When Should You Not Swear

While there are a tremendous amount of reasons why anyone should act in one way or another, there are also a lot of reasons why swearing itself can be a bad thing. People have tended to see it as a very vulgar issue, and when you consider the general taboo of it as well there can be some real reasons why some instantly shy away from it. However, just because some people doesn’t like it, does it really mean it is all that bad? In short, yes it does. Take a look at some of the following so you can better understand why you should not be in the habit of swearing as thought it were acceptable in daily life.
What Does It Mean For Others?
When people swear, you have to think about what is usually going on. Swearing can occur for multiple reasons, however, it is typically the norm for swearing to happen when an individual is upset or outraged for one reason or another. The fact of the matter is when you have someone swear they are not just finding a way to express their frustration and vent, but they are also expressing their frustration to others and putting negative energy into the environment. If an individual is swearing around others at work, family, or especially children, then that negative energy can and will be picked up and absorbed and before anyone realizes it moods can get worse and stress levels can elevate as well.

Conveys Unintelligence
While anyone can curse at any time without having a specific intelligence level, there are also some studies that show intelligent people will curse less than not. And, even if the debate has not yet been settled for whether or not intelligence is correlated with cursing, there is at least still a stigma with many people regarding being unintelligent and cursing. The fact is you will find people who attempt to curse and swear to show their emotions, but what it also means is that they do not have the proper vocabulary to be able to fully express themself. It is in that scenario that they are more likely to curse as a result. And, whether or not swearing and cursing does truly correlate with a lower IQ and intelligence level, the fact is many people think it does. In other words, even if you are smart then by swearing you can appear less educated and less intelligent in general.

How Can You Show You Are Truly Upset?
One important thing to do in general is to make sure that you are able to show others you are upset. This isn’t a primary function in life, but it is a critical part of the human experience. Whether this is your employer, your coworkers, your loved ones, or others, if you are able to convey your emotions then you can show others how much you are able to be upset at a certain time and how serious something is to you. The fact of the matter is when you consider the point of view of others, you can see how tricky this can become. If you are always known to curse and to become hot headed for even the slightest of issues, then how will you be able to use an expletive when it is needed? If you are always swearing, then people will never know when you are extremely fired up and serious and when you are just acting normal. You cannot express your frustration by using explitives if you always use explitives and cursing in day to day chatter.

It Just Sounds Troublesome
When you think about children in general then you already know you do not want to raise them in the wrong way. The last thing you want to do is to teach them negative words. This isn’t because the words are wrong, but rather it is because when you think about the rest of society you can actually have your kids be judged just by swearing even if those children don’t even know what the words mean. Regardless of whether or not you want your children to swear, you should at least start to consider the fact that everyone needs a way to express themself even when they wish to express negative feelings. This is the same exact thing for children and bad words. You may not want to believe your innocent and little children are capable of negative emotions, but you also have to understand that they are going to be upset at some point in their life. It is up to you to be able to help them so they don’t resort to foul language.

It Could Mean Something Else Is Going On
If you think about the reason or reasons that kids and young people will start to swear, it an usually mean something else is occuring. There are potential underlying reasons that anyone could pick up swearing and cursing out of nowhere, and if you aren’t careful then you could start to do it yourself for those same exact reasons. Consider the fact that many people and young ones start picking up swearing because they are simply looking for attention and use it as a cry for help, and you could see how there could be a problem under the surface. When you also throw in the fact that swearing means you could also be uncomfortable and just trying to fit in, then you could actually be dealing with some major problems other than just using rude language.

Obviously there are some reasons why people would want to swear or curse and there could be some times when it is justified. In fact, when you consider the first ammendment and remember that people have the right to say whatever they would like, then it actually starts to make sense why some people may swear. However, just because some people can swear doesn’t mean that they should. Keep these few lessons in mind as well as more to know that swearing should not be the first means of communication.