The Bad Word 'Cagacazzo' in the Italian Language

When it comes to swearing in Italian, there is one word that stands out for its vulgarity and crudeness - 'cagacazzo'. This word is considered highly offensive and should be used with caution, if at all.

Let's dive into the various definitions and related words associated with 'cagacazzo'.


  1. Literal Meaning: 'Cagacazzo' is a compound word that combines 'caca' (meaning feces) with 'cazzo' (meaning penis). Therefore, the literal translation would be 'shitcock'.
  2. Insult: As an insult, 'cagacazzo' is used to demean or offend someone. It implies that the person being referred to is worthless, weak, or incompetent.
  3. Expression of Disgust: Sometimes, 'cagacazzo' is used as an expression of disgust or frustration, similar to saying "What a load of crap!" in English.

Related Words:

There are several related words and expressions that are derived from or associated with 'cagacazzo':

  • Cagare: This is the verb form of 'caca', meaning 'to defecate'.
  • Cacare fuori dal vaso: Literal translation: 'to poop outside the pot'. This expression is used to describe someone who behaves inappropriately or makes a mess.
  • Cazzata: This word is derived from 'cazzo' and is used to refer to something that is stupid or nonsensical.

Usage in a Sentence:

'Cagacazzo' can be used in various contexts. Here is an example sentence:

"Quel tipo un vero cagacazzo! Non riesce a fare niente bene!" - Translation: "That guy is a real cagacazzo! He can't do anything properly!"

However, it is important to note that using such offensive language can be highly disrespectful and offensive to others. It is always recommended to use polite and appropriate language in all situations.

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