Understanding the Controversial Word 'Tharki' in Hindi

When it comes to Hindi language and culture, there are words that hold a special place, some positive and some negative. One such word that has gained quite a bit of controversy is 'tharki'. This word, though not officially recognized in dictionaries, is commonly used in colloquial speech and has a derogatory meaning. In this article, we will explore the different definitions, related words, and how 'tharki' is used in a sentence.

Defining 'Tharki'

'Tharki' is a slang term in Hindi that is often used to refer to someone who is lecherous or sexually perverted in nature. It is a derogatory term and is generally not used in polite or formal conversations. This word has strong negative connotations and is often used to demean or insult someone.

Related Words

While 'tharki' is the most commonly used term to describe someone with such behavior, there are other related words that convey a similar meaning. Some of these words include 'nishachar' (lustful), 'kamuk' (libidinous), 'vaishya' (prostitute), and 'charam sukh' (extreme pleasure). These words are also used to describe someone who has a strong inclination towards sexual desires.

Usage in a Sentence

Let's understand the usage of 'tharki' in a sentence:

1. "Woh ladka bahut tharki hai" - This sentence translates to "That boy is very lecherous" in English. Here, 'tharki' is used to describe the boy's sexual behavior.

2. "Uski gandi nazarein mujhe tharki samajh rahi hai" - This sentence translates to "Her dirty looks make me feel perverted" in English. Here, 'tharki' is used to express the feeling of being sexually aroused or perverted due to someone's actions or looks.

3. "Tharki log bhaut gandagi failate hai" - This sentence translates to "Lecherous people spread a lot of filth" in English. Here, 'tharki' is used to refer to people who have a tendency to engage in sexually explicit discussions or actions.


While 'tharki' may be a commonly used slang term in Hindi, it is important to understand its derogatory nature and use it responsibly. It is always advisable to choose respectful and appropriate words while communicating with others. The understanding of such words helps in fostering a more inclusive and respectful environment.

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