Understanding the Meaning and Usage of 'Narazniky' in the Slovak Language

When it comes to exploring the richness of the Slovak language, one may come across various intriguing words. One such word is 'narazniky.' This word holds unique meanings and is widely used in different contexts. In this article, we will delve into the depths of 'narazniky,' exploring its various definitions, related words, and how it can be used in a sentence.

What does 'Narazniky' mean?

'Narazniky' is a plural noun derived from the Slovak word 'naraznik,' which translates to 'bumper' in English. In the automotive context, 'narazniky' refers to the bumpers of a vehicle. These are the protective structures found at the front and back of a car that absorb impact in case of a collision.

Related words to 'Narazniky'

1. 'Auto' - meaning 'car' in Slovak. This word is directly related to 'narazniky' as bumpers are an integral part of a car's structure.

2. 'Bezpecnost' - meaning 'safety' in Slovak. Bumpers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the vehicle and its occupants.

3. 'Bodnutie' - meaning 'collision' or 'impact.' This word emphasizes the purpose of 'narazniky' in protecting the car from potential damage during accidents.

Usage of 'Narazniky' in a sentence

To better understand the usage of 'narazniky' in a sentence, consider the following example:

"Ke? mal modr dodvka narazila do st?pa, jej narazniky sa pokodili, ale vntro auta zostalo bez hony." (Translation: "When the small blue van hit a pole, its bumpers got damaged, but the interior of the car remained unharmed.")

In this sentence, 'narazniky' is used to describe the bumpers of the van. It illustrates how the bumpers absorbed the impact of the collision, protecting the car's interior.


'Narazniky' is a fascinating word in the Slovak language, closely tied to the world of automotive technology. Understanding its meaning and usage allows us to appreciate the nuances of Slovak vocabulary and how it contributes to everyday communication. So, next time you come across the word 'narazniky,' you'll have a deeper understanding of its significance.

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