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your a wanker Foolhardy Fun Holy shit Fool or Flat as Pussy with a hole! Dog fucker shit penis Fuck your race fuck him suck my cock I'll cum in your mouth Your mother goes down on dogs Arsehole You wanker Fuck you, you stupid cunt Piss Off To fuck Bitch (literally cunt bitch) clit DUMBASS I fuck your ancestry in the ass Your mother's pussy Your midwife's pussy fool branch-dick (thin dick) Can i fuck you?!! anal slut she is a dirty whore! i will bang you! fuck Fuck you dammit you son of a bitch Female masturbating with brinjal the shit's going to hit the fan go fuck yourself lick my donkey whore you are revolting Put it in your mouth, bitch! I stick my cock in your face! Fuck yourself! I'll lick you in your pussy! Go to hell! Choke on a cock! Eat me cock! Eat my pussy! bugger off Gay Your mother white trash same shit anal sex man ass fucking idiot buttocks fuck your mother! fuck your mom go get fucked son of a bich Idiot Bastard Scrotum Dick Head Pussy Balls fuck it Fucker You Pussy Eater You Slut Fuck me low life woman oh my dad You can go suck my dick Your mom's a vagina Ballsacks go jerk off! to wank to fuck in the ass mastubater Homosexual Female you have lost your mind Damn (interjection) there is fire in my lovers vagina a gay man that ass fucks What a bitch eat cunt/dick dick with ears bollocks, go scratch your dick testicle (ball sack) jizz suck my dick oh my god Rotten pusshead Dick-antelope and square-ass work getting complicated by someone Follower [as in religion] of penis swear word for oral sex on a woman blowjob dyke Shut the fuck up you bastard!
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