Exploring the Meaning and Usage of the Word 'Mrdna' in Slovak Language

When it comes to exploring the Slovak language, it is important to understand that every language has its fair share of bad words. In Slovak, one such word is 'mrdna,' which is considered vulgar and offensive in nature. In this article, we will delve into the various definitions of this word, its related words, and how it is used in a sentence.

Definition of 'Mrdna'

'Mrdna' is a verbal noun derived from the vulgar verb 'mrdn?,' which is used to describe a sexual act. It is an explicit and highly offensive word that is considered highly inappropriate in formal and polite conversations. The word 'mrdna' is used to refer to the act of intercourse, specifically from a male perspective.

Related Words

It is essential to note that 'mrdna' is just one variation of the vulgar verb 'mrdn?.' Other related words to this verb include 'mrda?' (to have sex), 'mrdka' (semen), and 'mrd' (f**k).

Usage in a Sentence

The word 'mrdna' is rarely used in everyday conversations due to its highly offensive nature. Nevertheless, to provide a contextual example, here is a sentence where 'mrdna' is used:

"Ten chlap si myslel, e t ena ho chce mrdn?." (That man thought that the woman wanted to f**k him.)


While it is essential to familiarize oneself with the vocabulary of any language, it is equally important to be respectful and avoid using offensive words like 'mrdna.' Understanding the meaning and usage of such words can help individuals navigate and communicate effectively in the Slovak language.

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