The Meaning of the Word 'Bilash' in the Tigrigna Language

Have you ever come across the Tigrigna word 'Bilash' and wondered what it means? In this article, we will explore the different definitions of this word and its usage in a sentence.


'Bilash' is an adjective in the Tigrigna language, primarily spoken in Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is often used to describe something or someone negative, bad, or unpleasant.

Related Words

There are several related words that share similar meanings with 'Bilash.' These words can be used interchangeably in various contexts:

  • 'Beyan' - meaning 'bad' or 'evil'
  • 'Selam' - meaning 'good' or 'excellent'
  • 'Derho' - meaning 'ugly'
  • 'Enkwan' - meaning 'rotten' or 'spoiled'
  • 'Misfit' - meaning 'improper' or 'unfit'

Usage in a Sentence

'Bilash' can be used in different contexts to convey its negative meaning. Here's an example sentence:

"Gobezay wedi 'bilash' ayteflayes, eyu n'ziwaarihin." - meaning "That wicked boy stole my bike."

In this sentence, 'bilash' is used to describe the boy as wicked or bad. It gives a clear indication of the negative behavior of the boy.

It is important to note that words like 'Bilash' can have different connotations and nuances in different contexts. Therefore, understanding the context and cultural background is crucial for the accurate interpretation of the word.

In conclusion, 'Bilash' is a Tigrigna word that carries a negative meaning. It is often used to describe something or someone bad or unpleasant. Understanding the nuances and context of this word is key to grasping its true meaning and usage.

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