The Word 'Gombes' in Javanese Language: Definitions, Related Words, and Usage

In the Javanese language, the word 'Gombes' holds multiple meanings and interpretations. It is considered a bad word and not suitable for polite conversation. Its usage is usually limited to informal or casual settings.


1. Foolishness: 'Gombes' can be used to describe someone who is foolish or acting foolishly. It implies a lack of intelligence or common sense. It is important to note that this usage is derogatory and should be avoided in respectful interactions.

2. Carelessness: Another meaning of 'Gombes' is carelessness. It signifies a lack of attention or concern for details or consequences. This term can be used to describe someone who acts without considering the potential risks or outcomes.

3. Sloppiness: 'Gombes' can also be used to express sloppiness or untidiness. It refers to someone who is unkempt in appearance or lacks organization in their actions.

Related Words:

1. Gombalan: This word is related to 'Gombes' and is often used in Javanese slang. 'Gombalan' refers to cheesy or corny pick-up lines used to flirt or make someone laugh.

2. Gomblok: 'Gomblok' is a synonym of 'Gombes' and shares similar connotations. It denotes foolishness, carelessness, or clumsiness.

3. Gegombalan: This term is another related word that shares a connection with 'Gombes.' 'Gegombalan' refers to witty and humorous responses or comebacks.

Usage Example:

"Aku wes ngomong bener, kok ra arep digaibake. Ora kuwat eling, malah gombes."

Translation: "I have already spoken the truth, but they don't want to accept it. They have a weak memory, instead they act foolishly."

In this example, the usage of 'Gombes' describes the foolish and careless behavior of others who refuse to acknowledge the truth.

While 'Gombes' is a word used in everyday Javanese conversation, it is important to exercise caution and be mindful of the context and audience when using it. It is best to avoid using this term in formal or respectful situations.

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