The Meaning and Usage of the Word 'Pobehlica' in the Slovak Language

The Slovak language is rich in vocabulary, and one of the interesting words found in this language is 'pobehlica.' However, it is important to note that this word is considered a bad word and should be used with caution. In this article, we will explore the meaning of 'pobehlica,' related words, and how it is used in a sentence.


'Pobehlica' is a slang term used in the Slovak language to refer to a promiscuous or sexually active woman. It is considered offensive and derogatory, and its usage should be avoided in polite conversations. This word is not commonly used in formal or academic contexts.

Related Words

There are several related words and expressions that are synonymous or similar in meaning to 'pobehlica.' Some of these include:

  • 'Kurva' - a vulgar term for a prostitute or someone engaged in promiscuous behavior.
  • 'lapka' - another derogatory term for a prostitute.
  • 'Faj?iarka' - a slang term used to describe a woman who smokes cigarettes frequently.
  • 'Lacn ensk' - a colloquial expression meaning a cheap or easy woman.

It is important to note that these words and expressions are offensive and disrespectful when used towards individuals, and they should be avoided in polite conversations.

Usage in a Sentence

Here is an example sentence using the word 'pobehlica':

"Videl som ju s mnostvom chlapov, vyzer ako prav pobehlica." (Translation: I saw her with a lot of guys, she looks like a real slut.)

It is important to reiterate that the use of this word is highly disrespectful and offensive. It is recommended to refrain from using such language to maintain a respectful and inclusive communication environment.


The word 'pobehlica' is a derogatory slang term used in the Slovak language to refer to a promiscuous woman. It is important to be aware of its offensive nature and avoid using it in polite conversations. Other related words with similar connotations should also be used with caution or avoided altogether. By promoting respectful and inclusive language, we can create a more harmonious and understanding society.

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