The Bad Word 'VeQ' in the Klingon Language

When it comes to the Klingon language, we often hear about the various colorful phrases and expressions. One such phrase that stands out is the word 'VeQ', which could be considered a bad word by Klingon standards.

Definitions of 'VeQ'

The word 'VeQ' holds several meanings, depending on the context in which it is used. In general, it is used to express anger, frustration, or contempt. It is sometimes used as an insult, indicating disdain or disrespect towards the person addressed.

However, 'VeQ' can also be used as a verb, meaning 'to curse' or 'to damn'. In this sense, it signifies the act of wishing ill upon someone or something.

Related Words

Within the Klingon language, there are several related words that share a similar root or meaning with 'VeQ'. For example:

  • 'veqlargh' - an adjective meaning 'cursed'
  • 'veqlargh jIH DIvI' - a phrase meaning 'I curse you'
  • 'veqHa'ghach' - an adverb meaning 'cursedly' or 'damnedly'

These words serve to expand the possibilities of expressing strong emotions and frustration within the Klingon lexicon.

Using 'VeQ' in a Sentence

Here's an example sentence to showcase the usage of 'VeQ' within a phrase:

"nuqneH, ghaH veQ cha'logh."

This sentence translates to "What's wrong with you, you cursed fool?"

As you can see, 'VeQ' plays a crucial role in expressing anger and contempt towards the person being addressed.


While the Klingon language is known for its fierce and aggressive nature, it is essential to remember that 'VeQ' should be used with caution. It is considered a bad word within Klingon culture and should only be used in appropriate situations. Understanding its various definitions and related words can help expand your Klingon vocabulary and provide a more nuanced understanding of the language.

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