Ojebavat: Understanding the Meaning and Usage in Slovak Language

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In the Slovak language, the word 'ojebavat' is a slang term that carries a negative connotation. It is typically used to describe dishonest or deceptive behavior, often involving manipulation or trickery. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the word, including its definitions, related words, and example sentences.


1. To deceive or trick someone by misleading or distorting the truth.

2. To manipulate or exploit others for personal gain.

Related Words

  • Ojebva? - A person who engages in deceptive behavior
  • Ojebvanie - The act of deceiving or tricking
  • Ojeban - A derogatory term used to describe someone who has been deceived or tricked

Usage in Sentences

1. 'Ten predajca ma ojebal s tm autem.' (That salesman deceived me with that car.)

2. 'Nedaj sa ojebva?! Bu? opatrn.' (Don't let yourself be deceived! Be careful.)

3. 'Nech sa nenech ojebva? kolegami. Poznaj svoje prva.' (Don't allow your colleagues to manipulate you. Know your rights.)

By expanding your knowledge of Slovak vocabulary, you will be better equipped to understand and communicate effectively with native speakers. While 'ojebavat' may not have a positive connotation, it is important to be aware of its existence and usage in order to navigate conversations and cultural nuances confidently.

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