culture to which it is relevant. So cut out all the bullshit about bullshit and call it when it’s due. Yesterday’s graphic vulgarity is today’s household language will be tomorrow’s confusing arrangement of noises, as we view “Consarn it!” and “dagnabbit” today.

The meaning of Fuck



There are many different meanings attached to this word.

1)To go have sex with someone or with yourself. This is probably the most common definition.

“I want to fuck you inside and out. I want to fuck the shit out of you for days! I am not going to stop fucking you until you are satisfied!”

2) It’s also used to express anger.

“I will Fuck you up big time!”


“Go fuck yourself hard!”

It can also mean surprise. It can be used as an emphasis on something. It can said in annoyance.

Here is one of the more common examples that are used:

“What the fuck is going on here. This needs to fucking stop right now!”


There are many origins of the word “fuck.” Some come from common folklore. Some come from misappropriated stories and guesswork.

The word actually means--“Fornication Under Consent of the King”

It came from the days of the royals in England. Basically, a couple could not have sex unless it was granted by the king. The king had to okay a couple having sex, especially if it was for having a child. If the king granted permission, he would place a card over the bed. It read F.U.C.K.

This meant the king gave his permission.


I gave a few examples of how the word can be used. Are you looking for more examples? You are in luck. I have a few more right here. If you love using this word, you will love this next section.

1)It’s a great way to work out your aggression. The word can say so much. It requires very little effort. The next time you are feeling aggressive try using the word. You will feel much better.

“Go fuck yourself hard. We are so fucking done!”

2)Annoyance is another common appropriation.

“Do not fuck with me today. I am not in the fucking mood to deal with your garbage. Come at me. See what fucking happens!”

This one is my personal favorite. It lets people know exactly where you stand.

3)Encouragement. This can be used with a friend.

“Hey buddy, let’s fucking go do this!”

It can also be used with a lover….

“Please. Fuck me harder and harder. Do not stop fucking me. I want you to shoot your massive hot load all over my fucking body. As soon as you are done, I want you to fuck me again, only harder.”

How many of us have been here before?

4)It can be used as an offer.

How so?

“You want to fuck me. I know you want to fuck me really hard right now. Come on. What are you waiting for? Show me how hard you want to fuck me.”

5)This word can also be used in correct etiquette.

How so?

“Can you please pass the fucking corn, please?”

This one might sound a bit offensive, but it will work for those who have not been schooled in proper etiquette and manners.

6)It can be if you have been taken advantage of. This happened to me a few times.

“She stole my fucking my money. He helped her to steal my fucking money. I hope they both are held responsible for fucking fraud. You know who you are.”

This one kind of combines fraud and anger. It fits though. It’s the perfect way to let your feelings be known.

7)It can be used to praise someone.

“You fucking rocked that shit. You are the man. You fucking brought your A-game to the table. I hope you know how much you fucking rock. You deserve a fucking raise man. Hell yeah, fuck yeah man!”

This might fall under the category of exaggerating the sentiment. I don’t know too many offices that will allow their associates to show this sort of sentiment. Anyway, you get the point.

8)It can be used as a type of regression.

“You aren’t going to be fucking me tonight. I have a headache. Go out to the couch and get yourself off. Tonight is not going to be your fucking night.”

9)It get be used to describe something that was ugly.

I have a personal story with this one. A friend of mine and I were driving in Orlando last year. There was the building that she described as “fugly.” I had no idea what she meant by this. She showed me the building. I saw what she meant. The building was not finished. It looked awful.

We just drove passed and yelled “You fugly darling.”

See my point?

10)It can be used in times of trouble.

“We are so fucked right now. Who else thinks we are fucked right now? I think we are fucked right now.”

This is a slight exaggeration, but you get my point.

11)You can also use it in a poetic fashion.

“Who really gives a fuck right now.”

It’s what you want to say when you are trying to be philosophical, but not too much. It’s what you say when you do not feel like putting too much effort into it.


There are so many ways to use this word. The best way though is through sexual connotations. It’s the most popular. It’s aggressive and puts away the polite side of life.

How have you used this word? Please share with us. Do not worry about being polite. Be as vulgar as you want with us. The more vulgar the better. Follow the link below.

The Meaning of Shit

How The English Word Shit Made Its Way Into The Lexicon

Shit is one of the most used words in the English language because it is so versatile. You have probably used it yourself a thousand times, but you did not realize how easy it is to use when you are talking. There are a thousand ways to say the word, and there are even more ways to use it that you have no even thought of yet. You have to think about how you are going to swear in a thoughtful way, and you might have noticed that a well-placed shit can take a line in a play or TV show a long way. Keep reading to see how versatile this word has become.

Using It In Normal Speech

Most people use shit all the time because it is an easy way to add something to a sentence. You might remember that SpongeBob called swear words sentence enhancers, and shit is a great sentence enhancer when you know what you are doing. Shit literally takes on every part of speech depending on what you are talking about, and you probably have used it in all these ways a thousand times. This has made it that much easier for you to express your views, and you can just give a simple explanation of something that just happened because shit fills in for many words that you would only use if you were writing an essay.

It Is Rarely A Verb

The word is rarely a verb because most people actually use polite terms for going to the bathroom. The word just does not mean what it once did. Sure, there are times when you can use this word to mean that you are going to the bathroom, but it just does not have the same ring that it once did. This also means that you need to find some other ways to get the word into your speech. You might be surprised when you find out how many ways you can use this word to get the kind of speech you want. There are plenty of people who use this word all the time without thinking about it, and you need to really think it over before you speak.

It Is Filler

People say that something was shit because it just means that it was some stuff that was filler. This is an easy word to use because most people say “and shit” a lot. This also is a way to end a sentence when you cannot think of something better to say. This is just an easy way to talk because you are not going to feel like you are getting too in depth, and you will be able to make some easy statements that can tail off with “and shit.” You can tell someone now to be so serious and shit, or you might tell someone that they are being such a jerk and shit. You might have some of your clothes and shit over in the corner, or you might have the bag and shit over there by the door. Just think about what you are saying before you say it. You are going to notice that you can fill up a lot of sentences with the word, and people know what you are talking about. You are going to have an easy way of talking that is not so serious and shit.

It Means Nothing

I do not mean to say that shit has no meaning. It clearly has about a thousand meanings, but people use it to mean nothing. You could say that some basketball player ain’t shit, and that means that that player is not any good. You can say that experience ain’t shit, and that means that someone’s experience does not mean anything. Think about all the possibilities when you are using these words the right way. You can really let people know how you feel without having to get too much into it. You have a chance to end the conversation when you say that something ain’t shit, and that is going to be the end of it.

Where Did It Come From

Obviously, it came from the word for taking a poop, but it goes a bit deeper than that. It is kind of like crap in that it kind of took hold because people started using it all the time because it was a new word. People decided that it sounded vulgar, so they decided that they were going to make it a bad word. You can tell that it sounds like a bad word, but you should remember that it is not that bad. People use it all the time as an exclamation, and that is actually the best way to use it.

People who use the word to end a sentence when they say “shit!” is probably the best way to use the word because it is so harsh when you say it that way. This means that you can put it anywhere you want, and you will be able to use it get the results that you want. You are going to let people know that you are not happy, and you are only going to use one word. This one word has come a long way in the language, and it is going to stay there because people are using it every day in every way you can imagine.