Top 10 Serbian Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Bog te jebo! May God fuck you! (81%)      (19%)
Govno yedno You piece of shit. (79%)      (21%)
Jeb'o ti pas mater! (Yeh-boh te pahs mah-tehr) May a dog fuck your mother! (93%)      (7%)
Jebem ti majku I fuck your mother (93%)      (7%)
Djubre jedno you are a scumbag (92%)      (8%)
Glup ko kurac. Stupid as cock. (95%)      (5%)
Da ides u kurac Go inside the dick (36%)      (64%)
Jebem ti Mater I'll fuck your mum (89%)      (11%)
Jebem te u usta I Fuck You In Your Mouth (sleng) (90%)      (10%)
Mrsh u pichku materinu go to your mothers pussy (94%)      (6%)