The Meaning and Usage of the Word 'Sousoute' in Creole

Creole is a vibrant language with a rich vocabulary, and one intriguing word that you may come across is 'sousoute'. While it may sound like slang to some, 'sousoute' actually has several meanings and can be used in different contexts. In this article, we will explore the various definitions and ways in which 'sousoute' is used in Creole.

Definition 1: Annoying or bothersome

One common meaning of 'sousoute' in Creole is that of annoyance or bother. When someone or something is described as 'sousoute', it implies that they are causing irritation or discomfort. For example, if a person is constantly nagging or making a fuss, they might be referred to as a 'sousoute'.

Definition 2: Nosy or intrusive

'Sousoute' can also be used to describe someone who is overly curious or nosy. When a person is constantly prying into other people's business or being intrusive, they may be labeled as a 'sousoute'. It conveys the idea that the person is not respectful of boundaries or privacy.

Related words

There are several related words to 'sousoute' in Creole that are worth noting:

  • Sousoutaj: This word refers to the act of annoying or bothering someone.
  • Sousout: This variation of 'sousoute' is used to describe someone who is extremely bothersome or irritating.
  • Sousousyete: This word combines 'sousoute' with 'sousyete', which means to spy or eavesdrop. It depicts someone who is both nosy and bothersome.

Usage in a sentence

To better understand how 'sousoute' is used in context, here is an example sentence:

"Li toujou ap mande kesyon sou lavi mwen, li w 'l pa dwe sousoute konsa." (Translation: "He/she is always asking questions about my life, they shouldn't be that nosy.")

In this sentence, 'sousoute' is used to express annoyance towards someone who is constantly prying into the speaker's personal life.


'Sousoute' is a versatile word in Creole that can convey annoyance, nosiness, or intrusiveness. Understanding its various meanings and usage can help you navigate conversations and interactions in Creole-speaking communities. Whether you encounter someone described as a 'sousoute' or find yourself using the word, it is an important part of the vibrant Creole language.

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