How to say T in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
(pashto) Lewanai stupid/crazy - female
(pashto) Lewanaya stupid/crazy - Male
(pashto) sta mor kuss your mothers pussy
70s black you jive turkey on a coldfront Fake ass bitch
70s black sikky bich hot asshole(woman)
70s black u ass eater u eat ass
80s twinkie a tight fannty
80s Rad man That's cool. i like it.
80s Mother chode Faggot
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Mufuca i aint know iss you I did not know it was/is you
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Hoe get on the D and suck! Fuck me
Aave (african-american vernacular english) fuckboy A boy that isn't tough
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Buck 50 Switchblade or a razor blade
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Boo Boo Worthless, useless, has no value
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Nut Semen or vaginal ejaculation
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Blow your back out To have amazing sex
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Asian niggas Asian men, only Oriental.
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Fix it make me orgasm through your mouth
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Bust a nut orgasm
Aboriginal yolungu boii your mums fat ass
Aboriginal Whoom Ba Ba Hoya I will never support myself
Aboriginal White Munga White Cunt
Aboriginal Guna Shit
Aboriginal Munga Cunt
Adi Nok might de hol ! Your dick
Adi eki might ! Dog's dick !
Adi ngok might em yaktola ! Suck my dick !
Adi yaktola ! Suck my dick !
Adi Nok might ! Your dick
Adi jiving on a coldfront nik is a alligator
Afgaranian Bok cholow Titties
Afgaranian Karzai Cunt
Afghan Kose khowaret kerim my dick in ur moms pussy
Afghan go khor poop eater (bullshit talker)
Afghan kus modar mother fucker
Afghan kusi bitch
Afghan Pathar Nalat Curse Your Father
Afghan Koss Shaftal Hairy Grass Looking Vagina
Afghan Koss Chatal Dirty Vagina
Afghan Koss Ganda Contaminated Vagina
Afghan Koss Popanak Rotten Vagina
Afghan Khampalak Doggystyle
Afghan Kushad Faggot
Afghan Shakhh Shakhh Kosset mekonam Ill fuck ur pussy hard hard
Afghan Kerim da Koonet Tanget My dick in ur tight anus hole
Afghan Kerim da Basta Khanadanet Ill fuck your whole family
Afghan Go khor Shiteater
Afghan Kirom da danet My dick in your mouth
Afghan Awlad e knalek Son of a idiot
Afrikaans slym sloot slime slit (pussy)
Afrikaans Jy is 'n poes You are a cunt
Afrikaans Ek gee nie 'n moer om nie I don't care a damn
Afrikaans gaan klim terug in jou ma se poes go climb back in your mothers cunt
Afrikaans voetsek (pronounced footsak) get lost, fuck off
Afrikaans Ou bloed poes Old bloody cunt
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou Ma Go fuck your mother
Afrikaans Jou dom stuk kak! You stupid piece of shit!
Afrikaans Etterkop! Pusshead!
Afrikaans Poeskak Cunt shit
Afrikaans Jou ma se poes! Your mother's cunt!
Afrikaans Draadtrekker Wanker
Afrikaans Jou bliksem! You bastard!
Afrikaans Jou teef! You bitch!
Afrikaans Jou stink poes! You Smelly cunt!
Afrikaans Jou skeel teef! You squint slut.
Afrikaans Om te kots. To vomit.
Afrikaans Om vel te klap. To masturbate.
Afrikaans Kak Gat Ass Hole
Afrikaans Ek will jou naai I want to fuck you
Afrikaans Gaan vat 'n skommel Go jerk off
Afrikaans Poes Cunt
Afrikaans jou ma se skimil stink poes Your mother's pusie stinky cunt
Afrikaans Lek my bloed poes Lick my bloody cunt
Afrikaans Hy is 'n doos. He is a cunt
Afrikaans kettie kop drunk person
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloed poes! Your mom's bloody clut!
Afrikaans kak shit
Afrikaans Tietkop(Pronounced : Teetcop) Tithead
Afrikaans Doos Cunt
Afrikaans Sleg etter Rotten pusshead
Afrikaans Gaan kak op jou ma se poes! Go shit on your mother's pussy
Afrikaans Tietkop a man with no hair (nipple head)
Afrikaans gaan kak go shit
Afrikaans mank genaaide bergbok disfiguredly fucked mountain goat
Afrikaans Jou suster se piel Your sister's dick
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloed poes Your mothers' bloody cunt
Afrikaans poes gesig cunt face
Afrikaans you ma se poes your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Your ma se poes your mothers vagina
Afrikaans steek dit in jou fokken vet hol jou moer stick it in your fucking ass
Afrikaans Fok my soos n porn stere Fuck me like a porn star
Afrikaans Gaan kak in die kaap Go crap in the cape
Afrikaans wie de fok dink jy is jy who the fuck do you think you are
Afrikaans moerskont mothers puss
Afrikaans Jy gaan jou poes kak You are going to shit your vagina
Afrikaans Jou Foken Poes You Fucken Cunt
Afrikaans kom ons stoot come we fuck
Afrikaans Gat gabba Homosexual
Afrikaans Gaan kak in Gauteng Go shit in Gauteng
Afrikaans jou ma se poes your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Jou saat sokkie You cum sock
Afrikaans kotskop puke head
Afrikaans Poeslekker Cunt licker
Afrikaans Gaan kak in jou poes Go shit in your pussy
Afrikaans Jou fokken poes kakker naipoes You fucking cunt shitter cunt fuck
Afrikaans Jou fokken holnaaier poes You fucking ass fucking cunt
Afrikaans ma-naaier mother fucker
Afrikaans jou vokken stuk geaborteerde fetus you fucken peace aborted fetus
Afrikaans Voetsek jou naai Fuck off you cunt
Afrikaans Jou ma se poes Your mother's pussy
Afrikaans Stink Gat Smelly ass
Afrikaans Gat Gaabaa Ass Creaper
Afrikaans Kompos Stamper GAY
Afrikaans ag jou hol man! Oh! thats bullshit
Afrikaans gaan naai 'n boom Go fuck a tree
Afrikaans Fok die kak , Ek loop Fuck this shit, im leaving
Afrikaans jou sluimsloot bewonderaar you Pussy hacker
Afrikaans Jou nat naai You wet fuck
Afrikaans Jou tollie You penis/dick!
Afrikaans Donkie kont Donkey cunt
Afrikaans Ek gee nie 'n fok nie I dont give a fuck
Afrikaans Jou Kafferkont You Black Vagina
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloedpoes Your mother's bloody clit
Afrikaans LOOP KAK Go Shit
Afrikaans jou pa se perd your fathers penis
Afrikaans jou mase stink poes your mothers stinky pussy
Afrikaans Vet fokker! Fat fucker!
Afrikaans hoender poes chicken cunt
Afrikaans jou ma se chit stink your mothers cape clit stinks
Afrikaans onosel fokken etter stupid fucking cunt
Afrikaans ek gan jou klap men ñ nat piel im gonna smack u with a wet dick
Afrikaans jou nare nai you nauseating cunt
Afrikaans jou fokken goffel you fucking ugly bitch
Afrikaans Doosis Jesus, that guy is a vagina
Afrikaans Poesis Jesus, that was fucked up
Afrikaans Jou ma se Poes Your mothers fannie
Afrikaans jou pa se stink vuil poes your father smelly dirty puss
Afrikaans jy jou nat naai you are a wet cunt
Afrikaans Gorrel my spyt kak Gargle my diarrhea
Afrikaans Dawie Joubert Pedophile
Afrikaans Jy sal wys raak! You'll get fucked up!
Afrikaans Jou tief You whore
Albanian te qifsha motren i will fuck your sister
Albanian "Te qifsha, kurve" Fuck you, bitch
Albanian S'ma Ni Kari I don't give a shit!
Albanian bole testicle (balls)
Albanian bytha ass
Albanian Ti qifsha byth Fuck Your Ass, or to fuck ones ass.
Albanian Ta qifsha nanen Fuck Your Mother
Albanian nënë mother
Albanian Të qifsha robt fuck your family
Albanian shkërdhat e qelbur dirty slut
Albanian te dhjefsha racën fuck your kind
Albanian kok derr thick headed / big head
Albanian Rrot Kari Literal: Dick Wheel, i.e. jackass
Albanian ta qifsha nanen ne pidh kari fuck your mother you dick
Albanian ta qifsha pythin e nans fuck ur mothers vagina
Albanian Nanajote ehankarin Your mother eats cock
Albanian Rrot kari Dickhead
Albanian Trap wanker
Albanian a m’ha mutin eat my shit
Albanian Ta qifsha fëfërdakin e nonës May I fuck your mother's rim
Albanian Ha Mut Eat Shit
Albanian dshtoj fuck up
Albanian ta qifsha pidhin To fuck your pussy
Albanian Guxha e karit Glans of penis
Albanian Lapeci (Albanian-Kosovo) Clitoris
Albanian swag i am a cat
Albanian trap dumbass
Albanian Ti qij rrobt! I will fuck everyone you have!
Albanian buce bitch
Albanian Ubi zakolji da siptar ne postoji You are a goat fucker
Albanian Ta Qifsha Qeni Nanen Dog Fuck Your Mum
Albanian shkertate bitch
Algerian tahhann you give your wife to others
Algerian roh tnayyek go get fucked
Algerian Kahhba Bitch
Algerian naa'hachoun yemak your mother's damn vagina
Algerian roh tqawwed go give your wife
Algerian tizz vulva
Algerian 'attaï passive gay man
Algerian nik ommouk fuck your mother
Algerian nik ymak fuck your mother
Algerian nik ymack fuck you mother
Algerian spontchi jerk off
Algerian nbanyat jerk off
Algerian mok kahba your mom is a bitch
Algerian roh taati Go get fucked
Algerian Nik souwet mok Go fuck your mom's pussy
Algerian Hatchoun yemak The pussy of your mother
Alien u zurd this is too harsh to be defined
Alphian pocket breast
Alsatian schtufe die schobert fucked in the asshole
Amazigh - riffan Thakhna Cunt
Amazigh - riffan Ahachoun n yemmach Your mother's pussy.
Amazigh - riffan Akach zmayeth Suck it!
Amazigh - riffan Abouhari (Male) - Tabouharcht (Female) Crazy / Retard
Amazigh - riffan Yezan Shit
Amazigh - riffan A Mis N Tkahbacht You Son Of Bitch
Amazigh - riffan Takahbacht Bitch
Amazigh - riffan Ko Ymach Fuck Your Mother
Ambonesse Tulang puki e! Hey Pussy!
Ambonesse Kapala butu e! Dickhead!
Ambonesse, ambonesse Loco puki e!, Lonte! Pussy licker, Bitch!
Ambonesse, ambonesse Lonte! Bitch!
America english Freaking express to anger or annoyance
America english girskirtin girl squirting
America english Blue waffles cunt A bitch with a bad std
American Mysteron An unpleasant or wrongful person
American Jacker Worse than wanker
American (louisiana creole) Gross Galet Stinky Pussy
American (louisiana creole) Galet Pussy
American (louisiana creole) josh drude retard
American (louisiana creole) L Tuggle Lying stupid bitch
American (louisiana creole) Being a shitful of jackass Assdick
American English Shit licker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English lets dock the clock to have sex
American English Douche Bag idiot, dumbass
American English Choking the meat Male masturbation
American English Ass ranger Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Donut hole puncher Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Rump rider Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Ass rover Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Horse Shit I don't believe what you told me
American English Spanking the monkey Male masturbation
American English Beating the meat Male masturbation
American English Flogging the meat Male masturbation
American English Balls Testicles
American English DDQ Woman with large breasts
American English Cocksucker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Shit I don't believe what you told me
American English Tits Nipples
American English Ta ta queen Woman with large breasts
American English Taking a piss Male or female urination
American English I'll be fucked To be amazed
American English Totally fucked To be in a bad situation
American English Apples from the Earth Fuck you
American English Taking a whiz Male or female urination
American English Lady of the evening Prostitute
American English Fucked To be in a bad situation
American English Call girl Prostitute
American English Slut Prostitute or promiscuous women
American English Stiffy Erect Penis
American English Whore Prostitute or promiscuous women
American English Piss Cutter Vagina
American English Tee and A Tits and Ass
American English Shaking the dew off the lilly Male urination
American English Taking a leak Male urination
American English Don't give a shit I don't care / I could care less
American English Pounding the meat Male masturbation
American English Don't give a crap I don't care / I could care less
American English Split tail Woman
American English Don't give a piss I do not care / I could care less
American English Bleeding the weasle Male urination
American English Tittie Nipple
American English Eating out Performing oral sex on a woman
American English Pissing Male or female urination
American English Meat Curtain Vagina
American English Meat Penis
American English Back door, basement butt slut Someone who engages in anal sex
American English TTQ Woman with large breasts
American English Whizzing Male or female urination
American English Saluting the general Male masturbation
American English Whiz Male or female urination
American English calm yo titties calm the fuck down
American English cock holster cock sucker
American English Peeing Male or female urination
American English Frotch/ Fire crotch Red head... (offensive)
American English Butt Buttocks
American English HAM WALLET Vagina
American English woody erect penis
American English turd burgler gay guy
American English Riding the baloney pony Getting fucked
American English eat that taco lick that pussy
American English Choking the chicken Male masturbation
American English slob the knob suck dick
American English Cunt Vagina
American English Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger Penis
American English Motherfucker suck on my hairy balls suck balls
American English Faggot Female Ass Grabber Grabbing On Tits
American English pie hole mouth
American English corn hole butt hole
American English butt hole jerk
American English fatitude fat person with bad attitude
American English dick breath mean person, jerk
American English pizza face person with acne
American English burnt std
American English Dumb Shit A stupid person
American English Slit Vigina
American English beating that meat masterbating my cock
American English Wound Socket Period Vagina
American English Ass Buttocks
American English basement butt slut basement butt slut
American English Pole dancer Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Dick licker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Sturring the fudge anal sex
American English buns buttocks
American English Caboose Buttocks
American English Carpet kitten Lesbian that engages in oral sex
American English Pulling the pud Male masturbation
American English Shooting the wad Male ejaculation
American English Jacking off Male masturbation
American English One-eyed monster Penis
American English Mystery meat Penis
American English One-eyed tiger Penis
American English Fist fucker Male masturbation
American English Fingering Female masterbation
American English Butt plug Sex toy
American English Shit slinger One who tells lies
American English Slinging shit Telling a lie
American English Brick shithouse Beautiful woman
American English Nob Job Fellatio
American English Buggery anal Intercourse
American English mo fo muther fucka
American English Is it *that* time of month? are you on your period?
American English Durfee A person who is prone to epic fails
American English Dumbass An idiot
American English Brown Eye or Chocolate Starfish Anus
American English flo tard a retard woman on her flow
American English bent banana suck a dick and a pussy
American English Milf Mother i'd like to fuck
American English pecker snot sperm, ejaculate, cum
American English doo doo brown big butt girl
American English dooky schute a persons butthole
American English boobies breasts
American English milk bags breasts
American English milk jugs breasts
American English hood rat ghetto skank
American English toss my salad eat my asshole
American English booty warrior dude who will rape another mans ass
American English stuttering stanley person who stutters
American English cock block keep someone from getting sex
American English bootyhole anus
American English queef pussy fart
American English Willy the One-Eyed Wonder Worm Penis
American English Throat Yogurt semen
American English Cunt badger Someone that is a Badger of cunt
American English voldemort's nipple shut up
American English go to tartarus scram
American English beoch bitch
American English Asshole Stupid/The hole in your bum
American English Animal shit Animal poo
American English fucken dickhead An extremly,stuuuuuuupiid person
American English Rooster Fish cock sucker
American English Bitch ass you bitch's ass
American English Gtfo Get The Fuck Out
American English Your a magikarp Your a useless piece of shit
American English ooh Squirtle I am Cumming
American english butt hurt To sulk or be offended
American english wallaby means anything you want to be
American english Ass Pirate Derogatory name for a homosexual
American english fucking droopy ass bitch you have shit up your ass
American english Candyass Motherfucker Gay or Homosexual
American english Overbite! When pussy tastes like shit!
American english Bubblegum Dumdum lookin ass fucking twat Dumb fat pussy
American english cuntswagal vagina eater
American english rim job licking a butt hole
American military Alpha Mike Foxtrot Adios mother fucker.
American military Whiskey Tango Foxtrot What The Fuck
American military Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Yankee Oscar Uniform Fuck You
American military Snafu Situation normal ... all fucked up
American military Figmo Fuck it, I've Got My Orders
American military Charlie Foxtrot Cluster Fuck
American military BOHICA bend over here it comes again
American military Mary jane rotten crotch Some floozy with a smelly vagina
American sign language Hold your right hand open, with your fingers together and your thumb folded into your palm ("B"). Hold it to your chin with the side of your index finger touching your chin. Quickly move your hand forward away from your face with a sharp movement. Bitch
American sign language Make your right hand into a fist with your thumb sticking out and pointing upwards (as if giving someone a "thumbs up") Grab your thumb with your left hand, wraping your entire hand around it. Holding your left hand still, pull your right thumb down and o Shit
American sign language hold out your left hand away from your chest and skid your right hand over the left fuck off
American sign language Lift hand up and put all fingers down except your middle finger. Fuck you
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thumb out). Your hand passes below and to the side of your chin twice (Second version since i did the first one wrong xD) Whore, slut or prostitute
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thumb out). Your hand passes below and to the side of your chin twice Dick
American sign language Form a D handshape tapping your nose Dick
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the can upside down towards your mouth. Wanna blow me?
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the can up and down towards your mouth. Wanna blow me?
Amharic yenatih emis your mom's pussy
Amharic tebeda fuck you
Amharic enateh tebeda mother fucker
Amharic Shermuta whore
Amharic Bastard Dikala
Amharic Bidatam Fucker
Amharic Kuletam fuck addicted
Amharic aram you shitter
Amharic ye ahiya jela yigbabih get fucked by a donkey
Amharic gimatam stinky
Amharic tebeda ena mut get fucked and die
Amharic dedeb stupid
Amharic dedabe stuppid
Amharic busheti Gay Person, Homo
Amharic enatehin libdat let me fuck your mom!
Amharic Gela Tebi Cock Sucker
Amharic dingaye iras stonehead
Amharic Yeboka ems Dirty pussy
Amharic ye ems kemal pussy insect
Amharic kula teba eat a dick
Amharic ye ems til pussy worm
Amharic Kitehen lebdaw Fuck your ass
Amharic yegema ems Stinky pussy
Ammy kissimmee fuck your mother
Anish Dumme luder ko Stupid whore cow
Annoying cat Wheeeeeow! Shut up!
Apache chi wat hairy ass
Ape Ouu Aaah Haaa Aaaaaa! Shut the fuck up
Ape Nancy mother fucking whore
Arabic Koos cunt.
Arabic sharmuta whore
Arabic shlokeh a low life dirty whore
Arabic dakhlah killah push it all the way in
Arabic ya ibn il daa'reh u son of a porn star
Arabic charmouta slut
Arabic kaneeth gay
Arabic yel'aan naik emak fuck the fucking of your momma
Arabic naghal Illegitimate child
Arabic ya louteh you gay!
Arabic ghaben Illegitimate child
Arabic umka sharmota your mom is a slut
Arabic qooq ukhtak ur sisters's pussy
Arabic Wald Dhroot (used in oman) Son of a fart
Arabic wald il dhuroot son of a shit
Arabic wald il qahbaa son of a bitch
Arabic sambool maa ybool large strong penis
Arabic sambool fi fqa'htak my penis in your ass
Arabic kes en neck eighty go fuck your mother
Arabic Bin'nt himaar Daughter of a donkey
Arabic manuke khara shit fucker
Arabic ibn il tinayich son of a fucker
Arabic Kol Ayre Eat my dick
Arabic koos imek up my your mothers vagina
Arabic gewad stupid lowlife pimp (iraqi slang)
Arabic Kess ihktak your sister's cunt
Arabic kalet(prounounced Kahlet filthy street bastard(iraqi slang)
Arabic kalet(prounounced Kahlet) filthy street bastard(iraqi slang)
Arabic Tel has tisee Kiss my ass
Arabic Ya weld elgahba Son of bitch(used in UAE)
Arabic coos okt al laglesh fuck all this shit
Arabic wald il 16 son of 16 bitches
Arabic inta shaz your a pervet
Arabic zobbi be ommok my dick in your mother
Arabic Ebn El Sharmoota! Son of a bitch!
Arabic wald qahbat qureesh son of whore
Arabic Kool Khara Eat Shit
Arabic shakl il nahaan shit face
Arabic airy qalbak fuck your heart
Arabic Sharmotah Bitch
Arabic Teezak ur ass
Arabic Anta kalbee You're my dog
Arabic qaraqir testes or balls
Arabic neekni wlaa tneek hargeti fuck me but dont fuck my words
Arabic us kut ! (oos koot) shut up!
Arabic sharmoota slut
Arabic neekni sahrawi fuck me in the ass
Arabic sir tkaoud go get fucked
Arabic Qybah Bitch
Arabic ghati il face oo doos il race cover the face and fuck the base
Arabic maalish lulu whts wrong bitch
Arabic taa' mos(Palestinians slang) come and suck
Arabic kol khara(Palestinians slang) eat shit
Arabic bashokh alaa imak(Palestinians slang) I piss on your mom
Arabic bashokh aleek(Palestinians slang) I piss on you
Arabic bah-shi rejlee fee teez imak(Palestinians slang) I put my leg in your mom's ass
Arabic bah-shi rejlee fee teezak(Palestinians slang) I put my leg in your ass
Arabic yelan abo taareesak (Palestinian slang) damn your bitchiness
Arabic yelan abo taarees immak (Palestinian slang) damn the bitchiness of your mother
Arabic ya wati you short
Arabic yelan fatsak swear your dead
Arabic bous tize kiss my ass
Arabic Kus okhtish (for a girl Omani) Your sisters pussy
Arabic nikkabuk fuck your father
Arabic baydati fik my balls in you
Arabic wald il zinaa Illegitimate child
Arabic wald il hawyaa son of a bitch
Arabic khaneeth gay
Arabic qah'ba bitch
Arabic Khaneeth Faggot
Arabic kes okhtik bi ayre fuck your sister/your sister
Arabic bedi nik bzez emak i wanna fuck your mom's tits
Arabic ntak get fucked
Arabic bedi fawit eyri bi tizik i wanna put my cock in your ass
Arabic kol zabri eat my cock
Arabic cos omak maafina Your mums pussy is dirty
Arabic abn balla't aleora your mother suck dicks
Arabic beef strokie meat sucker
Arabic Louteh Gay
Arabic badi aneek kosik i want to fuck your pussy
Arabic Majdoube Stupid
Arabic nela aboka fuck your father
Arabic lhass baydeteh suck on my balls
Arabic khajaf you are an embarresment
Arabic Yakhrab Baytak! Your house is burned.
Arabic Ya Bint El-Khinzir! O thy daughter of pig!
Arabic Ya Bint El-Haram! O thy daughter of whore!
Arabic Tabaarek Yadaak! Wish you stabbed by sphere!
Arabic Assam Alaykom! Death upon you!
Arabic El-Sheitan Alaykom! Satan be upon you!
Arabic Qusamak I fucked you're mother asshole.
Arabic nock nullah father fucker
Arabic Hynityou Fuck You
Arabic khawal faggot
Arabic Kus omak Your mothers pussy
Arabic Batroun A person who works in a brothel.
Arabic koos akhotkha hatsola'at your limping sister's pussy
Arabic Kanker zemmer Cancer faggot
Arabic manyak faggot
Arabic qahbi prostitute
Arabic narcoossee hot pussy
Arabic (aleppo) Telhas Ras Airi lick the top of my dick
Arabic (aleppo) Iben El Mentakeh mother fucker
Arabic (aleppo) nyak al nana tab3ak your grand mom fucker
Arabic (aleppo) air b emmak el mfanda'a my dick in your hore mother
Arabic (aleppo) nfokho / dhasho shove it
Arabic (aleppo) تنقربيضاتي click to my nuts
Arabic (aleppo) telhass tizi like my ass
Arabic (aleppo) aad aleh bite on it (on my dick)
Arabic (lebanese) Akhou El Sharmoota Brother of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) Ayri Belli Tara Ak Fuck Your Fucker
Arabic (lebanese) KISIK D'ARDA I piss on your sister
Arabic (lebanese) nfokho blow it
Arabic (lebanese) Dhasho b teezak Shove it up your ass
Arabic (lebanese) Bniik Boksh Tizzak I will fuck you asshole
Arabic (lebanese) Kiss ekhtak Fuck you sister s pussy
Arabic (lebanese) Kol eyre Eat my dick
Arabic (lebanese) Kharaye feek Shit on you
Arabic (lebanese) Tilhas tizi Lick my ass
Arabic (lebanese) Ibn el sharmouta son of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) Hittou fi teesak Put it up your ass
Arabic (lebanese) kol khara eat shit
Arabic (lebanese) bade naykak l fejle I will make you fuck the raddish
Arabic (lebanese) bade neek ra'ebtak I want to fuck your kneck
Arabic (lebanese) Malla ras eyr yaleh 3alek What a dick head you have
Arabic (lebanese) Eyre b Wejjak chou meref Fuck your face , it s so ugly
Arabic (lebanese) masaho wipe it (the dick)
Arabic (lebanese) Anta jameel you are dick
Arabic (moroccan) Ntokbek I will fuck you deep
Arabic (moroccan) Bertouche Fucking Place
Arabic (moroccan) Tarma Ass
Arabic (moroccan) Kbirt lkhab The queen of all bitches
Arabic (moroccan) Shaloteya Slutt
Arabic (moroccan) Tabonek Wassee Your pussy is too large
Arabic (moroccan) Khchi sebaak f tremtek Go fuck yourself
Arabic (moroccan) Sir thawa Go fuck
Arabic (moroccan) Sir tkawed Get the fuck out of here
Arabic (moroccan) Yddek fi Zob Put your hand on my dick
Arabic (moroccan) hwi muk fuck your mother
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Bosnian Jebem ti familiju I'll fuck your family
Bosnian Mrš u pizdu materinu Go into pussy mom
Bosnian Jebem li ti krv I fuck your blood
Bosnian Jebem li ti krvavu majku I fuck your bloody mother
Bosnian Jebem li ti sve u usta I fuck all of yours in mouth
Bosnian Jebem li ti mrtvu majku I fuck your dead mother
Bosnian Jebem ti mamu na bananu I fuck your mother with banana
Bosnian Nek jebe konju mater May he fucks horse's mother
Bosnian Jebem ti kolac I fuck your cake
Bosnian Picka ti materina Your mother is a kilt
Bosnian Ko ti jebe mater. who is fucking your mom.
Bosnian Jebem ti Hljeb I fuck your bread
Bosnian nabijem te na kurac i impale you on my penis
Bosnian Jebo te tikva Fuck your pumpkin
Bosnian Idi u pičku materinu go to your mom's vagina
Bosnian Pička ti materina your mom's vagina
Bosnian Pedercina Gay (derogatory)
Bosnian seronja asshole / shithead
Bosnian serem ti u usta i shit in your mouth
Bosnian jedi govna eat shit
Bosnian jebo ti pas mater dog fucks your mother
Bosnian Poserem ti se na muda! I shit on your balls!
Bosnian Puši mi kitu ba! Suck my dick!
Bosnian Dabogda ti gavran odletio! May god give us your dick fell off!
Bosnian Jebem te u tu tvoju masnu guzicu! I fuck you in your greasy ass!
Botswana(setswana) Mother fucker English
Botswana(setswana) Mosono wa ga mmago Your mothers pussy
Botswana(setswana) Lerete Dick
Botswana(setswana) Marete a Gago Your Penis
Brazil Vai pro Inferno Go to hell
Brazil Mentira Bullshit
Brazil Filho(a) da Puta Son of a bitch
Brazil puta que pariu! fucking hell
Brazil Punheteiro Wanker
Brazil canavial de rola em teu cu a shitload of cock up your ass
Brazil vai pro inferno go to hell
Brazilian portuguese Que porra é essa? What the fuck?
Brazilian portuguese PORRA! SHIT / JISS
Brazilian portuguese Vai Tomar no Cu Fuck You
Brazilian portuguese Sua mae e uma cadela! Your mom is a bitch!
Brazilian portuguese Puta que pariu! Holy shit
Brazilian portuguese Vai te fuder Go fuck yourself
Brazilian portuguese vai tomar no cu go fuck yourself in the ass
Brazilian portuguese biscate very easy girl / forward / slut
Brazilian portuguese Porra Bitch
Brazilian portuguese Filha da puta Son of a bitch
Brazilian portuguese Puta, Vadia, Piranha, Vagabunda, Cachorra, Cadela Bitch, whore, slut
Brazilian portuguese Vamos trepar? Let's fuck?
Brazilian portuguese Cafeto pimp
Brazilian portuguese Vadia Slut
Breaking baddish it's over when I say it's over I OWN your ass
Breaking baddish Stay out of my territory Best get to steppin' and fuck off.
Breaking baddish I am the one who knocks I'm your worst fucking nightmare.
Breaking baddish Tread lightly Watch your ass
Breoon Kwatan de nur pissat moreono ta de Son of bitch
Breoon Steempy obese cunt
Breoon Jeca-Jeca Stupid whore mother fucker
Breton Mab ar c'hast You son of a bitch
Breton Kac'h Shit
Breton Karc'hat To shit
Breton Kerzh da garc'hat Get lost
Breton Serr da veg! Shut your mouth!
Brit-military Pongocunt a soldier of low social standing
Brit-military Paracunt A Paratrooper
Brit-military SNAFU Situation normal all fucked up.
Brit-military Beasting A beating.
British bollocks testicles
British Tosser Wanker or Jack-off
British Tart Promiscuous woman (less offensive)
British fucking cunt useless piece of shit
British built like a brick shit-house large and muscular man
British fucktard fucking retard
British Poof/Pouf Gay man (not too offensive)
British wankstain useless person
British plonker dumbass, idiot, penis
British hobknocker ppl whou have sex with animals
British gob shite a loud person who doesn't shut up
British shite shit
British shitfaced drunk
British poxy crappy, bad quality
British rat arsed extremely drunk
British munter an ugly woman
British twat vagina or an idiot
British As useful as tits on a bull Totally useless
British Stick it up your arse! I don't want it, thankyou
British Did he bollocks! He certainly did not
British Did I fuck as like! I certainly did not!
British Play the five-fingered flute Wank
British Bugger me! You don't say....
British Twonk Idiot
British Toff Hoity toity person
British slut Promiscuous woman
British arsehole i dont like you
British Piss-Flaps Lips of the Vagina
British Penguin totally Useless
British Bent Being or relating to something gay
British u fukin wanker you have done something wrong
Brony Flying feather! Flying fuck!
Brony Plot hole Asshole
Brony Clop Masturbate
Brony IWTCIRD I want to cum inside rainbowdash
Brony flank butt cheeks
Brony what entire nation what the fuck
Brony What the hay!? What the hell!?
Brony Hay Generically, heck/hell/etc.
Bruneian Taloo Stupid
Bruneian palui stupid
Bruneian palir testiclie
Bruneian Mati ta kau eh just die!
Bruneian buduh stupid
Bruneian Buduh kau ani eh you're such an idiot
Bulgarian Coochka Bitch
Bulgarian Luyno Shit
Bulgarian "Mlukvay, Zatvaryay si ustata" Shut your mouth
Bulgarian Tapak Idiot
Bulgarian Putka Cunt
Bulgarian Vushka Parasite (lit louse)
Bulgarian Podqvolite / 'laino / Mamka mu' Shit
Bulgarian putkolizec cunt sucker
Bulgarian Da ti go nachukam otpred i otzad I'll fuck you on both sides
Bulgarian Putko mirizliva U smelly pussy
Bulgarian Da te eba v guza Fuck you in the ass
Bulgarian Svirka whistle/ slang for blow job
Bulgarian Govno Shit
Bulgarian Tsitsi Tits
Bulgarian maika ti da eba / da eba tvoita mama to fuck your mother
Bulgarian Iaz mi huia Eat my dick
Bulgarian Da ti eba maikata I will Fuck your mother
Bulgarian vlajna putka wet pussy
Bulgarian ebi se v duza fuck your self in the ass
Bulgarian da ti eba maikata v ustata fuck your mother in the mouth
Bulgarian Grozna kurva Ugly bitch/whore
Bulgarian Lainar Shithead
Bulgarian da ti eba maikata to fuck your mother
Bulgarian Da ti go nachookam v ustichkata I'll fuck you in your mouth
Bulgarian Da ti is'hnat madyata (I wish) your balls dryed up
Bulgarian Koochi sin Son of a bitch
Bulgarian lizhi ciganska sperma govnarche lick gypsy sperm you shithead
Bulgarian ßæ ìè êóð Eat my dick!
Bulgarian Ä Fuck your mother!
Bulgarian da ti sera vuv ustata I shit in your mouth
Bulgarian putka zaspala sleeping cunt
Bulgarian Da ti eba litseto I'll fuck your face
Bulgarian Zaebi Forget about it (vulgar)
Bulgarian shte ti go tura na babati im going to fuck your grandmother
Bulgarian Da te eba v ushite! Fuck you in your ears!
Bulgarian Rak da te iziade Die from cancer
Bulgarian Pederast Gay
Bulgarian Putka takvaz You pussy
Bulgarian oligofren mentally disabled
Bulgarian dushi kur go to blow
Bulgarian Ebe li ti se? Wanna fuck?
Bulgarian Gultay! Swallow my scum!
Bulgarian Minet blowjob (n.)
Bulgarian Pederuga faggot
Bulgarian Yako me se ebe I feel like fucking a lot
Bulgarian Ebach master of fucking
Bulgarian Tzepenyak tight pussy (sexy chick)
Bulgarian Yaka putka powerful pussy (gorgeous chick)
Bulgarian Pedal Faggot
Bulgarian Pitchka ti lelina your aunt's cunt
Bulgarian Bit pederast beaten gay
Bulgarian Pederast neshtasten miserable bugger
Bulgarian tapak dunce
Bulgarian tap kato guz dump as ass
Bulgarian na kutcheto v gaza in the dog's ass {far away}
Bulgarian na maika ti u putkata in your mother's cunt
Bulgarian da eba maikata fuck your mommy
Bulgarian Dolna kuchka! Fuckin' bitch
Bulgarian Mrusna kurventiq Dirty whore
Bulgarian da ti eba putkata maichina fuck your mother's pussy
Bulgarian shte ti go nabutam v slivicite I'll shove it in your tonsils
Bulgarian Pichka ti lelina! Your aunt's pussy!
Bulgarian Qzsh mi kuro! Eat my dick!
Bulgarian Ta iba v gaza grozen! I'll fuck you in your ugly ass!
Bulgarian Dirnik Fat ass
Bulgarian Sht'a iba kat' magare! I'll fuck you like a donkey!
Bulgarian Na sestra ti u ustencata! In your sister's mouth!
Bulgarian Az moa li ti eba putkata maichina? Can I fuck your mother's pussy?
Bulgarian Shto li ti ne eba maikata? Why don't I fuck your momma?
Bulgarian Da ti pikam v ustata! I'm gonna piss in your mouth!
Bulgarian prostitutka prostitute
Bulgarian mrusna koochka dirty bitch
Bulgarian Maika ti da eba Fuck you
Bulgarian lainar shithead
Bulgarian mainata ti fuck you
Bulgarian Nedugava Tupa Putka lame stupid cunt
Bulgarian [Whoi spless-can] Hui spleskan flattened dick
Bulgarian Kopele Bastard
Bulgarian Ti sa tocha na vejdite To cum on your eyebrows
Bulgarian Kuchka Bitch
Bulgarian Lainyano magare Shitty donkey
Bulgarian Yash maquera Eat my dick
Bulgarian Da te eba v chervata I love your mum
Bulgarian Da ti eba maikata v gaza I'll fuck your mom in the butt
Bulgarian Kon da te ebe Get fucked by a horse
Bulgarian Lapai mi kura Eat my dick
Bulgarian Ciganin da te ebe Get fucked by a gipsy
Bulgarian Cheren pedal Black faggot
Bulgarian Umri ot spin Die from AIDS
Bulgarian Dulgo probna kurva Long trial whore
Bulgarian Na kolene kurvo On your knees bitch/whore
Bunny *soft bite* You taste good
Bunny *hard bite* Im gonna fucking eat you up !!!!
Bunny *scratches you and keeps attacking* Die !!!!!!!!!!!!
Bunny *scratches you* I told you to fuck off !!
Bunny *stomps* I fucking hate this !
Burmese na ma low sister fucker
Burmese sa pud sar eat pussy
Burmese Gway Htoot Wank
Burmese Min may sat pat Ur mums pussy
Burmese Loo ma thar Son of a fucker
Burmese Nea hmea sout put Your mom's a vagina
Burmese Nea nga yea lee thwa sout liet You can go suck my dick
Burmese Sou Ko Ma Fucking bitch (female)
Burmese Sou Ko Fucking bitch (male)
Burmese Qui Kaung Bitch (male)
Burmese Qui Ma Bitch (female)
Burmese Minn May Minn Lo' fuck ya own mother
Burmese Saut pat ka lar Fucking Indian
Burmese Par Tal Ma Whore
Burmese Phay loe ma thar Father fucker
Burmese ngar min may ko loe chin tal I wanna fuck your mother
Burmese lee sar eat dick
Caddle Attjume (aht-joom) Asshole
Caddle S'jot! (jotz) Shit!
Caddle Cune git ov (coon giht oev) Come get it
Calabrese !Sticchio! pussy / cunt
Calabrese sminchiato idiot / stupid
Calabrese Ncul'a cu t'è vivu Fuck your self
Calabrese N' culu a mammata Fuck your mother
Call of duty B Up A QUIT LIKE A BITCH
Call of duty Bitch get back in the kitchen I have never touched a human boob
Cambodian cuthay (guh daii) gay
Cambodian Ah Joy Mrai You mother fucker
Cambodian Mae Heng Your Mother
Cambodian Ah jhouw ma-seit (see-it) You thieft,failure,etc
Canadian snatch vagina
Canadian "Hoser" (see the movie Strange Brew) Loser, idiot, moron
Canadian You hoser! Idiot!
Canadian go fuck your hat. you are a cluster fuck of stupidity
Canadian wad or fuckwad. As in; he's a real wad/fuckwad/wad of shit, etc same meaning as as a fucktard
Canadian That guy is a waste of skin. Describing a useless idiot.
Canadian Christer Pain-in-the-ass (usually a kid)
Canadian Snatch vagina
Canadian Tool Penis, as in you are a tool.
Canadian get stuffed go fuck yourself
Canadian shut your maggoty gob! (atlantic canadian) shut your mouth!
Canadian you sheep fucker! (translation is literal)
Canadian take off eh! go fuck yourself
Canadian I laughed so hard I nearly shat myself! It was very funny!
Canadian Paki South Asian
Canadian fuckface idiot
Canadian dick fuck shit licker idiot
Canadian slapshit poop
Canadian god fucking dammit jioln,kj
Canadian Wangster A white guy trying to be black
Canadian Fall down fuck in the ass back stabber
Canadian Hammer head idiot
Canadian I'll Fuckin' hammer ya I'm going to hit you
Canadian Yer Fuckin' a right I agree with you
Canadian shitpump Useless idiot, waste of rations
Canadian fuck head idiot
Canadian wasteyute useless, waste
Canadian gitch or gitchies Underpants, Eastern Canada
Canadian gonch or gonchies Underpants, Western Canada
Canarian sinoes personaje what a idiot
Canarian te meto un remasso i'll kick you big time
Canarian sarpica! get the fuck off!!
Canarian me suda tol pollon don't give a shit
Canarian que pescaao what a cunt
Canarian te quitotoa la vida i'll kick you big time
Canarian te piso la cabeza i'll kick you big time
Canarian te cojo tescacho i'll kick you big time
Canarian tira milla get the fuck off!!
Cantonese sAY Baht Poh bitch
Cantonese diu lay lo mo fuck your old mother
Cantonese Lok chat Cock
Cantonese Dil Lay Lo Mo Fuck your mother
Cantonese Nia ma ka chau hai Your mother's stinky pussy
Cantonese Ham Ka Chan Curse your family to death
Cantonese lau fom pei you old fart
Cantonese Bitch! Sai bak po!
Cantonese t'iu lei Fuck You
Cantonese nimabi your mother's cunt
Cantonese Ham Lung Suck the dick
Cantonese Tsat Tao Dick head
Cantonese Dieu Lei Lo Mo Go fuck your mother
Cantonese Ba po Bitch
Cantonese Gai Prostitute
Cantonese mun huw lay go ma!!! fuck your mother!!!
Cantonese chi bai cunt
Cantonese ngong hai crazy cunt
Cantonese lan tou dickhead
Cantonese fei hai fat cunt
Cantonese ai chai shortie
Cantonese Ngong Kau Fucking Stupid
Cantonese Fai chaai Useless (son of a bitch)
Cantonese Sawt sawt dei; fat fat dei Mental, a nutter
Cantonese Seung sei ah Want to die?
Cantonese sei ham ga chan, sei puk gai fucking sons of a bitch
Cantonese gaa jai; law baak tau Jap
Cantonese sei law baak tau; sei ga jai fucking Jap
Cantonese dai boh mui big titty girl
Cantonese ham sup low pervert
Cantonese Tsat, gau, lun Cock
Cantonese Diu lei tsuen ga Fuck your entire family
Cantonese Diu lei low mow goh tsau fa hai Fuck your mom in the rotting cunt
Cantonese Diu lei goh hai Fuck you in the cunt
Cantonese Fei gei cheung Flatso (flat chested chick)
Cantonese Hai yeung Cunt face
Cantonese Ham ga tsan, puk gai, tsat tau Asshole; bastard
Cantonese hai Cunt
Cantonese Jek chau Fight
Cantonese Saat jaw lei Gunna kill you
Cantonese Sei yee m jai! Fucking traitor!
Cantonese Yim (yeem) Castrate
Cantonese Ngoh jau yim lei I'm going to castrate you
Cantonese Diu lei lo mo fuck your mother
Cantonese sek sii eat shit
Cantonese figh cai Pathetic shit
Cantonese Chak tou (柒頭) dick head
Cantonese Kai zi Idiot
Cantonese gau si gwai dog shit turtle
Cantonese Cau fah hai Smelly disintegrated cunt
Cantonese Sey Hai ! dead cunt !
Cantonese Kauw HAI ! Dog cunt !
Cantonese Ding Lei Gor See Fut Long Put A Finger In Your Asshole
Cantonese Bat po Bitch
Cantonese Sie Gou Na Damn Bitch
Cantonese Puk Gai Shit
Cantonese Sei ah nea dor puk gai! Die you fuckin bitch/bastard!
Cantonese Hoe sei ah nea gor bak chee! Go die you motherfucker!
Cantonese Kakha Ma Lo Se Ye, Eh Mai Gaid! Get the Fuck Out My Face, OHMYGOD!
Cantonese Lou Hai Old Cunt
Cantonese Nei go hai yan ho se ah Go die you fucking cunt
Cantonese Diu lay see f-ut Fuck your ass hole
Cantonese chuk sang dou but yu worse than the animals
Cantonese Diu nei pook gai Fuck you bastard
Cantonese Nei fei yao chow You're fat and stinky
Cantonese mung hai crazy cunt = stupid bitch
Cantonese Sie Lan Thau dead cock head
Cantonese Diu Kao Lei Geh Zhui Fuck Your Mouth
Cantonese PK fall down the street, you prick
Cantonese tsat dick
Cantonese tsat tou dickhead
Cantonese sek sei eat shit
Cantonese Do lei lo mo chau hai Go fuck your mother's smelly cunt
Cantonese diu la sing fuck that star
Car Screeching Tires Harder, harder!
Cat Mew? WTF?
Cat Meow. Fuck you motherfucker!
Cat Pisses on your stuff Fuck you bitch!
Cat Purr.. bend over you bitch
Cat Preow? WTFt?
Cat Meow-oww Im sick you retard
Cat hiss claw piss off bitch
Cat Reor Yes. Pet me. NOW!
Cat meow MEOW hiss get your dick off here
Cat meuowww!! get the fuck out of my face!
Cat miaow miaow Miaow bring me food you titwanker
Cat just looks at you in contempt Bow down to me, bitches.
Cat Nya *stares at you with blank eyes* You are so fucking screwed
Cat Gwoaowww Go Out
Catalan Curt de gambals Idiot
Catalan fill de puta son of a bitch
Catalan Collons! Damnit! / Dang!
Catalan fote't fuck you
Catalan que et fotin go fuck yourself
Catalan fot el camp fuck off
Catalan ets un messi you are a cheater
Catalan Hostia puta! Damn it!
Catalan Cabronas Big bastard
Catalan Que et follin Go fuck yourself
Catalan Cabr Bastard
Catalan Ves a la merda Go to hell
Cebuano Gabaan pa unta ka karun I hope you got cursed today
Cebuano Buwisit Kang Dako You're too much Bullshit
Cebuano Kayatas Buang Fuck that Stupid
Cebuano Anak sa Kayat Child/Kid of Fuck
Chakma Ma Choda Mother fucker
Chakma Ler ha/ ler hech Go eat nasty stuff
Chakma Hangi chodi Whore/ slut
Chakma begiye chodi/begiye bani Whore/ slut
Chakma Mogoda The ultimate swear word
Chakma Bekub! Idiot!
Chakma Bagh choda! Tiger fucker!
Chakma Madari! Fuck your mother!
Chakma Ler ha! Drink ejaculate!
Chakma Huguro saw! Son of a bitch!
Chaldean Ekol Shirmi Eat My Ass
Chaldean Era Gou Qootid Yumouh A Dick In Your Moms Pussy
Chaldean Masilana Mother Fucker
Chaldean Kol Qootie Eat My Pussy
Chaldean Erub Umtouh Fuck Your Aunt
Chaldean Erub Totouh Fuck Your Grandma
Chaldean Brit khapaa Son of a Bitch
Chaldean Babouh elea masilana Your Dad Is A Mutha Fucker
Chaldean gahba bitch
Chaldean Adupsis Pervert
Chaldean Ekhol Ukhre Eat Shit
Chaldean Nakhlah Bastard
Chaldean erub shirmatha fuck ass
Chaldean Kahpe Whore/slut
Chaldean Kus arthoukh Fuck u
Chaldean Ufty Loser
Chaldean Kalet Dummy
Chamorro Mutong i chili-mu! Your dick stinks!
Chamorro lania damn/shit
Chamorro sona ba bi tsi son of a bitch
Chamorro Mutong i bebe mu' Your pussy stinks.
Chamorro chada na nanmu your mother has bad eggs
Chamorro ta a'sirik lets fuck
Chamorro bebe gera pussy thats been through war
Chamorro chilin gera dick thats been through war
Chamorro dule' weak, punked out
Chamorro ta ma lania hit were all fucked
Chamorro udu mute
Chamorro da dale' educated in the art of fucking
Chamorro tai ma mahlao shameless
Chamorro bebe niamu mosquito pussy
Chamorro I bebe mu ni la lamas your pussy, thats rotting
Chamorro Sakin malania Fuckin thief
Chamorro pao lania hao you smell like you got fucked
Chamorro (slang/chode) Sasa To spread your legs
Chamorro (slang/chode) A'ten Baba To give a dirty look
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Pendeho Idiot
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Conyo bos nana Genitalia of your mom
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Torpe Idiot
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Rayo! Lightning Strike You!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Pendejo Vos You're an Adulturer!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Torpe Vos Dump! Shit!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Jodencha gat Vos Shit! Dumn it!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Que tonto What a fool!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Que Razcon/a gat vos! What a bitche of you!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Chinga vos nana Motherfucker/Fuck your mother
Cherokee wa-ta-li dick
Cherokee Usdi watali Baby dick/tiny penis
Chi kin sit ahwant tho de khuai eth Leave me alone Bitch !!!
Chi kin sit an lok khe Shit !! / Oh fuck !!
Chi kin sit Anlackheee Mother fucking Genius Son of luck
Chibble Chibshit Dipshit
Chibble Holy Chibballs! Holy Shitballs!
Chichewa bhoro ya taate waako your fathers prick
Chichewa pathako pako your anus
Chichewa ntumbo wako your anus
Chicken Be be che!! Bitch!!
Chicken Gobble Gobble Fight me, you pussy!
Chicken Cluck cluck cluck Fuck you cunt
Chicken Cooocck a doodle dooooo Who wants a fuck!
Chilean Pico Conchetumadre! Dick Motherfucker!
Chilean Andate a la Chucha!! Fuck off!
Chilean Maraca Slut
Chilean concha la wea fuck it
Chilean concha tu madre your mothers cunt
Chilean que chucha! what the fuck!
Chilean pico con la wea fuck it
Chilean ándate a la conchatumadre go fuck yourself
Chilean Hijo de Perra Son of a bitch
Chilean Hijo de Puta Son of a bitch
Chilean Poto Ass
Chilean Vali Cayampa You're worth dick
Chilean sapo culiao fucking cunt
Chilean andate a las rechucha! fuck off! (x2)
Chilean Webear Waste time or bother someone
Chilean Saco de weas (literally Ball sack) Stupid/Idiot
Chilean Cagarla Screw things up
Chilean Eri' entera maraca What a damn bitch
Chinese wo cao ni ma bi i fuck ur mom's cunt
Chinese qu si go to hell
Chinese Sha bi Stupid cunt
Chinese 我肏你妈屄 wǒ c i fuck ur mom's cunt
Chinese bi cunt
Chinese tou ni ma look down the one
Chinese sharbie stupid shit
Chinese Sek si Eat shit
Chinese Tian wo dan Lick my balls
Chinese go se shit
Chinese ma la ge bi Damn! Shit! Fuck!
Chinese ri ni ge xian ren ban ban Fuck your ancesters
Chinese »ëÇò£m dumb bastard, stupid piece of shit
Chinese ¥À©]¤e”V’n evil bitch
Chinese kao yao WTF
Chinese 他妈的 ta1 ma1 de3 Fuck
Chinese sho tao i want to eat your pussy
Chinese yum tong la go drink soup (cum)
Chinese go niang yang de son of a bitch
Chinese tsao dan de ball fucking
Chinese now tsan retard or mentally impaired
Chinese 干你娘的屁眼(gan ni niang de pi yan) Fuck your mother's asshole
Chinese Nai zi Tits ( milk bags )
Chinese 王八蛋 (wang bai dan) Son of a bitch
Chinese ‹ç“ú“I gou ri de Fucked by a dog, bustard/ deamed.
Chinese ÂÌñ×Ó liu mao zi Cochold, cheated husband.
Chinese Bi Zui Shut Up
Chinese xia bi (shee-aah bee) cunt
Chinese sixi eat shit
Chinese Diu Nei Lo Mo Fuck your mother
Chinese Ta ma de Fuck
Chinese Tian Po Crazy Bitch
Chinese knee how kialan bitch
Chinese Ong Qin Xiang fuck your mother
Chinese WQNMLGB (我去你妈了个逼) fuck your mother's pussy
Chinese ju tou mo lou Brainless
Chinese chao di wang xau zu! put a fucking stick up your ass!
Chinese ni mama gei ren diao your mother fuck by someone else
Chinese pootho bitch
Chipian ahe fo me ito you monster!
Chipian me nha ngo shit
Chopnese Chop chop WTF ARE YOU DOING PEWDIE?!
Chopnese neddin pussy, twat, vertical smile
Christian kid (Forgive me, lord) Get the heck away from me you sinner! Get fucked, you cum stain.
Chuuk Firininom Fuck your mother
Chuukese Tang Dick
Chuukese Anomw Tang Suck A Dick
Chuukese Niwit Pussy
Chuukese Firin Inomw your mother's vagina
Chuukese Machen Niwitum Your Pussy stinks
Chuukese Kopwe Ngan Beat your Ass
Chuukese sipwe Nisou Let's
Chuukese pwomwas stinks
Chuukese Onom Niwitin inomw Eat yoir mom's pussy
Cockney rhyming slang James Blunt (only first word used) Cunt
Cockney rhyming slang Tom Tit Shit
Cockney rhyming slang Merchant Banker Wanker
Cockney rhyming slang Slate Layer's Nail Bags Large saggy breasts
Cockney rhyming slang Berk (Berkshire Hunt) C*nt
Cocos Sampar bengkak You Bastard
Cocos kontol bapak lu dah your dad's dick
Colombian pendejo idiot, asshole
Colombian Malparido Lit. Badborn
Colombian Setenta hijueputa Seventy times son of a bitch
Colombian perro hijueputa cunt son of a bitch
Colombian gonorrea sick bastard
Colombian Zunga Bitch
Colombian Care chimba bastard
Colombian aguevado stupid
Colombian güevón stupid, idiot, asshole
Colombian esa gonorrea es una pecueca! tht piece of shit is a nobody
Colombian zurron slut
Colombian arenoso salty, hater
Colombian me lo chupa I don't care, suck it
Colombian chpelo! suck it!
Colombian careculo Lit. assface
Colombian come mierda! eat shit
Colombian cacaln fag, gay, faggot
Colombian visajoso/a attention whore
Colombian atembado stupid
Cook islands maori titoetoe wank
Cook islands maori to'e butt or ass
Cook islands maori mete or i'ka vagina
Cook islands maori panepane to fuck
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Croatia Boli me kurac! I don't give a fuck!
Croatia Jebal te bik The bull will fuck you
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Croatian ko ti je cha cha who's your daddy
Croatian Jebem ti život. I fuck your life.
Croatian Kurvin sine! You son of a bitch!
Croatian Dabogda ti se ruke osuile! May your arms dry out!
Croatian Jebem ti mater! I fuck your mother!
Croatian Jebi ga. Fuck it. (literally "Fuck him")
Croatian Jebem ti sreću. I fuck your luck.
Croatian Jebem ti oca! I fuck your father!
Croatian Liži pičku! Lick a cunt!
Croatian Jedi govna! Eat shit!
Croatian pičkin dim cunt's smoke (something easy or worthless)
Croatian Jebem ti Boga. I fuck your God.
Croatian Jebo ti pas mater. Dog fucked your mother.
Croatian (Idi) u pičku materinu! (Go) to your mother's cunt!
Croatian (Idi) u trie pičke materine! (Go) to three of your mother's cunts!
Croatian Jebo te patak. Duck fucked you.
Croatian Boli me kurac. My dick hurts. (said when you don't care about something)
Croatian Jebo ti vrag mater Devil fucked your mother.
Croatian Jebem mu miša. I fuck his mouse. (not very offensive)
Croatian Jebem te glupa. I fuck you stupid.
Croatian kurac od ovce dick of a sheep (useless, worthless)
Croatian Rane te zaletile ljute! Heavy wounds be on you!
Croatian Mater te sahranila! May your mother bury you!
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Croatian Jebem te u dupe I fuck you in the ass
Croatian ma tko te jebe who gives a fuck about you
Croatian Pas mater!! Dog mother! - literally
Croatian Zajebi to stari Fuck that man
Croatian Mama ti je kurva Your mother is a whore
Croatian Odjebi budaletino Fuck Off you Fool
Croatian Kurvo jedna izlizana. You attrited bitch,
Croatian U pičku strininu! In your aunts cunt
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Croatian Jedi kurac! Eat dick!
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Croatian jedi kurac eat my dick
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Croatian Jebo sliku svoju! Fuck your own picture!
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Croatian jebiga fuck it (literally: fuck him)
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Croatian Ko te napravija tako glupa! Who made you so stupid?
Croatian Ko te jebe glupane! Who fuck you so stupid!
Croatian ugavi cigo! Dirty gipsy!
Croatian Sranje Shit (when something go wrong)
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Croatian Izrigat æu ti se u facu! I will vomit in your face!
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Croatian Vrag ti sriću gunja! May the devil take your luck
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Croatian Jebem ti pleme I'm fucking your tribe
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Croatian, serbian Picka cunt
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Cuban Puta sucia Dirty whore
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Cuban Come pinga Idiot
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Cuban tortillera lesbian
Cuban Sata slut
Cuban pinguero hustler
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Cuban Mandraga Castro (= literally evil sorcerer)
Cumbria slang al punch ya in ya neb punch you in the noise
Cypriot tis thias sou o kolos Your anty's Ass
Cypriot GAMO TIN MANA SU I fuck your mother
Cypriot pittako moutsoune face is being flat
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Cypriot shesmene you are shiting on you
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Cypriot ashello mpoukkoti suck balls
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Cypriot sermet gay
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Cypriot gamistra bed
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Cypriot Saouna tou shilou Dog chin
Cypriot Pezevegki Someone who is being cheated on
Cypriot gamo to senior fuck the system
Cypriot tanjisa ugly fat girl
Cypriot Θκιάολε μαύρε / Thkiaole mavre Dark hell
Czech Peecha Pussy/Cunt
Czech biezh do haaye! go to hell
Czech kraavo (literary cow) but can be used as bitch
Czech sakra shit
Czech piicha cunt
Czech peehat the act of fucking
Czech voleh asshole/idiot/dude/ox
Czech fuc ty fuck you
Czech Vole (lit. you bull) Idiot
Czech Hovno Shit
Czech show-staat fuck
Czech prt! fart!
Czech Zkurvysyn You son of a bitch!
Czech kunda cunt
Czech batich bitch
Czech šukat [shucut] to fuck
Czech prdelka cute ass
Czech děvka slut
Czech Piča Cunt
Czech Sraèka (srachka) soft wet shit
Czech Ty jse ale debil! You ate such a idiot!
Czech Táhni/jdi do prdele! Fuck off
Czech do prdele! oh shit!
Czech Sakra Dammit
Czech Naseru ti do mlíka! [ Naseru tii do mleeka ] I'm going to shit to your milk!
Czech Buzerant [ Busserant ] Extreme weird gay
Daedrits jou fok jou suster!!!!!!! you fuck your sister!!!
Dalian Biao Stupid
Danish Tudefj's Crybaby
Danish Dumme k'lling Dumb bitch
Danish Grimme k'lling Ugly bitch
Danish 'd lort Eat shit
Danish Hold k'ft Shut up
Danish klamme luderso disgusting bitchwhore
Danish Ludertæve Bitch Whore
Danish Kusse Cunt
Danish For helvede God damn it. (lit. to hell)
Danish Klaphat Idiot
Danish Pikansjos (lit) Dick anchovy
Danish Røvguitar (lit) Arse guitar
Danish Lort Shit
Danish Din mor your mother
Danish Din dumme idiot You stupid idiot
Danish Sut Min Pik Suck My Dick
Danish Sut min pik Suck my dick
Danish Dumme svin! Stupid pig!
Danish klamme so desgusting girl pig
Danish Æd lort, fisse Eat shit, pussy
Danish bolle din mor fuck your mother
Danish Sut røv, pikhoved. suck ass, dickhead.
Danish Tag min pik i din fisse nu Take my dick in your pussy now
Danish Slik omkring mit pikhovede Lick around my Dickhead
Danish Køter (lit.) Dog/Bitch
Danish Tøs Slut
Danish Osteged Cheesegoat
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Danish Din mor er en luder You mother is a bitch
Danish Din fucking idiot You fucking asshole
Danish Er du fucking retarderet? Are you fucking retarded?
Danish Svans Faggot
Danish Din lille lort You little piece of shit
Danish Sut min Dolk Suck my dick
Danish Din mor er en luder! Your mother is a whore!
Danish Sut min pik! Suck my dick!
Danish Jyllandsk Terrible
Danish Lad mig tygge i din fisse Let me munch on your pussy
Dari (Farsi) madar gai mother fucker
Dari (Farsi) haramzadeh bastard
Dari (Farsi) برين. shit
Dari (Farsi) Aike thoo-ra kuss kanum i'll fuck your mum
Dari (Farsi) kerrum tha donet My dick in your mouth
Dari (Farsi) Kerr um tha kunet My dick in your ass
Dari (Farsi) Gholona Shit Hole
Dari (farsi) gooz b rishit you have shit in your mouth
Dari (farsi) Harami Bastard
Dari (farsi) Da kunet kerem My dick in your ass
Dari (farsi) Zaanet ta Gaayom will fuck your wife
Dari (farsi) Khayem ma bochosh suck my nut sack
Dari (farsi) Zaadem-et taa I fuck you
Dari (farsi) Da daanet Kerem My dick in your mouth
Dari (farsi) Kuss Modar Mother Fucker
Dari (farsi) Haramzada Bastard
Dari (farsi) kerem da kusse bibit my big dick in your granmas pussey
Dari (farsi) ma mefomam kere mara mehoyi i knoww you want my dick
Dari (farsi) Kerim da kosi khuwarit I fuck you'r sister
Dari (farsi) Keeram tu cossit My dick in your pussy
Dari (farsi) Goh bokho Eat shit
Dari (farsi) Jendeh kaseef Dirty slut
Dari (farsi) Mesleh kerre kharr Like the donkey's cock
Darija Qehba Bitch
Darija Kelb/Kelba Dog/Bitch
Deptic Azcaite Bastard
Deptic Guq Oafagle Pi Fiq Duzla vegruo I pissed in your milk bitch
Destiny Jack Licks Your Dog Bitch
Deusenese quatainch one quarter of an inch
Deusinese marredup slightly fucked up
Deusinese cock-eyed catty whompus completely fucked up
Deusing Cock-eyed Caty Whompus Slanderous whore
Dezfili Mazash Middle of my dick in your stomach
Dhivehi Findhu Cunt
Dhivehi Fui Cunt
Dhivehi Test Ahem
Dhivehi badi slut
Dhivehi kaleyge vaa athu oshu ge kana aih faraai your left balls right side
Dhivehi kalogeya oh shit
Dhivehi dhaa right?
Dhivehi kulhan dhili clitoris
Dhivehi Kaley Amaa Fada boe suck ur mothers Vagaina
Dhivehi Bog shit
Dhivehi Kutthaa Dog
Dick language Squirt Squirt Suck my dick You Mother FUCKER
Dick language Erection You are hot.
Dick language Flop That bitch is ugly
Dick language yea have a nice day just suck it
Dihivin tits kiru
Dinka Thurr Ass
Dinka Jouh Bitch
Dinka Amok Butthole
Dinka Inba Penha Amok I'll Split Your Ass
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Disney princess to infinity, and beyond im gonna cum, in your vagia
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Dog Woof Bitch
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Dog WOOF WOOF Get lost anus licker
Dog Shits on your floor Jokes on you, Fucker
Dog Yipe (Frightened) Holy shit!
Dog Ruff Your mother likes it rough
Dog howl i'm horny for a bitch
Dog GROWL! back up bitch
Dog Wooo-oooof The hell you say!
Dog Arf Bastard
Dog ruff son of a bitch
Dog Woof-woof Back away before i bite yo ass
Dog Howl I need some poontang
Dog Shits in your bed Fuck you AND your mother
Dog woof woof howl fuckin let me out you shitbag
Dog mouth-snap growl fuck you
Domari kurao tout Fuck you
Domari khas mou kaar Eat my dick!
Dominican Bajo a mierda you smell like shit
Dominican tu maldita madre your fucking mother
Dominican toto pussy
Dominican asarozo hater
Dominican boca de trapo shit talker
Dominican lambe bolsa nut sack licker
Dominican te aruno malvado sexual grasping
Dominican sigue con tu viana keep with that shit (threat)
Dominican Rapa tu mai. you fuck your mom
Dominican traga leche cum swallower
Dominican Hijo de la gran puta Son of a bitch
Dominican jablador! liar. you talk to much.
Dominican singa tu madre mama guevo fuck your mother, faget
Dominican Come Moco Bugger Eater
Dominican Sigue con tu vaina Keep with that shit (threat)
Dominican Cuero Slut
Dominican Creta Pussy
Dominican Le cuelan el paquete Do sex (act)
Dominican Yo quiero rapar I want to do sex
Dominican Yo quiero singar I want to do sex
Dominican Me tienes la creta hirviendo (forma molesta) I have my pussy boiling (upset way)
Dominican mahmaw? (When said to a prostitute) Can I get a blowjob?
Dominican Maldito cabron Fucking asshole
Dominican Cundango Faggot
Dominican Perra; Cuero; Puta Bitch
Dominican Te eploto I'll beat you up
Dominican Come Culo Ass eater
Dominican Palomo Idiot
Dominican hija la creta daughter of a vagina
Dominican traga panti panti swallower
Donkey aaaahhhaoo hfoahf get lost fucking bitch
Donkey Heee Hooo Bitch
Donkey heee hooo neigh Your mother is a horse
Dormanstown Taking a Dormanstown Taking a massive shit
Dota Potangina Mo Fuck your mother.
Dota 2 retard everyone who is not you
Dota 2 4 XBOCT
Dota 2 OpieOP XBOCT
Dota 2 cyka i think you know
Dragon ball z Kamehameha fuck her right in the pussy
Dragon ball z eat my snapple do not waste tolit paper
Duck Quack Fuck off you shitty cunt
Duck Quack quack Fuck your mother, cunt
Duck Quack Quack,Quackery Quack fuck you, mother fucker
Dusun Toli nu Your dick
Dusun logiut fucker
Dutch Vieze vuile gore smeerlap Filthy person
Dutch Klootzak! Scrotum
Dutch Goedkope teringslet Cheap slut
Dutch Kuthoer Fucking whore
Dutch Kut! Shit! (litterally, cunt)
Dutch Dombo Stupidhead
Dutch Rot op Get lost
Dutch Krijg kanker en ga dood, hoer! Get cancer en die, bitch!
Dutch Kutwijf! Bitch (literally cunt bitch)
Dutch Sterf aan kanker! Die to cancer
Dutch Vuile rot mof! Dirty German!
Dutch Hufter "asshole"
Dutch Hoer Bitch (Literally: Prostitute)
Dutch viezerik dirtbag
Dutch Je moeder! Your mother!
Dutch Pisvlek piss stain
Dutch rot op fuck off
Dutch kutwijf bitch
Dutch je moeder stinkt your mum smells
Dutch Vieze dikke pad Big fat toad
Dutch kutaap cunt monkey
Dutch fatsig zwijn fat hog
Dutch vuile teringslijer fucking asshole
Dutch Lelijke dikke oma Ugly fat granny
Dutch sukkeltje loser
Dutch Domme Kutslet Stupid Slut
Dutch Stomme klootzak! Stupid asshole!
Dutch Schavuit Rascal
Dutch debiel retarded
Dutch Opzouten ! Fuck off !
Dutch Trekvlek Cumstain
Dutch ga naar je moer! Fuck off (lit. Go to your mother)
Dutch Je zuster is een hoer Your sister is a hooker
Dutch Je kunt me de kont kussen You can kiss the arse
Dutch Gelul Bullshit
Dutch verrekte mongool fucking retard
Dutch Kus mijn kloten! Kiss my ass!
Dutch Grote penis Big penis
Dutch verneukt fucked up
Dutch Flikker! Faggot!
Dutch Stoephoer! Porch whore!
Dutch Homofiele kut kanarie gay cunt canary
Dutch Je bent een kanker mongool You are a cancer mongool
Dutch Je bent een kanker mogool You are a cancer mongool
Dutch jij bent een vieze schapen neuker. You're a dirty sheep fucker.
Dutch mierepiet small penis ( 'ant dick' )
Dutch muizefluit small penis ( 'mouse dick')
Dutch muggelul small penis ( 'mosquito dick')
Dutch Klootviool Asshole (literally: scrotum violin)
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) kak, stront shit
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kutding Fucking thing
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kutwijf Bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kutzooi Bloody mess
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kut Cunt
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kloten (singular kloot) Testicles, balls
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Oetlul Bloody idiot
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) hoerenjong son of a bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) slet slut
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) stoephoer Sidewalk slut
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Praat geen poep Don't talk shit
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) tieten boobs
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) tepels nipples
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Godverdomme Goddamnit
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) asshole klootzak
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) I fuck your sisters ass Ik neuk je zusje d'r kontje
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) snol, del, hoer, prostituee hoe/whore
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) teef bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) tyfusslet lit. "typhislut"
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) rotzak bastard
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Lul (tegen een persoon) bastard (when swearing at a person)
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) klootzak asshole
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) reet ass
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) sloerie slut, skank
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Krijg de pleuris Fuck you (not lit.)
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kankerwijf Cancer bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Tyfushond Typhis dog
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Pot Lesbian
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Hou je fokking bek! Shut the fuck up
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Dikzak Fatass
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) kloot zak ball sack
Dutch (brabants) Kutkop cunt face
Dutch (brabants) lilleke natnek fucking asshole
Dutch (brabants) verrekte mongol strained mongol!
Dutch (brabants) verrekte kut strained pussy
Dutch (brabants) leipe zeverzak stupid dipstick
Dutch (haags) Kanteleh Booze Drinking
Dutch (haags) halvezool Idiot
Dutch (haags) Zeiksnol Complaining Slut
Dutch (haags) Lampuhkap Idiot
Dutch (haags) Slappuh kenkerworst voor n gezicht limpy cancer sausage for a face
Dutch (haags) gerimpelde kleibind wrinkled potato
Dutch (holland/belgium) Rot op! Fuck off!
Dutch (holland/belgium) Krijg de tyfus, val toch dood! Get typhoid and drop dead!
Dutch (holland/belgium) Je kanker lelijk hoere moeder Your fucking ugly slutty mom
Dutch (holland/belgium) Tyfkanker een eind op Walk to hell
Dutch (holland/belgium) Stuk verdriet Piece of sadness
Dutch (holland/belgium) Houd je kanker bek Shut your fucking mouth
Dutch (street slang) Ben je kaulo dom? Are you fucking stupid?
Dutch (street slang) Tap je moffo Shut up
Dutch (street slang) Banga Slut
Dutch (street slang) Junta Crackhead
Dutch (street slang) Je dikke kanker moeder Your fat cancer momma
Dutch (street slang) Tap je kanker bek/moffo Shut your cancer mouth
Dutch (street slang) battie Faggot
Dutch (street slang) Sloeri Slut/whore
Dutch (street slang) Je moeder haar poenie stink naar vis Your moms pussy stinks like fish
Dutch (street slang) Kanker flikker Cancer faggot
Dutch (street slang) Je poenie stinkt Your pussy stinks
Dutch(limburgs) vieze hoereneuker desse bis dirty whorefucker you are
Dutch(limburgs) stomme vloai stupid pie
Dutch(limburgs) Kuttekop cuntface
Dutch(limburgs) Natnek wetneck
Dutch(limburgs) Kutflikker Cuntfaggot
Dutch(limburgs) Beftekkel Pussy eater
Dutch, belgian dialect Dwoazen stupid
Dutch, belgian dialect kalle idiot
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Feminist A woman who won't date me
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Wife Sister
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Fruity Gay, feminine male
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Bust your melon Punch you in the head
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Your momma Fuck your mother, fuck you
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Towel Head Indian person
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Kissin' cousins Incest that is seen as acceptable
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Yellow monkey Oriental person
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Middle aged Between 20 to 30 years old
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Biscuit Vagina
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Baby batter Semen
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Heritage, not hate Heritage of hate
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Itchin' my bugs Scratching hair on my body
Ebonics What's kickin' my chicken? How's it going, friend?
Ebonics Jimmy Hat Prophylactic (Rubber, Condom)
Ebonics he be workin' he is currently employed
Ebonics he workin' he is currently at work
Ebonics I be ma fuckin pimpin an shit! I feel pretty good!
Ebonics who be dat? who is there?
El salvadorian A la gran puta Son of a bitch
El salvadorian grencho ghetto guy
El salvadorian mono culero you little gay
El salvadorian tu mama gringo culero yo mama you gay american
Emarati bin gahba son of a bitch
Emarati Kneth Gay
Emarati Gahba Bitch
Emarati Ks omch Ur mothers pussy
Emarati Khosh To fuck
England Bloody Hell shit, damn, etc.
England Gobshite Someone you strongly disagree with
England shag to have sex
England arse-hole an idiot
England shirt lifter homosexual male
England tit head idiot
England shit for brains stupid
England wank stain very stupid and horrible person
England snog, snogging kiss, kissing, making out
England fag cigarette
England milf mother id like to fuck
England Suck your mum Fuck your mother
England Peter Piss Piss on your mom
England Piss Pot Someone who talks bull
English Jack Off Masturbate
English lint licker heiry pussy licker
English You have the most amazing hands!
English I want you to touch me here...
English You can have me any way you want
English You look really sexy when you do that
English I want you to cum on my face
English Spray your juice all over my tits
English Fuck me like a porn star
English You taste so good
English I'm gonna lick you until you scream
English Put your big, hard cock in my mouth
English I want to rub my pussy all over your face
English Fuck me hard...hurt me
English i wanna feel your hard dick inside me wet pussy
English mor di gow mother is a whore
English Fuck it Sod it. Forget it. Stuff it.
English poesprop tampon
English teringteef tuberculosis bitch
English poesnaaier cunt fucker
English poesteef cunt bitch
English Ohhhhhhhh.... Blow my big dick until your lungs give out,baby.
English eat my pussy like u want it
English jebem ti mater i fuck your mother
English jebi to fuck that
English kir baba you father is a dickhead
English kunja bitch
English piizda cunt
English orospu prostitute, whore, harlot.
English iri memeli, iri goguslu big tits
English sikmek to screw, to fuck
English pust scoundrel
English je encule ta mere i bummed your mum
English fuck me gently with a chainsaw exclamation of surprise
English Shag To have sexual intercourse
English No shit sherlock This is self evident
English Cuntface An unattractive person
English Dumbcunt An idiot
English you wanna play hottie do you do want to have sex
English lets fuck
English Cum on your face Ejaculate on your face
English kit fit ass face
English kurijode daughter fucker
English open me up good and let me blossem
English i have some manchowder steamed up and ready to coat your throat, gog
English bovine feces bull shit
English penis breath cocksucker
English arse bandit a homosexual
English chutney ferret a homosexual man
English scribble face gang member with facial tattoos
English fuckwit an obnoxoius person
English coral stomper pacific islander
English khareto gayidam I fucked your sister
English kaka liqui ass shit
English pare to peos mou grab my dick
English turtle scuttler dirty bitch
English i want to lick you
English spiceny fucking (adjective)
English vymrdany fucking (adjective)
English thagari lesbian
English Tos (Pronounced : Toss) Wank off
English mentak fucked in the ass (for boys )
English koal khara ( kh as J in Spanish ) eat shit , as shut up
English telhas tizi lick my ass
English senti cunt
English toki dudha girls breast
English i want to fuck the shit out of you creole
English I've been naughty, babe, now punish me!
English Ram my shitpipe
English Butter Face Everything but her face
English Wack Off Masturbate
English Wank Masturbate
English Finger Yourself Masturbate
English Reach Around Masturbate from behind
English smash my back door inside out!
English shit on my chest you filthy fucking whore!
English slag bitch
English douchebag bitch
English shattya / zattya pubical hair
English chimney sweeper a gay man that ass fucks
English your heads lit you have lost your mind
English wankbox mastubater
English Holla Yell At
English fruitcake homosexual male
English faggot homosexual male
English turd burgular homosexual male
English butt pirate homosexual male
English shit feces
English punk a person lacking in good judgement
English Ain't Am Not
English Rug Eater Homosexual Female
English Creampie Ejaculate into a vagina
English fudgenuts i messed up
English crotte turd
English total tool absolutely 100% stupid
English cum dumpster whore
English cus bitch
English mamas grande Big tits
English you fucking pisstaker your annoying
English Shit faced Completely drunk
English Carpet muncher Lesbian
English Shit flick aka any chick flick movie
English rusty bullet hole anus
English give me a tit wank girl masturbate me with your boobs
English pearl necklace to ejaculate on a womans breast
English Cum Dumpster Say it to the slut of the group .
English Colder than a witches titty in a brass bra its freezing
English Pillow Bighter Homesexual Male
English Shirt Lifter Homesexual Male
English Takes a walk down chocolate boulevard Homesexual Male
English playing hide the bologna having sex
English sloshing the bedpost female masturbation
English palming the pearl female masturbation
English beating the meat male masturbation
English snapping the carrot male masturbation
English cuntlapper one who performs fellatio
English bopping the bologna male masturbation
English balls slapping against her chin hard oral sex
English bouncing bozos big shaking breasts
English gobble the helmet spit eats ejaculation
English spin one off her chin ejaculate in a girls face
English Ne godha balishindi your buttocks have fattened
English Ne godha lo kovu othu candle in your asshole
English puku vachindhi swelling cunt
English vedi puku hot cunt
English na modda meda kurcho sit on my dick
English Na gudda lo modda pettu fuck my back
English rusty bullethole a redheads anus
English fucktwat Douchebag egotistical moron
English Butt pirate Gay man
English One-eyed yoghurt lobber Penis
English Purple-headed womb ferret Penis
English Veiny Bang stick Penis
English Froggy cunt French (man)
English Hairy armed Froggy cunt French (woman)
English Arrogant, Gum-chewing fat cunt American (man)
English ya blasted bugga you damned idiot
English You knobcheese (pronounced nob cheese) You are the cheese on someones cock
English teri behan ki bur mein aandhi tornedo in sisters pussy
English stuff all my holes fuck me in every hole
English shaatdapne father of pubic hair
English Dute-n sloboz Go into sperm
English Cocklump Someone of no use or ornament.
English you weedle you weak piece of shit!!!
English Rump ranger Another name for a gay persom
English sumbitch son of a bitch
English shitfar wow; i'll be damned
English Fuckwit A fucking idiot
English Thada make a Pekingese break a log n' chain! Thats a hot bitch!
English tarey ami ney puddy your mums vagina
English nob rot sexually transmitted disease
English Dutch bus Dirty like a bus
English Dutty bus Dirty like a bus
English WTF??? WHAT THE FUCK???
English Cock eyed Cunt. Stupid Ugly Person
English titties boobs
English pissprat bullshit
English As much use as a chocolate teapot Useless
English Spank the Monkey To masturbate
English Lettuce Licker Lesbian
English ask me bollix please ask my testacles
English jaggi rape with eyes
English feck you're a cunt, fuck off
English you wanna party YOU wanna fuck
English sluttenous harlet whore
English dildo munching gutter slut its an insult to a cursing battle
English dumpster cunt slutty unclean woman.....
English Derby County Fan perpetual loser
English Choking your chicken Guy masturbating.
English Mohan lal Fat man
English Shut your cunt! Stop talking immediately!
English dumb cunt idiot
English Shitfuck Idiot, jerk
English Ee sat (directed at a woman) Fucking animal
English Ai sat (directed at a man) Fucking animal
English Bok Naai Goat Fucker
English Gaan skommel jou hond Go masturbate your dog
English Shitfaced Getting drunk
English nuts testicles
English Breeder A heterosexual person
English S.W.A.G "Single White And Gay"
English Stinkhoer Stank whore
English Cretinous cunting fuckhead A very bad person
English Sit on my Richard Sit on my dick
English Eat a Richard Eat a dick
English Bent Richard Bent dick
English Eat Richard Eat dick
English I want Richard I want dick
English Don't be a Richard Don't be a dick
English ek wil jou soos n hond naai en in jou poes kom I want to fuck you like a dog and cum inside your pussy
English Teabagger Ball Licker
English Pandi unn kunji la addi Tamilan who fuck his mother
English Pandi Okka Tamil fucker
English Oh, fuck cunt. Totally useless
English Let me swallow all your white juice.
English Doublelift Trash
English Multa muie
English You wonkerfuckerprickhead You dirty prickwonker
English meth skank a slutty girl who does meth
English raging Johnson an extreme erection; hard-on
English manwhore promiscuous guy; man slut
English dirty whore slut, promiscuous woman
English dipshit idiot, moron, douchebag
English You aren't even dank You kinda suck at life
English frocio faggot
English Ko ti drma kavez?
English Incest Redneck intercourse
English I want to fuck you all day
English Let your ding dong dangle deep down in my dookie dugout fuck me in the ass
English The bullshit cluber You are bullshit
English Dick juggling thunder cunt
English Jizz pigeon Idiot
English I want to fuck you I want to fuck you
English Dirty Wanker Nasty Masturbator
English Tramp Whore
English Raging Cunt Someone who is rude
English Tetek Boobs/Tits
English i want you to fuck me hard
English When are we going to fuck?
English Fuck me in the ass you motherfucking pussy. Suck my dick asshole.
Engrish Gain death inside hole Go die in a hole
Engrish Lost to get Get lost
Engrish Shut mouth Shut up
Erician Kryaa A battle cry, like HYA!
Erman Gehts du fegle ein easel Go & fuck a donkey
Esperanto diable damn it
Esperanto fek' shit
Esperanto fiulo pervert
Esperanto idioto idiot
Esperanto iru inferen go to hell
Esperanto kreteno imbecile
Esperanto putino whore
Esperanto Fiulino Bitch
Esperanto Viringo Cunt
Estonian kuradi munn (Lit. devil's penis)
Estonian kurat, saatan devil
Estonian kusema/pissima (v) to piss
Estonian mine persse! (Lit. go into ass)
Estonian nussima,nikkuma (v) to fuck
Estonian sittuma (v) to shit
Estonian vitt/puts cunt
Estonian värdjas bastard
Estonian loll lits stupid bitch
Estonian mind ei koti i dont give a fuck
Estonian Lits Bitch
Estonian Laksa Kotte Slap your balls
Estonian minge põrgu go to hell
Estonian Kepi oma ema Fuck your mother
Estonian Tyra ära vahi mind! Stop eyeballing me
Estonian Lappa kotte Browse the balls
Estonian puts vagina (dirty)
Estonian kurat damn
Estonian tibla russian
Estonian vitt pussy
Estonian persevest asshole
Estonian oinas idiot
Estonian vitu imeja! cunt sucker
Estonian Mine ja keppi ennast! cunt sucker
Estonian Mine ja keppi ennast go and fuck yourself
Estonian trapea dick head
Estonian mine prgu! go to hell!
Estonian lita poeg son of a bitch
Estonian perseauk butt hole!
Estonian tra prick
Estonian sitapea shit head
Estonian Tmba nahhui Fuck off / Get Lost
Estonian Kaks-teist kuud Cocks taste good
Estonian Mine putsi Fuck you (lit. go to pussy)
Estonian Mida vittu What the fuck
Estonian Tao pihku tonn Browse your balls !
Estonian sittur someone who farts/shits alot
Estonian halvik (a with dots) Daun
Estonian tyrapea dickhead
Estonian abordijaanus (aa with dots) abort leftover
Estonian ime lahti suck off
Ew zealand Slay Sexual Intercourse
Ewok lurdo idiot, loser
Ewok beecha wawa wow, holy crap, damn, oh shit
Eyrrn Trizelga Fucking bastard
Eyrrn Cräghynne múdælgin Fucking idiot
Fachino Questino Cunt
Fag-tok Uchona! (oo.choh'.nah) Cunt!/Fuckin cunt!
Fag-tok Nej mama! (nay mah'.mah) Your mother!
Fag-tok Sthaaluxa. (stah.loo'.shtah) Drunk/alcoholic.
Fag-tok Gagona! (gah.go'.nah) Stupid bitch!
Fag-tok Ucha susja! (oo'.cha soo'.shah) Dirty cunt!
Fag-tok Hlokona! (khloh.koh'.nah) Busted out ass bitch!
Fag-tok Beneka/Vengona (bay.nay'.kah/ven.go'.nah) bitch!
Fag-tok a Bezhal ! Go to Hell! Fuck off!
Fanti (ghana) Aponchii bien Goat shit
Farci kile hyte fuck off
Farci Mathar cus Mother's pussy
Faroese Kraft idiot Fucking Idiot
Faroese Halt kjaft Shut up
Faroese Feita Reyvarhol Fat asshole
Faroese Skitni fæni Dirty basterd
Faroese fær av helviti til Fuck off
Faroese Helvitis reyvarhol Fucking asshole
Faroese Helvitis spassari Fucking moron
Faroese Fisa Cunt
Faroese Sutta mín murt suck my cock
Faroese Slikka mítt skitna reyvarhol Lick my filthy asshole
Faroese Heitasta hulasta helviti! hottest deepest pits of hell!
Faroese Fleyga tær go masturbate
Faroese Helvitis mogghøvd Fucking fuckhead
Faroese Pápi tín er pedofil Your dad is a pedophile
Faroese Mamma tín er ein helvitis hora Your mom is a fucking whore
Faroese Far til helvitis Go to hell
Faroese fer nú og mogga ein get go now and fuck one goat
Faroese pínadoy painfull death
Faroese tramin í gali bad curses
Faroese Halt munn Shut up
Faroese Dekans ikki! Damn it!
Farscape Mivonks Testicles
Farscape Yotz Hell
Farscape Hezmata Hell
Farscape Trel'ik Slut/Whore
Farsi maadar jendeh mother whore
Farsi kiram dahanet my dick in your mouth
Farsi dahaneto migaam fuck your mouth
Farsi Khar Kos seh your sister is a whore
Farsi Madar Sag Son of a Bitch
Farsi Madar Ghahbe Mother Fucker
Farsi Kir tu Kunet My Dick in your Ass
Farsi Madar Ghahbeh Son of a bitch, Slut Mom
Farsi Kiram Dahanet My Dick in your Mouth
Farsi Lashy Jurk, Piece of Shit
Farsi Harum zadeh Son of a Bitch, Asshole
Farsi Jendeh Slut, whore, bitch
Farsi Madar Jendeh Mother Fucker
Farsi kiram too koset fuck your pussy
Farsi khahar kosse (your) sister (is a) whore
Farsi kos khol stupid
Farsi khafe sho! shut up!
Farsi kosse amat!! you aunts cunt!(fuck your aunt!)
Farsi Kiram too kosseh naanaat My dick in your mother's pussy
Farsi kos maghz stupid
Farsi nane kose your mother is a bitch
Farsi kuss madar your mother,s pussy
Farsi Tu goh khordie Go eat shit
Farsi Pestoon Tits
Farsi kos e aghat your dad's pussy
Farsi tofkar spits on ass when he fucks
Farsi kiram too bachegiyaat fuck your childhood
Farsi Kiram too un dahane sag gaaeedat fuk your dog raped mouth
Farsi kos mokh stupid
Farsi Kos maghz idiot
Farsi kire asbe abi too koonet hippo's cock in your ass
Farsi kos naneh mother fucker
Farsi kir to char choobe koonet dick in to your frame of your ass
Farsi Madar Gjende or Madar Ghende your mother is a bitch/hore
Farsi koonet laghe your ass is loose
Farsi khaaar Jendeh donkey slut
Farsi gohe sag dog shit
Farsi khak bar saret die in a hole
Farsi kir tu sooraakh por pashmo pinat dick in your fucking hairy hole
Farsi kos nane kherse ghotbi fuck the mother of polar bear
Farsi bibito gaeidam i fucked your grandma
Farsi dard tu koonet pain in your ass
Farsi ghoromsagh your wife is a bitch
Farsi amme nane your aunt is your mom
Farsi antikke piece of shit
Farsi Lawda Stupid
Farsi olagh donkey (stupid)
Farsi koon kesh pimp of gay prostitutes
Farsi arabe dayus arabs pimp their wives
Farsi Gooreto Gom Kon Fuck off, Piss off, Beat it
Farsi Koonie Faggot
Farsi Goozoo Fart head
Farsi kir to koset deck in your pussy
Farsi Nane kir dozdet Your mother is a dick robber
Farsi gaiidamet , ridam behet , laanat behet , kose nanat fuck you
Farso Son of a Bitch Dokhtare kossi
Feral cat MAOOWWRRRRR REEERRRRRRR Back the fuck up, you prick.
Feral cat MAOOWWRRRRR *hiss* You boner biting bastard!
Fiji hindi Madhar chod Mother fucker
Fiji hindi chuttari ass
Fiji hindi chuttar ass
Fiji hindi teri maichod go fuk you're mother
Fiji hindi Ghunt Fala Rubbish Guy
Fijian Caita Fuck
Fijian Vutulaki Wanker
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Fijian Veicai Sexual intercourse
Fijian Cici Kadre Stretched arsehole
Fijian Magai Chinana mother fucker
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Fijian Bakola Bastard
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Fijian Kalavo Bitch
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Fijian baku levu son of a bitch
Fijian caiti navi fuck my ass
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Fijian caiti iko fuck you
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Fijian tonoka nomu sona poke your ass
Fijian mata va sona Your face looks like an anal
Fijian Caiti tukamu Fuck your Grandpa
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Fijian Busi Stinky
Fijian Maga qase Old cunt
Filipino pek pek cunt
Filipino jakolin mo ako masturbate me
Filipino kantot to fuck
Filipino Putang ina Your mother is a whore,bitch,slut
Filipino Ang bobo mo! You're stupid!
Filipino Tarantado Bastard
Filipino Tanga Idiot
Filipino hindut fuck
Filipino Puki ng ina mo Your mother's pussy
Filipino 'tang ina mo you're mother's a whore
Filipino Kantotero Fucker
Filipino Putang ina mo! You son of a bitch!
Filipino Anak ka ng puta Son of a Bitch
Filipino Putang Ina Mo! Your mother's a whore!
Filipino putaragis ka your bitch and idiot
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Filipino hayop bitch
Filipino titi penis
Filipino puta ang nanay mo your mother is a whore
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Filipino Butt/Ass Puwit
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Filipino Putang ina mo Mother fucker
Filipino Sipsipin mo ang titi ko Suck my dick
Filipino Punyeta Dammit/fuck it
Filipino Malandi ka! You're a slut!
Filipino Tangina mo Mother Fucker
Filipino letse Damn it!
Filipino leche Damn it!
Filipino manyakol a person addicted to jerking off
Filipino Tamod Cum
Filipino Kainin mo yong pek pek ko. Eat my pussy.
Filipino iyot Sex
Filipino Kantutan tayo Lets have sex
Finnish vittu fuck(Lit. cunt)
Finnish helvetti hell
Finnish Suksi vittuun Ski into a cunt
Finnish Hinttari Gay
Finnish Saatana Devil
Finnish Haista vittu! Fuck you! (Lit. Smell cunt!)
Finnish Vitun urpo Fucking idiot
Finnish Mä haluun panna sua kovaa perseeseen. I wanna fuck you hard in the ass.
Finnish Ime paskaa! Suck shit
Finnish vitun kusipää fucking pisshead
Finnish Painu vittuun! Fuck off!
Finnish Voi vittu! Oh fuck!
Finnish Idiootti Idiot
Finnish Hitto Damn it
Finnish Vittu Saatana! Fuck, Satan (a popular combo)
Finnish Paska Shit
Finnish Vitun mulkku! Fucking dickhead!
Finnish Painu Helvettin! Go to hell!
Finnish Kusipää Asshole (lit. pisshead)
Finnish Voi perkele! Damn it!
Finnish Pahus! Damn it!
Finnish Paskanaama Shitface
Finnish Nuole mutsis likaista pillua. Lick your mothers dirty cunt.
Finnish Nussi mutsias! Fuck your mom!
Finnish Palliräkä Dicksnot
Finnish Paskaa syövä koiranraiskaaja Shit eating dog rapist
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Finnish Pillu Cunt
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Finnish Tunge pää perseesees! Stick your head up your ass!
Finnish rotta rat
Finnish Paska-aivo Shitbrain
Finnish Äpärä Bastard
Finnish Aalio (A and o with umlauts) Moron
Finnish Haista paska! Fuck you! (lit. smell shit!)
Finnish Paskapää Shithead
Finnish Äpärälapsi Bastard child
Finnish Vedä vittu päähän Pull a fuck on your
Finnish No voi vittu! For fuck's sake!
Finnish Saakeli Damn it
Finnish Samperi Damn it
Finnish Saamari Damn it
Finnish Perhana Damn it
Finnish Kilinvittu cunt of a goatling
Finnish Vitun kyrvän lutkuttaja Fucking cock sucker
Finnish Voi Paska Oh, Shit
Finnish vitun kusimulkku fucking pissdick
Finnish Ime äitis nussimaa kyrpää Suck the dick that fucked mother
Finnish nuolla pillua puhdistaa lick my pussy clean
Finnish Hevon vittu Horse´s cunt
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Finnish Yebo Tim I throw cum on your face
Finnish Perseraiskattu pirihuora Assraped crackwhore
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Finnish Pasko kahvikuppiin Take a shit in a coffee cup
Finnish Vammanen Retard, disabled
Finnish Vedä käteen Jack off
Finnish Voi turku Ou fuck
Finnish Mee hervantaan Go to hell
Finnish Turku Fuck
Finnish sait minut itkemn narttu you made me cry you bitch
Finnish Paskap Shit head
Finnish Mita vittua? What the fuck?(lit. Fucking what?)
Finnish toivottavasti itisi kuolee sypn i hope your mother dies of cancer
Finnish Paskiainen Bastard
Finnish Do stomen stinken grease You stink like a pig
Firefly Rutting Fucking
Firefly jung chi duh go-se dway steaming crap pile
Firefly Chiang-bao hoe-tze duh monkey raping
Firefly kwong-juh duh nuts
Firefly Kao! Goddammit!
Firefly Hoo-tsuh Shut up
Firefly Tzao gao Crap
Firefly Tah-shr suo-yo dee-yure duh biao-tze duh mah! Whores in hell!
Firefly Tee wuh duh pee-goo Kick me in the bottom
Firefly Tah mah duh hwoon dahn Mother humping son of a bitch
Firefly Ta ma de! Dammit!
Firefly Shun-sheng duh gao-wahn! Holy testicle Tuesday!
Firefly Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng frog-humping son of a bitch
Firefly pee-goo bottom
Firefly Nee mun doh shr sagwa Idiots. All of you.
Firefly Kuh-ooh duh lao bao jurn Horrible old tyrant
Firefly Kwai chur hun-rien duh di fahng Go far away very fast
Firefly Ta ma de! Nimen de bizui! Everybody shut the hell up!
Firefly jing-tzahng mei yong-duh consistently useless
Firefly Kan wuh-mun tzun muh suh bah! Let's watch how we die!
Firefly Jien tah-duh guay! Like hell!
Firefly Hoe-tze duh pee-goo! Monkey's butt!
Firefly Huh choo-shung tza-jiao duh tzang-huo! Filthy fornicators of livestock!
Firefly Gwan nee tzi-jee duh shr Mind your own business
Firefly Gwai-gwai long duh dong What the hell
Firefly go tsao de dog humping
Firefly guh jun duh hwoon dahn a real bastard
Firefly Fong luh Loopy in the head
Firefly fahng-tzong fung-kwong duh jeh a knot of self indulgent lunacy
Firefly tsway-niou bullcrap
Firefly chou ma niao stinking horse-urine
Firefly boo-tai jung-tzahng-duh not entirely sane
Firefly Tsai boo shr No way
Firefly Ai ya. Women wanle. We're in big trouble
Firefly BAI-tuo, AN-jing-eedyen We will enjoy your silence now
Firefly Bee-tzway. Wrong wuomun fah-tsai Shut up and make us wealthy
Firefly Bizui Shut up
Firefly Bun tyen-shung duh ee-dway-Ro Stupid inbred stack of meat
Firefly Aiya! Huaile Something's wrong
Fish Swswsw You fucking son of a bitch fuck you
Fish Grool Buttsex
Fish Pabpab You eat shit
Fish Hog An attention whore
Fish Bubble bubble bubble pop bubble bubble pop pop Twerk for me bitch
Fish Gurgle gurgle Bitch I'm gurgleing on your sperm
Fish Nugu Person with no face
Fish Gwagwap Imma slap a bitch
Flemish (Belgium) Kust m'n kloete (antwerp) Kiss my balls
Flemish (Belgium) kut cunt
Flemish (Belgium) u moeder is een hoer your mother is a whore
Flemish (Belgium) Voale zwetzak dirty nigger
Flemish (Belgium) Klootzak asshole
Flemish (belgium) een vetzak a filthy person
Flemish (belgium) Gaot eroep zitte, joeng! (Antwerp dialect) Stick it up your ass!
Flemish (belgium) seut nerd (mostly females)
Flemish (belgium) Onnozelaar Idiot, wanker
Flemish (belgium) Uw bakkes shut the fuck up
Flemish (belgium) Bisexuele geitenneuker Bisexual goat fucker
Flemish (belgium) Tettekop Idiot (lit. boobs head)
Flemish (belgium) Kalf Idiot (lit. calf)
Flemish (belgium) Trut Bitch
Flemish (belgium) Kalle Bitch
Flemish (belgium) vortzak dirty-ass guy
Flemish (belgium) gie strontzak you shitbag
Flemish (belgium) Réte ass
Flemish (belgium) Loemp Idiot
Flemish (belgium) gie soepkieken(ghent) you soup chicken (idiot)
Flemish (belgium) ge kunse kussn you can kiss them (my/your balls)
Flemish (belgium) gie gotverdomse geiteneuker you god danm goat fucker
Flemish (belgium) Dikke nek Fat neck
Flemish (belgium) Vetzak Grease sack
Flemish (belgium) Blaast mijne zak op Inflate my sack
Flemish (belgium) Ge kunt den boom in You can go up a tree
Flemish (belgium) Schijt omhoog en kopt hem Shit upwards and head-butt it
Fnaf animatronic Peeks through for You're dead
Fnaf animatronic Stare Into The Camera I'm coming for you
Foochow Sa Ni Neh Fuck your mother
Football (american) Touchdown Sexual Intercourse
Football (american) Quaterback Sneak Unexpected petting
Football (american) Tackle Groping
Football (american) end zone Buttocks / anus
Football (american) Between the uprights Breasts or crouch
Football (american) pom poms Breasts
Football (american) Hot Ginger Ale Gay Male Piss
Football (american) Hot Apple Cider Gay Male Piss
Football (american) Queerback Gay Quarterback
Football (american) Linebacker Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Queer Linebacker Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Gay Linebacker Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Gay Lineback Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Queer Lineback Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Queer Defensivebacker Gay Submissive Football Player
Football (american) Gay Defensivebacker Gay Submissive Football Player
Football (american) Hit The Showers Wash Your Gay Ass
Football (american) Hit The Shower Room Wash Your Gay Ass For Gay Sex
Football (american) Hit The Locker Room Let's Have Gay Sex
Football (american) Hitting The Locker Room Gay Sex With Gay Athlete
Football (american) Man On Man Personal Training Gay Sex With Gay Athlete
Football (american) Male On Male Personal Training Gay Sex With Gay Athlete
Football (american) Men On Men Training Gay Sex With Gay Athlete
Football (american) Males On Males Training Group Gay Sex With Athletes
Football (american) Team Play Group Gay Sex
Football (american) Halftime Entertainment Gay Group Sex
Football (american) Halftime Show Gay Athlete Sex
Football (american) Football Post Football Players Penis
Football (american) Touchdown Post Football Players Penis
Football (american) Bench Time Show Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Bench Time Entertainment Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Bleacher Side Entertainment Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Side Line Entertainment Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Sideline Entertainment Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Field Tackle Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) Field Tackling Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) Lawn Tackling Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) Lawn Tackle Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) Most Valuable Player Gay Passive Man
Football (american) My Star Player Gay Passive Man
Football (american) Clear Water Cider Athlete Piss
Football (american) Lemonade Athlete Piss
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Lemonade Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Grapefruitade Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Grapefruit Juice Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Lemon Juice Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out My Lemon Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out My Grapefruit Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Jock Pad Condom For Male Athletes
Football (american) Jock Helmet Condom For Male Athletes
Football (american) Jock Tube Condom For Male Athletes
Football (american) Jock Rubber Condom For Male Athletes
Football (american) Jock Buns Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Hinie Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Hiny Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Caboose Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Duffs Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Cheeks Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Tush Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Jock Rolls Male Football Players Butt
Football (american) Yard Stick Male Football Players Penis
Football (american) Yard Measure Male Football Players Penis
Football (american) Measure Stick Male Football Players Penis
Football (american) Meter Stick Male Football Players Penis
Football (american) Meter Rod Male Football Players Penis
Football (american) Field Rambler Male Football Players Penis
Football (american) Field Pounder Male Football Players Penis
Football (american) Butt Pounder Gay Football Players Penis
Football (american) Butt Dugger Gay Football Players Penis
Football (american) Butt Digger Gay Football Players Penis
Football (american) Butt Rambler Gay Football Players Penis
Football (american) Butt Rammer Gay Football Players Penis
Football (american) Butt Shaker Gay Football Players Penis
Francais (Quebec) pute a cinq cennes 5 cent whore
Francais (Quebec) Sacrament Damn
Francais (Quebec) osti de tapette fucking gay
Francais (Quebec) Mange ma bitte Suck my Dick
Francais (Quebec) Enfant de chienne Son of a Bitch
Francais (Quebec) Tabernac Sacriligious word "tabernacle"
Francais (Quebec) tabarnak damn
Francais (Quebec) osti d'kalisse de pourris rotten peice of fucking shit
Francais (quebec) met la dans ta bouche put it in your mouth
Francais (quebec) Mange d'la marde Eat shit
Francais (quebec) Mangeux d'marde Shit eater
Francais (quebec) va te faire enculer go fuck yourself up the ass
Francais (quebec) Crisse de cave fucking idiot
Francais (quebec) Hostie! Shit!
Francais (quebec) decaliss Get the fuck out
Francais (quebec) Stephen Harper Greased asshole
Francais (quebec) osti fils de putte son of a bitch
Francais (quebec) grosse corvette, p'tite quequette big corvette(car), small dick
Francais (quebec) mangeux de couilles ball eater (faggot)
Francais (quebec) Ostie d'maillet ! You fucking dumb bell !
Francais (quebec) vas te faire cuire un eouf fils de pute go get an egg u son of a bitch
Francais (quebec) Tabarnak Fuck
Francais (quebec) Crisse de tabernak Fucking Asshole
Francais (quebec) Tayeul shut up
Francais (quebec) Maudit chaudron! Fucking idiot!
Francais (quebec) Esti de cave! Fucking idiot!
Francais (quebec) Grosse noune Fat pussy
Francais (quebec) Esti d'laid Fucking ugly
Francais (quebec) suce ma marde suck my shit
Francais (quebec) Maudit Damn
Francais (quebec) ca suce gros temps this sucks big time
Francais (quebec) Ostie de cave Fucking dummer
Francais (quebec) Mange de la marde Eat shit
Francais (quebec) Ta ben pas d'amis. You have no friends.
Francais (quebec) Esti que t'es laid. You're fucking ugly.
Francais (quebec) Esti d'mal propre. Fucking Dirty
Frat We're a restricted house Don't tell your mom we drink
French manges la merde eat shit
French vas faire foutre a la vache go fuck a cow.
French vas te faire enculi fuck you
French tu m`emmerdes! Fuck yourself!
French le con, la conasse, la chatte cunt
French putain, pute whore
French bite cock
French maudite vache asshole/bitch/etc
French tu mangeras le tas you can eat the pile
French J'ai envie de chier I want to shit
French (C'est des) conneries! (This is) bullshit!
French "Oh, merde!" Oh, shit!
French C'est vraiment de ta faute! It is so your fault!
French ça craint! It sucks!
French Je t'emmerde! Screw you!
French "Va te faire foutre, trouduc" Fuck off, asshole
French Va t'empaler encule Go fuck yourself
French Fils de salope Son of bitch
French Salope Bitch
French Ta gueule Shut up
French Je vais te baiser. I'll fuck you
French Fils de pute Son of a bitch
French Batard Bastard
French Connard Idiot
French Debile Idiot
French pute bitch
French Petite pute Little whore
French Ta mere la pute Your mum's a whore
French La putain de ta race Whore of your race
French Salaud! Bastard!
French baise toi fuck you
French va te faire foutre go fuck yourself
French Casse toi! Piss Off
French Tu et un ane Your a jackass.
French prends moi par derrière take me from behind
French Ta mere suce des bites en enfer Your mother sucks cock in hell
French Merde (pronounced merd) Shit
French suce ma bite suck my dick
French leche ma chat lick my pussy
French Truie Slut
French Va te faire enculer chez les Grecs Go get fucked in the ass by Greeks
French salaud cunt
French Casse-toi Fuck off
French Il est stupide He is stupid
French Mange de la merde Eat shit
French Meurs, pute! Die, whore!
French Merde Shit
French Putain Whore
French Tu es con You're an idiot
French Tu es un putain You are a slut
French Une salope A bitch
French Va te faire enculer Fuck off
French Va te faire foutre, enculé Fuck you, bastard
French Va te faire mettre Go fuck yourself
French Vous êtes stupide You are stupid
French Vous sentez comme le boeuf et le fromage You smell like beef and cheese
French Zut Darn
French Abruti Moron
French Couilles Testicles
French Je veux t'enculer I want to fuck you
French Je t'encule! Fuck you!
French manger ma merde! eat my shit!
French me sucer la bite suck my dick
French J'ai baisé ta mère I just fucked your mother
French merde embulante walking piece of shit
French garce bitch
French Lache-moi la grappe Get the fuck away from me
French fais chier shit
French mes couilles en toi my balls in you
French Va te faire foutre Go fuck yourself!
French Avale mes couilles grosse pute Swallow my balls big bitch
French Mange ma bite Eat my dick
French Tais-toi! Shut up!
French tenir votre ane stick it up your ass
French (ca fait)chier! (its)crap
French pédé faggot
French Casse-toi, idiot(e)! Piss off, idiot!
French Nique ta mère Screw your mother
French Je peux sentir ta chatte! I can smell your cunt!
French Putain de merde! Fuck off! / Ah Fuck!
French allez, va t'en piss off
French Face de cul ! Butt face !
French Sac merde ! Shit bag !
French C'est quoi ce bordel ? What the fuck ?
French Crève la gueule ouverte ! Die with your mouth open !
French Va te pendre ! Go hang yourself !
French Va te pendre avec ma bite ! Go hang yourself with my dick !
French Je te nique ta race ! I fuck your race !
French Casse-toi pauvre con ! Get outta here poor idiot !
French Ferme ta gueule/Ta gueule quand je parle ! Shut up when I speak !
French Va te faire voir ! Fuck off !
French Putain ! Fuck !
French Merde ! Shit !
French Oh putain de merde ! Holy fucking shit !
French Putain t'es moche ! You're fucking ugly !
French T'es débile ? Are you retarded ?
French T'as intérêt ne pas m'énerver ! You better not get me angry !
French Pédale va ! Faggot ! (lit. Faggot go !)
French Tarlouse va ! Faggot ! (lit. Faggot go !)
French Tu commence m'enmerder ! You're starting to piss me off !
French J'en ai rien foutre ! I don't give a fuck !
French J'en ai rien branler ! I don't give a fuck !
French ferme ta putain de gueule, connard shut the fuck up, bitch
French Petit tabernac Little fucker
French Je veux faire l'amour avec toi. I want to have sex with you.
French Je peux violer tu. I can rape you.
French Je veux violer tu. I want to rape you.
French Je viole tu. I rape you.
French Suce ma ququette! Suck my dick!
French je pis dans ta bouche i pis in your mouth
French je chiee dans le chatte de ta mere i shit in your mothers vagina
French va te faire enculer par un ourse go get ass raped by a bear
French Forme woire ta geule Shut up
French Laisse-moi tranquille! Leave me alone!
French Je me gode I fuck myself (with a dildo)
French Branleur de chiens morts Dead dog's wanker!
French Je vais niquer ta cerevelle. I'll fuck your brains out.
French Fais chier. Damn it.
French Je me fais chier. I'm bored shitless.
French Tu fais chier. You're breaking my balls.
French Chatte Vagina
French Je te nique ta race sale fils de chien Fuck you, you dog's son
French Sac a foutre Cum Bag
French Imbecile stupid, asshole
French gross cul fat ass
French ma couille my friend (litt: "my ball")
French enculé de mes deux bastard of my balls
French Suce ma bites Suck My Dick
French Petite bite small dick
French Crock la merde Bullshit guy
French (sex) Defonce mo la snatch Deep fuck that pussy
French (sex) Ta mere aime bien des bit! Your mom likes dicks
French (sex) Suce ma bite sale pute Suck my dick you whore
French (sex) cooper Shit on Earth
French-acadian(chiac) va su le djabe go to hell
French-acadian(chiac) va chier go shit
French-acadian(chiac) mange d'la marde eat shit
French-acadian(chiac) Estie de conne(for female) or Estie de con(for male) Fuckin stupid
French-acadian(chiac) Pute or Putin Whore
French-acadian(chiac) grosse crisse de vache big fat cow
French-acadian(chiac) trou de t'chu asshole
French-acadian(chiac) C'est quoi ton ostie de problème What's your fucking problem?
French-acadian(chiac) saloppe slut
French-acadian(chiac) Farme ta yeule Shut up
French-acadian(chiac) mange moi eat me
French-acadian(chiac) Vache Sale Dirty Cunt
French-acadian(chiac) Mon tabarnak You fucker
French-acadian(chiac) Suce ma blette Suck my dick
French-acadian(chiac) Face de t'chu Ass face
French-acadian(chiac) Mon paen You peasant
French-acadian(chiac) Tapette Faggot
French-acadian(chiac) Foure toi les dans l'chu Fuck yourself in the ass
French-acadian(chiac) J'va te harrer la face I'm gonna fuck your face up
French-acadian(chiac) Mon maudit innocent You stupid fool
French-acadian(chiac) Ch'te harra l'chu I'll beat your ass
French-acadian(chiac) Grosse dose Big idiot
French-acadian(chiac) Mange la marde Eat shit
French-acadian(chiac) Ta mere Your mother
French-acadian(chiac) Mon fucking de calisse de mangeu d'graine You fucking faggot
French-acadian(chiac) J'foure ta mere I fuck your mother
Frisian smoarrige kloatsek! Dirty Bastard
Frisian Bekje ticht jong shut up
Frisian Smearlap Dirtbag (dirty cloth)
Frisian Tomme Damnit
Frisian Megoaltsje Retard (mongoloid)
Frisian Apatsjo Weirdo
Frisian Onkoal Idiot
Frog Croak ribbit ribbit Fuck off, prick
Frog kokak croak your mother will die soon
Frog REEEEEE I will fuck your mother.
Fudd Swut Sexually Popular Woman
Fujianese ba lei stupid
Fujianese ba gui whitey
Fujianese nu kok ccc go to hell
Fujianese park hui gee masturbate
Ga Olu You stupid
Ga Too fe Goat ship
Ga Too fee Bull shit
Ga kwashia idiot
Gaelic Shinach Sly Bastard
Gaelic pog mo thoin kiss my ass
Gaelic pol thoin asshole
Gaelic Sasanach ithean cac English eat shit
Gaelic ceann cac shithead
Gaelic buille an leathair to fuck
Gaelic Slore slut whore
Gaelic Awa tae fu cunt Please leave my proximity you cunt.
Gaelic gowl cunt
Gago, gaga Gago ka You're stupid
Galician Caracona. Cunt-face.
Galician me cago na cona cunt dammit
Galician cona cunt
Galician fillo de puta son of a bitch
Galician shlak be de be trafia the road to hell is paved
Galician tata yeezda pizda, mama yeezda hoy father eats pussy, mamma sucks dick
Galician Me cago na cona que te botou I shit on the cunt that spewed you
Galician Anda que che den pelo cu Go get fucked in the ass
Galician Vai cagar ostias becerro do carallo Go shit yourself you bloody moron
Galician Aborto de calamar You're an aborted squid
Gamer 1v1 IRL Brah Fight me in real life, Brah.
Gamer L2P learn to play
Gamer UB3R 1337 Super Leet
Gamer Nerd Rage Bitch fit
Gamer Rekt You got your ass beat..hard
Gamer Your mom could only afford to buy you a core 2 duo You poor fuckin bastard
Garifuna Guabo Tugu Lick Pussy
Garifuna Gigua Bau Tauni Gañe Gargle on my Dick
Garifuna Ho bo neh eat my cock
Garifuna hou bei nederugu eat my ass
Garifuna hou bei nugu eat my pussy
Garo (achikku) gomInda mInoka pregenant
Garo (achikku) SI'I kaltIng smelly cunt
Geek Smeg head. Shit head.
Geek Tis manas sou Asshole
Geek Γαμώ τη μάνα σου I fuck your mother
Geek Noob Unskilled idiot
Geek gamiseta fuck it all
Geek PJ Salt, salty hater, raged person
Geek skata k'aposkata shit and of the shit's
Geek Γαμώτο (gamoto) Fuck
Geometry dash I hate this game I love this game
Geometry dash *Mashing on Keyboard* I just died
Geometry dash You daily level You're shit
Geometry dash Aurorus Fucking bitch boy
Georgian "Sheni deda movtkan, shen dedas shevetsi" I fucked your mother
Georgian Dedamotkhnulis'shvilo Son of a whore
Georgian tavkle Dickhead
Georgian mutlis mcovela pussy licker
Georgian bozo bitch!
Georgian Ndzrevaze Gadmoyololi Made in Masturbation
Georgian Muteli Pussy
Georgian teslo semen
Georgian ylis teslo cocks cum
Georgian Nabozvaro Son of a Bitch
Georgian kuchis bozo (kutsjis bozo) street whore
Georgian dampalo dzaghlo rotten dog
Georgian sheni dedis muteli momitgnia! I fucked your mom's pussy!
Georgian cadi shen kuchis kalo fuck off you street whore!
Georgian dedasheni movtyane gushin! i fucked ur mom yesterday!
Georgian Gaakwe Fart
Georgian gamoeqane rush to my dick
Georgian dedaze adre motynulo fucked before mother
Georgian shen xar Tim i you are very admin
Georgian dedis mutelze dagajvam i'll shit on your mother's vagina
Georgian ro movjva shecham? if i'll shit, will u eat it?
Georgian klistava dickhead
Georgian შენი დედამოვტყან Fuck Your Mother
German Blvdes Arschloch stupid asshole
German Dummes Huhn stupid chicken
German Blvde Fotze Stupid cunt
German Hurensohn sonuvabitch
German Arschgesicht Assface (Butthead)
German du verdammter Arschficker you damn assfucker
German scheissekopf shithead
German Lutsch' meine Eier Suck my balls
German Sheisse Shit
German die Scheiße shit
German der Teufel the devil
German die Titten tits
German Scheissen To shit
German die Schlampe bitch
German Wichser wanker (motherfucker)
German Schwanzlutscher Cocksucker
German Schweinepriester Pigpriest
German Leck mich Bite me
German Dreckige Hure. Dirty whore.
German der Schwanz dick (lit. tail)
German die Fotze cunt
German Spritz deinen Saft über meine Titten. Spray your juice all over my tits
German Ich will deinen harten Schwanz in meiner feuchten Fotze fuehlen. i wanna feel your hard dick inside me wet pussy
German Du schmeckst so gut. You taste so good
German Du siehst so sexy aus wenn du das tust. You look really sexy when you do that
German Du kannst mit mir machen was du willst. You can have me any way you want
German Steck deinen grossen, harten Schwanz in meinen Mund. Put your big, hard cock in my mouth
German Ich werde dich lecken bis du schreist. I'm gonna lick you until you scream
German Ich will dass du mich hier anfasst... I want you to touch me here...
German Ich will dass du mir ins Gesicht spritzt. I want you to cum on my face
German Ich hasse dich. I hate you.
German Fick mich hart Fuck me hard
German Fick mich wie ein Pornostar Fuck me like a porn star
German Mutterficker Motherfucker
German ich will dich ficken I want to fuck you
German Horst moron
German missgeburt bastard
German der schwanzlutscher cock sucker
German fahr zur holle go to hell
German der drecksack dirty bastard
German der dreckskerl bastard
German die hure bitch
German der abschaum der menschlichen gesellschaft the scum of the earth
German Halt deine Fresse Shut up!
German Fick deine Mutter Fuck your mother
German Das ist mir furzegal! I don't give a fuck!
German Du arschgefickter Hurensohn! You ass-fucked son of a bitch!
German ich fick deine mutter i fuck ur mother
German Gottverdammt ! God dammit !
German Arschgeige dickhead (lit. ass violin)
German Onanieren Masturbate
German du blöde stinkfotze you stupid stinking cunt
German Du Hurensohn You son of a bitch
German Deine Mutter schwitzt beim Kacken Your mother sweats when she shits
German Fotze Cunt
German Ich will ficken I want to fuck
German Miststück Bitch / Bastard
German Schlampe Slut
German Du kannst mich mal! Fuck you! (lit. You can do me.)
German du dumme kuh you stupid cow
German der teufel wird los sein the shit's going to hit the fan
German verdammt du hurensohn dammit you son of a bitch
German dumme Kuh idiot (lit. dumb cow)
German Luder Bitch
German voegeln (vögeln), ficken to fuck
German Zicke Bitch
German Zickig Bitchy
German Dummbatz Dumbass
German Trottel Stupid
German Depp Idiot
German Scheiße shit/crap
German Kackbratze Shithead (lit. Face full of Shit)
German Dumme Schlampe. Stupid bitch.
German Du Drecksack! You Dirtbag!
German Verhurtes Drecksgör Slutty "Dirt girl"
German LMS (Lutsch mein' Schwanz) SMD (suck my dick)
German bumsen to fuck
German Spritz mich voll Fill me up
German Mach die beine breit du kleine schlampe Spread your legs you little slut
German Ich will dich ficken!!!! I want to fuck you!!!!
German Du bist ein volltrottel You're an idiot
German Schwuler Faggot
German Du Sackgesicht! you bag face!
German Geh' kacken! Go take a dump!
German Du Bastard! Bastard!
German Du alte Kackbratze! old ugly women
German Geh zum Teufel Go to hell (Lit. Go to the devil)
German Himmel, Arsch, und Zwirn! Goddamn it!
German Zimtzicke Quarrelsome and Bitchy Woman
German So ein Beschiß! What a crock (of shit)!
German Verdammte Scheiße! Shit! Dammit!
German Die Möpse Tits (Lit: Lap dogs)
German Die Fregatte Fat old bitch (Lit: Frigate)
German Bloede Kuh stupid cow
German blutige Sau bloody pig ; bloody bitch
German Drecksau shit pig
German Du Weichei! you sissy (lit. "soft egg")
German Du verdammtes Arschloch you bloody asshole
German zur Holle mit dir to hell with you
German mudblut hure mudblood whore
German wertlos kind worthless child
German Scheißhaus Shithouse
German du verdreht missgeburt you dippy bastard
German Mieser Stricher bad male prostitute
German pestbaeule pest lump
German homofuerst duke of homosexuality
German links traeger you left carrier
German Dummkopf Stupid head
German Shishkoff Shitbird
German Das ist mir scheißegal I don't give a fuck
German Arschfotze asscunt
German Muterfiker Mother Fucker
German Schise Shit
German jah das ist später yeah that's good
German Ich ficke deine Mutter I fuck your mother
German Geh Staub fressen Go eat dust
German duncauf idiot
German Dein Hund soll deinen Vater ficken Your dog must fuck your father
German Dein Hund soll deine Mutter ficken Your dog must fuck your mother
German steig auf diese Hoden! get on these nuts!
German Deine Mutter! Your Mom!
German Halt die Fresse Shut the fuck up
German Fettbacke Dirtbag
German shaisa shit!
German Geh ein schwanz lutschen Go suck a dick
German Ficken Rossette Fucking Asshole
German Ess Scheisse eat shit
German Ich ficke deine Schwester I fuck your sister
German Wilde Tier Schwarze Affee Arschloch Wild Animal Black Monkey Asshole
German Unwaschen ficken Jude Dirty fucking Jew
German Schwuchtel faggot, homo
German Das war zu einfach! That was too easy!
German Saugen Sie eine Tte Schwnze Suck a bag of
German Hat jemand dir ins Gehirn geschissen Are you crazy?
German Halt de fick klappe Shut the fuck up
German Ess Scheisse und stirb Eat Shit and die
German Du Fickfehler You Retard (lit. You Fuckmistake)
German Du hässliger Ziegenficker You ugly goatfucker
German Ich ficke Katzen Your mom stinks like fish
German Fich dich Der arschfotze go sit on a pine cone
German Nutle Hooker, Die (the) Nutle (Hooker)
German Nuttensohn son of a whore
German Huan bitch
German Huan son son of a bitch
German Du musst selbstmord begehen! You must kill yourself!
German Wichs Container! cum holder
German Hackfresse shitface
German Verficktes Arschloch! Fucking asshole!
German Tunte Faggot
German sie sind das essen und wir sind die jäger when you fight a bitch say this
German swiss - bern dialect Schafsecku sheep's testicle
German swiss - bern dialect Dumma Chaib Dumb, Idiot, Fool
German swiss - bern dialect mongo idiot
German swiss - bern dialect schwuchtle idiot
Ghana Buulu (boo-lu) Idiot
Ghana Kwasia (kwa-se-ya) Stupid
Gharian Du Rah Khaf You Are Fat
Ghost Mmmmm uuuuu~ Crap your pants, human!
Gilaki ker be tale' Cock in your fate (Fate fucked)
Gilaki kere qad! Cock length (Short)
Gilaki ker gooz Dick Fart (Stubborn, thug)
Gkvwbjgsmrwapylps ElSTAyVzPv mvJbvDGcDC
Glee Move yuh selft move your self
Gnommish Keemstar Fucking Lying Degenerate
Goat (deep) Mmaaaaaeeaaaaaa Fuck off bitch before I kill you
Goat (with mouth closed) . bbbbaaae Lets fuck hoe
Goat Bb-ba-aa BBAAAE Shit SHIT
Goat (with mouth closed and slowly opening) Mmmmmuuueeeeeee ill bash your fucking head in mate
Goat (Half opened mouth) Muuuuuur I will rape your anus
Gorani ti jebem dada vo picka fuck your mother's pussy
Gorani ne jadi jajca don't eat balls (testicles)
Goth Flower Virginity
Goth Trapped in my (ones) coffin In an awkward situation
Goth Like dark blood and fucking exciting
Grass Swishhh Fuck off you stanky ass hoe
Greek Fila mou to kolo kiss my ass
Greek As to thialo Go to hell
Greek Su gamo ti mana I fuck your mother
Greek skata na fas Eat Shit
Greek skata shit
Greek Mounotricha A cunt hair.
Greek Papara Adj. A tosser, wanker, Asshole Noun. Papari - A Testicle
Greek βλακας vlakas - stupid
Greek gamoto mouni tis laspis fucking dirty cunt
Greek trombas wank-pump
Greek kolodaktilo arse-finger.
Greek pootsomezes dick-food
Greek ade sto diaolo go to hell
Greek pare mou pipa (take my 'pipe')= suck my dick
Greek tzimbouki headjob
Greek tis thias sou! fuck your aunt's pussy!
Greek poutana bitch
Greek gamisa ti mana sou i fucked your mom
Greek gamo to kerato sou! fuck your horn!
Greek tha se gamisou ill fuck you
Greek bouxhesa fat bitch
Greek ayde hesou go shit on yourself
Greek sixameni dirty bitch
Greek vizya tits
Greek kolotripa asshole
Greek akka tin villa mou (cyprus dialect) suck my dick
Greek to shisto sou (cyprus dialect) fuck your cunt
Greek ti mana sou (cyprus dialect) fuck your mother
Greek pastartos (cyprus dialect) bastard
Greek kotsiros (cyprus dialect) piece of shit
Greek na sou sheso sta moutra (cyprus dialect) i'll shit on your face
Greek Partuza gang bang
Greek pa na gamy-thees go fuck yourself
Greek na pari i eychi! damn it!
Greek tsa-tsa the chief of the bitches
Greek poutanas gie! or bastarde! son of a bitch!
Greek muni Cunt
Greek kavli or putsa or putsos dick
Greek arxidi testicle or "bastard"
Greek Gamo tin panagia sou literally : I fuck your virgin Mary
Greek Sihama Disgusting thing/person
Greek kariola fucking bitch
Greek i mana sou ine putana Your mother is a whore
Greek vilare metaftia dick with ears
Greek nafais to muni/villara eat cunt/dick
Greek skata sta moutra sou shit in your face
Greek Ante gamisou go fuck yourself
Greek vromoskilo dirty dog
Greek Fae skata kai psofa re malaka Eat shit and die you wanker
Greek Poutana Whore
Greek Panathinaikos (or Vazelos) Club of cunts
Greek gamo to mouni tis manas sou fuck your mothers pussy
Greek Gamw to mouni pou se petage I fuck the cunt that threw you
Greek mounopano ladies sanitary pad
Greek Oipho (Ancient Greek) Fuck
Greek pana gamethie go fuck yourself
Greek Glipse Tin Poutsamou Skila Suck My Dick Bitch
Greek poustis gay
Greek ante gamisou paliopousta go fuck yourself you fucking gay
Greek tis manas sou o kolos your mother's ass
Greek tsoula slut
Greek mule bastard
Greek Vlima stupid (head is an empty shell)
Greek nupidio tis kinonias wanker of the world
Greek γαμώτι πουτάνα σου (gamoti poutana sou) Fuck your bitch
Greek Σκατά στα μουτρα σου (Skata sta moutra sou) Shit in your face
Greek Na mou klaseis ta'rxidia May you fart on my balls
Greek Xi dixatera zou gamai katsoulia- Χη δυχατέρα ζου γαμάει κατσούλια (Maniot dialect - Μανιά& Your daughter fucks cats
Greek Xo kamarados zou exe xabarlemeno boutzo - Χο καμαράδος ζου έχε χαμπαρλεμένω μπούτ_ Your husband has a ruined dick
Greek Zlena - Ζλένα (Pontian dialect - Ποντιακή διάλεκτο) Slut/Whore
Greek Tsibouki Blow-job
Greek Tha zou gamizou me tin kathigkli (Mani dialect) I'm going to fuck you with a chair
Greek Yamo to spiti su fuck your house
Greek Yamo to mouni pou se petage fuck your mother's pussy
Greek Papari Testicle
Greek sou gamo to soy or gamo to soy sou I fuck you whole family
Greek Fae ena kouva skata Eat a bucket full of shit
Greek gamo to munie tis manas su (γαμω το μουνι της μανας σου) (I) Fuck your mother's pussy
Greek Skatofatsa Shit face
Greek erre es korakas go to the cows!
Greek Sto Thialo go to hell
Greek Gamw ten psyche su I fuck your soul
Greek Poutanas Gios Son of a whore
Greek Lougra Faggot (coloquial)
Greek Pousti Faggot
Greek Savra Ugly woman (literally a lizard)
Greek Patsavoura Ugly woman (literally a rag)
Greek skatá crap / shit
Greek Tha sou gamiso to skylaki sou poutana! I will screw your dog, Bitch!
Greek Skase prin ginoume kolo! Shut up before we fight roughly!
Greek poutses ble blue dicks
Greek Vlamenos idiot
Greek Bastarde Bastard
Greek Mastaria boobs
Greek O gamo ton Christo mu oh my fucking Christ
Greek O re pousti Oh my faggot
Greek O re malaka mu Oh my idiot wanker
Greek O re pousti mu Oh my idiot fagot
Greek Tsimpouki Blowjob
Greek Γλείψε το δεξί μου αρχίδι (Glypse to dexee mu archeedee) Lick my right ball
Greek Γαμώ ότι έχεις και δέν έχεις! fuck every think you have got!
Greek Πουτάνας γιέ! Son of the bitch!
Greek Αλβανός - Alvanos Retarded
Greek Tis manas sou ti mouni Fuck your mother's pussy
Greek Gamo tis thias sou ton bougadokofti Fuck your aunts laundry
Greek pontic Εγαμέθες - Egamethes You got screwed
Greenlandic Arna palaaq Whore/slut
Greenlandic Iteq Asshole
Greenlandic Utsuk Vagina
Greenlandic Sianiik So stupid
Greenlandic Nipangerit Shut Up
Greenlandic Arnapalaaq Bitch / Whore
Greenlandic Tiaavuluk Damn - Damn it
Gronings/grunns (dutch/groningen, netherlands) 'k kees dien mamme. I fuck your mother.
Guarani eike nde revikuape enter in your ass
Guarani ejapiro tuna ari go jerk off on a cactus
Guarani aña rako peguare the devil's cunt
Guarani Tembo balls
Guarani Tatu Vagina
Guarani Tembo tuicha nde jurupe big dick in your mouth
Guaraní Terehó na ejapiró túnare. Fuck you!
Guitarian Twang Hi there
Gujarati Thari Ma Ni Ghaan Your Mums Ass
Gujarati Madachod Mother Fucker
Gujarati Buckwass Bullshit
Gujarati Nakhodiya Impotent
Gujarati kutari BITCH
Gujarati bhosrini bitch face
Gujarati Benchod sister fucker
Gujarati tari ma no poplo your mothers dick
Gujarati maasi chodamno aunty fucker
Gujarati raand prostitute
Gujarati bein chod sister fuck
Gujarati sali fukin bitch
Gujarati tari mai ni gand your mother's ass
Gujarati Puti Pussy
Gujarati salu gut`ti you dog
Gujarati pikina Son of a bitch
Gujarati Taro baap tane chadeche your dad fucks you
Gujarati Tari maa ni taturi yours mums dick
Gujarati Lund Bhagat Follower [as in religion] of penis
Gujarati Gaand Ghapli work getting complicated by someone
Gujarati Chutiya fucker
Gujarati thari ma ne bozro maro loro nakhides ill stick my penis up your mum
Gujarati Taree Ghaar Ma Doh Ladah You have two shits up your ass!
Gujarati teree maah gaderi Your mum is a donkey
Gujarati Taree gaar ma lowroh You got a dick up ass!
Gujarati meri gaan chatt lick my ass
Gujarati tere ma nu hinta kar get your mums fanni hair off
Gujarati Tutelli nirodh no aulad Son of a broken condom
Gujarati Sandas shit
Gujarati poom poom big fart
Gujarati pim pim little fart
Gujarati chafu gaan dirty asshole
Gujarati maari tatoori ooper bess sit on my cock
Gujarati chupri lauri shut up dick
Gujarati gaan tari your arse
Gujarati Halki Raand na Son of a cheap prostitute
Gujarati maajaddha mother fucker
Gujarati tari mani choot ma derka bole frog barking in ur mom pussy
Gujarati tari ma ni putti your mother's vagiana
Gujarati mota jijah big tits
Gujarati mari bhosri chaat lick my pussy
Gujarati tari ma ne hadi kadhto hathi chode A running elephant fucks your mom
Gujarati Pikina you male cunt
Gujarati taari bai no aghano your wife's ass
Gujarati Moht a gay dude
Gujarati Mohit a gay dude
Gujarati tari gaand mare karya kutra balada pussy faggot
Gujarati Bhosad Pappu pussy faggot
Gujarati madachod mother fucker
Gujarati Fattu Afraid
Gujarati Gaand Ma Ghal Stick It In Your Ass
Gujarati Dheela Lund Ni Olaad Product of a loose penis
Gujarati gel ghagharina lover of skirt
Gujarati Tari maa ne chodu Will fuck you mother
Gujarati bhenchod sister fucker
Gujarati Maa ne ghat bhosdina Son of a prostitute/whore
Gujarati Bobla Vagarni Baydi Wife without Breasts
Gujarati Babhuchak idiot
Gujarati Tusat Sheep shagger
Gujarati Taari ma parasevo tya-reh e tuti kareh che! Your mom sweats when she shits!
Gujarati Lakhota Penis Balls
Gujarati harshit stuped dumb fuk
Gujarati bosrina bitch
Gujarati tari bosri kaapi karwa i will cut your vagina
Gujarati tari dagri your arse
Gujarati tari gandayli kari koyli dagri your smelly black rotten arse
Gujarati Anuj Biggest choot
Guyanese anti man gay guy
Guyanese scunt pussy
Guyanese koona moona a stupid scared person
Guyanese yuh digga beetie you dig your ass
Guyanese yuh lil stinka beetie your little stink ass
Guyanese shut yuh battie/ battie = ass shut your ass
Guyanese Hall yuh scunt To get lost (move your pussy)
Guyanese Move yuh stink pokie Move your stink pussy
Guyanese stupidy bill stupid person
Guyanese Stinkey Beetie / batty smelly ass
Guyanese paglee stupid
Guyanese koo nu moo nu stupid
Guyanese stinky loolie/lollie stink penis
Guyanese bugga battie anal sex
Guyanese cats ah puss same shit
Guyanese Scunt, or Motha Scunt your mother's cunt
Guyanese jaat pubic hair
Guyanese yah mutha scunt your mother's a pussy
Guyanese yah mutha pokey your mother's a horse
Guyanese hall yuh muda skunt go away
Gypsy kaa mogo cod eat my dick
Gypsy lav chea dah ando car i take your mother on my dick
Gypsy Ka xile ma pe tute!!! (pronounced Kah- chzeelay mah pay too-tay!) I am going to shit on you.
Gypsy kudav ce di day im gonna fuck ur mother
Gypsy guav cha dha fuck your mother (goo-av- cha daa)
Gypsy mekav mon pay tute i am going to cum on you
Gypsy Transpirate Mish Sweaty Vagina
Gypsy Kaka rocka nixis Be quiet
Gypsy Khas miro kaar Eat my dick
Gypsy Kamav tut te kurel andri mindj ! I want to fuck you into pussy !
Gypsy Dekh pro mro baaro kaar. Watch my big dick.
Gypsy Chucha Breast
Gypsy Te kurel Fuck
Gypsy Getsa Cum
Gypsy Meesh Cunt
Gypsy Bengalo (masculine)/bengalia (feminine) Idiot
Gypsy has ki cafa! (xhas key chafa!) serbian gypsy eat your neck!
Haitian Creole guete Fuck
Haitian Creole COCO SANTI smelly pussy
Haitian Creole femin duol ou shut up
Haitian Creole bouzin bitch
Haitian Creole dwol kaka mouth full of shit
Haitian Creole malpwopte u dirty motherfucker
Haitian Creole coco sal dirty pussy
Haitian Creole Langet manman-w Mother fucker
Haitian Creole Koulangyet Manman'w Fuck You
Haitian Creole Bouda kaka shitty ass
Haitian Creole Zozo santi smelly dick
Haitian creole momo coco santi your moms pussy stinks
Haitian creole tio tou small hole
Haitian creole Masisi sal Dirty faggot
Haitian creole Poukisa ou pale kaka Why are you talking shit
Haitian creole Ghet Maron ou Fuck your godmother
Haitian creole Ghet Mamao Fuck your mother
Haitian creole guiet manmanw salope chien ou fuck your mom bitch ass dog
Hakka chew hai smelly cunt
Hakka Si Chun Stupid
Hakka sit jiao LA! go and eat banana
Hakka Chiu Ci Bet smelly vagina
Hakka Foui Po/Lao Fat Lady/Man
Hakka Diao Nga Mi Tji Pet ! Fuck your mother cunt !
Hakka zit bet (æýÌY) vaginal
Halari dhaya tit
Halari lindu shit
Halari mari pikima taro lodo ghaal put your dick in my pussy
Halari balad the son of cow
Halari vaisya bitch
Halo Son of a Boltshot Son of a bitch
Harry potter Bloody hell! Wow/shit (depends on context)
Harry potter I'd figured that much out for myself, thanks. Your input wasn't needed.
Haryanvi bahan ke lawde Sister`s Dick
Haryanvi chudhu ke chodde Fuck buddy of low caste
Haryanvi Dhi ke lawde Daughter`s Dick
Haryanvi Dhichod Daughter Fucker
Haryanvi Domesaks danso danlo motar! mother fucking pussy licker
Hausa Ka ci gusu uwarka Fuck your mother pussy
Hausa Dan banza Bastard
Hausa Ka ci uwarka Fuck your mother
Hausa Ubanka ya ci uwarsa Fuck your your father's mother
Hausa Bura ubanka Your father's dick
Hawaiian Pa'a ka waha Shut your mouth
Hawaiian Wahine ho'okamakama Prostitute
Hawaiian Launa'ana Sexual intercourse
Hawaiian Pa hula wa hini Crazy white woman
Hawaiian haole outsider/white person
Hawaiian Kanapapiki Son Of A Bitch
Hawaiian Lolo Stupid
Hawaiian ilio wahine female dog/bitch
Hawaiian Lolo Kanapapiki Stupid son of a bitch
Hawaiian TU Kai Shit
Hawaiian po'o 'opae shit head (lit. shrimp head)
Hawaiian hapai laho minion (lit. scrotum carrier)
Hawaiian kulikuli! shut up!
Hawaiian nele lacking (as in mental capacity)
Hawaiian 'u'u masturbate
Hawaiian 'a'aka bitchy or cranky
Hawaiian komo laho homosexual intercourse
Hawaiian Kokami God damn (transliteration)
Hawaiian kali cunt
Hawaiian po'o nui arrogant (lit. big headed)
Hawaiian mane'o horny (lit. itchy)
Hawaiian ka! or tsa! damn!
Hawaiian pua'a laho man whore (lit. boar)
Hawaiian lala-hu boner (lit. to stick out)
Hawaiian ko'i'i boner (lit. desire)
Hawaiian 'o-nu boner (lit. projection)
Hawaiian pu'uwaiu tits
Hawaiian waiu oluheluhe saggy tits
Hawaiian pala naio worthless (lit. worm shit)
Hawaiian muli pala kukae shit-smeared kid (or ass)
Hawaiian 'ai kukae a make eat shit and die
Hawaiian pikanini runt (from eng. "pickaninny")
Hawaiian po'o 'olohaka numskull (lit. empty head)
Hebrew Harah shit.
Hebrew Beitsim Balls
Hebrew mitromem mizdayen batahat gay assfucker
Hebrew lakek et hatahat sheli lick my ass
Hebrew benzona son of a bitch
Hebrew lech tiezdayen fuck you
Hebrew ben sharmuta like son of a bitch
Hebrew ochel batachat takes it up the ass
Hebrew Ku-se-mak Your Mother's Vagina
Hebrew Mtsots li ta'zain Suck my cock
Hebrew Stom ta'peh Shut up
Hebrew Al ta'atzben otti! Don't piss me off
Hebrew Ta'ase li tova Give me a break
Hebrew Shakli b'tahat! Kiss my ass!
Hebrew o'chel batachat takes it in the ass
Hebrew nod fart
Hebrew tipesh kmo naal stupid like a shoe
Hebrew rosh tahat ass head
Hebrew Zevel Ofot Poultry Garbadge
Hebrew Mamzer Bastard
Hebrew Tim-tsots Li Et Habeitsim Ha-seyrot Suck my hairy balls
Hebrew Tisaref B' Azazel Burn In Hell
Hebrew noshech kariot bites pillows( takes it up the ass)
Hebrew t'mtzetzi li suck my dick ( towards a girl)
Hebrew shmenah fat ass
Hebrew Shak Li Batahat kiss my ass
Hebrew mtsetsi li tazain suck my cock
Hebrew achotcha zona your sister a hore
Hebrew Kalba Bitch (when addressing a woman)
Hebrew Dafuk barosh fucked up in the head
Hebrew Leh lehizdayen Fuck you (to a man)
Hebrew Lehi lehizdayen Fuck you (to a girl)
Hebrew Tistom tapeh yanaal Shut up idiot
Hebrew Yah pin noteph ziva You Gonorrhea dripping penis
Hebrew Leh Timzoz La'Apiphior Go suck the pope's dick
Hebrew Tamut (male) / Tamuti (female) Die
Hebrew Makat Zayin Cock Slap
Hebrew Ben Zonah Son of a bitch/whore
Hebrew Sharmuta Whore
Hebrew lekh tiz'da'yen Go fuck yourself (for men)
Hebrew lekh'i tiz'da'yni Go fuck yourself (for women)
Hebrew Kussit Sexy Girl
Hebrew Mas-tool Stoned
Hebrew Fal-tzan fart (fartist)
Hebrew yeled kaka shity boy
Hebrew yh tahat you ass
Hebrew ani ekraa ot-haa! i will tear you to pieces
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Irish gaelic Póg Mo Thón Kiss my Ass (Pronounced Pog Ma hone
Irish gaelic Póg mo thóin. Kiss my ass.
Irish gaelic Go h-ifreann leat (singular; to more than one person: Go h-ifreann libh) Go to hell
Irish gaelic Téigh trasna ort féin Go fuck yourself
Irish gaelic Tá tú glan as do mheabhair You're crazy!
Irish gaelic Focáil leat Fuck off
Irish gaelic Chomh tiubh le balla bríce! Stupid (Thick as a brick wall)
Irish gaelic Go hIfreann leat! Go to hell!
Irish gaelic mac soith son of a bitch
Irish gaelic Damnú aír! Shit!
Irish gaelic amadán idiot
Irish gaelic gligín idiot (female/little girl)
Irish gaelic óinseach idiot (female)
Irish gaelic ith cac eat shit
Irish gaelic Soith Bitch
Isindebele Ingwadla slut/bitch
Isindebele Maredakho Your testicles
Island wa a bich What a bitch
Italian puttana whore
Italian Gran' disgraziato Big disgrace
Italian Zoccola Slut
Italian Mangia merde e morte Eat shit and die
Italian Pezzo di merda Piece of shit
Italian Stronzo Turd
Italian Testa di cazzo Dickhead
Italian Troia Whore
Italian figlio di puttana Son of a bitch
Italian bastardo Male Bastard
Italian cretino idiot
Italian tua mamma bocchinara your mum's a fluffer
Italian Figlio di Troia Son of a Bitch
Italian Sorca Cunt
Italian Porca troia Fucking hell
Italian Figlio di puttanta Son of a whore
Italian fatti una pugnetta Have A Wank
Italian testa di cazzo dick head
Italian troia whore (feminine)
Italian fare una sega to jack off
Italian i coglioni the balls
Italian Merda! Shit
Italian fica stretta narrow pussy
Italian mangia merda eat shit
Italian scopare to fuck
Italian Testa di minchia Dickhead
Italian vai a farti fottere go fuck yourself
Italian pezzo di merda piece of shit
Italian Brutto figlio di puttana bastardo ugly son of a bitch bastard
Italian cazzo di merda dickfaced piece of shit
Italian Che palle What balls
Italian ce l'hai piccolo You got a small (dick)
Italian Vai all'inferno go to hell
Italian Mi piace ciucciarti la figa I like to suck your pussy
Italian Ti voglio scopare duramente I wanna fuck you hard
Italian Che cazzo What the fuck
Italian Mannaggia tua Damn, Hell
Italian Mortacci tua Your feable ancestors
Italian Ma' va te ne a fanculo Go fuck yourself
Italian Ti ammazzo I'll kill you
Italian Figa Cunt
Italian Figlio un cane Son of a bitch
Italian Fica cunt
Italian Che te pozzino ammazzà ! You shall be butchered!
Italian ti corro in culo forget it ("I run into your ass")
Italian Sti cazza Fuck that
Italian Ce un cibirut You have a small dick
Italian Tu piezza di merda! you piece if shit!
Italian Vai a farti fottere, puttana! Go fuck yourself, whore!
Italian mafankulo mother fucker
Italian shit im a dickhead shit im a dickhead
Italian A fanabla! Go to hell!
Italian Tottii frocio Totti likes cock
Italian nessuno mi unfungulo nobody fucks me in the ass
Italian porco Dio God the pig
Italian Intro culo di mammata Up your mother's ass
Italian cazzo Madre di Dio Fucking mother of god
Italian santo cazzo Madre di Cristo Holy fucking mother of Christ
Italian Porco Dio / Porco Iddio (Blasphemy) literally: "Pig God"
Italian Posso leccare il tua figa? Can I lick your pussy
Italian Zuia bitch
Italian Che ti morisse la madre / la mamma You mother / mom should be dead.
Italian sfacim e merde fucking shit
Italian rottinculo gay
Italian Vai al inferno go to hell
Italian Figlio di puttana! Son of a bitch!
Jaia Hippo Fuck you you cunt
Jail house Gonna need That Towel Going "IN" bone dry
Jail house Drop the Soap bend over
Jamaican Batty Boy Homosexual male
Jamaican sketel slut
Jamaican batty crease ass crack, ass hole
Jamaican bloodclot slang. fuckin'/damn
Jamaican bowcyat person who sucks private parts
Jamaican bumba ras clot/bumba ras claat ass wipe/dumb ass/fucker
Jamaican Yah Bambaclaat Batiman! Your Fucking Gay
Jamaican Batty Gal Homosexual Female
Jamaican tif tif boy gay boy or fag or homosexual
Jamaican Ediat Fool or idiot
Jamaican ah fish dat he's gay (gay man/gayboy)
Jamaican Rahtid Damn
Jamaican blasted idiot You are senseless
Jamaican Dutty Gyal dirty girl
Jamaican rhattid hell
Jamaican Bloodclate Dirty sanitary napkin
Jamaican bumboclaat holy shit
Jamaican move yuh bumbo stinking duty rass clat from outa mi face move your self from beside me
Jamaican Dat loo That's gay
Jamaican Y yuh so bomboclaat daak Why are you so fucking stupid
Jaonimpfidrah cgWgHhGFtJ VejTXuEQb
Japanese baka yaroo stupid bastard
Japanese ketsunoana Asshole
Japanese Pai Pai Breasts, nipples
Japanese onani masterbate
Japanese kin tama golden balls
Japanese damare shut up
Japanese teme bastard
Japanese Baka Idiot
Japanese Kuso! Shit!
Japanese Chikusho Shit
Japanese kono yarou "You bastard!" or "This bastard"
Japanese Urusei "Shut up!"
Japanese yarou bastard
Japanese kintama testicles [Lit. Golden balls]
Japanese aho idiot
Japanese Jigoku e ike! Go to hell!
Japanese Yariman Slut (Doing it 10,000 times)
Japanese Kono ama! You bitch!
Japanese Urusai Baka Shut Up Idiot
Japanese Pervert Hentai
Japanese Urusai Gaki Shut Up Brat
Japanese Shimata shit
Japanese Kuso Fuck or Shit
Japanese kuso kurae no shin Eat shit and die
Japanese kusateru oyaji stinky old man
Japanese Jiguko e ike kono ama! Go to hell you bitch!
Japanese Baka tare Complete Idiot / Moron
Japanese butsu korosu beat you to death
Japanese oshiri butt
Japanese oppai breast
Japanese kutabare f**k you
Japanese kuso kurae eat sh*t
Japanese futota kuso fat shit
Japanese Oshikko To pee
Japanese shi ne to die
Japanese Damare Konoyarou! Shut up you bastard!
Japanese baka idiot
Japanese Paizuri Breast Fucking (col, vulgar)
Japanese Kuso kurae Fuck off (lit. "eat shit")
Japanese bakayaro stupid bastard
Japanese manzuri female masturbation
Japanese shomben to piss
Japanese chikusho shit, fuck
Japanese baka inu stupid dog(like mine)
Japanese Baita Whore
Japanese Omanko Cunt
Japanese Bakayarou Dumb bastard
Japanese icha-icha suru To make out
Japanese nampa suru To hit on, pick up a girl [or boy]
Japanese namename To lick, oral sex
Japanese Aishi-au To make love
Japanese Etchi Lit. "H" but means "sex."
Japanese Manko Cunt
Japanese Shine (shi-nay) Die! (Equivalent to "Fuck you")
Japanese Notare jine [Go] die in a ditch.
Japanese Kusot-tare Shithead, You shithead.
Japanese otokonna man-woman
Japanese Tawagoto (たわごと) Shit
Japanese Neboken Ja-Neyo Get Your Head Out Off Your Ass
Japanese Teme Bastard
Japanese Tan-Sho Your "tool" is small!
Japanese Kuso-Debu fat shit
Japanese Kusokurae Eat shit
Japanese Kutabare Fuck you! Shove it! Go
Japanese baka-ne you idiot
Japanese kusoyarou Shit-hole (lit. Shit guy)
Japanese paizuri (パイズリ) mammary intercourse
Japanese hentai yarou you pervert
Japanese kisama bastard
Japanese chinkasu dick crap (refers to smegma)
Japanese gyuufun bullshit
Japanese kusoyaro fucking bastard
Japanese chan ba fuck off bitch
Japanese Kusogaki Brat (lit. shit brat)
Japanese Ama Bitch
Japanese Nameruna Don't fuck with me
Japanese Hakuchi Retard
Japanese Seikō (seikou)「性交」 Fuck/sexual intercourse
Japanese ‚·‚Á‚Æ‚±‚Ç‚Á‚±‚¢ (suttoko dokkoi) You idiot
Japanese Itte yoshi Off you go
Japanese Mantama Ovaries
Japanese stupid bitch baka mesu
Japanese ku-so (k-so) Shit!
Japanese ki sa ma (k-sama) Mother Fucker!
Japanese omae baka ka? Are you stupid?
Japanese Tawagoto Shit
Japanese Dobe Jerk or Idiot
Japanese Kouno Bastard!!
Japanese Shiri garu Slutty girl (rising butt)
Japanese kuso heddo shit head
Japanese Watashi wa isshōkenmei kamingu yo "i'm cumming so hard" in Japanese
Japanese Baka bah oom Stupid old hag
Japanese Shimatta Oh crap! (Or: Oh Damn!)
Japanese Ano yarou/ano baka That bastard/that idiot
Japanese Takuta Erection
Japanese Kintama Testicles
Japanese Baishunfu Prostitute
Japanese shakuhachi shite! suck it!
Japanese Hage (Hage atama) Bald (Bald head)
Japanese Kusottare Shit dip
Japanese Chitsu Vagina
Japanese Kuso-tare yarou Fucking shit bastard
Japanese Ecchi Other word for sex or pervet
Javanese torok pussy
Javanese Itil'e mbokmu Your mother's pussy
Javanese Bajirut Damn
Javanese silit ass
Javanese tempek pussy
Javanese tempik Pussy
Javanese kimpet pussy
Javanese kancut underwear
Javanese Sarengat! Fuck!
Javanese Teumpe. Vagina.
Javanese Bangsat! / Bajingan! Asshole!
Javanese Jancok! Ayune arek iku! (for males) Damn! She is really pretty!
Javanese Jancok tenan! You are really whore!
Javanese Kampret! Hell to you!
Javanese Taek! Shit!
Javanese Untumu Your teeth
Javanese Ndasmu peyok Malfunction head
Javanese Jembut Genital hair
Javanese Jancok nyocot, kon! Noisy bastard!
Javanese Wedhus Gibas! Rotten goat!
Javanese kontol ngacheng erected dick
Javanese kusai stink
Javanese Mbokne Ancok! MOTHER FUCKER!
Javanese telepong dung, shit, feces
Javanese kentu fuck, sexing
Javanese jangkrik corrupted from 'jancok', cricket
Javanese kopet shit
Javanese congormu mbacot opo? WTF are you saying?
Javanese mlebuo neroko wae go to hell
Javanese ojo nggedabrus su! dont say bullshit
Javanese tak pateni kon i will kill you
Javanese Ngocok Masturbate
Javanese Ganyang Tempik Jawa Having sex with a javanese girl
Javanese Titit Penis
Javanese Pentil Nipple
Javanese Silit Anus
Jedi I am your father I fucked your mum
Jersey shore D.T.F Down To Fuck
Jersey shore Atomic Bomb Really Ugly Fat Girl
Jersey shore T-shirt timmme! Get your fresh clubbin' shirt on
Jersey shore Cabs r here! The taxis have arrived
Jersey shore GTL Gym Tan Laundry
Jersey shore Meatball LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER
Jersey shore Thot whore
Jiggumsmash "This shit stinky" Hey, what time is it?
Jiggumsmash Something just fell out of that girl's pants Someone made a poop
Jinan Ni Ge Si Hai Zi Son of a bitch!
Jinan SiHaiZi Son of a bitch!
Jinan Si Hai Zi Son of a bitch
Jive bish yu ain gowt jive(?) thuh fug yu shei nuguh?
Juggalo fuck the world fuck it all and all you bitches
Kabuli Foysha (e Bitch
Kabuli Foysha Bitch
Kabyle Thakhnak Your asshole
Kabyle Qewwed Get the fuck out of here
Kabyle thuliyid I'm Cuming
Kabyle Ettedh abbouchiw Suck my dick
Kabyle Atartor, Akhozidh Ass
Kabyle A3ettay Gay (Passive)
Kabyle Nik yemmakh fuck your mother
Kabyle Hetchoun yemmakh your mum's Pussy
Kabyle el qahba Slut
Kabyle Ruh atsefkedh Go fuck
Kabyle Ahetchoun Pussy
Kabyle in3el hetchoun yemmak fuck your mother
Kabyle amegragh / akegragh adhadh i'll putt you a finger
Kabyle amboule dick (sometimes)
Kabyle iqiviv clitoris
Kabyle tibbouchin titts
Kabyle thakhna asshole
Kaeshir Andar Thavai i will put my dick in your pussy
Kaeshir chotul ass hole
Kaeshir beni godiya of your sister vagina
Kampampangan (pampanga) udas! / udas ca! traitor!
Kampampangan (pampanga) matako! greedy!
Kampampangan (pampanga) manyusung butu! dick sucker
Kampampangan (pampanga) matsura you are ugly!
Kampampangan (pampanga) alang balu! moron/ stupid
Kampampangan (pampanga) pekpek cunt/ pussy/ vagina
Kampampangan (pampanga) butu dick/ penis
Kannada nin hendra tika nayi mari keya let dog fuck your wife's ass
Kannada ninna ayenna keyya i fuck your father
Kannada Singri Armpit hair
Kannada SuleMaga Son of Bitch
Kannada Baa, nan tunne nekku Come, lick my dick
Kannada ninna amma na keya fuck your mother
Kannada sooLemaga bastard
Kannada tika kaisko get your ass fucked
Kannada tika mucchkonDu right eLu cover your ass and get lost
Kannada tullu cunt
Kannada tunne penis
Kannada Nin Tullna keiya! fuck your pussy!
Kannada GT obba kall sooley maga GT is a bloody son of a bitch
Kannada nin ajji shaata your granny's private hair
Kannada shaata bolusko shave your private hair off
Kannada bevarsi or boLi maga bastard
Kannada Nan tika nekku baa Come lick or eat my ass hole
Kannada nimm avvana tullaga in your mom's cunt
Kannada chinalike son of a bitch
Kannada halkat soolimagane useless son of a bitch
Kannada hadsike fucktard
Kannada raandike son of a bitch
Kannada nin taayin hada fuck ur mom
Kannada third balls below penis
Kannada Sule Prostitute
Kannada Bosodike Used Cunt
Kannada koltogiro tullu used pussy
Kannada shaata tari shave ur pubic hair
Kannada kundyaga huLa hako get some worms in your ass
Kannada tunni hadko get your cut digged in
Kannada tunni hada fucking cock
Kannada kundyag hako take it in your ass
Kannada kundyag jadiko get fixed in your ass
Kannada tuunyag sudu idhli hakli may burning coal fall in ur cunt
Kannada katti tunni donkey cock
Kannada tullana cheepu lick my cunt
Kannada tunnian cheepu lick my cock
Kannada bevarshi bastard
Kannada yebrashi born to unfotunate zodiac
Kannada kusalya prostitute dealer
Kannada haDibitti deserted bastart
Kannada nin amman thul ge benki haaka light your mom's pussy on fire
Kannada naana muskli tooth holage beralu haaku put ur finger in my ass hole
Kannada baggisi attu fuck in doggy style
Kannada naanu munde neene hinde attu i fuck her pussy u fuck her ass
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Kannada Shaata hari pluck ur pubic hair
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Kannada Thika muchko cover your ass
Kannada MinDana maagne son of male prostitute
Kannada nin yendran keydi aur amman keya fuck your wife and later her mother
Kannada Nin yendru jaathi na keya Fuck your wife's family line
Kannada nanna autu kudi drink my white liquid
Kannada Yeno Mindri Wassup Bitch (Male prostitute)
Kannada Dagaar Bitch
Kannada Dingri Bitch
Kannada Nin thunne nine nekku you lick your dick yourself
Kannada Nin Ayyan Ur Father
Kannada Haivan Chubby Waste Fellow
Kannada High Mindri , Dagar Highly Valid Prostitue
Kannada tullu harra birri pussy wear and tear
Kannada tullesh man with a pussy
Kannada Nin Amman Thika Your Mum's Ass
Kannada Beeja Testicles
Kannada Tunne unnu Testicles
Kannada Nin thayina keya Fuck your mom
Kannada Nin thayi thalmar na keya Fuck your mom's hierarchy
Kannada Nin akkan naayi keya May a dog hump your sister.
Kannada Neenu Namitha You are bitch, slut, or whore
Kannada Namitha Worst swear word ever
Kannada Mole madhya thunne kaisa fuck your dick between boobs
Kannada shaata thinnu eat your pubic hair
Kannada shaata nekku lick your pubic hair
Kannada Thikakke benki haaku light your asson fire
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Kannada kothi monkey
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Kapampangan (pampanga) Bolang Stupid
Kapampangan (pampanga) Mulala Idiot
Kapampangan (pampanga) Anak ng Teteng Son of a Bitch
Kapampangan (pampanga) Buyset ka! Fuck you!
Kapampangan (pampanga) alang cuenta! you are useless/ douchebag
Kapampangan (pampanga) matamad! lazy!
Kapampangan (pampanga) babi/ babe/ babi ca/ cababian mo pig!/ you're a pig/ dirty minded
Kapampangan (pampanga) puta nayda mo you're mother is a whore
Kapampangan (pampanga) alti ca fuck you
Kapampangan (pampanga) anac puta son of a bitch/ whore
Kapampangan (pampanga) misdan/ tanga/ gago or gaga stupid/ dumb/ moron
Kaqchikel tz'i' whore
Kaqchikel Tuch pussy
Kaqchikel K'is shit
Karen Weah Twtich Fuck Bitch
Karen SuYerTit Suck My Dick
Karen Aw Ta Lee Eat Pussy
Karen Awh Ta aye Eat Shit
Karen Teyh Penis
Karen Tayh Penis
Karen twih Moh Bitch
Karen Weah Ner Moh Lee Fuck Your MOther
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Karen Na moe lii Your mother pussy
Kashmiri lazmie lyath fuck you with my penis
Kashmiri rath mein lyath suck my penis
Kashmiri lazmai bene fuck your sister
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Kashmiri Lezmaye Lyaath Fuck You
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Kashmiri laith cock
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Kashmiri maaji lakhai i will fuck your mother
Kashmiri beni gooud sisters cunt
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Kashmiri diyanawaan getting Fucked
Kashmiri beyani goood sisters pussy
Kashmiri thapi karani Fucking
Kashmiri duniyah che khap this world is waste
Kashmiri tche che baji bab you have big tits
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Kashmiri lyaath long dick
Kashmiri maeji lyaath mother's dick
Kashmiri maeji guudh mother's pusseehh
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Kashmiri Lazmaiye Mael Sinze Kori Fuck your fathers daughter
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Kashmiri Khade daez Woman with burnt vulva
Kashmiri phutyaa poon your asshole will crack up
Kashmiri lyathee kale dickhead
Kashmiri kani jung stone pelting
Kashmiri Pael Nuts
Kashmiri Gooid prah Thirsty for sex
Kashmiri Ha kole madarchoda Hey you motherfucker
Kashmiri Mye kya zok kadkhe you can't even pluck my pubic hair
Kashmiri gaani bach illegal son/daughter
Kashmiri khape chraethe to fucking
Kashmiri seous good with small penis
Kashmiri lyath kal dick head
Kashmiri haramuk Bastard
Kashur Laith Dick
Kazakh Siktir Fuck you
Kazakh "Bog zhep, ol" Eat shit and die
Kazakh "Bokti zhe, urgashi" Eat shit, bitch
Kazakh "Kugan, suka" Crazy bitch
Kazakh kotakbas fucking jerk
Kazakh Khanshykh Bithch, Whore
Kazakh Albasty rotten apple, a bad lot, dingo
Kazakh Amzhalar twat licking person
Kazakh Betinge bitireiyin shot my sperm onto your face
Kazakh Itting gana balasy Son of a bitch (dog bitch)
Kazakh Sasyk am Smelly cunt
Kazakh Koyanshyk Bastard, Sun of a bitch
Kazakh Amshelek immense and deep cunt
Kazakh Auzinga tyshaying I crap into your mouth
Kazakh Auzinga bokh Shit into your mouth
Kazakh Emshegindy zhulamin I'll disroot your boobies
Kazakh Am (Um) Pussy, twat, cunt, bitch wrinkle
Kazakh Ausinga osyraiyin fart into your mouth
Kazakh Kotagymdy zhe, ambas Eat my fuck, pussyhead
Kazakh Enengning patagy [pæ- tu-gi] Have your good mother's cunt
Kazakh Auzinga sieiyin Piss into your mouth
Kazakh Shailandy tiktirem! I'll sew up your ass!
Kazakh Zhalep or Zhalap Whore, Bitch, Prostitute,
Kazakh Kotyndy zhyratamin! I'll explode your ass
Kazakh Auzindi zhap Shut'a fucka. Shut your mouth
Kazakh Kotimdy zhala Lick my ass or maybe kiss my ass
Kazakh Kotagimdy sor! Suck my dick!
Kazakh Kotagimdy zhe Suck my dick! Fuck off
Kazakh Kotagimdy zhe! Suck my dick!
Kazakh Sheshenin umy! Mom's cunt
Kazakh (shymkent) Sheshennin amindi sigein fuck your mother
Kazakh (shymkent) Kotime kirme Don't insinuate to me!
Kazakh (shymkent) Khoyanshyk Bastard, Sun of a bitch
Kazakh (shymkent) sheshessss or sheshen sigiyin go fuck your mother
Kazakh (shymkent) Zhalep Bitch
Kazakh(center) Ket shei kotakka fuck off you slut
Kazakh(center) Ketshe Kotak Go away, you prick!
Kazakh(center) Kotak Bas Dick Head
Kecporana (kasperian) OVEJYA Damn it
Kesporene (kasperian) YIHGIT ANAK Fat ass
Kesporene (kasperian) PYABOVAS FIHGIT C' LH Fuck you hard
Kesporene (kasperian) YIHGITAN Ugly ass
Kesporene (kasperian) S'ITFIT OUNAN BOKTE Sit on my dick
Kesporene (kasperian) INKE V' MANE Shit face
Kesporene (kasperian) MYNKYIT Shitass
Kesporene (kasperian) ITE RITAN OUNE I kill you!
Kesporene (kasperian) ITE JYEKNPYA FIHGIT PORANMNA I Fucked your mother
Kesporene (kasperian) X'GYA Y' QDAPMA YITE LT Back off or else
Kesporene (kasperian) Y' PIUTGIH / FRAIT Y' PIUTGIH Shut up! Shut the fuck up!
Kesporene (kasperian) IHJYAGIT Asshole!
Kesporene (kasperian) KAVAKTEEN Y' LTV XAVEDEGRA M' ! Die & go to hell!
Kesporene (kasperian) BOKT ENMIH GITSN Kiss My Ass
Kesporene (kasperian) PYAPRIDE RAKAV E' PORE You are nothing/ you're worthless
Kesporene (kasperian) PAKT ENEEN ILIASPRIDMNK Fuck your whole family
Kesporene (kasperian) AVAK YIT Fuck it
Kesporene (kasperian) PORMQDA MET OU' AIHV Fuck your ass
Kesporene (kasperian) NJAM YIHAV PAKTEIATMET IKNFRA Please take my virginity
Kesporene (kasperian) LHFITE Dumbass
Kesporene (kasperian) YITE A' LH FIT You're stupid
Kesporene (kasperian) PMAS INNEEM C'S OULT ITENIT I'll cum in you
Kesporene (kasperian) MSE INT A' NH You're a bitch
Khasi Stud Cunt
Khasi Thloh, Loh Dick
Khasi khem buin grab tits
Khasi stud vagina, pussy
Khmer K'doi mai vi'eh Your mom's cunt
Khmer Choi mai vi'eh Fuck your mother
Khmer Choi K'Det Anh Fuck my ass
Khmer Hai'nh Lop Maen Dtaen You're really stupid.
Khmer Dtoh Yam Kadaw Go eat dick!
Khmer Kdaw thom big Penis, big dick, big cock
Khmer Lit Kandoi eat Pussy, eat vagina
Khmer Ah Kadow Tout you have a small dick
Khmer Ah Taouk Teip you bastard
Khmer Aang Shkoout main. You're really dumb.
Khmer Eih (pronounced I-KUH) Shit
Khmer Aang Eih Go! You're cow shit!
Khmer C Kdor Bos anh eat my dick
Khmer are kon ch'kea son of a bitch
Khmer Si khmao kadah Eat black dick
Khmer Ah Choi Mai You Motherfucker
Khmer Boung Kadaw Nutsack; Testicles;BALLS
Khmer Joy ka-nea te? Wanna fuck?
Kikuyu Muthita wa mbia Rats penis
Kikuyu Caitani Devil
Kikuyu Itina Butt
Kimberly Va chier sur ta plotte sale Go take a shit on your dirty vagina
Kinyarwanda Wa ndaya we! You bitch!
Kirundi swera nyoko fuck your mother
Kirundi nyoko your mother
Kiswahili Shenzi Idiot
Kiswahili Mpumbavu Bastard
Kiswahili Kumamayo Mother fucker
Kiswahili pumbu testicles
Kiswahili Kuma nina your mother's cunt
Kiswahili Kumanina Stupid Fucker
Kiswahili Tomba fuck
Kiswahili Hanithi Gay man who is the reciever
Kiswahili Babako Your father
Kiswahili Ntakutomba I'll fuck you
Kiswahili Kuma mbuzi Goat's cunt
Kiswahili Ntakufirwa I'll fuck you up the ass
Klingon baQa' General invective
Klingon hab sosli' Quch your mother has a smooth forehead
Klingon 'ur Treason
Klingon 'urwI' Traitor
Klingon Do'Ha' Be unfortunate
Klingon baktag Garbage or Shit
Klingon DenIb Qatlh Denebian slime devil
Klingon bIjatlh 'e' yImev! Shut Up!
Klingon Hu'tegh Damn
Klingon Sa'Hut buttocks
Klingon Qovpatlh general epithet, insult
Klingon Qu'vatlh general invective
Klingon yIntagh general epithet, insult
Klingon taHqeq general epithet, insult
Klingon petaQ general epithet, insult
Klingon toDSaH general epithet, insult
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L337 (leet) RUSOS Are You Stupid or Something
L337 (leet) BS BULLSHIT
L337 (leet) Ph49907 faggot
L4d2 (left 4 dead 2) Do a Kikon Attacking first with a smoker
L4d2 (left 4 dead 2) Juli The noob's God
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Ladino Miethra Shit
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Latgalian U'ksts / C'u'ksts / Diersnamais Ass
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Latin bovine faecies bull shit
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Latin Stercus Caput ShitHead
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Latvian Kavorka The lure of the animal.
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Latvian Ble, Blje shit, damn
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Latvian pirst to fart
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League of legends Shitty Team! Im a shit player
League of legends Fiora, Master Yi, Noob Unskilled bitch motherfucker.
League of legends Report [Insert Summoner Name] He/She is being a nuisance to you
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League of legends Push the tower Take raptors
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Lebanese Ya Khara You shit (guy)
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Lingala Imbeciles Idiot
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Lithuanian Bletsva tu (Very bad word saying for girls)
Lithuanian sudas (pron. sh-ooh duhs) shit
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Lithuanian minedas (very bad singer)
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Lithuanian Atstok Fuck off
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Lithuanian Dzin Doesn't matter
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Lithuanian Smaukyti To masturbate
Lithuanian Shudas Piece of shit
Lithuanian Auka Victim
Lithuanian Tripakas Gonorrhea
Lithuanian Kale Bitch
Lithuanian Pize Cunt
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Lithuanian Pirdalius Farter
Lithuanian Bezdalius Farter
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Lithuanian Nuopisa Fucked up piece of shit
Lithuanian Daunas Retard
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Louisiana creole You a lie You are a liar, and lie often
Lowland Scots Git it Roon' ye Fuck you
Lowland Scots Fuckin' rocket Idiot
Lowland Scots Bag 'O Shite Not very good
Lowland Scots Mockitt Dirty.
Lowland Scots Boggin Dirty.
Lowland Scots Yer face is mockitt / boggin your face is dirty.
Lowland Scots Aye, Yer Maw Your mother
Lowland Scots Get ti fuk yi baw bag go away you scrotom
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Ltfhudsf ERUmtQDxAz nVMyEjsJH
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Luxembourgish Schäiss! Shit!
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Macedonian Smotan Dope, Dickhead
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Macedonian klatikur a person whose dick undulates
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Macedonian zubeyt bald
Macedonian Volim Te Love You
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Makronesian(conlang) Mashtur Asshole, Wamper
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Malagasy Boko Lataky Penis and Balls
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Malay Kote Penis/Dick
Malay Anak Haram Son of Bitch
Malay Batang (An erect) dick
Malay Kepala pituk Dickhead (literally)
Malay Taik (pronounced 'tah-eek') Shit
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Malay kepala buto dick head
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Neapolitan Sij 'na bbellezza 'e ceramica, 'u cess You are as beatiful as a bathroom
Neapolitan Figlij 'e 'ntrocchia Cunning person
Neapolitan M'h fatto vene a guallara You're the reason of my hernia
Neapolitan Cafone Uneducated person
Neapolitan Loffa Fart
Neapolitan Ngul a mammt In your mothers ass
Neapolitan 'Ngul a mammeta In the ass of your mother
Neapolitan 'nd a chella fess e mammeta In the pussy of your mother
Nederlands (dutch) kut (lit. cunt) sucks
Nederlands (dutch) hondelul lit. dogsdick
Nederlands (dutch) boerelul lit. farmers dick
Nederlands (dutch) Verdomme Damn/Blast it
Nederlands (dutch) hoerejong son of a whore/bitch
Nederlands (dutch) slettebak slut
Nederlands (dutch) stronthoer (lit: shit whore) slut / worthless female person
Nederlands (dutch) hobbezak lausy, lazy, mostly fatty person
Nederlands (dutch) dikke zeug fat (female)pig
Nederlands (dutch) vuile stinkkut dirty smelly cunt
Nederlands (dutch) pothoer lesbian whore
Nederlands (dutch) krijg de tiefus get typhus
Nederlands (dutch) snollekop slutty head
Nederlands (dutch) smerig zwijn filthy swine
Nederlands (dutch) kankerlijer (lit: someone suffering cancer) dickhead, mean and worthless person
Neopolitan Goul a mamita Up your mothers ass
Neopolitan Mezzi i goesh between your legs
Neopolitan Schiffa ti n goul Stick it in your ass
Nepali Maa Rondi! Mother's a whore
Nepali maa chikney! Motherfucker
Nepali randi ko choro son of bitch
Nepali puti ko jhol pussys liquid
Nepali turi tauke dickhead
Nepali Putin Chaat Lick Pussy
Nepali Puti Chat Chu suck pussy
Nepali Jantha pubic hair
Nepali Lado kha Eat my dick
Nepali Goo kha Eat Shit
Nepali mero fushi kha Eat My Cum
Nepali fushi kha Eat Cum
Nepali Lado ko tuppo Dick edge
Nepali Morr Sali Morr! Die Bitch Die!
Nepali Chick-day Fuck-it
Nepali mootday piss-it
Nepali moot piss
Nepali goo kha eat shit
Nepali goo khai-ra morr eat shit and die
Nepali gand faat cha ass blasts
Nepali puti kha eat pussy
Nepali gula kha eat my dick
Nepali chak cha eat ass
Nepali laando kha eat my dick
Nepali lamto nipple
Nepali dudh breast
Nepali radi ko puti whore's pussy
Nepali Randi ko baan son of the prostitute
Nepali randiko choro son of a bitch
Nepali beshya bitch
Nepali Gula chus randi Suck my balls, bitch
Nepali Maa chikni Mother fucker
Nepali Machikne Mother Fucker
Nepali Tutturay Penis
Nepali Dhoti Dog shit
Nepali Madhesi Sister fucker
Nepali Adarsha Stud
Nepali Gidi Haps Frustrated, Irritated
Nepali Bhalu lai chik muji fuck that whore motherfucker
New cardellian english You Klootz You Asshole
New cardellian english You Klootzak You Asshole
New cardellian english You Klatz You Asshole
New zealand Munter A stupid person
New zealand kurī uwha Bitch (Female Dog)
New zealand Not Even Ow What a Liar
New zealand Teke Vagina
New zealand He nono pai te ra You have a nice ass
New zealand prick a real idiot,asshole
New zealand Fucktard Really useless person
New zealand Beef Curtains Female Vulva
New zealand Butter Hot Body, BUT HER face is ugly
New zealand Durrie Cigarette
New zealand Bolo Testicle
New zealand emu shagger / snake sucker / abo fucker / petro sniffer australian
New zealand Im'a smoke a Fag Im going to smoke a cigarette
New zealand Bum bandit Homosexual male
New zealand csb cool story bro/ cool stroy babe
New zealand tutai shit
New zealand Queer Cunt Unlike able person
New zealand Hangi Pants Someone who sleeps around
New zealand Fuck knuckle Idiot / Dumbass
New zealand Drop Kick Idiot
New zealand Fuck Whit Idiot
New zealand fuck off donkey get lost you idiot
New zealand Fulwit Idiot
New zealand Nek Minnit Fucktard
New zealand simon wu!!!! you fucking slutty ass bitch
Newfoundland Chuckle head stupid
Newfoundland Sleeveen a dishonist person
Newfoundland Scut Very dirty person
Nicaragua sort out yu girl have sex with your girl
Nicaragua Andate a la mierdad Go to hell
Nicaragua Hijueputa Son of bitch
Nicaragua Cara de pedo Fart face
Nicaragua Cara de puta Face like a bitch
Nicaragua Boca de mierda Your mouth is shit.
Nicaragua Turca Dick
Nicaragua comemierda piece of shit
Nicaragua cara de bicho pussy face motherfucker
Nicaragua culo sucio dirty ass
Nicaragua araña peluda hairy pussy (old bitch)
Nicaragua culo de tentacion y cara de pena butterface bitch
Nicaragua cara de mis huevos ugly motherfucker
Nicaragua puta barata cheap whore
Nicaragua la tuya hijoeputa fuck you motherfucker
Nicaragua pato faggot
Nicaragua A mi me vale verga I don't give a fuck
Nigeria,igbo Ohu ezi Pig cunt
Nigeria,igbo ewu goat
Nigeria,igbo Otu pussy
Nigeria,igbo mother fucken bitch english
Niuean keo elo stink cunt
North norwegain Hæstkuk Horse Cock
North norwegain et en kuk Go eat a dick
North norwegain Fett hore Cunt Whore
North norwegain Svart faen BLack Fuck
Northern irish Ballsack Scrotum
Northern irish Lick the sweat! Fuck off!
Northern irish Saunter someone who is talking nonsense
Northern irish Eejit Idiot
Northern irish Twat Female Idiot
Northern irish nugget hunter homosexual
Northern irish nutter a mad person
Northern irish tube idiot
Northern irish yer ma's flaps your mother's vagina
Northern irish bite my balls fuck off!
Northern irish boggin' disgusting
Northern irish get yer rat out show us your vagina
Northern irish gonads testicles
Northern irish dot anus
Northern irish blurt vagina
Northern irish Space cadet Some sorta mad bastard
Northern irish Baps Tits
Northern irish Bout Ye hello how are you doing
Northern irish Aye, Whats the craic hello, how are you doing
Northern irish Craic news, gossip, fun, entertainment
Northern irish Turd Packer A male homosexual
Norwegian Utpulte slappfitte outfucked lazycunt
Norwegian soppspiste pitbulkukkforhud mushroom infected pit bull foreskin
Norwegian kukost cock's cheese (smegma-shit)
Norwegian slingrefitte wobblepussy
Norwegian Rasstapp Ass tap
Norwegian Fittetryne Cunt face
Norwegian Dust Schmuck
Norwegian Føkkings Fucking (something)
Norwegian J'vel Bastard
Norwegian J'vla hore Fucking bitch
Norwegian H'stkuk Horse's dick (male)
Norwegian S'dsprut Cumshot
Norwegian You fucking cockhead! Ditt jvla kukkhue!
Norwegian dra til helvete go to hell
Norwegian Gå å knull morra de go fuck your mother
Norwegian dumme faen (you)stupid fuck
Norwegian Steikje Damn
Norwegian Lille satan Little devil
Norwegian Pokker Shit
Norwegian trekukk woodcock
Norwegian Jeg driter i melka di I shit in your milk
Norwegian skitliv shitlife
Norwegian drit i det screw that
Norwegian Sodomerte ludder Anal fucked slut
Norwegian barometeret te'n far your fathers cock
Norwegian svela te mor e så frøktele stor my mothers cunt is so freakin big
Norwegian dåsa cunt
Norwegian Morra di er hore Yo mother's a whore
Norwegian jævela fitte Fucking cunt
Norwegian Kug Sugar (stavnger) Cock sucker
Norwegian Ludder Whoe/Slut
Norwegian pikkantilope og firkant raev Dick-antelope and square-ass
Norwegian Drittsekk Asshole
Norwegian Helvete Hell
Norwegian Jeg har runka bestefaren din I've jacked off your grandfather
Norwegian Fitte Pussy
Norwegian Hestkuk Horse cock
Norwegian Jævla Idiot! Fucking idiot!
Norwegian Hælvetes hore! Damn whore!
Norwegian Helvetes hore Fucking bitch (lit. hells bitch)
Norwegian Mordi Your mother
Norwegian fattig! poor (economically)
Norwegian Manndige pikk med mye hår Man dick with a lots of pubic hair
Norwegian Faen ta deg Fuck you
Norwegian hestkuk horsecock
Norwegian fetta pussy
Norwegian Ditt eple You fucking shithead
Norwegian Dra til helvete Fuck off
Norwegian Kuktryne Dick face
Norwegian bretter deg folding you
Norwegian Skamsltte ludder! hardbeaten whore!
Norwegian Jvla misfoster! Fucking freak!
Norwegian Hold for faen kjeft! Shut the fuck up!
Norwegian Brenn i helvete Burn in hell
Norwegian Jeg gir blanke faen I don't give a fuck
Norwegian Sjettsjur Bitch
Norwegian Dra å ri på ei Hestkuk! Go and ride on a horse cock!
Norwegian Fitte-faen Cunt-damn
Norwegian Rottpung Rat balls
Norwegian Fittesnerk Literally ''pussy milk skin''
Norwegian Det stinker hore i motvind It stinks whore in headwind
Norwegian Jukkegutt Thrusting boy (gay boy)
Occitan vai t'en cagar go shit
Octor who english Allons-y! Hurry the fuck up, bitch!
Octor who english Fantastic! You're a cunt!
Oilsjters ge zetj 'n kalle you're a retarded woman
Ojibwe Wiisinin Kiinuk Eat A Dick
Ojibwe Kiinuk Giizos The Cock Man
Ojibwe Boonoo Idiot
Ojibwe Kah Just Fucked Up
Ojibwe Kaawiin Kiin Animush No You Fucking Idiot
Ojibwe Shaazhiibs The Nerve Of Her/Him
Ojibwe Hegiinuk Fucking Dumbshit
Ojibwe O'Wiinag Thats Stupid As Fuck
Ojibwe Ankii Your An Idiot
Ojibwe Ankiinuk Your A Really Stupid Person
Ojibwe Maajiidook Fucking Bullshit
Ojibwe Kii Idiot
Ojibwe Kijeat Your Ass
Ojibwe Hegii Thats Fucking Stupid
Ojibwe Wiisinin Boonoo Eat Shit
Ojibwe Wiisinin Boonoowug Eat Alot Of Shit
Omali Guus Cayaar Masturbate
Omani kes baytic your house pussy
Omani Areed a'mos I want to suck
Omani ta'al shumo come sniff it
Omani Yallah hibaabi How cute are you!
Omani Sobna al ghawi Look at me cutie!
Omani Ya hleilish You soft gay
Omani Anikak wala atsabah Fuck you so hard
Omani Qaloob Transvestile gay
Omani Qolba bi qolba Fuck each other
Omani Ifssom (boy) fissmi (girl) Fuck you doggy style
Omani Itgambah Fuck you doggy style
Omani Ta'al adoqqak Fuck you so hard
Omani Ta'al ashrakhak Fuck you so hard/tear you up
Omani Ta'al ashahbak Fuck you so hard
Orewa college Creature someone who is on pingaz
Oriya Bada bou ghia aunty fucker
Oriya banda chhod masturing
Oriya maagya mother fucker
Oriya Bedhei pua Son of Prostitute.
Oriya bia fata mada fucking till satisfaction
Oriya pelei pua bastard
Oriya To bou BIA Your Mother Vagina
Oriya Ghoda Ghein Bedha Toke Horse Fucking prostitute girl
Oriya Bedha Toke Bastard Girl
Oriya To bhauni bia re ghia Fuck in your sister's cunt
Oriya Mu tomo bhallo pauchu Guy means "I want to fuck u..eventually"
Oriya randa (Pronounce Ra as robbery not as rabbit prostitute
Oriya bhauni giha sister fucker
Oriya bedhei a prostitute
Oriya mo priya ra bia re lagichi nia!!!!! there is fire in my lovers vagina
Oriya To Maa Biya Re Ghen Fuck you mother's cunt
Oriya madarchaut mother fucker
Oriya To Maa Bia re ghein Fuck you in your mother's vagina
Oriya Bedha toka son of prostitute
Oriya Gandi Mara Sankara Ass fucker bastard
Oriya Randi puo Prostitute's son
Oriya naani bia re ghian fuck your sister pussy
Oriya Tate Gehibi I will fuck you
Oriya To maa ku gihe I will fuck your mother
Oriya Banda mundi Tip of pennis
Oriya to maa ku kukur gaheun will fuck ur mother like dog
Oriya senti vagina hole
Oriya Maa ghia Mother fucker
Oriya Biya chudi Vagina buster
Oriya Pelei Puo Son of bitch
Oriya Hagura magia Coward mother fucker
Oriya Muuthi mara magia Masturbating motherfucker
Oriya Nanna gia Father fucker
Oriya Laathi biya re kaathi Stick in girlfriends pussy
Oriya Goola gandha Stinking boobs
Oriya Thoola phata maada Sex till balls are swollen
Oriya Pela phata maada Balls buster shot
Oriya Han ta nalire goithe kick at his dick
Oriya Randa ku banda dhamakani a penis threatening to a whore
Oriya Batakara (pela) balls
Oriya gosti gian fucker family
Oriya fusa chata ass sucker
Oriya fusa kura ass itcher
Oriya bia ku darkar jaghanya gihan cunt need's very hard fucking
Oriya Maa bia ra pua Son of the mother's vagina
Oriya Maa gia Fuck your mother
Oriya To Gandire Ghien Fuck your Ass
Oriya Gandire Banda Cock in the Ass
Oriya To Gandire Mo Banda My Cock in your Ass
Oriya To Maipa Biaare gihen Fuck your wife's Cunt
Oriya To Maipa Gandire gihen Fuck your wife's Ass
Oriya Senti Clitoris
Oriya Pela Balls ( Scrotum)
Oriya To Maipa Gandi maribi Shall fuck your wife's Ass
Oriya Gaandiaa Gay Bottom
Oriya To Maipa Biaare Gihen Shall Fuck in your wife's cunt
Ork Snik Stab, cut, cause a cutting wound
Ork Git Idiot, a orc,
Ork 'ere we go! Here we go, it's about to begin!
Oromo Haadha rawu Mother fucker
Oromo Salamaa/salamtuu (m/f) Fucked
Oromo Gowa Stupid
Oromo Bashitaa Sickness
Oshiwambo Ongobe ilai Stupid cow (common insult)
Osu! You son of Peppy! Son of a bitch!
Otjiherero kanyoko konini your mother's cunt
Otjiherero kaiho korutjengo your father's dick
Outer island of yap mala tingiyal Your Vigina
Pacman waka waka this ecstacy is giving me an orgasm
Pacman Wada wada wada I'm coming for you, bitch!
Pakistan tutti (tattie) shit
Pakistan Kuti Bitch/Dog
Pakistan Babbay choos ne hai I want to suck your milk
Pakistan udinia suck your mother
Pakistan Behanchood Sister Fucker
Pakistan Maa ki Chut Mother Pussy
Pakistan Kuss Marani Ka One Who gets his ass fucked
Pakistan Maa ka lora Mother Dick
Pakistan Their Lei Ma Ge Puddi Fuck your mom
Pakistan Tatti kaa Eat shut
Pakistan Gaand tere maran I'll fuck your ass
Pakistan Maa nu kuss mar Hit your mom with dick
Palau bediu a kikkil pussy stink
Palau Meleketak Masterbate
Palau meses su uau (wow) stupid
Palau bediu a ptil your ass stinks
Palau Menga Tuu Cock Sucker
Palau Mekekad Bitch
Palau Mengara Kikil A Delam Eating Your Mom's Pussy
Palau oltu er a delal fucking your mother
Palestinian slang Ya akho el sharmouta! you brother of a whore/bitch!
Pamiri tu nan gavum fuck your mother
Pamiri Jushbuts Son of a Dick
Pamiri Tut tulu mu jushe You look like my dick
Pamirian Toydam Come
Pamirian ze mu jush take my dick
Pamirian tut des khagh you're so cute
Pamirian tut mu jon u're my honey
Pamirian murd fark nist i dont care
Pan man (shakes head) you are retarted
Panama chucha de tu madre ur mom's pussy
Panama pootha bitch
Panjabi bakvas bullshit
Panjabi Tutti Shit
Panjabi Kuthe Kambakhte Fucking Dog
Panjabi Kuthe Di Poosh Dogs Tail
Panjabi Teri paan di chiter Your sisters ass
Panjabi bhen chod fuck your sister
Panjabi Teri pan di lun Your sister's dick
Panjabi Pan chod Sister fucker
Panjabi Momay Tits
Panjabi Lun te Waj Jump on my dick
Panjabi kuri yawa daughter fucker
Panjabi kudi chod daughter fucker
Panjabi peyu di gand vich ungal finger in father ass
Panjabi lun tay charja ride someones dick
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Puta shushi Dirty bitch
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai hunga pakul Go get assfucked
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai bati puñete Go Jackoff
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai den tonto di bo mama Go into your mama's cunt
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Kabes di patin Dick head
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Mariku stinki Dirty homo/ fucking homo
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Mariku shushi Dirty homo
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Ju ku di puta shushi Dirty son of a bitch
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Kaka Shit
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Ta ki koño/ lolo anto? WTF? What the Fuck
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai chupa patin/ dollo!! Go suck some dick!
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai chinga bo mama!!! Go fuck your mother! (Very dirty)
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) bo smoel pendew shut your mouth fucker
Papiamentu Bai den conjo di bo mama Go inside the cunt of your mother
Papiamentu Koño Pussy / Cunt
Papiamentu lolo idiot
Papiamentu Konjo bo mama Get back in your moms cunt
Papiamentu Bo ta papia kens. You're talking shit.
Papua new guinea (motu) Sina gagai!! Fuck your mother!!
Papua new guinea (motu) Udum ba gagaimu I fuck your mouth
Papua new guinea (motu) Kio Hebaki Wide opened Kunt
Papua new guinea (motu) Usi aniani Cock eater
Papua new guinea (motu) Kio Bada Big Kunt
Papua new guinea (motu) Pamuku Slut
Papua new guinea (motu) Matu Slut
Papua new guinea (motu) Matu bada Big hole
Papua new guinea (motu) Matamu Kioka Kunt Eyes
Papua new guinea (motu) Matamu Usina Cock Eyes
Papua new guinea (motu) Lau naurum oi baine gagaimu I really want to fuck you
Papua new guinea (motu) Kio Aniani Kunt Eater
Papuan kongtol dick, cock
Paripi4 6to si bobar? Why are you so baaad?
Paripi4 4okai si vrata Fuck your brother
Pashto Taderaspey Child of dog
Patois Ras claat jerk
Patois Bombaclaat assholes
Patois Pussyclart Pussy cloth
Patois bloodclart sanitary towel/ 'blood cloth'
Patois chi chi bwoy gigolo/male prostitute
Patois dam ediot fool/ jackass
Paupa new guinea was wash you stink have a shower
Paupa new guinea kaikai kan eat pussy
Paupa new guinea Kuapim yu yet Fuck yourself
Paupa new guinea Hul het Ass face
Paupa new guinea Kaikai hul Eat ass
Paupa new guinea Kaikai pekpek Eat shit
Paupa new guinea Pamuk Bitch
Paupa new guinea kuapim mi strong fuck me hard
Paupa new guinea yumi kuap lets fuck
Paupa new guinea kapsaitim kok wara lo pes blo mi I want you to cum on my face
Paupa new guinea smel nogut stink
Paupa new guinea kan yu you are a cant
Pedian Tikhri o piravu Fuck off
Pedian Hijanaro! Shut up!
Pedian Ijuplik Retard
Persian kiram too damaghet my cock is in your nose
Persian Madar-e-to Gayidam I fucked/blew your mom
Persian mader zagh mother dog
Persian kir tu dahan cock in mouth
Persian Khoyamal Stupid sperm sucker
Persian kiram to dahane arabe koskesh my dick in fucking arab
Persian Koon Kesh You give anal to other guys.
Persian Kose nanat Fuck your mom
Persian Kiram dahanet My penis into your mouth
Persian haroum zaade son of a bitch
Persian (Farsi) tokhm balls
Persian (Farsi) ann ru sar et shit on your head
Persian (Farsi) man o bokon have sex with me
Persian (Farsi) jendeh, keer bokhor whore, eat a dick
Persian (Farsi) Khaar kosdeh Your sister is a whore
Persian (Farsi) Madar jendeh Your mother is a whore
Persian (Farsi) khar idiot
Persian (Farsi) torke char stupid turk
Persian (Farsi) arabe kassif dirty arab
Persian (Farsi) kiram tu kunet my dick in your ass
Persian (Farsi) jende khiabooni prostitute
Persian (Farsi) ahai duffy-ie sexy hey sexy chick [hottie]
Persian (Farsi) jende bitch
Persian (Farsi) beriz roo sooratam cum on my face
Persian (Farsi) bezar dahanam put [ ur dick ] im my mouth
Persian (Farsi) taa tah bokon too put it inside me to the end ( put it deep inside )
Persian (Farsi) neghal more than 1 father
Persian (Farsi) Pedarsag son of a bitch
Persian (Farsi) Bisho'ur idiot
Persian (Farsi) Khak too Saret Idiot / Shame on you
Persian (Farsi) Khodeto Bokun Go Fuck Yourself
Persian (farsi) mameet kerakoor ee ners jaj ktam i will jizz in your mothers food
Persian (farsi) seyyed Bastaard
Persian (farsi) akhoond Bastaard
Persian (farsi) khwar o madari ta gaiam fuck your sister and mother
Persian (farsi) avazi ashghale bishoore kesafat mother fuckin bitch
Persian (farsi) kos tosaret pussy on your head
Persian (farsi) Atabaki Funny mustache
Persian (farsi) Kiram to sibilet My cock into your mustach
Persian (farsi) Kiram to dahanet My dick in your mouth
Persian (farsi) be roohe pedaret miridam I shit on your father's soul
Persian (farsi) Valade zenaa Bastard, Son of a bitch
Persian (farsi) Kireto mikhoram im gonna bite your penis off
Persian (farsi) Davar veiseh Traitor
Persian (farsi) khaar kosde sister fucker
Persian (farsi) jendē,kos pare bitch
Persian (kermani accent) Shompot Dumb ass
Persian(farsi) gaeedamet fuck you
Persian(farsi) Shaholahi Mother fucker
Persian(farsi) Reedam Be Heykalet I shat on your whole body
Perto rico no sea bruto dont be stupid
Peruvian Reconche tu mare weon! Mother Fucker Asshole !
Peruvian chúpate este suck this (cock)
Peruvian Huevon (it depends) dude (friendly), retard (strong)
Peruvian ¡Ándate a la mierda! Fuck off! (Go away)
Peruvian mierda Shit!
Peruvian chupame el poto !!! suck my ass
Peruvian Bixona Bitch
Peruvian hijo de perra son of a bitch
Pewdish Barrel!! Bitch
Philipino Hoon dat mob Fuck you
Philipino hudas! / hudas ka! traitor!/ you're a traitor!
Philipino Gago (male)/ gaga (female) Moron/ stupid
Philipino Anak ng puta Son of a bitch.
Philipino Anak ng pi Stupid.
Philipino tee tee dick
Philipino Puke ng nanay mo Pussy of your mother
Philipino Puke ng ina mo Pussy of your mother
Philipino Putang Ina mo Son of a bitch (equivalent)
Phone piip piip piiiiiiiiip fuck your mother
Pidgeon coo coo I'm going to shit on you.
Pidgin Mi laik kuapim yu I want to fuck you
Pidgin Kaikai kan Eat Cunt
Pidgin Howzit Braddah? How you doing?
Piemontese Vatlu pie' ant'el cul go fuck yourself
Piemontese Ciornia Cunt
Piemontese Picia Bitch
Pig Oink oink oiiiiiiiiiiiiiink Son of a hot dog
Pig latin Upidstay itchbay Stupid Bitch
Pig latin Hitsay Shit
Pig latin Ogay ivegay ouryay adday an ustyray ombonetray Go give your dad a rusty trombone.
Pig latin litcay. Clit.
Pig latin eatay ymay eftlay utnay eat my left nut
Pig latin ouryay umsmay aay itchbay your mum's a bitch
Pig latin uckfay ouyay itchbay ! fuck you bitch
Pig latin Hitheadsay Shithead
Pig latin Fakalete + ewa elsma ikla oopa U fafa + u smell like poo
Piglatin Itchbay Bitch
Pikachu Pi Fuck; to fuck
Pikachu Pika to fuck hard
Pikachu Pika Pika to fuck violently
Pikachu Chu Bitch
Pikachu Pika-chu to fuck a bitch
Pikachu pikachu fucking bitches like a pro
Pikachu ka copulate
Pikachu *electric shock* s and m
Pikachu pika pika pi pika Nathan sucks Dick
Pikachu pik pika pika !!! your dick has stipneck!!!
Pikachu GOVNO SMRDI Donald Trump
Pilipino tang ina mo pussy of your mum
Pilipino tarantado bastard
Pilipino utong nipple
Pilipino suso breast
Pilipino buto/burat cock
Pilipino Tanga ka! You are stupid!
Pilipino boknoi horny bastard
Pilipino utot fart
Plains cree skanak dirty ass
Plains cree scunagoose slutty bitch
Plattdeutsch verpflucht der Larsche damn your ass!
Pnar Dahbei Mother Fucker
Pohnpeian neah tikitik skinny legs
Pohnpeian solenge mat stinky ear
Pohnpeian ka-ra-ran busting a nut
Pohnpeian pese key reom ol fuck yo brotha
Pohnpeian kang yea eat me
Pohnpeian who sole mangaingai rough nuts
Pohnpeian hoolo mat stingky dick
Pohnpeian pasu mat stingky vagina
Pohnpeian pasa key num fuck your motha
Pohnpeian pien nomw your mothers vagina
Pokemon Hey Brock Male Slut
Pokemon You Mr. Mime You ugly mother fucker (to males)
Pokemon Hey Nurse Joy Slut
Pokemon Your a crazy Jigglypuff You cunt
Pokemon I'll fireblast you with my Charizard I'll shit on your face
Pokemon Your a Grimer & ditto Trainer You sadistic sick fuck
Pokemon You ditto You shit face mother fucker ass bag
Pokemon Your a Jynx Trainer Ugly ass bitch
Pokemon you Voltorb geek Shit face
Pokemon I'll thundershock you with my Raichu I'll fart in your face
Pokemon You love voltorbs You love shit
Pokemon You magikarp You usless bitch/dick
Pokemon Hey Officer Jenny Hot bitch
Pokemon You jiggleypuff You bitch
Pokemon I'll waterblast you with my blastoise I'm cum on your face with my dick
Pokemon My Caterpie just evolved into a Metapod. I just got a boner.
Pokemon My Metapod used harden! I just got a boner.
Pokemon You Pokerus trainer You cheating bitch
Pokemon You have a Cubone You ass with an erectile disfuntion
Pokemon Son of a bidoof Son of a bitch
Pokemon jigglypuffs tits
Pokemon I just took a Graveler! I just took a Shit!
Pokemon You're a Misty! Red/Orange haired slut!
Pokemon I have a Gyrados I have a Long wet dick
Pokemon I love my charizard I love my fat ass hole
Pokemon gotta catch`em all time to fuck all the bitches
Pokemon Pikachu, I choose you! I want to have sex with your mom
Pokemon You just fainted after a battle I killed you after i raped you
Pokemon That really puffles my jigglies. That really rustles my jimmies.
Pokemon Picachu I choose you!!! Fuck you, you muther
Pokemon Jiggle my Voltorbs Misty Play with my balls slut
Police You have the right to remain silent Shut the fuck up!
Polish dziwka whore (light)
Polish Gswno (pron. GOOVnoh) shit
Polish zajebiste fucking awesome
Polish suka bitch
Polish kurwa (coorvah), ty kurwo! bitch (hard), you bitch!
Polish Pierdol sie Fuck off / Get fucked
Polish Idiota Idiot
Polish Skurwysyn Son of a bitch / Motherfucker
Polish matkojebca motherfucker
Polish szmata | lafirynda | latawica slut, skenk
Polish kutas dick [light]
Polish gówno prawda bullshit
Polish gówno shit , crap
Polish cholera, kurwa damn it, fuck
Polish co kurwa, do kurwy nędzy ! what the fuck
Polish sierota orphan or useless
Polish Wyli¿ mi dupe eat my cornhole
Polish Jebałem twoja matka I fucked your mother
Polish Cipa Cunt
Polish Palant Dork
Polish Jebac To fuck
Polish Spierdalaj ty glupia pizda Fuck you, you stupid cunt
Polish Ty chuju You wanker
Polish Twoja stara ciagnie psu Your mother goes down on dogs
Polish Suka Bitch
Polish Ssij suko! Suck my dick, bitch!
Polish twoja stara your mom
Polish Szmata slut
Polish Cholera damn it
Polish spierdoliæ screw something up/run away
Polish przejebaæ, przepierdoliæ loose, waste money, fail
Polish kozojeb goatfucker
Polish najebaæ siê/napierdoliæ siê get totally drunk
Polish ciota gay boy
Polish pokurwiony sick idiot
Polish Niech ciê diabli wezm± May the devil take you
Polish Wypierdalaj st±d Get the fuck out of here
Polish Cycki Tits
Polish Jebałem twoja matke I fucked your mother
Polish Sukinsyn Son of a bitch
Polish Dupa / dupeczka Ass, beautiful girl
Polish Idz pierdol matke twojego kumpla go and fuck your friends mother
Polish Kutas Prick
Polish Ja Jebie Fuck it
Polish Ssij mi kutasa Suck my cock
Polish Ssij mi fiuta Suck my dick
Polish Wypierdalaj stad Get the fuck out
Polish Chce cie jebac analnie I want to fuck you analy
Polish Ssij kutasa Suck a dick
Polish Chcialbym wylizac twoja slodka cipke I'd like to lick your sweet pussy
Polish Pizda Cunt
Polish Chuj/Kutas A dick
Polish Jestes totalna zdzira You're a total slut
Polish Szmata nie umyta Unwashed slut
Polish twoja matka ma wielkie wary sromowe your mother have big vulva
Polish wpierdalaj gowno swojego psa eat your dog shit
Polish twoja stara lize ci parowke your mother licking your sausage
Polish Pochowaj sie w pokrzywach Go and hide in nettles
Polish pierdolony kutasiarzu you fucking dickhead
Polish kidawa autism
Poop Blart Shut up
Porn Keep that chin up. Get your head up while i fuck you.
Porn Shut the fuck up thomas Fuck me harder
Portuguese foda se fuck (figurative)
Portuguese puta, cabra bitch
Portuguese Merda Shit
Portuguese Vai tomar no cu fuck you
Portuguese Mama aqui oh puta Suck here you bitch
Portuguese Mamas Tits
Portuguese Punheta Jack off
Portuguese Cabrão Bastard (Male Goat)
Portuguese Vai para o Caralho Go to Cock
Portuguese Filho da puta Son of a bitch
Portuguese Parvo Stupid, crazy.
Portuguese va ao inferno go to hell
Portuguese Vai te foder Go fuck yourself
Portuguese Fode-te