Understanding the Meaning and Usage of the Word "Zwngtar!" in the Mizo Language

Language is a powerful tool that helps us express our thoughts, emotions, and ideas. One interesting aspect of language is the presence of swear words or curse words, which often reflect the cultural and societal norms of a community. In the Mizo language, one such word is "Zwngtar!".

What does "Zwngtar!" mean?

"Zwngtar!" is a strong and offensive word in the Mizo language. It is categorized as a profanity and is generally considered taboo in polite conversation. The word carries a negative connotation and is used to express anger, frustration, or to insult someone.

Usage of "Zwngtar!"

"Zwngtar!" is used in various situations, often when someone wants to express strong disapproval or annoyance. It is commonly used during arguments or confrontations. However, it is important to note that the word should be avoided in formal or polite settings, as it is considered impolite and offensive.

Related Words

In the Mizo language, there are several related words that are considered offensive and fall under the same category as "Zwngtar!". These words should be used with caution, as they may offend or upset others. Some related words include:

  • Zwn!: This word is an intensified version of "Zwngtar!". It is used when someone is extremely angry or frustrated.
  • Zwnawm!: Similar to "Zwn!", this word also signifies intense anger or frustration.
  • Zw!: This word is another variant of "Zwngtar!", and it is used to express disapproval or annoyance.

Example Sentence

Here is an example sentence to understand the usage of "Zwngtar!" in a sentence:

"Mi pangpar chu a thar leh zwngtar!" (This friend is new and irritating!)

In this sentence, "Zwngtar!" is used to express annoyance towards a new friend.


While it is important to explore and understand different aspects of a language, it is equally crucial to use words responsibly and consider their impact on others. "Zwngtar!" in the Mizo language is a word that should be avoided in polite conversation due to its offensive nature. It is always better to choose words that promote positivity and respect in our interactions with others.

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