Sulii - The Bad Word in Telugu Language

Sulii - The Bad Word in Telugu Language

In the Telugu language, the word "Sulii" is considered a derogatory term used to insult someone. It is important to note that using such offensive words is disrespectful and not encouraged, as it goes against maintaining a positive and respectful communication environment.

Definition of Sulii

The term "Sulii" is not a proper word in Telugu, but rather a slang term used to humiliate or criticize someone. It does not have a specific dictionary definition.

Related Words

While "Sulii" itself is not a commonly used term, there are some related words in Telugu that convey a similar negative connotation. These words include:

  • Neecharu
  • Ahankarapu
  • Dur-drushtam
  • Kukka
  • Poddu

Usage in a Sentence

The word "Sulii" can be used in a sentence to illustrate its usage. For example:

"??? ???? ??????? ??????? ?? ?????? ???????? ??????????" (She insulted me by calling me 'Sulii')

Inappropriate Use

It is important to remember that using offensive and derogatory words like "Sulii" is improper and disrespectful. Such language does not contribute positively to conversations and can harm relationships or create tensions between individuals.


While the word "Sulii" itself does not have a specific definition in Telugu, it is commonly used as a derogatory term to insult someone. It is crucial to promote respectful communication and avoid the use of offensive language in order to maintain healthy and positive relationships.

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