Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Ba hode!! You're fucked (72%)      (28%)
Bai bati puñete Go Jackoff (42%)      (58%)
Bai chinga bo mama!!! Go fuck your mother! (Very dirty) (80%)      (20%)
Bai chupa patin/ dollo!! Go suck some dick! (92%)      (8%)
Bai den koño Fuck you!! (92%)      (8%)
Bai den tonto di bo mama Go into your mama's cunt (69%)      (31%)
Bai hunga pakul Go get assfucked (89%)      (11%)
Buraku di sanka Asshole (75%)      (25%)
Ju ku di puta shushi Dirty son of a bitch (11%)      (89%)
Kabes di patin Dick head (57%)      (43%)
Kaka Shit (86%)      (14%)
Koño bo mama Fuck your mama (43%)      (57%)
Mariku shushi Dirty homo (75%)      (25%)
Mariku stinki Dirty homo/ fucking homo (63%)      (38%)
Pendew Dumb fuck!!/ Dick!! (80%)      (20%)
Puta shushi Dirty bitch (75%)      (25%)
Ta ki koño/ lolo anto? WTF? What the Fuck (67%)      (33%)
bo smoel pendew shut your mouth fucker (33%)      (67%)

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