How to say h in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
(pashto) sta mor kuss your mothers pussy
70s black you jive turkey on a coldfront Fake ass bitch
70s black sikky bich hot asshole(woman)
70s black Make kau dog Your mother black
80s twinkie a tight fannty
80s Rad man That's cool. i like it.
80s Mother chode Faggot
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Hoe get on the D and suck! Fuck me
Aave (african-american vernacular english) fuckboy A boy that isn't tough
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Buck 50 Switchblade or a razor blade
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Coochie Vagina
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Boo Boo Worthless, useless, has no value
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Blow your back out To have amazing sex
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Fix it make me orgasm through your mouth
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Hyena A cheap, loose or ignorant woman
Aave (african-american vernacular english) The D Penis
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Hair Hat Weave, wig, or hair extensions
Aave (african-american vernacular english) M.O.B. Member of the Bloods gang
Aave (african-american vernacular english) The Plug Source for illegal narcotics
Aave (african-american vernacular english) White bitch cocaine
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Albinos White Americans
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Devils White Americans
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Oh, my bad I didn't know it was you
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Let me hit Fuck me
Aboriginal Whoom Ba Ba Hoya I will never support myself
Aboriginal White Munga White Cunt
Aboriginal Guna Shit
Aboriginal Dick whisel Suck my dick
Adi Nok might de hol ! Your dick
Adi eki might ! Dog's dick !
Adi ngok might em yaktola ! Suck my dick !
Adi Nok might ! Your dick
Afgaranian Bok cholow Titties
Afghan Kose khowaret kerim my dick in ur moms pussy
Afghan go khor poop eater (bullshit talker)
Afghan kus modar mother fucker
Afghan kusi bitch
Afghan fashia whore
Afghan Pathar Nalat Curse Your Father
Afghan Koss Chomlok Wrinkley Vagina
Afghan Koss Shaftal Hairy Grass Looking Vagina
Afghan Koss Chatal Dirty Vagina
Afghan Khampalak Doggystyle
Afghan Cholak Dildo
Afghan Kushad Faggot
Afghan Shakhh Shakhh Kosset mekonam Ill fuck ur pussy hard hard
Afghan Kerim da Koonet Tanget My dick in ur tight anus hole
Afghan Kerim da Basta Khanadanet Ill fuck your whole family
Afghan Pashm Pubes
Afghan Go khor Shiteater
Afghan Morda Gaow Pimp/whore
Afghan Khaya gom Deep dick
Afghan Kirom da danet My dick in your mouth
Africa Abuni funo Fuck you asshole
Afrikaans Hy is 'n duiwel He is a devil
Afrikaans Jy's 'n hondenaaier You're a dog fucker
Afrikaans hol bossel ass creeper
Afrikaans gaan klim terug in jou ma se poes go climb back in your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou Ma Go fuck your mother
Afrikaans Jou dom stuk kak! You stupid piece of shit!
Afrikaans Pielkop! Dickhead!
Afrikaans Etterkop! Pusshead!
Afrikaans Poeskak Cunt shit
Afrikaans Jou ma se poes! Your mother's cunt!
Afrikaans Jou teef! You bitch!
Afrikaans "Naaiers" Fuckers / Whores
Afrikaans Hol naier! Ass fucker!
Afrikaans Hoender naaiers Chicken fuckers!
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou hand Go fuck your hand
Afrikaans Kak Gat Ass Hole
Afrikaans jou ma se skimil stink poes Your mother's pusie stinky cunt
Afrikaans Hy is 'n doos. He is a cunt
Afrikaans kak shit
Afrikaans Tietkop(Pronounced : Teetcop) Tithead
Afrikaans Sleg etter Rotten pusshead
Afrikaans Gaan kak op jou ma se poes! Go shit on your mother's pussy
Afrikaans Tietkop a man with no hair (nipple head)
Afrikaans Poepol Asshole
Afrikaans gaan kak go shit
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloed poes Your mothers' bloody cunt
Afrikaans you ma se poes your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Your ma se poes your mothers vagina
Afrikaans steek dit in jou fokken vet hol jou moer stick it in your fucking ass
Afrikaans Gaan kak in die kaap Go crap in the cape
Afrikaans wie de fok dink jy is jy who the fuck do you think you are
Afrikaans moerskont mothers puss
Afrikaans Jy gaan jou poes kak You are going to shit your vagina
Afrikaans jou ou naai you old hore
Afrikaans Gat gabba Homosexual
Afrikaans Gaan kak in Gauteng Go shit in Gauteng
Afrikaans jou ma se poes your mothers cunt
Afrikaans kotskop puke head
Afrikaans Gaan kak in jou poes Go shit in your pussy
Afrikaans Jou fokken poes kakker naipoes You fucking cunt shitter cunt fuck
Afrikaans Jou fokken holnaaier poes You fucking ass fucking cunt
Afrikaans ma-naaier mother fucker
Afrikaans Jou ma se poes Your mother's pussy
Afrikaans Hol naier Ass Fucker
Afrikaans ag jou hol man! Oh! thats bullshit
Afrikaans Fok die kak , Ek loop Fuck this shit, im leaving
Afrikaans jou sluimsloot bewonderaar you Pussy hacker
Afrikaans Fok julle naaiers! Fuck y'all/all you whores/fuckers!
Afrikaans Hond Kerrie poes Dog Curry Pussy
Afrikaans jy is n damduiker. you are a asshole
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloedpoes Your mother's bloody clit
Afrikaans LOOP KAK Go Shit
Afrikaans jou pa se perd your fathers penis
Afrikaans piel kop dick head
Afrikaans jou mase stink poes your mothers stinky pussy
Afrikaans hoender poes chicken cunt
Afrikaans jou ma se chit stink your mothers cape clit stinks
Afrikaans ek gan jou klap men ñ nat piel im gonna smack u with a wet dick
Afrikaans jou fokken goffel you fucking ugly bitch
Afrikaans Doosis Jesus, that guy is a vagina
Afrikaans Poesis Jesus, that was fucked up
Afrikaans Jou ma se Poes Your mothers fannie
Afrikaans jou pa se stink vuil poes your father smelly dirty puss
Afrikaans Shrek A cool guy
Afrikaans Gorrel my spyt kak Gargle my diarrhea
Afrikaans Dawie Joubert Pedophile
Afrikaans Dopkaas Dick cheese
Afrikaans Jou tief You whore
Afrikaans mod soka mother fucker
Albanian te qifsha motren i will fuck your sister
Albanian "Te qifsha, kurve" Fuck you, bitch
Albanian S'ma Ni Kari I don't give a shit!
Albanian kurvar manwhore
Albanian bytha ass
Albanian Ti qifsha byth Fuck Your Ass, or to fuck ones ass.
Albanian Ta qifsha nanen Fuck Your Mother
Albanian nënë mother
Albanian Të qifsha robt fuck your family
Albanian shkërdhat e qelbur dirty slut
Albanian te dhjefsha racën fuck your kind
Albanian kok derr thick headed / big head
Albanian Pidhi Vagina
Albanian Rrot Kari Literal: Dick Wheel, i.e. jackass
Albanian ta qifsha nanen ne pidh kari fuck your mother you dick
Albanian ta qifsha pythin e nans fuck ur mothers vagina
Albanian Nanajote ehankarin Your mother eats cock
Albanian Rrot kari Dickhead
Albanian Shko n'kar Go fuck you
Albanian a m’ha mutin eat my shit
Albanian Ta qifsha fëfërdakin e nonës May I fuck your mother's rim
Albanian Ha Mut Eat Shit
Albanian Lavire Whore
Albanian dshtoj fuck up
Albanian ta qifsha pidhin To fuck your pussy
Albanian Ma qifsh karin! (Albanian-Kosovo) May you fuck my dick!
Albanian Guxha e karit Glans of penis
Albanian Ti qij rrobt! I will fuck everyone you have!
Albanian M'qifsh Karin! Fuck my dick!
Albanian buce bitch
Albanian Ta Qifsha Qeni Nanen Dog Fuck Your Mum
Albanian shkertate bitch
Albanian Allahu Akbar Suck my ass
Albanian Simge Your dads a shopkeeper
Albanian T'qift dreqi nonen! The devil fucks your mom!
Albanian Qift qeni nonen! May the dog fuck your mom!
Algerian tahhann you give your wife to others
Algerian roh tnayyek go get fucked
Algerian Kahhba Bitch
Algerian Rass El Zebb Dick Head
Algerian naa'hachoun yemak your mother's damn vagina
Algerian roh tqawwed go give your wife
Algerian nik ommouk fuck your mother
Algerian nik ymak fuck your mother
Algerian nakch passive gay man
Algerian nik ymack fuck you mother
Algerian naqsh passive gay man
Algerian spontchi jerk off
Algerian rani skhouun ki narrr im so horny
Algerian nahwik fuck you
Algerian mok kahba your mom is a bitch
Algerian roh taati Go get fucked
Algerian wjah zebi Face of my dick
Algerian kaboul son of a whore
Algerian Yedek fi zebi Your hands in my dick
Algerian Hatchoun yemak The pussy of your mother
Algerian Kchour e terma Ass peelings
Alien @#$@#( fuck you human!!
Alien u zurd this is too harsh to be defined
Alsatian lèck-mi-am-arsch Lick my ass
Alsatian schtufe die schobert fucked in the asshole
Alsatian Arch Loch Ass Hole
Alternative curse words Son of a motherless goat Son of a bitch
Alternative curse words Gosh Darnit! God Damn it!
Amazigh - riffan Thakhna Cunt
Amazigh - riffan Azedjif oumnyar Dickhead
Amazigh - riffan Ahachoun n yemmach Your mother's pussy.
Amazigh - riffan Akach zmayeth Suck it!
Amazigh - riffan Abouhari (Male) - Tabouharcht (Female) Crazy / Retard
Amazigh - riffan Achkor I Will Fuck You
Amazigh - riffan Khsagh Achmakor I Wanna Fuck You
Amazigh - riffan Yezan Shit
Amazigh - riffan A Mis N Tkahbacht You Son Of Bitch
Amazigh - riffan Takahbacht Bitch
Amazigh - riffan A Yaghyour You Donkey
Amazigh - riffan Ko Ymach Fuck Your Mother
Ambonesse Lubang puki e! Asshole
Ambonesse Tulang puki e! Hey Pussy!
Ambonesse Kapala butu e! Dickhead!
Ambonesse, ambonesse Loco puki e!, Lonte! Pussy licker, Bitch!
Ambonesse, ambonesse Lonte! Bitch!
Ambonesse, ambonesse Puki Agas e! Chick pussy!
America english Blue waffles cunt A bitch with a bad std
American Jacker Worse than wanker
American (louisiana creole) whispering eye vagina
American (louisiana creole) josh drude retard
American (louisiana creole) cuhon dumb
American (louisiana creole) L Tuggle Lying stupid bitch
American (louisiana creole) Being a shitful of jackass Assdick
American English Shit licker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English lets dock the clock to have sex
American English Douche Bag idiot, dumbass
American English Choking the meat Male masturbation
American English Ass ranger Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Donut hole puncher Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Rump rider Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Ass rover Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Horse Shit I don't believe what you told me
American English Spanking the monkey Male masturbation
American English Beating the meat Male masturbation
American English Flogging the meat Male masturbation
American English DDQ Woman with large breasts
American English Cocksucker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Shit I don't believe what you told me
American English Ta ta queen Woman with large breasts
American English Apples from the Earth Fuck you
American English Taking a whiz Male or female urination
American English Lady of the evening Prostitute
American English Whore Prostitute or promiscuous women
American English Big'uns Having large balls / being brave
American English Shaking the dew off the lilly Male urination
American English Don't give a shit I don't care / I could care less
American English Pounding the meat Male masturbation
American English Big ones Having large balls / being brave
American English Bleeding the weasle Male urination
American English Having balls Being brave
American English Back door, basement butt slut Someone who engages in anal sex
American English TTQ Woman with large breasts
American English Whizzing Male or female urination
American English Saluting the general Male masturbation
American English Whiz Male or female urination
American English calm yo titties calm the fuck down
American English cock holster cock sucker
American English Frotch/ Fire crotch Red head... (offensive)
American English HAM WALLET Vagina
American English Riding the baloney pony Getting fucked
American English Corn hole anus
American English eat that taco lick that pussy
American English Choking the chicken Male masturbation
American English slob the knob suck dick
American English Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger Penis
American English Motherfucker suck on my hairy balls suck balls
American English Fuck you asshole, Go lick a dick. Fuck you asshole, Go lick a dick.
American English pie hole mouth
American English corn hole butt hole
American English butt hole jerk
American English fatitude fat person with bad attitude
American English dick breath mean person, jerk
American English daddy's whore daddy's girl
American English pizza face person with acne
American English giving head oral sex
American English Dumb Shit A stupid person
American English doodoo chasers gay person
American English beating that meat masterbating my cock
American English Pole dancer Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Dick licker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Glory hole anus
American English Sturring the fudge anal sex
American English Carpet kitten Lesbian that engages in oral sex
American English Pulling the pud Male masturbation
American English Shooting the wad Male ejaculation
American English Purple headed dragon Penis
American English Purple headed warrior Penis
American English Pussy Licker One who engages in cunnilingus
American English Shit slinger One who tells lies
American English Slinging shit Telling a lie
American English Brick shithouse Beautiful woman
American English mo fo muther fucka
American English Is it *that* time of month? are you on your period?
American English Durfee A person who is prone to epic fails
American English Spencer Haveing huge balls
American English Brown Eye or Chocolate Starfish Anus
American English flo tard a retard woman on her flow
American English Milf Mother i'd like to fuck
American English dooky schute a persons butthole
American English hoochie sleezy girl
American English hoochie mama sleezy girl
American English hood rat ghetto skank
American English toss my salad eat my asshole
American English booty warrior dude who will rape another mans ass
American English stuttering stanley person who stutters
American English cock sucker someone who sucks penis or a jerk
American English bootyhole anus
American English ho hooker
American English Willy the One-Eyed Wonder Worm Penis
American English Throat Yogurt semen
American English Cunt badger Someone that is a Badger of cunt
American English voldemort's nipple shut up
American English beoch bitch
American English Asshole Stupid/The hole in your bum
American English Animal shit Animal poo
American English fucken dickhead An extremly,stuuuuuuupiid person
American English Fuck me food i am hungry
American English Rooster Fish cock sucker
American English Bitch ass you bitch's ass
American English Gtfo Get The Fuck Out
American English Your a magikarp Your a useless piece of shit
American English ooh Squirtle I am Cumming
American english butt hurt To sulk or be offended
American english wallaby means anything you want to be
American english Ass Pirate Derogatory name for a homosexual
American english fucking droopy ass bitch you have shit up your ass
American english Candyass Motherfucker Gay or Homosexual
American english MANWHORE A man who uses women only for sex
American english hack broke
American english Overbite! When pussy tastes like shit!
American english rim job licking a butt hole
American military Alpha Mike Foxtrot Adios mother fucker.
American military Whiskey Tango Foxtrot What The Fuck
American military Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Yankee Oscar Uniform Fuck You
American military Charlie Foxtrot Cluster Fuck
American military BOHICA bend over here it comes again
American military Mary jane rotten crotch Some floozy with a smelly vagina
American sign language Hold your right hand open, with your fingers together and your thumb folded into your palm ("B"). Hold it to your chin with the side of your index finger touching your chin. Quickly move your hand forward away from your face with a sharp movement. Bitch
American sign language Make your right hand into a fist with your thumb sticking out and pointing upwards (as if giving someone a "thumbs up") Grab your thumb with your left hand, wraping your entire hand around it. Holding your left hand still, pull your right thumb down and o Shit
American sign language hold out your left hand away from your chest and skid your right hand over the left fuck off
American sign language Lift hand up and put all fingers down except your middle finger. Fuck you
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thumb out). Your hand passes below and to the side of your chin twice (Second version since i did the first one wrong xD) Whore, slut or prostitute
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thumb out). Your hand passes below and to the side of your chin twice Dick
American sign language Form a D handshape tapping your nose Dick
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the can upside down towards your mouth. Wanna blow me?
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the can up and down towards your mouth. Wanna blow me?
Amharic yenatih emis your mom's pussy
Amharic enateh tebeda mother fucker
Amharic Shermuta whore
Amharic wusha dog
Amharic kularas dickhead
Amharic aram you shitter
Amharic ye ahiya jela yigbabih get fucked by a donkey
Amharic ahya donkey
Amharic busheti Gay Person, Homo
Amharic enatehin libdat let me fuck your mom!
Amharic dingaye iras stonehead
Amharic Kitehen lebdaw Fuck your ass
Ammy kissimmee fuck your mother
Anish Dumme luder ko Stupid whore cow
Annoying cat Wheeow! Wheeow! Wheeow! Give me my fucking food!
Annoying cat Wheeeeeow! Shut up!
Annoying cat Rizzy Always down for a threesome
Apache chi wat hairy ass
Ape Ouu Aaah Haaa Aaaaaa! Shut the fuck up
Ape Oooohhh hoooooooHOOOO!!! Im horny!
Ape Nancy mother fucking whore
Arabic sharmuta whore
Arabic shlokeh a low life dirty whore
Arabic dakhlah killah push it all the way in
Arabic Yla'an haramak Damn your spouse
Arabic ya ibn il daa'reh u son of a porn star
Arabic charmouta slut
Arabic kaneeth gay
Arabic yel'aan naik emak fuck the fucking of your momma
Arabic naghal Illegitimate child
Arabic ya louteh you gay!
Arabic Neek Hallak Go Fuck Yourself
Arabic ghaben Illegitimate child
Arabic umka sharmota your mom is a slut
Arabic faq'haa ass
Arabic qooq ukhtak ur sisters's pussy
Arabic Wald Dhroot (used in oman) Son of a fart
Arabic kos ahlak manayek fuck your whole family are gays
Arabic wald il dhuroot son of a shit
Arabic wald il qahbaa son of a bitch
Arabic sambool fi fqa'htak my penis in your ass
Arabic kes en neck eighty go fuck your mother
Arabic Bin'nt himaar Daughter of a donkey
Arabic manuke khara shit fucker
Arabic nayaak ghbar fucker
Arabic ibn il tinayich son of a fucker
Arabic raas il zub dick head
Arabic koos imek up my your mothers vagina
Arabic Kess ihktak your sister's cunt
Arabic kalet(prounounced Kahlet filthy street bastard(iraqi slang)
Arabic kalet(prounounced Kahlet) filthy street bastard(iraqi slang)
Arabic Tel has tisee Kiss my ass
Arabic Ibn himar Son of a donkey
Arabic Ya weld elgahba Son of bitch(used in UAE)
Arabic sambooli maa indi ghairoo i am proud of my penis
Arabic coos okt al laglesh fuck all this shit
Arabic wald il 16 son of 16 bitches
Arabic inta shaz your a pervet
Arabic zobbi be ommok my dick in your mother
Arabic Ebn El Sharmoota! Son of a bitch!
Arabic wald qahbat qureesh son of whore
Arabic Kool Khara Eat Shit
Arabic ibin himaar son of a donkey
Arabic shakl il nahaan shit face
Arabic Nekni ana sharyaana fuck me I'm horny
Arabic hafyaan horny
Arabic airy qalbak fuck your heart
Arabic Sharmotah Bitch
Arabic yalla maal saham a gay from saham
Arabic neekni wlaa tneek hargeti fuck me but dont fuck my words
Arabic us kut ! (oos koot) shut up!
Arabic sharmoota slut
Arabic neekni sahrawi fuck me in the ass
Arabic yaa raabi oh my god
Arabic waa abooy oh my dad
Arabic hoi mouk fuck your mom
Arabic jamalick cil jahash lick my donkey
Arabic Qybah Bitch
Arabic ghati il face oo doos il race cover the face and fuck the base
Arabic maalish lulu whts wrong bitch
Arabic kol khara(Palestinians slang) eat shit
Arabic bashokh alaa imak(Palestinians slang) I piss on your mom
Arabic bashokh aleek(Palestinians slang) I piss on you
Arabic bah-shi rejlee fee teez imak(Palestinians slang) I put my leg in your mom's ass
Arabic bah-shi rejlee fee teezak(Palestinians slang) I put my leg in your ass
Arabic yelan abo taareesak (Palestinian slang) damn your bitchiness
Arabic ya ibn el jahsh you son of a donkey
Arabic yelan abo taarees immak (Palestinian slang) damn the bitchiness of your mother
Arabic ya wati you short
Arabic Kus okhtish (for a girl Omani) Your sisters pussy
Arabic qalab wighek fuck off
Arabic nikkabuk fuck your father
Arabic wald il zinaa Illegitimate child
Arabic wald il hawyaa son of a bitch
Arabic khaneeth gay
Arabic qah'ba bitch
Arabic Khaneeth Faggot
Arabic kes okhtik bi ayre fuck your sister/your sister
Arabic abn balla't aleora your mother suck dicks
Arabic Louteh Gay
Arabic nela aboka fuck your father
Arabic lhass baydeteh suck on my balls
Arabic khajaf you are an embarresment
Arabic Yakhrab Baytak! Your house is burned.
Arabic Ya Bint El-Khinzir! O thy daughter of pig!
Arabic Ya Bint El-Haram! O thy daughter of whore!
Arabic Tabaarek Yadaak! Wish you stabbed by sphere!
Arabic Assam Alaykom! Death upon you!
Arabic El-Sheitan Alaykom! Satan be upon you!
Arabic Qusamak I fucked you're mother asshole.
Arabic Kaifa Haluka Fuck you
Arabic nock nullah father fucker
Arabic Hynityou Fuck You
Arabic khawal faggot
Arabic Kus omak Your mothers pussy
Arabic Batroun A person who works in a brothel.
Arabic koos akhotkha hatsola'at your limping sister's pussy
Arabic Zubih My dick
Arabic qahbi prostitute
Arabic narcoossee hot pussy
Arabic (aleppo) Telhas Ras Airi lick the top of my dick
Arabic (aleppo) Iben El Mentakeh mother fucker
Arabic (aleppo) air b emmak el mfanda'a my dick in your hore mother
Arabic (aleppo) nfokho / dhasho shove it
Arabic (aleppo) telhass tizi like my ass
Arabic (aleppo) aad aleh bite on it (on my dick)
Arabic (lebanese) Akhou El Sharmoota Brother of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) nfokho blow it
Arabic (lebanese) Dhasho b teezak Shove it up your ass
Arabic (lebanese) Bniik Boksh Tizzak I will fuck you asshole
Arabic (lebanese) Kiss ekhtak Fuck you sister s pussy
Arabic (lebanese) Kharaye feek Shit on you
Arabic (lebanese) Tilhas tizi Lick my ass
Arabic (lebanese) Ibn el sharmouta son of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) Hittou fi teesak Put it up your ass
Arabic (lebanese) kol khara eat shit
Arabic (lebanese) bade naykak l fejle I will make you fuck the raddish
Arabic (lebanese) Malla ras eyr yaleh 3alek What a dick head you have
Arabic (lebanese) Eyre b Wejjak chou meref Fuck your face , it s so ugly
Arabic (lebanese) masaho wipe it (the dick)
Arabic (lebanese) shlekke slang way of saying whore
Arabic (lebanese) I love you soo much bitch Ana ahubak kateer sharmoota
Arabic (lebanese) ekhtak bade neeka/neka im going to fuck your sister
Arabic (moroccan) Sopessa Hooker
Arabic (moroccan) Hbiba Baby
Arabic (moroccan) Bertouche Fucking Place
Arabic (moroccan) Hwini Fuck me
Arabic (moroccan) Kbirt lkhab The queen of all bitches
Arabic (moroccan) Khawwar karrak Finger your ass
Arabic (moroccan) Nkhshih fik bla dfal Will fuck you raw
Arabic (moroccan) Shaloteya Slutt
Arabic (moroccan) Allah i naal dine mok Curse your mom
Arabic (moroccan) Khchi sebaak f tremtek Go fuck yourself
Arabic (moroccan) Sir thawa Go fuck
Arabic (moroccan) Sir tkawed Get the fuck out of here
Arabic (moroccan) Mamsoukh Shemale
Arabic (moroccan) Yddek fi Zob Put your hand on my dick
Arabic (moroccan) Mamsoukha Shemale
Arabic (moroccan) hwi muk fuck your mother
Arabic (moroccan) tobon imak your mothers pussy
Arabic (moroccan) Hmar kelb tfou Annoying idiot
Arabic (moroccan) mchi thawa Fuck you
Arabic (moroccan) tabon dyemak fuck ur mother's pussy
Arabic (moroccan) Nwassaaha Lik I will stretch your ass/pussy
Arabic (moroccan) Lhwa dwa Fucking is a cure
Arabic (moroccan) Akbar zamel ala wajh alard The biggest fagget
Arabic (moroccan) Hway Zwamel Fucker of Gays
Arabic (moroccan) Nghtasbek I will rape you
Arabic (moroccan) An Nhwik I will fuck you
Arabic (moroccan) Aji nahwik come to fuck
Arabic (moroccan) Bghitini nahwik Do you want me to fuck you?
Arabic (moroccan) Khanez (Khanza) Dirty, Stinky, Smelly
Arabic (moroccan) hmar (a) stupid
Arabic (moroccan) Nakech Gay
Arabic (moroccan) kahba di omo Your mother is a whore
Arabic (moroccan) Maabol del hla Fucked- up peasant
Arabic (moroccan) Sir t'hwi kahbat mok Go Fuck your mother the bitch
Arabic (moroccan) Kol khara Eat shit
Arabic (moroccan) zamel bok your father is a gay
Arabic (moroccan) Gahba d yemak your mother is a whore
Arabic (moroccan) Shaarat mook Your mother's pubic hair
Arabic (moroccan) Ghouzo Gay
Arabic (moroccan) Miloud weld habiba A loser
Arabic (moroccan) Rbayb rabbak zwiml did you know that your dad is gay?
Arabic (moroccan) Llah dialk ngalsso ala zabbi I will make you set over my cock
Arabic (moroccan) Sir lanhwi lik Rabbak Fuck off or I will fuck your face
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Bulgarian Svirka whistle/ slang for blow job
Bulgarian Govno Shit
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Bulgarian Lainar Shithead
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Bulgarian Da ti go nachookam v ustichkata I'll fuck you in your mouth
Bulgarian Da ti is'hnat madyata (I wish) your balls dryed up
Bulgarian Koochi sin Son of a bitch
Bulgarian Gori v ada Die in hell.
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Bulgarian shibaniak fucker
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Bulgarian Govedo dumb, blockhead
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Bulgarian Tzepenyak tight pussy (sexy chick)
Bulgarian Yaka putka powerful pussy (gorgeous chick)
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Bulgarian Kurovi glavi dickheads
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Bulgarian Kuchka Bitch
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Bulgarian Kon da te ebe Get fucked by a horse
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Bulgarian Utepliak Broken shit
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Bunny *hard bite* Im gonna fucking eat you up !!!!
Bunny *scratches you and keeps attacking* Die !!!!!!!!!!!!
Bunny *scratches you* I told you to fuck off !!
Bunny *stomps* I fucking hate this !
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Burmese Sou Ko Fucking bitch (male)
Burmese Qui Kaung Bitch (male)
Burmese Qui Ma Bitch (female)
Burmese Minn May Minn Lo' fuck ya own mother
Burmese Lee Gon Dick Head
Burmese maylo hello
Burmese Par Tal Ma Whore
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Caddle Attjume (aht-joom) Asshole
Caddle Faduk yuu! (fah-dook yu) Fuck you!
Caddle S'jot! (jotz) Shit!
Caddle Cune git ov (coon giht oev) Come get it
Calabrese !Sticchio! pussy / cunt
Calabrese sminchiato idiot / stupid
Calabrese richione fag / homosexual male
Calabrese N' culu a mammata Fuck your mother
Call of duty B Up A QUIT LIKE A BITCH
Call of duty Bitch get back in the kitchen I have never touched a human boob
Call of duty FUCK YOU! Hello
Cambodian cuthay (guh daii) gay
Cambodian Ah Joy Mrai You mother fucker
Cambodian Mae Heng Your Mother
Cambodian Mee sa-pungh You (female) whore
Cambodian Ah jhouw ma-seit (see-it) You thieft,failure,etc
Canadian snatch vagina
Canadian "Hoser" (see the movie Strange Brew) Loser, idiot, moron
Canadian You hoser! Idiot!
Canadian go fuck your hat. you are a cluster fuck of stupidity
Canadian wad or fuckwad. As in; he's a real wad/fuckwad/wad of shit, etc same meaning as as a fucktard
Canadian That guy is a waste of skin. Describing a useless idiot.
Canadian Christer Pain-in-the-ass (usually a kid)
Canadian fuck you eh! fuck you
Canadian Snatch vagina
Canadian shut your maggoty gob! (atlantic canadian) shut your mouth!
Canadian you sheep fucker! (translation is literal)
Canadian take off eh! go fuck yourself
Canadian I laughed so hard I nearly shat myself! It was very funny!
Canadian Paki South Asian
Canadian Pepsi, Pepper French Canadian
Canadian dick fuck shit licker idiot
Canadian pissfuck poohead
Canadian slapshit poop
Canadian Wangster A white guy trying to be black
Canadian Fall down fuck in the ass back stabber
Canadian fukeneh fucking awesome
Canadian Hammer head idiot
Canadian Snapper head Dick head
Canadian I'll Fuckin' hammer ya I'm going to hit you
Canadian Yer Fuckin' a right I agree with you
Canadian shitpump Useless idiot, waste of rations
Canadian fuck head idiot
Canadian gitch or gitchies Underpants, Eastern Canada
Canadian gonch or gonchies Underpants, Western Canada
Canarian chichón moron
Canarian sinoes personaje what a idiot
Canarian sarpica! get the fuck off!!
Canarian me suda tol pollon don't give a shit
Canarian que pescaao what a cunt
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Canarian tira milla get the fuck off!!
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Cantonese Lok chat Cock
Cantonese chao hai Smelly pussy
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Cantonese Ham Ka Chan Curse your family to death
Cantonese Bitch! Sai bak po!
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Cantonese maw law cha sand niggers
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Cantonese Fei gei cheung Flatso (flat chested chick)
Cantonese Hai yeung Cunt face
Cantonese Ham ga tsan, puk gai, tsat tau Asshole; bastard
Cantonese hai Cunt
Cantonese sou hai dumbass
Cantonese Jek chau Fight
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Cantonese Sei hoi! Fuck off!
Cantonese Hum lun Suck dick
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Cantonese Diu Lei Lou Mou Hai Fuck Your Mom
Cantonese sek sii eat shit
Cantonese Ham Ka Ling Curse your whole family die.
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Cantonese Chak tou (柒頭) dick head
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Cantonese Sey Hai ! dead cunt !
Cantonese Kauw HAI ! Dog cunt !
Cantonese Ding Lei Gor See Fut Long Put A Finger In Your Asshole
Cantonese Bat po Bitch
Cantonese Sie Gou Na Damn Bitch
Cantonese Puk Gai Shit
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Cantonese Kakha Ma Lo Se Ye, Eh Mai Gaid! Get the Fuck Out My Face, OHMYGOD!
Cantonese Lou Hai Old Cunt
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Cantonese Hum ga ch-arm Screw your whole family
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Cantonese Diu Kao Lei Geh Zhui Fuck Your Mouth
Cantonese PK fall down the street, you prick
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Car Screeching Tires Harder, harder!
Car "Check Engine" light Fuck you
Cat Meow. Fuck you motherfucker!
Cat HISSSSS fuck you
Cat Pisses on your stuff Fuck you bitch!
Cat Purr.. bend over you bitch
Cat Ssssshhhh! Fuck of,
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Cat just looks at you in contempt Bow down to me, bitches.
Cat Nya *stares at you with blank eyes* You are so fucking screwed
Catalan fill de puta son of a bitch
Catalan ets un messi you are a cheater
Catalan Hostia puta! Damn it!
Catalan Ves a la merda Go to hell
Cebuano Gabaan pa unta ka karun I hope you got cursed today
Cebuano Buwisit Kang Dako You're too much Bullshit
Cebuano Kayatas Buang Fuck that Stupid
Cebuano Anak sa Kayat Child/Kid of Fuck
Chakma Chondu Pussy/dick
Chakma Ma Choda Mother fucker
Chakma Ler ha/ ler hech Go eat nasty stuff
Chakma Hangi chodi Whore/ slut
Chakma begiye chodi/begiye bani Whore/ slut
Chakma Mogoda The ultimate swear word
Chakma Bagh choda! Tiger fucker!
Chakma Madari! Fuck your mother!
Chakma Ler ha! Drink ejaculate!
Chakma Huguro saw! Son of a bitch!
Chaldean Ekol Shirmi Eat My Ass
Chaldean Era Gou Qootid Yumouh A Dick In Your Moms Pussy
Chaldean Masilana Mother Fucker
Chaldean Erub Umtouh Fuck Your Aunt
Chaldean Erub Totouh Fuck Your Grandma
Chaldean Hiwon Animial
Chaldean Brit khapaa Son of a Bitch
Chaldean Erub Yumid Yumouh Fuck Your Mom's Mom
Chaldean Babouh elea masilana Your Dad Is A Mutha Fucker
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Chaldean Ekhol Ukhre Eat Shit
Chaldean Nakhlah Bastard
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Chaldean kawad asshole
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Chamorro ben lania hao go fuck yourself
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Chamorro chada na nanmu your mother has bad eggs
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Chapin Chupame el pene Suck my dick
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Pendeho Idiot
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Chingga Fuck
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Rayo! Lightning Strike You!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Torpe Vos Dump! Shit!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Jodencha gat Vos Shit! Dumn it!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Que tonto What a fool!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Que Razcon/a gat vos! What a bitche of you!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Chinga vos nana Motherfucker/Fuck your mother
Chi kin sit ahwant tho de khuai eth Leave me alone Bitch !!!
Chi kin sit an lok khe Shit !! / Oh fuck !!
Chi kin sit Anlackheee Mother fucking Genius Son of luck
Chibble Chibshit Dipshit
Chibble Chibby Pussy
Chibble Holy Chibballs! Holy Shitballs!
Chichewa bhoro ya taate waako your fathers prick
Chichewa munyelo wako your asshole
Chichewa pathako pako your anus
Chicken Be be che!! Bitch!!
Chicken Gobble Gobble Fight me, you pussy!
Chicken Cooocck a doodle dooooo Who wants a fuck!
Chilean aweonao asshole
Chilean Pico Conchetumadre! Dick Motherfucker!
Chilean Andate a la Chucha!! Fuck off!
Chilean concha la wea fuck it
Chilean concha tu madre your mothers cunt
Chilean que chucha! what the fuck!
Chilean ándate a la conchatumadre go fuck yourself
Chilean Hijo de Perra Son of a bitch
Chilean Hijo de Puta Son of a bitch
Chilean Vali Cayampa You're worth dick
Chilean Chupa pico Cock Sucker!
Chilean andate a las rechucha! fuck off! (x2)
Chilean Cachar Shag/Fuck
Chilean Webear Waste time or bother someone
Chilean Cagarla Screw things up
Chilean Afilar Shag/Fuck
Chilean Eri' entera maraca What a damn bitch
Chinese qu si go to hell
Chinese Sha bi Stupid cunt
Chinese chiang jian rape
Chinese tou ni ma look down the one
Chinese sharbie stupid shit
Chinese Sek si Eat shit
Chinese Che Dan (³¶µ­) Fucking Nonsense
Chinese go se shit
Chinese ma la ge bi Damn! Shit! Fuck!
Chinese »ëÇò£m dumb bastard, stupid piece of shit
Chinese ¥À©]¤e”V’n evil bitch
Chinese sho tao i want to eat your pussy
Chinese go niang yang de son of a bitch
Chinese 你妈卖批 ni ma mai pi Your mum sells her pussy
Chinese Ni shi shen jiing bing you are crazy
Chinese 干你娘的屁眼(gan ni niang de pi yan) Fuck your mother's asshole
Chinese 王八蛋 (wang bai dan) Son of a bitch
Chinese ÂÌñ×Ó liu mao zi Cochold, cheated husband.
Chinese Bi Zui Shut Up
Chinese xia bi (shee-aah bee) cunt
Chinese sixi eat shit
Chinese che cong ma chin chin like my big penis
Chinese Diu Nei Lo Mo Fuck your mother
Chinese Ping ying: Chao Ni ma de Gi ba Fuck your moms dick
Chinese Tian Po Crazy Bitch
Chinese knee how kialan bitch
Chinese Ong Qin Xiang fuck your mother
Chinese WQNMLGB (我去你妈了个逼) fuck your mother's pussy
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Chinese ni mama gei ren diao your mother fuck by someone else
Chinese Dl whore
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Chinese pootho bitch
Chinese Mok Sarm!!! Take off your cloths i wanna fuc
Chipian ahe fo me ito you monster!
Chipian me nha ngo shit
Chopnese Chop chop WTF ARE YOU DOING PEWDIE?!
Christian kid (Forgive me, lord) Get the heck away from me you sinner! Get fucked, you cum stain.
Chuuk Firininom Fuck your mother
Chuukese Chariei Fuck Your Mom
Chuukese Firin Inomw your mother's vagina
Chuukese Machen Niwitum Your Pussy stinks
Chuukese Ochei Suniiii suck my dick
Cockney rhyming slang Tom Tit Shit
Cockney rhyming slang Merchant Banker Wanker
Cockney rhyming slang Berk (Berkshire Hunt) C*nt
Cocos kontol bapak lu dah your dad's dick
Colombian pendejo idiot, asshole
Colombian Setenta hijueputa Seventy times son of a bitch
Colombian perro hijueputa cunt son of a bitch
Colombian Zunga Bitch
Colombian carechimba Dick Face
Colombian Care chimba bastard
Colombian güevón stupid, idiot, asshole
Colombian Masca Verga Cock Muncher
Colombian esa gonorrea es una pecueca! tht piece of shit is a nobody
Colombian arenoso salty, hater
Colombian me lo chupa I don't care, suck it
Colombian chpelo! suck it!
Colombian come mierda! eat shit
Colombian visajoso/a attention whore
Colombian spanish Pirobo/a Bad person, asshole
Comorian (swahili dialect) susu whore, lay, easy girl
Condom Pppfffttt~ppppfffdtddtt * spitting like tongue * you son of a bitch!
Corby taking a corby taking a shit
Cornish Kidge dhe vez fuck off
Costa rican Vayase al demonio Go to hell
Costa rican Hij'ue puta Son of a bitch
Costa rican Perra Female dog (bitch)
Costa rican Mal parido Your birth was a mistake
Costa rican Hediondo Stinky
Costa rican Pura mierda Full of shit
Costa rican Car'e picha Dick face
Costa rican Chupeme la verga Suck my dick
Costa rican Vaya lavese el culo Go and wash your ass
Counter strike Cyka Bitch
Counter strike Hacker Everyone who is better than you.
Counter strike 3 go A 2 go B Rush middle
Counter strike fire in the hole cum to the pussy
Counter strike Rush B(dust2) smoke tunnel watch lower and push
Counter strike omg fuck u afk kick this noob you should play in esea!
Counter strike rush b rushing tunnels and lose the round
Cow Moo moo moo Fuck you bitch monkey whore
Cow Suck my udder bitch please leave me alone
Cow Milking the bull You fuck your dad
Cow Moother Milker Mother fucker
Cow You live in a brown barn you cunt Your house smells
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Creole braine lor to fron cum on ur forehead
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Creole likimama mother's pussy
Creole kakaliki nathoo
Creole bouss liki shut the fuck up
Creole Salope chien lacou bitch dog from the street
Creole mahai dog
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Creole (Cape Verdean) Your Ass crack Bu Racha Ku
Creole (Mauritian) gagne coute hayabuza dans la guele ur face is a wreck
Creole (Mauritian) torma vanne liki zardin compagnie ur mums a bitch
Creole (Mauritian) Bousse impe to gran liki shut the fuck up
Creole (Mauritian) Get sa liki mama la oh shit
Creole (Mauritian) ratte caca crase lisien drunk mother fucker
Creole (Mauritian) caca dan couche shit in diapers
Creole (Mauritian) manze caca eat shit
Creole (Mauritian) trou du pete fart hole
Creole (Mauritian) tor ma ine kaka toi your mum shitted you
Creole (Mauritian) leumon shak
Creole (Mauritian) passe emba la roue avion shit face
Creole (Mauritian) Bousse to la gueule Shut up your big mouth
Creole (Mauritian) Bobok Cheated man
Creole (Mauritian) Caca liki shit/idiot
Creole (Mauritian) Ti pitin Little bitch
Creole (Mauritian) To laguel senti pi Your mouth stinks
Creole (Mauritian) Falour tor ma Mother fucker
Creole (Mauritian) la tete coq penis head
Creole (Mauritian) likitorma (you) ur mother's pussy
Creole (Mauritian) kaka liki asshole
Creole (Mauritian) sousse likisorma la suck the motherfucker
Creole (Mauritian) trou fess ass hole
Creole (Mauritian) torma piss diboute your mum has a cock
Creole (Mauritian) trou maille ass hole
Creole (Mauritian) brinzele bitch guy
Creole (Mauritian) sounepapi your father's balls
Creole (Mauritian) Gogoterie Rubbish
Creole (Mauritian) trou fess lichien dog anus
Creole (Mauritian) piti 2 papa son of two fathers
Creole (Mauritian) lagrain feletri withered balls
Creole (Mauritian) papuk pi pennis which stincks badly
Creole (Mauritian) Tale liki la mem Rest your pussy here and stay
Creole (cape verdean) creka bu ma your mother's pussy
Creole (cape verdean) ba fude bu ma go fuck your mother
Creole (cape verdean) pichoti penis
Creole (cape verdean) Posa shit
Creole (cape verdean) kadala hoe
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Creole (cape verdean) bu ma your mother
Creole (cape verdean) fiju di puta Son of a Bitch
Creole (cape verdean) pora shit
Creole (cape verdean) Cabeca ma biroti Dickhead
Creole (cape verdean) crica de bo mãe your mother's pussy
Creole (mauritian) Pilon Homosexual
Creole (mauritian) to gogot gras you got nothing to do
Creole (mauritian) Tor ma pitin Your mom's a bitch
Creole (mauritian) bousse to liki shut the fuck up
Creole (mauritian) ki languet mama what the fuck
Creole (mauritian) Trou fesse Asshole
Creole (mauritian) Pascal Whore
Creole (mauritian) Lavra fart+hole
Creole (mauritian) bour sa pitin la fuck that bitch/whore
Creole (mauritian) mo ena 1 Coc malbar I have a big dick
Creole (mauritian) Grand pitin Whore, bitch, slut
Creole (mauritian) to sousoute kouma dire patin frein you're a bitch!
Creole (mauritian) Jawaheer Bitch
Creole (mauritian) kaka kok cock shit
Creole (mauritian) Langetliki torma The clit of your mother's pussy
Creole (mauritian) Kok depaille Hairless dick
Creole (mauritian) Sousoute mazambik Pussy with curly hairs
Creole (mauritian) mone envi bour toi i love you so so much!
Creole (mauritian) Kokolochio Dog escrement
Creole (mauritian) trap mo baja hold my balls
Creole (mauritian) to fer fit dan baja you spoil everything!
Creole (mauritian) to liki en saler your pussy is in heat
Creole (mauritian) trape kok hold my penis
Creole (mauritian) Trou Fess ass hole
Creole (mauritian) fafa fanta shit gone wrong
Creole (seychelles) lanmans seo ou manman your mother's bucket handle
Creole (sierra leone) Kolonko Bitch
Creole (sierra leone) You mami im toto Your mothers pussy
Creole (sierra leone) u mami im bombo your mother's pussy
Creole (sierra leone) yuh too big yai you're too greedy
Creole haitian san preyl santi no pubic hair stinky
Creole haitian chien sal dirty dog
Creole haitian jebo te onaj ko te napravio may the one who made you fuck you
Creole haitian mal pou di bouzin bitch without satisfaction
Creole haitian Koko chèch. Dried up pussy.
Creole haitian Ki kaka sa! What the fuck is that!
Creole haitian suspan pale kaka! Stop talking shit!
Creole haitian bouch santi stinky mouth
Creole haitian bouzin sal! Dirty bitch!
Creole haitian Massisi Homo
Creole haitian Bouzin! Bitch!
Creole haitian besse mes fesse bouzin kiss my ass bitch
Creole haitian mafu to dayo shut the fuck up
Creole haitian lang boda mama your mother ass
Creole mauritian Pitin Bitch
Creole mauritian bouss to liki shut the fuck up!
Creole/kreole (belize) choh really ?!!!
Croatia Idi do (100) ðavola!!! Go to the (100) devil!!!
Croatia Jebal te bik The bull will fuck you
Croatia Jebi si mater Fuck your mother
Croatian Navući ću ti pičku preko glave. I'll stretch your cunt over your head.
Croatian Jebem ti mater u usta I fuck your mother in her mouth
Croatian ko ti je cha cha who's your daddy
Croatian Kurvin sine! You son of a bitch!
Croatian Jebem ti mater! I fuck your mother!
Croatian Jebi ga. Fuck it. (literally "Fuck him")
Croatian Jebem ti oca! I fuck your father!
Croatian Jedi govna! Eat shit!
Croatian pičkin dim cunt's smoke (something easy or worthless)
Croatian Jebo ti pas mater. Dog fucked your mother.
Croatian (Idi) u pičku materinu! (Go) to your mother's cunt!
Croatian (Idi) u trie pičke materine! (Go) to three of your mother's cunts!
Croatian Boli me kurac. My dick hurts. (said when you don't care about something)
Croatian Jebo ti vrag mater Devil fucked your mother.
Croatian Jebem mu miša. I fuck his mouse. (not very offensive)
Croatian kurac od ovce dick of a sheep (useless, worthless)
Croatian Rane te zaletile ljute! Heavy wounds be on you!
Croatian Mater te sahranila! May your mother bury you!
Croatian Pusi duvaj ovce cuvaj Suck Blow and gard your sheep
Croatian Jebo ti ja mater glupu I fuck your stupid mother
Croatian Jebem te u dupe I fuck you in the ass
Croatian ma tko te jebe who gives a fuck about you
Croatian kurvin sine you son of whore
Croatian Pas mater!! Dog mother! - literally
Croatian Zajebi to stari Fuck that man
Croatian Mama ti je kurva Your mother is a whore
Croatian Kurvo jedna izlizana. You attrited bitch,
Croatian Jedi govna, pusi kurac Eat shit, suck dick
Croatian Govno jedno piece of shit
Croatian jebena seljacina fucking hill-billy
Croatian govno smrdljivo stinking shit
Croatian jebeš me u zdrav mozak you fuck me in my healthy brain
Croatian Vrag ti sriću nosija! May the devil take away your luck!
Croatian marš u kurac! marsh in a cock
Croatian Vrag ti sriću odnija! May the Devil take away your luck!
Croatian jebote oh fuck! (literally: fucked you!)
Croatian jebiga fuck it (literally: fuck him)
Croatian Jebo ti pas mater! Dog will fuck your mother!
Croatian Mrš u pičku materinu! Go to your mother's pussy!
Croatian Ko te napravija tako glupa! Who made you so stupid?
Croatian Ko te jebe glupane! Who fuck you so stupid!
Croatian Sranje Shit (when something go wrong)
Croatian Nemaš pojma majmune! You don't have any idea monkey!
Croatian Tvoja sestre ima velike Kurac. Your sister has a huge dick
Croatian Mars u picku materinu March to your mother's c**t
Croatian Jebo ti bog mater May the god fucks your mother
Croatian Djava ti glavu izija! May the devil eats your head!
Croatian Pakšu Ass-hole
Croatian Jebem ti mliko materino! I fuck your mother's milk!
Croatian Jebem ti cicu materinu! I fuck your mother's tit!
Croatian Djava te odnija! May the devil takes you!
Croatian Vrag ti sriću gunja! May the devil take your luck
Croatian Jebote onaj koji te napravio. Let fuck you who has make you.
Croatian Jebem ti sve po spisku! Fuck everything on your list!
Croatian jebo majku svoju u ćaćinom grobu fuck your mother in father's grave
Croatian jebem ti smrt do smrti pa ne mogu umrijeti fuck death to death but can not die
Croatian Vrag ti kosti glodao May the Devil gnaw your bones
Croatian jebo te očinski otac your fatherly father has fucked you
Croatian jebem ti kruh/hljeb I'm fucking your bread
Croatian Jebo ti Isus mater! Jesus fucking Christ
Croatian kurbat turkish Boli me duphje my bum hurts
Croatian kurbat turkish Imat muhe na duphje You have flies on your ass
Croatian kurbat turkish Pusit muda kao suho duhan Suck cock like dry tobacco
Croatian, bosnian Jebao ga/te japanac! May a Japanese man fuck him/you!
Croatian, serbian Jebem li ti mamicu I fuck your mother
Croatian, serbian Zakachis mi se za kitu! Get stuck on my dick!
Cuban Me cago en tu madre I shit on your mother
Cuban Hijo de puta Son of a whore
Cuban Puta sucia Dirty whore
Cuban La resinga de tu madre Your fucked mother
Cuban cabeza de pinga dickhead
Cuban pinguero hustler
Cuban pendaho dick head
Cuban mojaneta little piece of shit
Cuban pendejos pubic hair
Cumbria slang al punch ya in ya neb punch you in the noise
Cumbria slang uphill gardener gay man
Cybertronian scrap crap, hell, damn, shit, fuck
Cypriot tis thias sou o kolos Your anty's Ass
Cypriot GAMO TIN MANA SU I fuck your mother
Cypriot fae to hima mou eat my sperm
Cypriot shesmene you are shiting on you
Cypriot tsouro gami ship fucker
Cypriot ashello mpoukkoti suck balls
Cypriot skato kkelle shit head
Cypriot skato moutsoune shit face
Cypriot kkerata cheated husbant
Cypriot poushti gay
Cypriot gamiete i thkia sou your antie is being fucked
Cypriot Ston kolo sou repani a radish in your ass
Cypriot Kavlomenos a Hard dick
Cypriot mucho pehti wanker
Cypriot gamo ton shisto su fuck your cunt
Cypriot na fais skata eat shit
Cypriot skato poutto shitty cunt or "pussy"
Cypriot gamw tin kelle sou fuck your head
Cypriot shillo bastarte bastard dog
Cypriot Piso glentis party from behind
Cypriot N a se pari o thkiaolos may the devil take you
Cypriot Hambis crazy bastards
Cypriot Vromo pushtis stinky homosexual
Cypriot skato mavros shitty black person
Cypriot skato villo shitty dick
Cypriot gamw tin poutana sou i fuck your whore
Cypriot skato fai shitty food
Cypriot ntambu sto thkiaolo what the hell
Cypriot gie tis son of a bitch
Cypriot gamo ton thkiaolo i fuck satan
Cypriot Gamo ton shisto pou se pitise I fuck the pussy that squirted you
Cypriot Saouna tou shilou Dog chin
Cypriot Pezevegki Someone who is being cheated on
Cypriot gamo to senior fuck the system
Cypriot Θκιάολε μαύρε / Thkiaole mavre Dark hell
Czech Peecha Pussy/Cunt
Czech biezh do haaye! go to hell
Czech kraavo (literary cow) but can be used as bitch
Czech sakra shit
Czech piicha cunt
Czech peehat the act of fucking
Czech voleh asshole/idiot/dude/ox
Czech Hovno Shit
Czech show-staat fuck
Czech jdi do prdele (dee doh purr delleh) bugger off
Czech Zkurvysyn You son of a bitch!
Czech Churak Cock
Czech Di do hajzlu Go fuck yourself
Czech batich bitch
Czech šukat [shucut] to fuck
Czech hajzl asshole
Czech Sraèka (srachka) soft wet shit
Czech men are assholes czech
Czech Ty jse ale debil! You ate such a idiot!
Czech Koomrd (koniomrd) a person who fucks horses
Czech Táhni/jdi do prdele! Fuck off
Czech do prdele! oh shit!
Czech Naseru ti do mlíka! [ Naseru tii do mleeka ] I'm going to shit to your milk!
Danish Dumme k'lling Dumb bitch
Danish Grimme k'lling Ugly bitch
Danish 'd lort Eat shit
Danish Hold k'ft Shut up
Danish klamme luderso disgusting bitchwhore
Danish Ludertæve Bitch Whore
Danish forpulede rovhul fucking asshole
Danish For helvede God damn it. (lit. to hell)
Danish Klaphat Idiot
Danish Pikansjos (lit) Dick anchovy
Danish Lort Shit
Danish Din mor your mother
Danish Æd lort, fisse Eat shit, pussy
Danish Gå hjem og knep din mor Go home and fuck your mom
Danish bolle din mor fuck your mother
Danish Sut røv, pikhoved. suck ass, dickhead.
Danish Slik omkring mit pikhovede Lick around my Dickhead
Danish Køter (lit.) Dog/Bitch
Danish Osteged Cheesegoat
Danish Jeg knepper din mor! I´ll fuck your mother!
Danish Pikhoved! Dickhead!
Danish Din mor er en luder You mother is a bitch
Danish Din fucking idiot You fucking asshole
Danish Din lille lort You little piece of shit
Danish Din mor er en luder! Your mother is a whore!
Danish Brian Skinhead
Danish Jylland Hell
Danish Lad mig tygge i din fisse Let me munch on your pussy
Danish Hold din kæft , din fucking hund! Shut the fuck up , you fucking dog!
Dari (Farsi) madar gai mother fucker
Dari (Farsi) haramzadeh bastard
Dari (Farsi) chocheh sag child of a dog
Dari (Farsi) madar jende your mom is a whore
Dari (Farsi) برين. shit
Dari (Farsi) Kussi Whore (female)
Dari (Farsi) Kunni Gay (Ass hole lover)
Dari (Farsi) Aike thoo-ra kuss kanum i'll fuck your mum
Dari (Farsi) kerrum tha donet My dick in your mouth
Dari (Farsi) Kerr um tha kunet My dick in your ass
Dari (Farsi) Gholona Shit Hole
Dari (farsi) gooz b rishit you have shit in your mouth
Dari (farsi) Harami Bastard
Dari (farsi) Khayem ma bochosh suck my nut sack
Dari (farsi) kerem ma bochosh suck my dick
Dari (farsi) Da daanet Kerem My dick in your mouth
Dari (farsi) Khar Kuss Donkey Fucker
Dari (farsi) Kuss Modar Mother Fucker
Dari (farsi) Haramzada Bastard
Dari (farsi) ma mefomam kere mara mehoyi i knoww you want my dick
Dari (farsi) Kharkus Donkey Fucker
Dari (farsi) Kerim da kosi khuwarit I fuck you'r sister
Dari (farsi) Goh bokho Eat shit
Dari (farsi) Jendeh kaseef Dirty slut
Dari (farsi) Mesleh kerre kharr Like the donkey's cock
Dari (farsi) Fahesha Whore
Darija Qehba Bitch
Darija Kelb/Kelba Dog/Bitch
Deptic Phomoza la Keip Suck on my Dick
Deptic Guq Oafagle Pi Fiq Duzla vegruo I pissed in your milk bitch
Destiny Jack Licks Your Dog Bitch
Deusenese quatainch one quarter of an inch
Deusinese marredup slightly fucked up
Deusinese cock-eyed catty whompus completely fucked up
Deusing Cock-eyed Caty Whompus Slanderous whore
Dezfili Mazash Middle of my dick in your stomach
Dhivehi Findhu Cunt
Dhivehi Test Ahem
Dhivehi heesi boa cock sucker!
Dhivehi sodu homosexual
Dhivehi kess bondi pubic hair
Dhivehi heesi dick
Dhivehi NagooBalhu Dog
Dhivehi kaleyge vaa athu oshu ge kana aih faraai your left balls right side
Dhivehi kae fuoh your balls
Dhivehi kalogeya oh shit
Dhivehi dhaa right?
Dhivehi kulhan dhili clitoris
Dhivehi Kaley Amaa Fada boe suck ur mothers Vagaina
Dhivehi Bog shit
Dhivehi fada boe thilhen you drink cum
Dhivehi Kutthaa Dog
Dhivehi thilhen you (extremely offensive)
Dhluo (luo) Chundi Ass hole
Dick language Squirt Squirt Suck my dick You Mother FUCKER
Dick language Erection You are hot.
Dick language Flop That bitch is ugly
Dick language yea have a nice day just suck it
Dinka Chool Dick
Dinka Thurr Ass
Dinka Jouh Bitch
Dinka Amok Butthole
Dinka Inba Penha Amok I'll Split Your Ass
Disney princess mirror mirror on the wall fuck you! im the fucking hore
Disney princess oh brother fuck me harder
Disney princess faith, trust and pixie dust sex,sex and more sex
Disney princess Ah, coconuts suck them tits
Disney princess here we go im gonna cum
Disney princess off with their heads fuck them all
Disney princess just keep swimming swim in that cum bitch
Disney princess let it go leave me the fuck alone whore
Dog WOOF asshat
Dog Woof Bitch
Dog Shits on your floor Jokes on you, Fucker
Dog Yipe (Frightened) Holy shit!
Dog Yipe (Suprise) Oh fuck
Dog Ruff Your mother likes it rough
Dog howl i'm horny for a bitch
Dog GROWL! back up bitch
Dog Wooo-oooof The hell you say!
Dog aarf arf ass hole
Dog ruff son of a bitch
Dog humping your leg fuck me
Dog Howl I need some poontang
Dog Shits in your bed Fuck you AND your mother
Dog woof woof howl fuckin let me out you shitbag
Dog mouth-snap growl fuck you
Domari khas mou kaar Eat my dick!
Dominican Bajo a mierda you smell like shit
Dominican tu maldita madre your fucking mother
Dominican cuero malo! whore
Dominican asarozo hater
Dominican boca de trapo shit talker
Dominican sigue con tu viana keep with that shit (threat)
Dominican traga leche cum swallower
Dominican Hijo de la gran puta Son of a bitch
Dominican jablador! liar. you talk to much.
Dominican singa tu madre mama guevo fuck your mother, faget
Dominican Sigue con tu vaina Keep with that shit (threat)
Dominican Me tienes la creta hirviendo (forma molesta) I have my pussy boiling (upset way)
Dominican mahmaw? (When said to a prostitute) Can I get a blowjob?
Dominican Maldito cabron Fucking asshole
Dominican Perra; Cuero; Puta Bitch
Dominican hija la creta daughter of a vagina
Dominican mama si haya suck if you find
Donkey hooo heee hoooo ahhhhh go fuck yourself
Donkey aaaahhhaoo hfoahf get lost fucking bitch
Donkey Heee Hooo Bitch
Donkey heee hooo neigh Your mother is a horse
Dormanstown Taking a Dormanstown Taking a massive shit
Dota Potangina Mo Fuck your mother.
Dota 2 retard everyone who is not you
Dota 2 cyka i think you know
Dragon ball z Kamehameha fuck her right in the pussy
Duck Quack Fuck off you shitty cunt
Duck Quack quack Fuck your mother, cunt
Duck qwack (bow head) fuck you ... wanker
Duck Quack Quack,Quackery Quack fuck you, mother fucker
Dutch Vieze vuile gore smeerlap Filthy person
Dutch Goedkope teringslet Cheap slut
Dutch Kuthoer Fucking whore
Dutch Kut! Shit! (litterally, cunt)
Dutch Dombo Stupidhead
Dutch Krijg kanker en ga dood, hoer! Get cancer en die, bitch!
Dutch Kutwijf! Bitch (literally cunt bitch)
Dutch Kanker hoer Cancer whore
Dutch Eikel, Dick head!
Dutch Hufter "asshole"
Dutch Hoer Bitch (Literally: Prostitute)
Dutch Hoerenjong Son of a whore
Dutch Je moeder! Your mother!
Dutch kutwijf bitch
Dutch homo gay
Dutch fatsig zwijn fat hog
Dutch Ga je hondje neuken. Go fuck your doggy.
Dutch vuile teringslijer fucking asshole
Dutch apenkind child of a ape
Dutch Stomme klootzak! Stupid asshole!
Dutch Schavuit Rascal
Dutch Hondenlul Dogdick
Dutch Poepenol Asshole
Dutch ga naar je moer! Fuck off (lit. Go to your mother)
Dutch Je zuster is een hoer Your sister is a hooker
Dutch Goedkope hoer Cheap whore
Dutch Je kunt me de kont kussen You can kiss the arse
Dutch paardenlul horse's dick
Dutch Kanker hond Cancer dog
Dutch kankerhoer cancer whore
Dutch Gelul Bullshit
Dutch Lik mijn aars! Lick my arsehole!
Dutch Stoephoer! Porch whore!
Dutch Homofiele kut kanarie gay cunt canary
Dutch jij bent een vieze schapen neuker. You're a dirty sheep fucker.
Dutch Brand in de hell Burn in hell
Dutch Klootviool Asshole (literally: scrotum violin)
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) kak, stront shit
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kutding Fucking thing
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kutwijf Bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Flikker Homosexual
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) hoerenjong son of a bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) hoer whore
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) stoephoer Sidewalk slut
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Praat geen poep Don't talk shit
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) asshole klootzak
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) snol, del, hoer, prostituee hoe/whore
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) teef bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) tyfusslet lit. "typhislut"
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) schele crosseyed
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) hoerenzoon son of a whore
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) paardelul horse dick
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Lul (tegen een persoon) bastard (when swearing at a person)
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) klootzak asshole
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kankerwijf Cancer bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Tyfushond Typhis dog
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Hou je fokking bek! Shut the fuck up
Dutch (brabants) lilleke natnek fucking asshole
Dutch (brabants) Honde neuker Dog fucker
Dutch (haags) Kanteleh Booze Drinking
Dutch (haags) halvezool Idiot
Dutch (haags) Lampuhkap Idiot
Dutch (haags) Slappuh kenkerworst voor n gezicht limpy cancer sausage for a face
Dutch (holland/belgium) Krijg de tyfus, val toch dood! Get typhoid and drop dead!
Dutch (holland/belgium) Je kanker lelijk hoere moeder Your fucking ugly slutty mom
Dutch (holland/belgium) Tyfkanker een eind op Walk to hell
Dutch (holland/belgium) Houd je kanker bek Shut your fucking mouth
Dutch (holland/belgium) Kankerhoer Cancer whore
Dutch (holland/belgium) ik neuk u hond i fuck your dog
Dutch (street slang) Tap je moffo Shut up
Dutch (street slang) Junta Crackhead
Dutch (street slang) Tap je kanker bek/moffo Shut your cancer mouth
Dutch (street slang) Your head is really big Je edde is omin biggie
Dutch (street slang) Sloeri Slut/whore
Dutch (street slang) Je moeder haar poenie stink naar vis Your moms pussy stinks like fish
Dutch (street slang) Klennie Crackhead
Dutch(limburgs) vieze hoereneuker desse bis dirty whorefucker you are
Dutch, belgian dialect Oerepoeper Whore fucker
Dutch, belgian dialect zak douchebag
Dzongkha jed dah fuck you
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Feminist A woman who won't date me
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Bust your melon Punch you in the head
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Your momma Fuck your mother, fuck you
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Spear chucker African person
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Towel Head Indian person
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Kissin' cousins Incest that is seen as acceptable
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Heritage, not hate Heritage of hate
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Itchin' my bugs Scratching hair on my body
Ebonics What's kickin' my chicken? How's it going, friend?
Ebonics Jimmy Hat Prophylactic (Rubber, Condom)
Ebonics he be workin' he is currently employed
Ebonics he workin' he is currently at work
Ebonics I be ma fuckin pimpin an shit! I feel pretty good!
Ebonics who be dat? who is there?
El salvadorian A la gran puta Son of a bitch
El salvadorian grencho ghetto guy
Emarati bin gahba son of a bitch
Emarati Kneth Gay
Emarati Gahba Bitch
Emarati Ks omch Ur mothers pussy
Emarati Khosh To fuck
Emo Hi. Kill me.
England nob jocky homosexual man
England Bloody Hell shit, damn, etc.
England Gobshite Someone you strongly disagree with
England shag to have sex
England arse-hole an idiot
England rug muncher lesbian
England shirt lifter homosexual male
England tit head idiot
England shit for brains stupid
England wank stain very stupid and horrible person
England nosh blowjob
England milf mother id like to fuck
England Suck your mum Fuck your mother
England Piss Pot Someone who talks bull
England Phallus Face Dickhead
English lint licker heiry pussy licker
English You have the most amazing hands!
English I want you to touch me here...
English You can have me any way you want
English You look really sexy when you do that
English Put your big, hard cock in my mouth
English Fuck me hard...hurt me
English fuck me hard
English i wanna feel your hard dick inside me wet pussy
English mor di gow mother is a whore
English teringteef tuberculosis bitch
English poesteef cunt bitch
English Ohhhhhhhh.... Blow my big dick until your lungs give out,baby.
English huj zesrany Dick Head
English jebem ti mater i fuck your mother
English jebi to fuck that
English kir baba you father is a dickhead
English kunja bitch
English henwa de cockna you are a cock face
English orospu prostitute, whore, harlot.
English hoer (pronounce: hoor -> "oo" as in "door" ) whore
English fuck me gently with a chainsaw exclamation of surprise
English Shag To have sexual intercourse
English No shit sherlock This is self evident
English Fairy A homosexual male
English you wanna play hottie do you do want to have sex
English kurijode daughter fucker
English i have some manchowder steamed up and ready to coat your throat, gog
English bovine feces bull shit
English hooyadda wahaa waye hayewaan your mum is an animal
English penis breath cocksucker
English arse bandit a homosexual
English chutney ferret a homosexual man
English scribble face gang member with facial tattoos
English cockeye a person much disliked
English bumfucka a homosexual man
English khareto gayidam I fucked your sister
English kaka liqui ass shit
English turtle scuttler dirty bitch
English nosh me off blow job
English fuck your asshole fuck you
English fuck your mom's asshole fuck you
English thagari lesbian
English foah ball
English mentak fucked in the ass (for boys )
English koal khara ( kh as J in Spanish ) eat shit , as shut up
English telhas tizi lick my ass
English toki dudha girls breast
English i want to fuck the shit out of you creole
English I've been naughty, babe, now punish me!
English Ram my shitpipe
English Butter Face Everything but her face
English Reach Around Masturbate from behind
English smash my back door inside out!
English shit on my chest you filthy fucking whore!
English Fudge packer Homosexual (male)
English Poopuncher gay guy
English slag bitch
English douchebag bitch
English shattya / zattya pubical hair
English chimney sweeper a gay man that ass fucks
English your heads lit you have lost your mind
English Holla Yell At
English can i fuck you from behind
English fruitcake homosexual male
English faggot homosexual male
English turd burgular homosexual male
English butt pirate homosexual male
English shit feces
English Ho Whore
English Rug Eater Homosexual Female
English Up Hill Gardener Homosexual Male
English Yo Hey You
English cum dumpster whore
English skank whore
English cus bitch
English Sandler shabby person
English Shit faced Completely drunk
English Carpet muncher Lesbian
English Shit flick aka any chick flick movie
English rusty bullet hole anus
English give me a tit wank girl masturbate me with your boobs
English Cum Dumpster Say it to the slut of the group .
English Colder than a witches titty in a brass bra its freezing
English Pillow Bighter Homesexual Male
English Shirt Lifter Homesexual Male
English Takes a walk down chocolate boulevard Homesexual Male
English playing hide the bologna having sex
English sloshing the bedpost female masturbation
English palming the pearl female masturbation
English beating the meat male masturbation
English snapping the carrot male masturbation
English cuntlapper one who performs fellatio
English bopping the bologna male masturbation
English balls slapping against her chin hard oral sex
English bouncing bozos big shaking breasts
English gobble the helmet spit eats ejaculation
English spin one off her chin ejaculate in a girls face
English Ne godha balishindi your buttocks have fattened
English Ne godha lo kovu othu candle in your asshole
English puku vachindhi swelling cunt
English vedi puku hot cunt
English na modda meda kurcho sit on my dick
English Na modda chapparinchu suck my dick
English rusty bullethole a redheads anus
English fucktwat Douchebag egotistical moron
English peach fish a smelly pussy.
English Rm Job Lick ones asshole
English One-eyed yoghurt lobber Penis
English Purple-headed womb ferret Penis
English Froggy cunt French (man)
English Hairy armed Froggy cunt French (woman)
English Arrogant, Gum-chewing fat cunt American (man)
English suck my dick spanish
English You knobcheese (pronounced nob cheese) You are the cheese on someones cock
English teri behan ki bur mein aandhi tornedo in sisters pussy
English a-hole ass hole
English stuff all my holes fuck me in every hole
English shaatdapne father of pubic hair
English randi ko chak whore's ass
English you weedle you weak piece of shit!!!
English bish ka don big old dick
English Rump ranger Another name for a gay persom
English sumbitch son of a bitch
English shitfar wow; i'll be damned
English Thada make a Pekingese break a log n' chain! Thats a hot bitch!
English Dutch bus Dirty like a bus
English WTF??? WHAT THE FUCK???
English pissprat bullshit
English As much use as a chocolate teapot Useless
English Spank the Monkey To masturbate
English jaggi rape with eyes
English Cock muncher Sucking cocks
English sluttenous harlet whore
English dildo munching gutter slut its an insult to a cursing battle
English Choking your chicken Guy masturbating.
English Mohan lal Fat man
English Shut your cunt! Stop talking immediately!
English Shitfuck Idiot, jerk
English Zho bayek Fuck a lady
English Gaan skommel jou hond Go masturbate your dog
English Shitfaced Getting drunk
English Breeder A heterosexual person
English i will shag yo ass english
English S.W.A.G "Single White And Gay"
English Stinkhoer Stank whore
English Cretinous cunting fuckhead A very bad person
English Richard juice dick juice; cum; jizz
English You look like a Richard You look like a dick
English He likes Richard He likes dick; homosexual
English He loves Richard He loves dick; homosexual
English He's a Richard He's a dick
English She's a Richard She's a dick
English She is a Richard She is a dick
English My Richard is big My dick is big
English He is a Richard He is a dick
English My Richard is small My dick is small
English My Richard is hard My dick is hard
English Sit on my Richard Sit on my dick
English Hard Richard Hard dick
English Grab my Richard Grab my dick
English Eat a Richard Eat a dick
English Richard fucker Dick fucker
English Long Richard Long dick
English Richard in a box Dick in a box
English Bent Richard Bent dick
English Small Richard Small dick
English Richard face Dick face
English Blow my Richard Blow my dick
English You Richard You dick
English Eat Richard Eat dick
English Lick my Richard Lick my dick
English Richard sucker cock sucker
English I want Richard I want dick
English I need Richard I need dick
English Richard cranium Dick head
English Pull a Richard Pull a dick
English Big Richard Big dick
English Richard head Dick head
English Don't be a Richard Don't be a dick
English Suck my Richard Suck my dick
English ek wil jou soos n hond naai en in jou poes kom I want to fuck you like a dog and cum inside your pussy
English Pandi unn kunji la addi Tamilan who fuck his mother
English Oh, fuck cunt. Totally useless
English Let me swallow all your white juice.
English Doublelift Trash
English You wonkerfuckerprickhead You dirty prickwonker
English meth skank a slutty girl who does meth
English raging Johnson an extreme erection; hard-on
English manwhore promiscuous guy; man slut
English dirty whore slut, promiscuous woman
English dipshit idiot, moron, douchebag
English Hell Heck
English Let your ding dong dangle deep down in my dookie dugout fuck me in the ass
English The bullshit cluber You are bullshit
English Dick juggling thunder cunt
English Tramp Whore
English Raging Cunt Someone who is rude
English i want you to fuck me hard
English When are we going to fuck?
English Fuck me in the ass you motherfucking pussy. Suck my dick asshole.
English schmups / schmupies breasts
English I have depression I want attention
English stop the cap stop fucking lying
English Willie the one Eyed PurpleHeaded Monster Penis
English victoria rough pussy
English shahveer son of a loose dick
English sonia gandhi daughterof a whore
English rahul gandhi sister's pussy
English WTF-What the fuck I donno
English canadian Hammer Penis
Engrish Gain death inside hole Go die in a hole
Engrish Shut mouth Shut up
Erician Kryaa A battle cry, like HYA!
Erman Gehts du fegle ein easel Go & fuck a donkey
Esperanto fek' shit
Esperanto iru inferen go to hell
Esperanto putino whore
Esperanto Fiulino Bitch
Esperanto Ŝit Shit
Estonian sittuma (v) to shit
Estonian loll lits stupid bitch
Estonian kiimas horny
Estonian Lits Bitch
Estonian Hoor Whore
Estonian minge põrgu go to hell
Estonian Kepi oma ema Fuck your mother
Estonian Tyra ära vahi mind! Stop eyeballing me
Estonian Lappa kotte Browse the balls
Estonian persevest asshole
Estonian trapea dick head
Estonian peksa pihku piss off
Estonian mine prgu! go to hell!
Estonian lita poeg son of a bitch
Estonian perseauk butt hole!
Estonian sitapea shit head
Estonian Tmba nahhui Fuck off / Get Lost
Estonian Mida vittu What the fuck
Estonian Tao pihku tonn Browse your balls !
Estonian libu whore
Estonian sittur someone who farts/shits alot
Estonian halvik (a with dots) Daun
Estonian tyrapea dickhead
Estonian abordijaanus (aa with dots) abort leftover
Estonian pihkur wanker
Estonian ime lahti suck off
Estonian Sul on väike munn You have a small cock
Evu'enian Azhongwaik zyue! Unaccomplishedly proud moron!
Ewok achow!! fuck you
Ewok beecha wawa wow, holy crap, damn, oh shit
Eygptian Shaarmuto Crazy
Eyrrn Cräghynne múdælgin Fucking idiot