Tabarnak - A Profane Word in Qubcois French

Tabarnak - A Profane Word in Qubcois French

Tabarnak is a highly profane word commonly used in the Qubcois (Quebec) dialect of the French language. It belongs to a group of words known as "sacres" or religious profanities. These words derive from the Roman Catholic faith and are considered extremely offensive by many.


Tabarnak can be understood as the Quebecois French equivalent of the English word "fuck." It is a noun that directly refers to the tabernacle, which is the sacred box used to store consecrated bread in Catholic churches. In the context of profanity, it is used to express anger, frustration, or surprise.

Tabarnak has a few variations, each with its own subtle connotations:

  • Tabarnouche: This variation is considered to be the least offensive among the iterations of the word. It is often used playfully or as a milder form of expression.
  • Tabarouette: This version is slightly stronger than tabarnouche but less potent than tabarnak. It is commonly used as a euphemism for the more explicit form.
  • Taboire: Taboire serves as a toned-down version of tabarnak. It is less offensive and may be used in contexts where tabarnak would be deemed inappropriate.
  • Criss: Another religious profanity, criss is derived from "Christ." It is often used interchangeably with tabarnak to convey similar feelings of frustration or astonishment.

Usage in a Sentence

Tabarnak is typically used as an expletive in everyday speech. Here is an example of how it could be used in a sentence:

"Tabarnak! J'ai oubli mon portefeuille la maison."

In the sentence above, the speaker expresses frustration or annoyance after realizing they have forgotten their wallet at home.

It is important to note that the use of tabarnak and other sacres is considered highly offensive in many contexts. It is advised to use caution and respect cultural sensitivities when speaking Qubcois French.

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