Sikishmek: The Controversial Word in Azerbaijani Language

When it comes to the Azerbaijani language, there are certain words that may raise eyebrows due to their controversial nature. One such word is "sikishmek". This word, which is considered as vulgar and obscene, is often used to refer to sexual intercourse.

In Azerbaijani, the word "sikishmek" is derived from the root word "sik", which is a slang term for the male genitalia. It is important to note that the use of this word is considered highly inappropriate in formal settings or public conversations.

Definitions and Related Words

While "sikishmek" directly translates to "to have sex" in English, it is interesting to explore how this word is used in different contexts in Azerbaijani. Here are a few related words and phrases:

  • Sikiw: This is the present tense form of "sikishmek" and means "having sex".
  • Sikishechek: The continuous or progressive form of "sikishmek", conveying the idea of ongoing sexual activity.
  • Sikishmek uchun: Translating to "for having sex", this phrase is used to express the purpose or intent of engaging in sexual intercourse.

It is important to exercise caution when using these words, as they may be offensive or inappropriate in many situations.

Usage in a Sentence

To understand the usage of "sikishmek" in a sentence, here's an example:

"Sabah hava guzel idi, biz piknige getdik ve aileler sikishmek uchun ayrildilar." (The weather was beautiful in the morning, we went for a picnic, and the families separated to have sex.)

It is crucial to note that this example sentence should be used solely for linguistic understanding and not for casual conversation.


Sikishmek, a controversial word in the Azerbaijani language, refers to sexual intercourse. While it may be used informally in certain contexts, it is generally considered vulgar and inappropriate in formal or public settings. When using such words, it is essential to be aware of cultural sensitivities and appropriate language use.

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