Article about the word "Misilahna" in Assyrian language

The Meaning and Usage of the Assyrian Word "Misilahna"

In the Assyrian language, the word "Misilahna" holds various meanings and is often used in different contexts. This article aims to explore the significance and usage of this versatile term.

Definitions of "Misilahna"

1. Goodbye: In one context, "Misilahna" translates to "goodbye" in English. It is commonly used when bidding farewell to someone or acknowledging a departure.

2. Farewell: Similar to "goodbye," but with a slightly more formal and sentimental connotation, "Misilahna" can also express farewell in a broader sense. It can be used to signify the end of an era, a permanent departure, or a significant change.

3. Forever: Another meaning of "Misilahna" is "forever." This definition suggests a sense of permanence or eternity. It can be used to express everlasting love, loyalty, or commitment.

Related Words

"Misilahna" is derived from the root word "silah/amisilah," which means "to leave" or "to part." Hence, some related words include:

  • 1. Silah: This word directly means "to leave." It is often used in conjunction with "Misilahna" to emphasize the act of parting.
  • 2. Amsinah: This term signifies "to separate" or "to break apart." It shares a similar essence with "Misilahna" in terms of departure.
  • 3. Silhuta: Building upon the root word "silah," "Silhuta" represents "departure" or "farewell."

Usage in a Sentence

Here is an example sentence demonstrating the usage of "Misilahna" in context:

After spending the summer together, the friends bid each other farewell, saying, "Misilahna!" as they headed home.

In this sentence, "Misilahna" is used as a way to express goodbye or farewell as the friends part ways after spending time together.


The Assyrian word "Misilahna" holds meanings such as "goodbye," "farewell," and "forever." It carries a sense of departure and can be used in various contexts. Derived from the root word "silah," related terms include "silah," "amsinah," and "silhuta." "Misilahna" is commonly used to bid farewell or acknowledge a permanent departure. It is a versatile word that encompasses the complexities of saying goodbye and expressing lasting sentiments in the Assyrian language.

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