The Bad Word 'Arepera' in the Colombian Language

Arepera is a slang word in the Colombian language that is considered offensive and vulgar. It is important to note that the use of this word is not recommended in polite or formal settings.


The word 'arepera' is derived from the noun 'arepa,' which is a traditional Colombian food made from cornmeal dough. However, in this context, 'arepera' is used as a derogatory term.


As a bad word, 'arepera' is often used to insult or offend someone. It can be used to express anger, frustration, or to belittle someone's intelligence or behavior. Its usage is considered highly disrespectful and should be avoided in formal or professional conversations.

Related Words

There are several related words that are often used along with 'arepera' to intensify the insult. Some examples include:

  • 'Arepera de mierda': Adding 'de mierda' (of shit) after 'arepera' emphasizes the derogatory nature of the insult.
  • 'Maldita arepera': The word 'maldita' (damn) adds an extra layer of contempt to the insult.
  • 'Estpida arepera': By adding 'estpida' (stupid) before 'arepera,' the insult becomes more personal.

Example Sentence

To understand the usage of 'arepera' in a sentence, consider the following example:

"No seas tan arepera! No entiendes nada de lo que te digo."

This sentence translates to: "Don't be such an 'arepera'! You don't understand anything I'm telling you."

It is important to remember that using offensive language, such as 'arepera,' can create discomfort, hurt feelings, and damage relationships. It is always best to choose respectful and inclusive language when communicating with others.

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