Exploring the Meaning of 'Waduk' in Sunda Language

When it comes to the Sunda language, one word that often catches attention is 'waduk'. This versatile word has various meanings and is commonly used in everyday conversations among the Sundanese people.

The Definitions of 'Waduk'

Let's delve into the different definitions of 'waduk' in the Sunda language:

  1. Reservoir or Dam: One of the primary meanings of 'waduk' refers to a large artificial lake created by constructing a dam. These reservoirs are vital for storing water and supplying it to agricultural fields and households.
  2. Water Storage: 'Waduk' is also used to describe any smaller scale water storage, such as a pond or a tank, that is utilized for various purposes, including irrigation or fish farming.
  3. Flood: In some contexts, 'waduk' is used to denote a flood. When heavy rain causes excessive water flow, resulting in flooding, the word 'waduk' is employed to describe this unfortunate natural event.

Related Words

Here are a few related words that are often associated with 'waduk':

  • Waduk Pluit: Refers to a famous reservoir located in Pluit, Jakarta. It serves as a crucial water source for the surrounding areas.
  • Waduk Jatiluhur: This is the largest reservoir in Indonesia, located in Purwakarta, West Java. It plays a vital role in irrigation and power generation.
  • Waduk Cirata: Another prominent reservoir situated in West Java. It serves multiple functions, including irrigation, flood control, and power generation.

Usage in a Sentence

To understand how 'waduk' is used in a sentence, here's an example:

"Dina ieu musim hujan, wadukna jadi penuh." (Translation: "During this rainy season, the reservoir is filling up.")

As shown in the example, 'waduk' is employed to express the idea of a reservoir being filled with water due to heavy rainfall.

All in all, 'waduk' is a word that holds significant importance in the Sunda language. With its various definitions and associations, it has become an integral part of Sundanese conversations, allowing individuals to discuss water-related topics and natural events. Whether it's referring to a dam, a water storage facility, or even a flood, 'waduk' remains a versatile and valuable word in the Sunda language.

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