The Meaning and Usage of the Word 'Peecha' in the Czech Language

If you are learning the Czech language or have some Czech friends, you might have come across the word 'Peecha' and wondered about its meaning and usage. In this article, we will explore various definitions of 'Peecha', its related words, and how it is used in a sentence.

What does 'Peecha' mean?

'Peecha' is a colloquial term used in the Czech Republic to describe someone who is nosy, intrusive, or excessively curious. It is derived from the Czech word 'povdn', which means 'gossiping' or 'talking unnecessarily.'

Related words

The term 'Peecha' has several related words and variations:

  1. Peech?: This is the male form of 'Peecha.'
  2. Peechrna: It refers to a place or situation where gossiping or unnecessary talking takes place.
  3. Peechat: It is a verb form of 'Peecha' and means 'to engage in gossiping' or 'to talk unnecessarily.'

Example sentences using 'Peecha'

Here are a few examples of how 'Peecha' is used in everyday Czech conversations:

  1. Stop being such a Peecha and mind your own business! (P?esta? bt takov Peecha a starat se o sv v?ci!)
  2. She loves Peechat with her friends about other people's lives. (Ona miluje pee?ovat s p?teli o ivotech druhch lid.)
  3. Don't be a Peech? and respect others' privacy. (Nebu? Peech? a respektuj soukrom ostatnch.)


'Peecha' is a Czech term used to describe someone who is nosy or intrusive. It originated from the word 'povdn' and is commonly used in casual conversations. Now that you know its meaning and usage, you can better understand and use this word while communicating with Czech speakers.

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