The Meaning and Usage of 'Metemelo' in Mexican Spanish

'Metemelo' is a slang term commonly used in Mexican Spanish, particularly among youth and informal contexts. It is a derivative of the verb 'meter' (to put or insert) combined with the pronoun 'me' (me) and the object pronoun 'lo' (it). Although it is considered a bad word and should be used with caution, it is important to understand its meaning and usage within the local culture.


'Metemelo' can have various meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Here are some of the most common definitions:

  1. Sexual Connotation: In a sexual context, 'metemelo' is an explicit request for someone to insert their penis into a specific orifice. It is considered vulgar and offensive, so it is crucial to exercise caution when using or encountering this word.
  2. Figurative Usage: Outside of a sexual context, 'metemelo' can also be used figuratively. It is often employed to express the idea of wanting something intensely or to urge someone to quickly provide something. This usage is more colloquial and less explicit, but it still carries a sense of urgency or demand.

Related Words

'Metemelo' is a derivative of the verb 'meter' and shares a root with various related words. Here are some related terms you may encounter:

  • 'Meter' - The base verb that means 'to put' or 'to insert.'
  • 'Metida' - The feminine form of 'meter,' used to describe a woman who interferes in someone else's business.
  • 'Metido' - The masculine form of 'meter,' used to describe a man who interferes in someone else's business.
  • 'Metido en los' - A common expression meaning 'troublemaker' or 'someone who is always getting into trouble.'
  • 'Metiche' - A person who is nosy or meddlesome, often used as a negative term to describe someone who interferes in other people's affairs.

Usage in a Sentence

To provide a better understanding of how 'metemelo' is used in a sentence, here is an example in each of its common definitions:

  1. Sexual Connotation: "Le dije a mi pareja: 'Metemelo muy despacio!'."
  2. Figurative Usage: "El cliente exigi al vendedor: 'Metemelo ya mismo! No tengo tiempo que perder'."

It is crucial to note that the usage of 'metemelo' is not appropriate in formal settings or in the presence of unfamiliar people. It is always essential to be mindful of the context and the audience to avoid causing offense or discomfort.

Understanding the meaning and usage of 'metemelo' can enhance your comprehension of Mexican Spanish. However, it is essential to use this term with caution and respect the cultural sensitivity surrounding it. When in doubt, it is best to choose alternative and more neutral expressions to avoid potential misunderstandings or offense.

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