Top 10 Croatian Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
(Idi) u pičku materinu! (Go) to your mother's cunt! (88%)      (12%)
Boli me kurac. My dick hurts. (said when you don't care about something) (90%)      (10%)
(Idi) u trie pičke materine! (Go) to three of your mother's cunts! (56%)      (44%)
Jebem te glupa. I fuck you stupid. (85%)      (15%)
Jebem mu miša. I fuck his mouse. (not very offensive) (68%)      (32%)
Jebem ti mater! I fuck your mother! (93%)      (7%)
Jebem ti Boga. I fuck your God. (70%)      (30%)
Jebi ga. Fuck it. (literally "Fuck him") (80%)      (20%)
Jedi govna! Eat shit! (96%)      (4%)
Jebo te patak. Duck fucked you. (84%)      (16%)