How to say K in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
(pashto) kuss pussy
(pashto) sta mor kuss your mothers pussy
70s black you jive turkey on a coldfront Fake ass bitch
70s black sikky bich hot asshole(woman)
80s Rick Roll Never gonna give you up
80s twinkie a tight fannty
80s nob jockey gay (men)
80s Rad man That's cool. i like it.
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Mufuca i aint know iss you I did not know it was/is you
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Hoe get on the D and suck! Fuck me
Aave (african-american vernacular english) fuckboy A boy that isn't tough
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Buck 50 Switchblade or a razor blade
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Blow your back out To have amazing sex
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Fix it make me orgasm through your mouth
Aboriginal Ka ka Poo
Aboriginal Frik Fuck
Adi Nok might de hol ! Your dick
Adi eki might ! Dog's dick !
Adi ngok might em yaktola ! Suck my dick !
Adi yaktola ! Suck my dick !
Adi Nok might ! Your dick
Adi jiving on a coldfront nik is a alligator
Afgaranian Bok cholow Titties
Afgaranian Karzai Cunt
Afghan Kose khowaret kerim my dick in ur moms pussy
Afghan go khor poop eater (bullshit talker)
Afghan kus modar mother fucker
Afghan koni gay
Afghan kusi bitch
Afghan Koss Chomlok Wrinkley Vagina
Afghan Koss Shaftal Hairy Grass Looking Vagina
Afghan Koss Chatal Dirty Vagina
Afghan Koss Ganda Contaminated Vagina
Afghan Koss Gargy Expired Vagina
Afghan Koss Popanak Rotten Vagina
Afghan Khampalak Doggystyle
Afghan Cholak Dildo
Afghan Kushad Faggot
Afghan Shakhh Shakhh Kosset mekonam Ill fuck ur pussy hard hard
Afghan Kerim da Koonet Tanget My dick in ur tight anus hole
Afghan Kerim da Basta Khanadanet Ill fuck your whole family
Afghan Go khor Shiteater
Afghan Khaya gom Deep dick
Afghan Kirom da danet My dick in your mouth
Afghan Awlad e knalek Son of a idiot
Africa Abuni funo Fuck you asshole
Afrikaans Ek gee nie 'n moer om nie I don't care a damn
Afrikaans Jy's 'n hondenaaier You're a dog fucker
Afrikaans Gaan naai 'n koei Go fuck a cow
Afrikaans gaan fok 'n bok go fuck a buck
Afrikaans gaan klim terug in jou ma se poes go climb back in your mothers cunt
Afrikaans voetsek (pronounced footsak) get lost, fuck off
Afrikaans Gaan Pluk jou riem! Go and jerk off!
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou Ma Go fuck your mother
Afrikaans Jou dom stuk kak! You stupid piece of shit!
Afrikaans Pielkop! Dickhead!
Afrikaans Etterkop! Pusshead!
Afrikaans Fok jou! Fuck you!
Afrikaans Poeskak Cunt shit
Afrikaans Draadtrekker Wanker
Afrikaans Fokof Fuck off
Afrikaans Jou bliksem! You bastard!
Afrikaans Jou stink poes! You Smelly cunt!
Afrikaans Suig my piel. Suck my dick.
Afrikaans "Naaiers" Fuckers / Whores
Afrikaans Hol naier! Ass fucker!
Afrikaans Mal vark! You crazy pig!
Afrikaans Jou skeel teef! You squint slut.
Afrikaans Hoender naaiers Chicken fuckers!
Afrikaans Om te kots. To vomit.
Afrikaans Om vel te klap. To masturbate.
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou hand Go fuck your hand
Afrikaans nigger kaffir
Afrikaans Kak Gat Ass Hole
Afrikaans Ek will jou naai I want to fuck you
Afrikaans Gaan vat 'n skommel Go jerk off
Afrikaans Loop naai Go fuck yourself
Afrikaans jou ma se skimil stink poes Your mother's pusie stinky cunt
Afrikaans Lek my bloed poes Lick my bloody cunt
Afrikaans kettie kop drunk person
Afrikaans Looi n plooi Fuck a granny
Afrikaans kak shit
Afrikaans Tietkop(Pronounced : Teetcop) Tithead
Afrikaans Piel Cock
Afrikaans Gaan kak op jou ma se poes! Go shit on your mother's pussy
Afrikaans Tietkop a man with no hair (nipple head)
Afrikaans gaan kak go shit
Afrikaans mank genaaide bergbok disfiguredly fucked mountain goat
Afrikaans Jou suster se piel Your sister's dick
Afrikaans steek dit in jou fokken vet hol jou moer stick it in your fucking ass
Afrikaans Fok my soos n porn stere Fuck me like a porn star
Afrikaans Gaan kak in die kaap Go crap in the cape
Afrikaans wie de fok dink jy is jy who the fuck do you think you are
Afrikaans moerskont mothers puss
Afrikaans Jy gaan jou poes kak You are going to shit your vagina
Afrikaans Jou Foken Poes You Fucken Cunt
Afrikaans Mal Fok Mad Fuck
Afrikaans you are a uncle fucker jy is n oom naaier
Afrikaans kom ons stoot come we fuck
Afrikaans Gaan kak in Gauteng Go shit in Gauteng
Afrikaans boudkapper ass fucker
Afrikaans Jou saat sokkie You cum sock
Afrikaans kotskop puke head
Afrikaans Lap naai Go fuck yourself
Afrikaans Poeslekker Cunt licker
Afrikaans Gaan kak in jou poes Go shit in your pussy
Afrikaans Jou fokken poes kakker naipoes You fucking cunt shitter cunt fuck
Afrikaans Jou fokken holnaaier poes You fucking ass fucking cunt
Afrikaans ma-naaier mother fucker
Afrikaans rioolboor ass fucker
Afrikaans jou vokken stuk geaborteerde fetus you fucken peace aborted fetus
Afrikaans Voetsek jou naai Fuck off you cunt
Afrikaans Stink Gat Smelly ass
Afrikaans Hol naier Ass Fucker
Afrikaans Kompos Stamper GAY
Afrikaans gaan naai 'n boom Go fuck a tree
Afrikaans Fok die kak , Ek loop Fuck this shit, im leaving
Afrikaans jou sluimsloot bewonderaar you Pussy hacker
Afrikaans Vok jou Fuck you
Afrikaans Jou nat naai You wet fuck
Afrikaans Fok julle naaiers! Fuck y'all/all you whores/fuckers!
Afrikaans Jou tollie You penis/dick!
Afrikaans Donkie kont Donkey cunt
Afrikaans Ek gee nie 'n fok nie I dont give a fuck
Afrikaans Hond Kerrie poes Dog Curry Pussy
Afrikaans Jou Kafferkont You Black Vagina
Afrikaans Jou Poeslike Kanker you fucking Cancer
Afrikaans jy is n damduiker. you are a asshole
Afrikaans fok fuck
Afrikaans LOOP KAK Go Shit
Afrikaans piel kop dick head
Afrikaans jou mase stink poes your mothers stinky pussy
Afrikaans poes you ma en pa doos fuck you you ass fuck
Afrikaans Loop naai! Go fuck! (yourself is implied)
Afrikaans Vet fokker! Fat fucker!
Afrikaans hoender poes chicken cunt
Afrikaans jou ma se chit stink your mothers cape clit stinks
Afrikaans spaiker you self screw your self
Afrikaans onosel fokken etter stupid fucking cunt
Afrikaans ek gan jou klap men ñ nat piel im gonna smack u with a wet dick
Afrikaans fokenwil for fuck sake
Afrikaans jou fokken goffel you fucking ugly bitch
Afrikaans Poesis Jesus, that was fucked up
Afrikaans jou pa se stink vuil poes your father smelly dirty puss
Afrikaans Shrek A cool guy
Afrikaans Gorrel my spyt kak Gargle my diarrhea
Afrikaans Dopkaas Dick cheese
Afrikaans Jy sal wys raak! You'll get fucked up!
Albanian te qifsha motren i will fuck your sister
Albanian "Te qifsha, kurve" Fuck you, bitch
Albanian S'ma Ni Kari I don't give a shit!
Albanian kurvar manwhore
Albanian kari dick
Albanian picka vagina
Albanian Ti qifsha byth Fuck Your Ass, or to fuck ones ass.
Albanian Ta qifsha nanen Fuck Your Mother
Albanian Të qifsha robt fuck your family
Albanian shkërdhat e qelbur dirty slut
Albanian te dhjefsha racën fuck your kind
Albanian kok derr thick headed / big head
Albanian Rrot Kari Literal: Dick Wheel, i.e. jackass
Albanian ta qifsha nanen ne pidh kari fuck your mother you dick
Albanian ta qifsha pythin e nans fuck ur mothers vagina
Albanian Nanajote ehankarin Your mother eats cock
Albanian Rrot kari Dickhead
Albanian Shko n'kar Go fuck you
Albanian Trap wanker
Albanian Ta qifsha fëfërdakin e nonës May I fuck your mother's rim
Albanian dshtoj fuck up
Albanian ta qifsha pidhin To fuck your pussy
Albanian Ma qifsh karin! (Albanian-Kosovo) May you fuck my dick!
Albanian Guxha e karit Glans of penis
Albanian Lapeci (Albanian-Kosovo) Clitoris
Albanian Ti qij rrobt! I will fuck everyone you have!
Albanian M'qifsh Karin! Fuck my dick!
Albanian Ubi zakolji da siptar ne postoji You are a goat fucker
Albanian Ta Qifsha Qeni Nanen Dog Fuck Your Mum
Albanian shkertate bitch
Albanian Allahu Akbar Suck my ass
Albanian Simge Your dads a shopkeeper
Albanian T'qift dreqi nonen! The devil fucks your mom!
Albanian Qift qeni nonen! May the dog fuck your mom!
Algerian roh tnayyek go get fucked
Algerian Naadine Rabbak God Damn You
Algerian Kahhba Bitch
Algerian Rass El Zebb Dick Head
Algerian naa'hachoun yemak your mother's damn vagina
Algerian nik ommouk fuck your mother
Algerian nik ymak fuck your mother
Algerian dayer ki zabi you'r like my dick
Algerian Kerfa Passive gay man
Algerian Nikmok Fuck your mom
Algerian nakch passive gay man
Algerian nik ymack fuck you mother
Algerian spontchi jerk off
Algerian rani skhouun ki narrr im so horny
Algerian ssossi suck dick
Algerian nahwik fuck you
Algerian nbanyat jerk off
Algerian mok kahba your mom is a bitch
Algerian roh taati Go get fucked
Algerian wjah zebi Face of my dick
Algerian Nik souwet mok Go fuck your mom's pussy
Algerian kaboul son of a whore
Algerian Yedek fi zebi Your hands in my dick
Algerian Hatchoun yemak The pussy of your mother
Alien @#$@#( fuck you human!!
Alien ayy lmao Fuck
Alphian pocket breast
Alsatian lèck-mi-am-arsch Lick my ass
Alsatian schtufe die schobert fucked in the asshole
Amazigh - riffan Thakhna Cunt
Amazigh - riffan Azedjif oumnyar Dickhead
Amazigh - riffan Akach zmayeth Suck it!
Amazigh - riffan Oumnyar Damkran Big Dick
Amazigh - riffan Achkor I Will Fuck You
Amazigh - riffan Akawad Pimp
Amazigh - riffan Khsagh Achmakor I Wanna Fuck You
Amazigh - riffan A Mis N Tkahbacht You Son Of Bitch
Amazigh - riffan Takahbacht Bitch
Amazigh - riffan A Yaghyour You Donkey
Amazigh - riffan Ko Ymach Fuck Your Mother
Ambonesse Lubang puki e! Asshole
Ambonesse Anjing cuki e! Fucking dog!
Ambonesse Tulang puki e! Hey Pussy!
Ambonesse Kapala butu e! Dickhead!
Ambonesse Loco puki e! Pussy licker
Ambonesse, ambonesse Loco puki e!, Lonte! Pussy licker, Bitch!
Ambonesse, ambonesse Puki Agas e! Chick pussy!
America english Freaking express to anger or annoyance
America english girskirtin girl squirting
American Jacker Worse than wanker
American (louisiana creole) Gross Galet Stinky Pussy
American (louisiana creole) Being a shitful of jackass Assdick
American English Shit licker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English lets dock the clock to have sex
American English Choking the meat Male masturbation
American English Spanking the monkey Male masturbation
American English Cocksucker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Taking a piss Male or female urination
American English I'll be fucked To be amazed
American English Totally fucked To be in a bad situation
American English Apples from the Earth Fuck you
American English Taking a whiz Male or female urination
American English Fucked To be in a bad situation
American English Shaking the dew off the lilly Male urination
American English Taking a leak Male urination
American English Cock Penis
American English Dick Penis
American English Back door, basement butt slut Someone who engages in anal sex
American English calm yo titties calm the fuck down
American English cock holster cock sucker
American English Butt Buttocks
American English Riding the baloney pony Getting fucked
American English eat that taco lick that pussy
American English Choking the chicken Male masturbation
American English slob the knob suck dick
American English pole dick
American English Motherfucker suck on my hairy balls suck balls
American English Fuck you asshole, Go lick a dick. Fuck you asshole, Go lick a dick.
American English butt hole jerk
American English dick breath mean person, jerk
American English beating that meat masterbating my cock
American English Wound Socket Period Vagina
American English Ass Buttocks
American English Jerk Off Wanker
American English Dick licker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English buns buttocks
American English Caboose Buttocks
American English Carpet kitten Lesbian that engages in oral sex
American English Jacking off Male masturbation
American English Fist fucker Male masturbation
American English Pussy Licker One who engages in cunnilingus
American English Brick shithouse Beautiful woman
American English mo fo muther fucka
American English smd suck my dick
American English bent banana suck a dick and a pussy
American English Milf Mother i'd like to fuck
American English pecker snot sperm, ejaculate, cum
American English dooky schute a persons butthole
American English milk bags breasts
American English milk jugs breasts
American English hood rat ghetto skank
American English cock block keep someone from getting sex
American English cock sucker someone who sucks penis or a jerk
American English ho hooker
American English Kleng Fuck
American English fucken dickhead An extremly,stuuuuuuupiid person
American English Fuck me food i am hungry
American English Rooster Fish cock sucker
American English Gtfo Get The Fuck Out
American English Your a magikarp Your a useless piece of shit
American english butt hurt To sulk or be offended
American english fucking droopy ass bitch you have shit up your ass
American english Candyass Motherfucker Gay or Homosexual
American english hack broke
American english Overbite! When pussy tastes like shit!
American english Bubblegum Dumdum lookin ass fucking twat Dumb fat pussy
American english rim job licking a butt hole
American english joey fucker austrailan
American english Mr winky penis
American military Alpha Mike Foxtrot Adios mother fucker.
American military Whiskey Tango Foxtrot What The Fuck
American military Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Yankee Oscar Uniform Fuck You
American military Snafu Situation normal ... all fucked up
American military Figmo Fuck it, I've Got My Orders
American military Charlie Foxtrot Cluster Fuck
American military Blue falcon buddy fucker
American military Wook/ Wookie female marine
American sign language Hold your right hand open, with your fingers together and your thumb folded into your palm ("B"). Hold it to your chin with the side of your index finger touching your chin. Quickly move your hand forward away from your face with a sharp movement. Bitch
American sign language Make your right hand into a fist with your thumb sticking out and pointing upwards (as if giving someone a "thumbs up") Grab your thumb with your left hand, wraping your entire hand around it. Holding your left hand still, pull your right thumb down and o Shit
American sign language hold out your left hand away from your chest and skid your right hand over the left fuck off
American sign language Lift hand up and put all fingers down except your middle finger. Fuck you
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thumb out). Your hand passes below and to the side of your chin twice (Second version since i did the first one wrong xD) Whore, slut or prostitute
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thumb out). Your hand passes below and to the side of your chin twice Dick
American sign language Form a D handshape tapping your nose Dick
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the can upside down towards your mouth. Wanna blow me?
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the can up and down towards your mouth. Wanna blow me?
Amharic tebeda fuck you
Amharic enateh tebeda mother fucker
Amharic Bastard Dikala
Amharic kularas dickhead
Amharic Bidatam Fucker
Amharic Kuletam fuck addicted
Amharic ye ahiya jela yigbabih get fucked by a donkey
Amharic gimatam stinky
Amharic tebeda ena mut get fucked and die
Amharic ahya donkey
Amharic enatehin libdat let me fuck your mom!
Amharic Gela Tebi Cock Sucker
Amharic Yeboka ems Dirty pussy
Amharic ye ems kemal pussy insect
Amharic kula teba eat a dick
Amharic Kitehen lebdaw Fuck your ass
Amharic yegema ems Stinky pussy
Ammy kissimmee fuck your mother
Anish Dumme luder ko Stupid whore cow
Annoying cat Wheeow! Wheeow! Wheeow! Give me my fucking food!
Ape Ouu Aaah Haaa Aaaaaa! Shut the fuck up
Ape Nancy mother fucking whore
Arabic Koos cunt.
Arabic Mos zibby! Suck my dick!
Arabic shlokeh a low life dirty whore
Arabic dakhlah killah push it all the way in
Arabic Yla'an haramak Damn your spouse
Arabic Kis em ick Go fuck your mom
Arabic kaneeth gay
Arabic yel'aan naik emak fuck the fucking of your momma
Arabic Neek Hallak Go Fuck Yourself
Arabic umka sharmota your mom is a slut
Arabic qooq ummak ur mom's pussy
Arabic qooq ukhtak ur sisters's pussy
Arabic kos ahlak manayek fuck your whole family are gays
Arabic sambool fi fqa'htak my penis in your ass
Arabic kes en neck eighty go fuck your mother
Arabic zibbe dick
Arabic Bin'nt himaar Daughter of a donkey
Arabic manuke khara shit fucker
Arabic nayaak ghbar fucker
Arabic bala'a il a'air cock sucker
Arabic ibn il tinayich son of a fucker
Arabic raas il zub dick head
Arabic Kol Ayre Eat my dick
Arabic koos imek up my your mothers vagina
Arabic Kess ihktak your sister's cunt
Arabic kalet(prounounced Kahlet filthy street bastard(iraqi slang)
Arabic kalet(prounounced Kahlet) filthy street bastard(iraqi slang)
Arabic Tel has tisee Kiss my ass
Arabic Ibn himar Son of a donkey
Arabic coos okt al laglesh fuck all this shit
Arabic moss ayri suck my dick
Arabic zobbi be ommok my dick in your mother
Arabic wald il klaab son of dogs
Arabic kess emmak your mums pussy ( fuck your mum )
Arabic Ayeree fee wij imaak My dick in your moms face
Arabic Kool Khara Eat Shit
Arabic ibin himaar son of a donkey
Arabic shakl il nahaan shit face
Arabic Nekni ana sharyaana fuck me I'm horny
Arabic äíßäí ÍÈíÈí fuck me baby
Arabic airy qalbak fuck your heart
Arabic Neik Fuck
Arabic zubra dick
Arabic bde amroj fe 3enak jack off my dick in your eye
Arabic Teezak ur ass
Arabic Anta kalbee You're my dog
Arabic neekni wlaa tneek hargeti fuck me but dont fuck my words
Arabic us kut ! (oos koot) shut up!
Arabic neekni fuck me
Arabic neekni sahrawi fuck me in the ass
Arabic kosma yara i swear blood
Arabic sir tkaoud go get fucked
Arabic hoi mouk fuck your mom
Arabic jamalick cil jahash lick my donkey
Arabic ghati il face oo doos il race cover the face and fuck the base
Arabic taa' mos(Palestinians slang) come and suck
Arabic kol khara(Palestinians slang) eat shit
Arabic bashokh alaa imak(Palestinians slang) I piss on your mom
Arabic bashokh aleek(Palestinians slang) I piss on you
Arabic bah-shi rejlee fee teez imak(Palestinians slang) I put my leg in your mom's ass
Arabic bah-shi rejlee fee teezak(Palestinians slang) I put my leg in your ass
Arabic yelan abo taareesak (Palestinian slang) damn your bitchiness
Arabic ya ibn el jahsh you son of a donkey
Arabic yelan abo taarees immak (Palestinian slang) damn the bitchiness of your mother
Arabic yelan fatsak swear your dead
Arabic bous tize kiss my ass
Arabic Kus okhtish (for a girl Omani) Your sisters pussy
Arabic Neek nafsek Fuck yourself
Arabic Sambool Dick
Arabic qalab wighek fuck off
Arabic Airy Fic Fuck Off
Arabic aneek ummak i ll fuck your mom
Arabic kus ummak your mom's pussy
Arabic nikkabuk fuck your father
Arabic baydati fik my balls in you
Arabic khaneeth gay
Arabic ya kus you pussy/ vaj
Arabic Khaneeth Faggot
Arabic moss eyri suck my dick
Arabic kes okhtik bi ayre fuck your sister/your sister
Arabic bedi nik kesik i wanna fuck your pussy
Arabic bedi nik bzez emak i wanna fuck your mom's tits
Arabic ntak get fucked
Arabic bedi fawit eyri bi tizik i wanna put my cock in your ass
Arabic rkab ayre ride my cock
Arabic kol zabri eat my cock
Arabic bedi nikak i wanna fuck you
Arabic moss zabri suck my dick (lebanese)
Arabic cos omak maafina Your mums pussy is dirty
Arabic abn balla't aleora your mother suck dicks
Arabic nik jedak fuck your grandpa
Arabic beef strokie meat sucker
Arabic badi aneek kosik i want to fuck your pussy
Arabic kolaveri didi ugly
Arabic nela aboka fuck your father
Arabic lhass baydeteh suck on my balls
Arabic khajaf you are an embarresment
Arabic Yakhrab Baytak! Your house is burned.
Arabic Ya Bint El-Khinzir! O thy daughter of pig!
Arabic Tabaarek Yadaak! Wish you stabbed by sphere!
Arabic Assam Alaykom! Death upon you!
Arabic El-Sheitan Alaykom! Satan be upon you!
Arabic Qusamak I fucked you're mother asshole.
Arabic الله يلعنك Fuck you
Arabic Kaifa Haluka Fuck you
Arabic nock nullah father fucker
Arabic muss zebby suck my dick
Arabic Hynityou Fuck You
Arabic khawal faggot
Arabic Kus omak Your mothers pussy
Arabic Batroun A person who works in a brothel.
Arabic koos akhotkha hatsola'at your limping sister's pussy
Arabic Zubih My dick
Arabic Kanker zemmer Cancer faggot
Arabic ars cuckold
Arabic manyak faggot
Arabic Bakri Gay
Arabic (aleppo) Telhas Ras Airi lick the top of my dick
Arabic (aleppo) Ya Balla'a El Air Dick Swallower
Arabic (aleppo) Iben El Mentakeh mother fucker
Arabic (aleppo) abous ksa lmemee i will kiss ur mom pussy
Arabic (aleppo) nyak al nana tab3ak your grand mom fucker
Arabic (aleppo) air b emmak el mfanda'a my dick in your hore mother
Arabic (aleppo) nfokho / dhasho shove it
Arabic (aleppo) تنقربيضاتي click to my nuts
Arabic (aleppo) telhass tizi like my ass
Arabic (aleppo) ÇíÑ ÈÚíäß Fuck your eye
Arabic (aleppo) mos zbi suck my dick
Arabic (aleppo) aad aleh bite on it (on my dick)
Arabic (lebanese) Akhou El Sharmoota Brother of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) Ayri Belli Tara Ak Fuck Your Fucker
Arabic (lebanese) KISIK D'ARDA I piss on your sister
Arabic (lebanese) nfokho blow it
Arabic (lebanese) Dhasho b teezak Shove it up your ass
Arabic (lebanese) Bniik Boksh Tizzak I will fuck you asshole
Arabic (lebanese) Kiss ekhtak Fuck you sister s pussy
Arabic (lebanese) Kol eyre Eat my dick
Arabic (lebanese) Kharaye feek Shit on you
Arabic (lebanese) Tilhas tizi Lick my ass
Arabic (lebanese) Hittou fi teesak Put it up your ass
Arabic (lebanese) kol khara eat shit
Arabic (lebanese) Eyre fik Fuck you
Arabic (lebanese) bade naykak l fejle I will make you fuck the raddish
Arabic (lebanese) ayre belli bazzarak fuck your seeder
Arabic (lebanese) bade neek ra'ebtak I want to fuck your kneck
Arabic (lebanese) Malla ras eyr yaleh 3alek What a dick head you have
Arabic (lebanese) Eyre b Wejjak chou meref Fuck your face , it s so ugly
Arabic (lebanese) masaho wipe it (the dick)
Arabic (lebanese) shlekke slang way of saying whore
Arabic (lebanese) Anta jameel you are dick
Arabic (moroccan) Ntokbek I will fuck you deep
Arabic (moroccan) Sopessa Hooker
Arabic (moroccan) Njibo fik Cum in you
Arabic (moroccan) Mass zebbi Suck my dick
Arabic (moroccan) La Rovize Fucking
Arabic (moroccan) Bertouche Fucking Place
Arabic (moroccan) Hwini Fuck me
Arabic (moroccan) Zok Ass
Arabic (moroccan) Zob Kbeer big dick
Arabic (moroccan) Zobi kbeer my dick is big
Arabic (moroccan) Kbirt lkhab The queen of all bitches
Arabic (moroccan) Khawwar karrak Finger your ass
Arabic (moroccan) Nkhshih fik bla dfal Will fuck you raw
Arabic (moroccan) Tabonek Wassee Your pussy is too large
Arabic (moroccan) Allah i naal dine mok Curse your mom
Arabic (moroccan) Khchi sebaak f tremtek Go fuck yourself
Arabic (moroccan) Sir thawa Go fuck
Arabic (moroccan) Sir tkawed Get the fuck out of here
Arabic (moroccan) Mamsoukh Shemale
Arabic (moroccan) Yddek fi Zob Put your hand on my dick
Arabic (moroccan) Kowwad (a) Pimp
Arabic (moroccan) Mamsoukha Shemale
Arabic (moroccan) zep dick
Arabic (moroccan) hwi muk fuck your mother
Arabic (moroccan) tobon imak your mothers pussy
Arabic (moroccan) Hmar kelb tfou Annoying idiot
Arabic (moroccan) kawed Fuck off !
Arabic (moroccan) mchi thawa Fuck you
Arabic (moroccan) tabon dyemak fuck ur mother's pussy
Arabic (moroccan) Nwassaaha Lik I will stretch your ass/pussy
Arabic (moroccan) Kawwazi Put yourself in doggystyle
Arabic (moroccan) Lhwa dwa Fucking is a cure
Arabic (moroccan) Akbar zamel ala wajh alard The biggest fagget
Arabic (moroccan) Hway Zwamel Fucker of Gays
Arabic (moroccan) Nghtasbek I will rape you
Arabic (moroccan) An Nhwik I will fuck you
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Cockney rhyming slang Berk (Berkshire Hunt) C*nt
Cockney rhyming slang Jack n Danny Fanny /virgina
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Czech kraavo (literary cow) but can be used as bitch
Czech sakra shit
Czech peehat the act of fucking
Czech vyser si voko go fuck yourself
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Czech Zkurvysyn You son of a bitch!
Czech Churak Cock
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Czech Zmrd Fucker+ cock, dick.
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Czech šukat [shucut] to fuck
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Czech Sraèka (srachka) soft wet shit
Czech Koomrd (koniomrd) a person who fucks horses
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Czech Di do piči! Fuck off
Czech Táhni/jdi do prdele! Fuck off
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Czech Sakra Dammit
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Daedrits jou fok jou suster!!!!!!! you fuck your sister!!!
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Danish Pikhoved! Dickhead!
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Dari (Farsi) Kunni Gay (Ass hole lover)
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Deptic Phomoza la Keip Suck on my Dick
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Destiny Jack Licks Your Dog Bitch
Deusenese mucked-up screwed up
Deusinese marredup slightly fucked up
Deusinese mucked up fucked up
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Dhivehi Nagookendi pig (very offensive)
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Dick language yea have a nice day just suck it
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Dinka Chool Dick
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Dominican Mama Ñema Ball Sucker
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Dota 2 FrankerZ Puppey
Dota 2 WinWaker Dendi
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Dusun Toli nu Your dick
Dusun Bulak nu Your balls
Dusun logiut fucker
Dutch Sukkel Dork
Dutch Klootzak! Scrotum
Dutch Goedkope teringslet Cheap slut
Dutch Kuthoer Fucking whore
Dutch Kut! Shit! (litterally, cunt)
Dutch Krijg kanker en ga dood, hoer! Get cancer en die, bitch!
Dutch Kutwijf! Bitch (literally cunt bitch)
Dutch Kanker hoer Cancer whore
Dutch Sterf aan kanker! Die to cancer
Dutch Eikel, Dick head!
Dutch flikker op! Fuck off
Dutch Ruk Wank
Dutch pislul pissdick
Dutch viezerik dirtbag
Dutch Rukker Wanker
Dutch Pisvlek piss stain
Dutch rot op fuck off
Dutch kutwijf bitch
Dutch je moeder stinkt your mum smells
Dutch Vieze dikke pad Big fat toad
Dutch kutaap cunt monkey
Dutch Ga je hondje neuken. Go fuck your doggy.
Dutch vuile teringslijer fucking asshole
Dutch Lelijke dikke oma Ugly fat granny
Dutch apenkind child of a ape
Dutch sukkeltje loser
Dutch Domme Kutslet Stupid Slut
Dutch Stomme klootzak! Stupid asshole!
Dutch kanker cancer
Dutch Opzouten ! Fuck off !
Dutch Trekvlek Cumstain
Dutch Hondenlul Dogdick
Dutch ga naar je moer! Fuck off (lit. Go to your mother)
Dutch Je zuster is een hoer Your sister is a hooker
Dutch Goedkope hoer Cheap whore
Dutch Je kunt me de kont kussen You can kiss the arse
Dutch Zuig mijn ballen Suck my balls
Dutch paardenlul horse's dick
Dutch Kanker hond Cancer dog
Dutch kankerhoer cancer whore
Dutch Bokkelul Dick of a ram
Dutch verrekte mongool fucking retard
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Dutch verneukt fucked up
Dutch Lik mijn aars! Lick my arsehole!
Dutch Flikker! Faggot!
Dutch Homofiele kut kanarie gay cunt canary
Dutch Kanker lijer Cancer sufferer
Dutch Je bent een kanker mongool You are a cancer mongool
Dutch Je bent een kanker mogool You are a cancer mongool
Dutch jij bent een vieze schapen neuker. You're a dirty sheep fucker.
Dutch zakslak small penis ( 'ball-bag snail')
Dutch mierepiet small penis ( 'ant dick' )
Dutch muizefluit small penis ( 'mouse dick')
Dutch micropik small penis ( 'micro dick')
Dutch muggelul small penis ( 'mosquito dick')
Dutch Klootviool Asshole (literally: scrotum violin)
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) lul dick
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) kak, stront shit
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kutding Fucking thing
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kutwijf Bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kutzooi Bloody mess
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kut Cunt
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kloten (singular kloot) Testicles, balls
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Flikker Homosexual
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kankerlul Cancerdick
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) stoephoer Sidewalk slut
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Praat geen poep Don't talk shit
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) asshole klootzak
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Dutch (Holland/Belgium) rotzak bastard
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Dutch (Holland/Belgium) sukkel dumbass
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) klootzak asshole
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Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kankerwijf Cancer bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Hou je fokking bek! Shut the fuck up
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Dikzak Fatass
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) kloot zak ball sack
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Dutch (brabants) Kutkop cunt face
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Dutch (haags) Zeiksnol Complaining Slut
Dutch (haags) Lampuhkap Idiot
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Dutch (haags) gerimpelde kleibind wrinkled potato
Dutch (holland/belgium) Rot op! Fuck off!
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Dutch (holland/belgium) Frikandel Beardick
Dutch (holland/belgium) Tyfkanker een eind op Walk to hell
Dutch (holland/belgium) Kanker Aap Cancer monkey
Dutch (holland/belgium) Stuk verdriet Piece of sadness
Dutch (holland/belgium) Opkankeren Fuck off
Dutch (holland/belgium) Houd je kanker bek Shut your fucking mouth
Dutch (holland/belgium) Kankerhoer Cancer whore
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Dutch (street slang) Ben je kaulo dom? Are you fucking stupid?
Dutch (street slang) Junta Crackhead
Dutch (street slang) Je dikke kanker moeder Your fat cancer momma
Dutch (street slang) Mariku Gay
Dutch (street slang) Tap je kanker bek/moffo Shut your cancer mouth
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Dutch (street slang) Kanker flikker Cancer faggot
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Dutch (street slang) Klennie Crackhead
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Dutch(limburgs) Wiekser Wanker
Dutch(limburgs) Kuttekop cuntface
Dutch(limburgs) Natnek wetneck
Dutch(limburgs) Kutflikker Cuntfaggot
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Dutch, belgian dialect Oerepoeper Whore fucker
Dutch, belgian dialect zak douchebag
Dutch, belgian dialect kalf calf
Dzongkha jed dah fuck you
Eagolian Bius U gao gao Fuck u real good.
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Ru rikey? Fuck you, Asian person
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Suck and swallow Suck my dick, fuck you
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Your momma Fuck your mother, fuck you
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Spear chucker African person
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Kissin' cousins Incest that is seen as acceptable
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Yellow monkey Oriental person
Ebonics What's kickin' my chicken? How's it going, friend?
Ebonics he be workin' he is currently employed
Ebonics he workin' he is currently at work
Ebonics I be ma fuckin pimpin an shit! I feel pretty good!
Emarati kelb dog
Emarati Kneth Gay
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Emarati Khosh To fuck
Emarati Kss Omk Your Moms Pussy
Emo Hi. Kill me.
England nob jocky homosexual man
England fuck slang for sex
England nob jangler wanker
England wank stain very stupid and horrible person
England snog, snogging kiss, kissing, making out
England milf mother id like to fuck
England Suck your mum Fuck your mother
England Piss Pot Someone who talks bull
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English Jack Off Masturbate
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English henwa de cockna you are a cock face
English grup seks group sex, gang bang
English seks sex
English sikmek to screw, to fuck
English sikis screwing, fucking
English sikimi yala lick my cock
English sik fuck
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English lets fuck
English Piki Pussy
English kit fit ass face
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English vymrdany fucking (adjective)
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English koal khara ( kh as J in Spanish ) eat shit , as shut up
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English Shit flick aka any chick flick movie
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English Takes a walk down chocolate boulevard Homesexual Male
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English Dutty bus Dirty like a bus
English WTF??? WHAT THE FUCK???
English Cock eyed Cunt. Stupid Ugly Person
English Spank the Monkey To masturbate
English Lettuce Licker Lesbian
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English Shitfuck Idiot, jerk
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English Shitfaced Getting drunk
English Jij vuile garnaal Kiss
English Stinkhoer Stank whore
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English He likes Richard He likes dick; homosexual
English He loves Richard He loves dick; homosexual
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English She's a Richard She's a dick
English She is a Richard She is a dick
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English He is a Richard He is a dick
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English Hell Heck
English Ko ti drma kavez?
English Incest Redneck intercourse
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English Dirty Wanker Nasty Masturbator
English Tetek Boobs/Tits
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English When are we going to fuck?
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English stop the cap stop fucking lying
Engrish Off you fuck Fuck off
Erician Falcik Dang!
Erician Kryaa A battle cry, like HYA!
Erman Gehts du fegle ein easel Go & fuck a donkey
Esperanto fek' shit
Esperanto kaco cock, dick
Esperanto kreteno imbecile
Esperanto Fiku vin Fuck you
Estonian kuradi munn (Lit. devil's penis)
Estonian kurat, saatan devil
Estonian kusema/pissima (v) to piss
Estonian nussima,nikkuma (v) to fuck
Estonian piss/kusi piss
Estonian mind ei koti i dont give a fuck
Estonian kiimas horny
Estonian Laksa Kotte Slap your balls
Estonian Kepi oma ema Fuck your mother
Estonian Lappa kotte Browse the balls
Estonian laku mu mune suck my balls
Estonian raibe fucker
Estonian keri persse! Fuck you
Estonian kurat damn
Estonian vitu imeja! cunt sucker
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Estonian trapea dick head
Estonian peksa pihku piss off
Estonian jobu dork
Estonian perseauk butt hole!
Estonian tra prick
Estonian Tmba nahhui Fuck off / Get Lost
Estonian Kaks-teist kuud Cocks taste good
Estonian Mine putsi Fuck you (lit. go to pussy)
Estonian Mida vittu What the fuck
Estonian Bld Fuck
Estonian Tao pihku tonn Browse your balls !
Estonian halvik (a with dots) Daun
Estonian tyrapea dickhead
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Estonian pihkur wanker
Estonian ime lahti suck off
Estonian Sul on väike munn You have a small cock
Evu'enian Azhongwaik zyue! Unaccomplishedly proud moron!
Ewok achow!! fuck you
Eyrrn Trizelga Fucking bastard
Eyrrn Cräghynne múdælgin Fucking idiot
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Fag-tok Bundero. (boon.deh'.roh) Ass fucker.
Fag-tok Sthaaluxa. (stah.loo'.shtah) Drunk/alcoholic.
Fag-tok Bundahloka! (boon'.dah.khloh'.kah) Asshole!
Fag-tok Chanwalera! (chahn.wah.leh'.rah) Monkey fucker!
Fag-tok Hlokona! (khloh.koh'.nah) Busted out ass bitch!
Fag-tok Uchera (oo.chay'.rah) Lezbo, dyke.
Fag-tok Dungu (doon'.goo) Dick, Cock.
Fag-tok Beneka/Vengona (bay.nay'.kah/ven.go'.nah) bitch!
Fag-tok a Bezhal ! Go to Hell! Fuck off!
Fanti (ghana) Fi jokoo Fuck off
Farci kile hyte fuck off
Faroese Mogg høvd Fuck head
Faroese Kraft idiot Fucking Idiot
Faroese Halt kjaft Shut up
Faroese Skitni fæni Dirty basterd
Faroese fær av helviti til Fuck off
Faroese Helvitis reyvarhol Fucking asshole
Faroese Helvitis spassari Fucking moron
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Farscape Frell Fuck
Farscape Trel'ik Slut/Whore
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Farsi kos pussy
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Farsi dahaneto migaam fuck your mouth
Farsi Khar Kos seh your sister is a whore
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Farsi Kir tu Kunet My Dick in your Ass
Farsi Kiram Dahanet My Dick in your Mouth
Farsi Lashy Jurk, Piece of Shit
Farsi Madar Jendeh Mother Fucker
Farsi kiram too koset fuck your pussy
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Farsi Kosskesh Pimp
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Farsi ja kesh,kun kesh abuser
Farsi Kiram too un dahane sag gaaeedat fuk your dog raped mouth
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Farsi Koonie Faggot
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Farsi Becky Ram My Dick
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Farsi kun golabi pear ass :)
Farso Son of a Bitch Dokhtare kossi
Feral cat MAOOWWRRRRR REEERRRRRRR Back the fuck up, you prick.
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Fiji hindi teri maichod go fuk you're mother
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Fijian Caita Fuck
Fijian Vutulaki Wanker
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Fijian Bakola Bastard
Fijian boce dick,
Fijian kalavo Fucken Bitch
Fijian Kalavo Bitch
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Filipino Tangina mo Mother Fucker
Filipino manyakol a person addicted to jerking off
Filipino Kainin mo yong pek pek ko. Eat my pussy.
Filipino Kantutan tayo Lets have sex
Finnish vittu fuck(Lit. cunt)
Finnish kusipaeae pisshead
Finnish Suksi vittuun Ski into a cunt
Finnish Ime munaa, runkkari Suck cock, wanker
Finnish Perkele Devil
Finnish Haista vittu! Fuck you! (Lit. Smell cunt!)
Finnish muna dick
Finnish Vitun urpo Fucking idiot
Finnish Mä haluun panna sua kovaa perseeseen. I wanna fuck you hard in the ass.
Finnish Runkkari Wanker
Finnish Ime paskaa! Suck shit
Finnish vitun kusipää fucking pisshead
Finnish Painu vittuun! Fuck off!
Finnish Voi vittu! Oh fuck!
Finnish Vittu Saatana! Fuck, Satan (a popular combo)
Finnish Paska Shit
Finnish Vitun mulkku! Fucking dickhead!
Finnish Kusipää Asshole (lit. pisshead)
Finnish Voi perkele! Damn it!
Finnish Paskanaama Shitface
Finnish Nuole mutsis likaista pillua. Lick your mothers dirty cunt.
Finnish Nussi mutsias! Fuck your mom!
Finnish Palliräkä Dicksnot
Finnish Paskaa syövä koiranraiskaaja Shit eating dog rapist
Finnish Kullinaama Cockface
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Finnish Tunge pää perseesees! Stick your head up your ass!
Finnish Paska-aivo Shitbrain
Finnish Munapää Dickhead
Finnish Haista paska! Fuck you! (lit. smell shit!)
Finnish Paskapää Shithead
Finnish Vedä vittu päähän Pull a fuck on your
Finnish No voi vittu! For fuck's sake!
Finnish Saakeli Damn it
Finnish Kyrpä Cock
Finnish Mulkku Cock (asshole)
Finnish Kilinvittu cunt of a goatling
Finnish Vitun kyrvän lutkuttaja Fucking cock sucker
Finnish Voi Paska Oh, Shit
Finnish pieni kyrpä Small penis
Finnish Pallinaama Dickface
Finnish vitun kusimulkku fucking pissdick
Finnish Ime äitis nussimaa kyrpää Suck the dick that fucked mother
Finnish nuolla pillua puhdistaa lick my pussy clean
Finnish Perseraiskattu pirihuora Assraped crackwhore
Finnish Vedä käteen saatanan kassihiki Wank off you fucking ballsweat
Finnish Pasko kahvikuppiin Take a shit in a coffee cup
Finnish Vedä käteen Jack off
Finnish Ime parsaa Suck an asparagus
Finnish Voi turku Ou fuck
Finnish Turku Fuck
Finnish sait minut itkemn narttu you made me cry you bitch
Finnish Paskap Shit head
Finnish Mita vittua? What the fuck?(lit. Fucking what?)
Finnish Ime mun munaa Suck my dick
Finnish toivottavasti itisi kuolee sypn i hope your mother dies of cancer
Finnish Paskiainen Bastard
Finnish Do stomen stinken grease You stink like a pig
Firefly Rutting Fucking
Firefly Shee-niou Cow sucking
Firefly Chiang-bao hoe-tze duh monkey raping
Firefly kwong-juh duh nuts
Firefly Kao! Goddammit!
Firefly Tee wuh duh pee-goo Kick me in the bottom
Firefly niao se duh doo-gway piss-soaked pikers
Firefly Kuh-ooh duh lao bao jurn Horrible old tyrant
Firefly Kwai chur hun-rien duh di fahng Go far away very fast
Firefly Kan wuh-mun tzun muh suh bah! Let's watch how we die!
Firefly Jien tah-duh guay! Like hell!
Firefly Hoe-tze duh pee-goo! Monkey's butt!
Firefly Huh choo-shung tza-jiao duh tzang-huo! Filthy fornicators of livestock!
Firefly Fei-oo Junk
Firefly Fay-fay duh pee-yen a babboon's ass-crack
Firefly fahng-tzong fung-kwong duh jeh a knot of self indulgent lunacy
Firefly chou ma niao stinking horse-urine
Firefly Bee-tzway. Wrong wuomun fah-tsai Shut up and make us wealthy
Firefly Bun tyen-shung duh ee-dway-Ro Stupid inbred stack of meat
Firefly bhijoi you suck
Firefly BzzzBxxx Fuck
Fish Swswsw You fucking son of a bitch fuck you
Fish Bubble bubble bubble pop bubble bubble pop pop Twerk for me bitch
Flemish (Belgium) Kust m'n kloete (antwerp) Kiss my balls
Flemish (Belgium) kut cunt
Flemish (Belgium) makak nikker
Flemish (Belgium) Voale zwetzak dirty nigger
Flemish (Belgium) Klootzak asshole
Flemish (Belgium) Paljas Jerk
Flemish (belgium) een vetzak a filthy person
Flemish (belgium) Gaot eroep zitte, joeng! (Antwerp dialect) Stick it up your ass!
Flemish (belgium) miljaar fuck
Flemish (belgium) Onnozelaar Idiot, wanker
Flemish (belgium) Uw bakkes shut the fuck up
Flemish (belgium) Bisexuele geitenneuker Bisexual goat fucker
Flemish (belgium) Tettekop Idiot (lit. boobs head)
Flemish (belgium) Kalf Idiot (lit. calf)
Flemish (belgium) Kalle Bitch
Flemish (belgium) vortzak dirty-ass guy
Flemish (belgium) gie strontzak you shitbag
Flemish (belgium) gie soepkieken(ghent) you soup chicken (idiot)
Flemish (belgium) ge kunse kussn you can kiss them (my/your balls)
Flemish (belgium) gie gotverdomse geiteneuker you god danm goat fucker
Flemish (belgium) Dikke nek Fat neck
Flemish (belgium) Vetzak Grease sack
Flemish (belgium) Blaast mijne zak op Inflate my sack
Flemish (belgium) Ge kunt den boom in You can go up a tree
Flemish (belgium) Schijt omhoog en kopt hem Shit upwards and head-butt it
Fnaf animatronic Peeks through for You're dead
Foochow Sa Ni Neh Fuck your mother
Football (american) Quaterback Sneak Unexpected petting
Football (american) Tackle Groping
Football (american) end zone Buttocks / anus
Football (american) Queerback Gay Quarterback
Football (american) Linebacker Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Queer Linebacker Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Gay Linebacker Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Gay Lineback Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Queer Lineback Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Queer Defensivebacker Gay Submissive Football Player
Football (american) Gay Defensivebacker Gay Submissive Football Player
Football (american) Hit The Locker Room Let's Have Gay Sex
Football (american) Hitting The Locker Room Gay Sex With Gay Athlete
Football (american) Field Tackle Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) Field Tackling Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) Lawn Tackling Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) Lawn Tackle Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) My Key Player Gay Passive Man
Football (american) Dick Pad Condom For Men
Football (american) Cock Pad Condom For Men
Football (american) Jock Pad Condom For Male Athletes
Football (american) Jock Helmet Condom For Male Athletes
Football (american) Jock Tube Condom For Male Athletes
Football (american) Jock Rubber Condom For Male Athletes
Football (american) Jock Buns Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Hinie Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Hiny Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Caboose Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Duffs Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Cheeks Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Tush Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Rolls Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Yard Stick Male Football Players Penis
Football (american) Measure Stick Male Football Players Penis
Football (american) Meter Stick Male Football Players Penis
Football (american) Butt Shaker Gay Football Players Penis
Fowl Cluck off Fuck off
Fraerrsi Pukko Dib wano jigdase You Fucking Pussy
Francais (Quebec) osti de tapette fucking gay
Francais (Quebec) Mange ma bitte Suck my Dick
Francais (Quebec) tabarnak damn
Francais (Quebec) osti d'kalisse de pourris rotten peice of fucking shit
Francais (quebec) va te faire enculer go fuck yourself up the ass
Francais (quebec) Crisse de cave fucking idiot
Francais (quebec) decaliss Get the fuck out
Francais (quebec) grosse corvette, p'tite quequette big corvette(car), small dick
Francais (quebec) Ostie d'maillet ! You fucking dumb bell !
Francais (quebec) Tabarnak Fuck
Francais (quebec) Crisse de tabernak Fucking Asshole
Francais (quebec) Maudit chaudron! Fucking idiot!
Francais (quebec) Esti de cave! Fucking idiot!
Francais (quebec) Esti d'laid Fucking ugly
Francais (quebec) suce ma marde suck my shit
Francais (quebec) ca suce gros temps this sucks big time
Francais (quebec) Ostie de cave Fucking dummer
Francais (quebec) Esti que t'es laid. You're fucking ugly.
Francais (quebec) Esti d'mal propre. Fucking Dirty
Frat We're a restricted house Don't tell your mom we drink
French baise fuck
French vas faire foutre a la vache go fuck a cow.
French vas te faire enculi fuck you
French tu m`emmerdes! Fuck yourself!
French bite cock
French ça craint! It sucks!
French "Va te faire foutre, trouduc" Fuck off, asshole
French Viens m'enculer Fuck me
French Va t'empaler encule Go fuck yourself
French Je vais te baiser. I'll fuck you
French Fous le camp fuck off
French baise toi fuck you
French va te faire foutre go fuck yourself
French Enculer une mouche go fuck a fly
French Tu et un ane Your a jackass.
French Baise moi Fuck me
French prends moi par derrière take me from behind
French Ta mere suce des bites en enfer Your mother sucks cock in hell
French suce ma bite suck my dick
French leche ma chat lick my pussy
French Va te faire enculer chez les Grecs Go get fucked in the ass by Greeks
French Casse-toi Fuck off
French Fous le camps Fuck off
French Va te faire enculer Fuck off
French Va te faire foutre, enculé Fuck you, bastard
French Va te faire mettre Go fuck yourself
French Vous sentez comme le boeuf et le fromage You smell like beef and cheese
French Branleur Wanker
French Je veux t'enculer I want to fuck you
French Je t'encule! Fuck you!
French me sucer la bite suck my dick
French J'ai baisé ta mère I just fucked your mother
French merde embulante walking piece of shit
French Lache-moi la grappe Get the fuck away from me
French bachie coupe fuck off
French Encule Fuck Off
French Va te faire foutre Go fuck yourself!
French baise moi mor "fuck me dead!"
French Mange ma bite Eat my dick
French tenir votre ane stick it up your ass
French Putain de merde! Fuck off! / Ah Fuck!
French C'est quoi ce bordel ? What the fuck ?
French Va te pendre avec ma bite ! Go hang yourself with my dick !
French Je te nique ta race ! I fuck your race !
French Ferme ta gueule/Ta gueule quand je parle ! Shut up when I speak !
French Va te faire voir ! Fuck off !
French Putain ! Fuck !
French Oh putain de merde ! Holy fucking shit !
French Putain t'es moche ! You're fucking ugly !
French J'en ai rien foutre ! I don't give a fuck !
French J'en ai rien branler ! I don't give a fuck !
French ferme ta putain de gueule, connard shut the fuck up, bitch
French Petit tabernac Little fucker
French Suce ma ququette! Suck my dick!
French Je me gode I fuck myself (with a dildo)
French Branleur de chiens morts Dead dog's wanker!
French Je vais niquer ta cerevelle. I'll fuck your brains out.
French Tu fais chier. You're breaking my balls.
French Je te nique ta race sale fils de chien Fuck you, you dog's son
French Suce ma bites Suck My Dick
French Petite bite small dick
French Crock la merde Bullshit guy
French (sex) Defonce mo la snatch Deep fuck that pussy
French (sex) Ta mere aime bien des bit! Your mom likes dicks
French (sex) Suce ma bite sale pute Suck my dick you whore
French-acadian(chiac) Estie de conne(for female) or Estie de con(for male) Fuckin stupid
French-acadian(chiac) C'est quoi ton ostie de problème What's your fucking problem?
French-acadian(chiac) Fripe moi l'chu lick my ass
French-acadian(chiac) Suceu d'poche Cock Sucker
French-acadian(chiac) Mon tabarnak You fucker
French-acadian(chiac) Suce ma blette Suck my dick
French-acadian(chiac) Frippe mes balles Lick my balls
French-acadian(chiac) Foure toi les dans l'chu Fuck yourself in the ass
French-acadian(chiac) Mon calisse de chavirer You crazy fucker
French-acadian(chiac) J'va te harrer la face I'm gonna fuck your face up
French-acadian(chiac) Mon fuckin de calisse de mangeu d'graine You fucking cock sucker
French-acadian(chiac) Mon fucking de calisse de mangeu d'graine You fucking faggot
French-acadian(chiac) J'foure ta mere I fuck your mother
Frisian smoarrige kloatsek! Dirty Bastard
Frisian Bekje ticht jong shut up
Frisian Onkoal Idiot
Frisian Siike hin Sick Chicken
Frog Croak ribbit ribbit Fuck off, prick
Frog kokak i banged your mom
Frog kokak croak your mother will die soon
Frog REEEEEE I will fuck your mother.
Fudd Sewkl Jewk Circle Jerk
Fudd fwuck you pwick fuck you prick
Fudd Wick My Ass Lick My Ass
Fudd Lick My Balls Wick My Baws
Fudd Pwick Penis
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Fujianese ba va dick
Fujianese nu kok ccc go to hell
Fujianese park hui gee masturbate
Fujianese suk nu fuck you
Ga kwashia idiot
Gaelic pog mo thoin kiss my ass
Gaelic buille an leathair to fuck
Gaelic Fodder Fuck
Gago, gaga Gago ka You're stupid
Galician duemiengi floras dicklicking fucker
Galician Carallo Dick
Galician shlak be de be trafia the road to hell is paved
Galician krol ze bealailia May blood run over you!
Galician tata yeezda pizda, mama yeezda hoy father eats pussy, mamma sucks dick
Galician Cabeza de nabo Dick head
Galician Anda que che den pelo cu Go get fucked in the ass
Galician Lame-cus Ass licker
Gamer GL HF Good Luck Have Fun
Gamer Rekt You got your ass beat..hard
Gamer Your mom could only afford to buy you a core 2 duo You poor fuckin bastard
Garifuna Guabo Tugu Lick Pussy
Garifuna Gigua Bau Tauni Gañe Gargle on my Dick
Garifuna Ho bo neh eat my cock
Garifuna chu bon ni bola suck my balls
Garo (achikku) gomInda mInoka pregenant
Garo (achikku) kI'sang soup ass soup
Garo (achikku) SI'I kaltIng smelly cunt
Garo (achikku) RIgol DIck
Geek A gamhsou Fuck you
Geek Γαμώ τη μάνα σου I fuck your mother
Geek Noob Unskilled idiot
Geek gamiseta fuck it all
Geek skata k'aposkata shit and of the shit's
Geek Γαμώτο (gamoto) Fuck
Geometry dash *Mashing on Keyboard* I just died
Geometry dash Your mom gay I fucked your mum
Geometry dash Aurorus Fucking bitch boy
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Georgian mutlis mcovela pussy licker
Georgian Kle Cock, prick
Georgian Cadi Sheni Go Fuck Yourself
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German Dummes Huhn stupid chicken
German Fick dich! fuck you
German du verdammter Arschficker you damn assfucker
German scheissekopf shithead
German Lutsch' meine Eier Suck my balls
German Geh' 'ne Kuh melken Go milk a cow
German Fick dich, Wichser. Fuck you, jerk-off.
German Wichser wanker (motherfucker)
German Schwanzlutscher Cocksucker
German Leck mich Bite me
German Ficker fucker
German Dreckige Hure. Dirty whore.
German der Schwanz dick (lit. tail)
German Ich will deinen harten Schwanz in meiner feuchten Fotze fuehlen. i wanna feel your hard dick inside me wet pussy
German Du schmeckst so gut. You taste so good
German Du siehst so sexy aus wenn du das tust. You look really sexy when you do that
German Du kannst mit mir machen was du willst. You can have me any way you want
German Steck deinen grossen, harten Schwanz in meinen Mund. Put your big, hard cock in my mouth
German Ich werde dich lecken bis du schreist. I'm gonna lick you until you scream
German Fick mich hart Fuck me hard
German Fick mich wie ein Pornostar Fuck me like a porn star
German Mutterficker Motherfucker
German ich will dich ficken I want to fuck you
German muschi lecker pussy licker
German wichser wanker
German der schwanzlutscher cock sucker
German der schwanz prick
German der drecksack dirty bastard
German der dreckskerl bastard
German verpiss dich fuck off
German Fick deine Mutter Fuck your mother
German Das ist mir furzegal! I don't give a fuck!
German Du arschgefickter Hurensohn! You ass-fucked son of a bitch!
German ich fick deine mutter i fuck ur mother
German Arschgeige dickhead (lit. ass violin)
German du blöde stinkfotze you stupid stinking cunt
German Deine Mutter schwitzt beim Kacken Your mother sweats when she shits
German Fick dich Fuck you
German Ich will ficken I want to fuck
German Leck mich am Arsch! Kiss my ass!
German Miststück Bitch / Bastard
German Verpiss dich! Piss off / Fuck off
German Du kannst mich mal! Fuck you! (lit. You can do me.)
German du dumme kuh you stupid cow
German dumme Kuh idiot (lit. dumb cow)
German Wixer Wanker
German Fick dich Arschloch fuck you asshole
German voegeln (vögeln), ficken to fuck
German Zicke Bitch
German Zickig Bitchy
German Kackbratze Shithead (lit. Face full of Shit)
German Fick dich ins Knie. Go fuck yourself (knee).
German Du Drecksack! You Dirtbag!
German fick dich! fuck you!
German Verhurtes Drecksgör Slutty "Dirt girl"
German LMS (Lutsch mein' Schwanz) SMD (suck my dick)
German bumsen to fuck
German Mach die beine breit du kleine schlampe Spread your legs you little slut
German Ich will dich ficken!!!! I want to fuck you!!!!
German Du Sackgesicht! you bag face!
German Geh' kacken! Go take a dump!
German Du alte Kackbratze! old ugly women
German Zimtzicke Quarrelsome and Bitchy Woman
German So ein Beschiß! What a crock (of shit)!
German Bloede Kuh stupid cow
German Drecksau shit pig
German Schwanz lecker Dick licker
German fickdich fuck you
German wertlos kind worthless child
German lech mien arsch lick my ass
German Pisser Fucker
German homofuerst duke of homosexuality
German links traeger you left carrier
German Dummkopf Stupid head
German Shishkoff Shitbird
German Das ist mir scheißegal I don't give a fuck
German Muterfiker Mother Fucker
German Ich ficke deine Mutter I fuck your mother
German Dein Hund soll deinen Vater ficken Your dog must fuck your father
German Dein Hund soll deine Mutter ficken Your dog must fuck your mother
German Halt die Fresse Shut the fuck up
German Varpiss dich! Fuck off!
German Fettbacke Dirtbag
German Geh ein schwanz lutschen Go suck a dick
German Lick au mosh Kiss my ass
German Ficken Rossette Fucking Asshole
German Ich ficke deine Schwester I fuck your sister
German Wilde Tier Schwarze Affee Arschloch Wild Animal Black Monkey Asshole
German Unwaschen ficken Jude Dirty fucking Jew
German Saugen Sie eine Tte Schwnze Suck a bag of
German Halt de fick klappe Shut the fuck up
German Du Fickfehler You Retard (lit. You Fuckmistake)
German Du hässliger Ziegenficker You ugly goatfucker
German Ich ficke Katzen Your mom stinks like fish
German Nutle Hooker, Die (the) Nutle (Hooker)
German Du musst selbstmord begehen! You must kill yourself!
German Hackfresse shitface
German Fickfresse fuckface
German Verficktes Arschloch! Fucking asshole!
German swiss - bern dialect Schafsecku sheep's testicle
Getamped2 I use wild clubs I kick babies
Ghana Kwasia (kwa-se-ya) Stupid
Gharian Du Rah Khaf You Are Fat
Gharian Khufu'd Fuck You
Gilaki ker be tale' Cock in your fate (Fate fucked)
Gilaki kere qad! Cock length (Short)
Gilaki ker gooz Dick Fart (Stubborn, thug)
Gnommish Keemstar Fucking Lying Degenerate
Goat (deep) Mmaaaaaeeaaaaaa Fuck off bitch before I kill you
Goat (with mouth closed) . bbbbaaae Lets fuck hoe
Goat (with mouth closed and slowly opening) Mmmmmuuueeeeeee ill bash your fucking head in mate
Gorani ti jebem dada vo picka fuck your mother's pussy
Gorani Kuchkine Boobs
Goth Trapped in my (ones) coffin In an awkward situation
Goth Like dark blood and fucking exciting
Grass Swishhh Fuck off you stanky ass hoe
Greek Ay gamisou go fuck off
Greek Fila mou to kolo kiss my ass
Greek Su gamo ti mana I fuck your mother
Greek skata na fas Eat Shit
Greek skata shit
Greek Papara Adj. A tosser, wanker, Asshole Noun. Papari - A Testicle
Greek βλακας vlakas - stupid
Greek gamoto mouni tis laspis fucking dirty cunt
Greek skipse kai glipse bend over and lick
Greek trombas wank-pump
Greek kolodaktilo arse-finger.
Greek pootsomezes dick-food
Greek Malaka Wanker
Greek archimalakas chief of asholes
Greek pare mou pipa (take my 'pipe')= suck my dick
Greek tzimbouki headjob
Greek tis thias sou! fuck your aunt's pussy!
Greek gamisa ti mana sou i fucked your mom
Greek gamo to kerato sou! fuck your horn!
Greek tha se gamisou ill fuck you
Greek kolotripa asshole
Greek akka tin villa mou (cyprus dialect) suck my dick
Greek to shisto sou (cyprus dialect) fuck your cunt
Greek ti mana sou (cyprus dialect) fuck your mother
Greek kotsiros (cyprus dialect) piece of shit
Greek pa na gamy-thees go fuck yourself
Greek kavlomenos hard
Greek kolos ass
Greek kavli or putsa or putsos dick
Greek Gamo tin panagia sou literally : I fuck your virgin Mary
Greek malaka wanker
Greek kariola fucking bitch
Greek vilare metaftia dick with ears
Greek nafais to muni/villara eat cunt/dick
Greek Pidiksu Fuck you
Greek skata sta moutra sou shit in your face
Greek Ante gamisou go fuck yourself
Greek vromoskilo dirty dog
Greek pane gamisou go fuck yourself
Greek Fae skata kai psofa re malaka Eat shit and die you wanker
Greek Olympiacos Club of wankers
Greek Panathinaikos (or Vazelos) Club of cunts
Greek gamo to mouni tis manas sou fuck your mothers pussy
Greek Gamw to mouni pou se petage I fuck the cunt that threw you
Greek Oipho (Ancient Greek) Fuck
Greek kavla horney
Greek pana gamethie go fuck yourself
Greek Glipse Tin Poutsamou Skila Suck My Dick Bitch
Greek ante gamisou paliopousta go fuck yourself you fucking gay
Greek tis manas sou o kolos your mother's ass
Greek nupidio tis kinonias wanker of the world
Greek γαμώτι πουτάνα σου (gamoti poutana sou) Fuck your bitch
Greek Σκατά στα μουτρα σου (Skata sta moutra sou) Shit in your face
Greek Na mou klaseis ta'rxidia May you fart on my balls
Greek Xi dixatera zou gamai katsoulia- Χη δυχατέρα ζου γαμάει κατσούλια (Maniot dialect - Μανιά& Your daughter fucks cats
Greek Xo kamarados zou exe xabarlemeno boutzo - Χο καμαράδος ζου έχε χαμπαρλεμένω μπούτ_ Your husband has a ruined dick
Greek Tsibouki Blow-job
Greek Skopianos Dickhead
Greek Tha zou gamizou me tin kathigkli (Mani dialect) I'm going to fuck you with a chair
Greek Gamozo-o Fucking animal
Greek Yamo to spiti su fuck your house
Greek Yamo to mouni pou se petage fuck your mother's pussy
Greek sou gamo to soy or gamo to soy sou I fuck you whole family
Greek Fae ena kouva skata Eat a bucket full of shit
Greek gamo to munie tis manas su (γαμω το μουνι της μανας σου) (I) Fuck your mother's pussy
Greek Skatofatsa Shit face
Greek erre es korakas go to the cows!
Greek Gamw ten psyche su I fuck your soul
Greek Bines Man who likes fucking men
Greek skatá crap / shit
Greek Tha sou gamiso to skylaki sou poutana! I will screw your dog, Bitch!
Greek Skase prin ginoume kolo! Shut up before we fight roughly!
Greek poutses ble blue dicks
Greek O gamo ton Christo mu oh my fucking Christ
Greek mounoskilo pussy of a dog
Greek papara dickhead
Greek O re malaka mu Oh my idiot wanker
Greek Γαμώ τα πεθαμένα σου Fuck your Deads
Greek Ai gamisou Fuck you
Greek Tsimpouki Blowjob
Greek Γλείψε το δεξί μου αρχίδι (Glypse to dexee mu archeedee) Lick my right ball
Greek Γαμώ ότι έχεις και δέν έχεις! fuck every think you have got!
Greek Γαμώ το σπίτι σου! Fuck your home!
Greek Γαμώ την ψυχή σου! Fuck your soul!
Greek Tis manas sou ti mouni Fuck your mother's pussy
Greek Gamo tis thias sou ton bougadokofti Fuck your aunts laundry
Greenlandic Kalak Eskimo Redneck
Greenlandic Utsuk Vagina
Greenlandic Sianiik So stupid
Greenlandic Tiaavuluk Damn - Damn it
Gronings/grunns (dutch/groningen, netherlands) kapokkie condom
Gronings/grunns (dutch/groningen, netherlands) 'k kees dien mamme. I fuck your mother.
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Guaraní Terehó na ejapiró túnare. Fuck you!
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Gujarati Madachod Mother Fucker
Gujarati Chodu Fucker
Gujarati Chod Fuck
Gujarati Buckwass Bullshit
Gujarati Bosrichord Pussy Fuck/Fucker
Gujarati Nakhodiya Impotent
Gujarati kutari BITCH
Gujarati Benchod sister fucker
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Gujarati Gaand Ghapli work getting complicated by someone
Gujarati Chutiya fucker
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Gujarati meri gaan chatt lick my ass
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Gujarati kem chho how are you
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Gujarati Gand nu kaanu Ass Hole
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Gypsy Corey Hauler Dick Sucker
Gypsy Borey Corey Big Dick
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Gypsy Te kurel Fuck
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Halari dhoikli penis
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Halari kimse hello
Harry potter I'd figured that much out for myself, thanks. Your input wasn't needed.
Haryanvi bahan ke lawde Sister`s Dick
Haryanvi chudhu ke chodde Fuck buddy of low caste
Haryanvi Dhi ke lawde Daughter`s Dick
Haryanvi Dhichod Daughter Fucker
Haryanvi Domesaks danso danlo motar! mother fucking pussy licker
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Hausa Ka ci uwarka Fuck your mother
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Hawaiian Pa'a ka waha Shut your mouth
Hawaiian Mili' apa Slowpoke
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Hawaiian Honi ko'u ule Kiss my cock
Hawaiian Wahine ho'okamakama Prostitute
Hawaiian Ale ko'u kai Swallow my cum
Hawaiian Li'ili'i kou laho Your dick is small
Hawaiian Kanapapiki Son Of A Bitch
Hawaiian Okole puka ass hole
Hawaiian Lolo Kanapapiki Stupid son of a bitch
Hawaiian TU Kai Shit
Hawaiian kulikuli! shut up!
Hawaiian nele lacking (as in mental capacity)
Hawaiian 'a'aka bitchy or cranky
Hawaiian komo laho homosexual intercourse
Hawaiian Kokami God damn (transliteration)
Hawaiian kali cunt
Hawaiian omoomo ule cock sucker
Hawaiian ka! or tsa! damn!
Hawaiian lala-hu boner (lit. to stick out)
Hawaiian ko'i'i boner (lit. desire)
Hawaiian muli pala kukae shit-smeared kid (or ass)
Hawaiian ma'i kola hard on
Hawaiian kola over-sexed person
Hawaiian ule malule limp dick
Hawaiian 'ai kukae a make eat shit and die
Hawaiian ua make 'oe! you're dead!
Hawaiian pikanini runt (from eng. "pickaninny")
Hawaiian li'ili'i kena ule your dick is small
Hawaiian mai'a! fuck you!
Hawaiian ule li-la undeveloped dick
Hawaiian po'o 'olohaka numskull (lit. empty head)
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Hawaiian ahu ka 'ala'ala (you're) full of crap
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Hebrew mitromem mizdayen batahat gay assfucker
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Hebrew lech tiezdayen fuck you
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Hebrew ochel batachat takes it up the ass
Hebrew Ku-se-mak Your Mother's Vagina
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Hebrew Ta'ase li tova Give me a break
Hebrew Zayin b'ayin Dick in your eye!
Hebrew Shakli b'tahat! Kiss my ass!
Hebrew o'chel batachat takes it in the ass
Hebrew tipesh kmo naal stupid like a shoe
Hebrew Tim-tsots Li Et Habeitsim Ha-seyrot Suck my hairy balls
Hebrew Koos Emek Your mom's pussy
Hebrew noshech kariot bites pillows( takes it up the ass)
Hebrew t'mtzetzi li suck my dick ( towards a girl)
Hebrew ya manyak you ass
Hebrew Shak Li Batahat kiss my ass
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Hebrew Ben Kelev Son of a dog
Hebrew Kalba Bitch (when addressing a woman)
Hebrew Dafuk barosh fucked up in the head
Hebrew Leh lehizdayen Fuck you (to a man)
Hebrew Lehi lehizdayen Fuck you (to a girl)
Hebrew Yah zayin lo arel You uncircumcised dick
Hebrew Leh Timzoz La'Apiphior Go suck the pope's dick
Hebrew Makat Zayin Cock Slap
Hebrew lekh tiz'da'yen Go fuck yourself (for men)
Hebrew lekh'i tiz'da'yni Go fuck yourself (for women)
Hebrew Kussit Sexy Girl
Hebrew Ya ben shel kah-ba You son of a whore
Hebrew yeled kaka shity boy
Hebrew kus pussy
Hebrew ani ekraa ot-haa! i will tear you to pieces
Hebrew ani ekraa othaa! i will tear you to pieces
Hebrew ima shelha mozzezzet li your mom suck me
Hebrew zianti et ahotha i fuck you sister
Hebrew Kuss ima shel'cha Your mothers vegina
Hebrew Lech timkor kerach Go sell ice!
Hebrew Shtok Shut up
Hebrew Ani yiv-at lecha ba beitsim i will kick your balls
Hebrew Lekh tezdayen Go Fuck Yourself
Hebrew ani ev'at lecha babeitzim I'll kick your balls
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Sexting K4Y Kiss For You
Sexting NALOPKT Not A Lot Of People Know That
Sexting TDTM Talk Dirty To Me
Sexting RQ Real Quick
Sexting JLWITP Just Looks Weird In That Picture
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