Top 10 Bavarian Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Du bisd doch z blaed zum scheissn! you are too stupid to shit. (88%)      (12%)
blaeda depp stupid idiot (95%)      (5%)
Saubua Son of a pig! (67%)      (33%)
Sie Brunzkache, sie obislde You (are a) pissed Toilettile (50%)      (50%)
Schas Fart (29%)      (71%)
Saubeidl Penis of a pig (21%)      (79%)
Fozn Cunt (33%)      (67%)
Mexd a fozn? Should i bitchslap you? (100%)      (0%)
Saupreiss! Shit Prussian! (100%)      (0%)
Dreegmatz stray bitch / dirty bitch on heat (75%)      (25%)
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