The Bad Word 'Zabboura' in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, the word 'Zabboura' is considered a bad word. It is important to note that this word is not suitable for polite conversation or formal settings. It is considered offensive and vulgar in nature.


The word 'Zabboura' refers to the female genitalia in Tunisian Arabic. It is a crude and explicit term that is used to describe this part of the female anatomy.

Related Words

While 'Zabboura' is the most explicit and offensive term, there are other related words and phrases that can be used to refer to the same body part in a less offensive manner. Some of these words include:

  • 'Soussa': This word is a colloquial term used in Tunisian Arabic to refer to the female genitalia. While it is still considered crude, it is less explicit than 'Zabboura'.
  • 'Douk': Another slang term used to describe the female genitalia. This word is less offensive than 'Zabboura' but still not suitable for polite conversation.
  • 'Zebou': This is a more playful and euphemistic term used to refer to the female genitalia. It is considered less offensive but should still be used with caution.

Usage in a Sentence

It is important to refrain from using the word 'Zabboura' in any context, as it is considered highly offensive and vulgar. However, here is an example of how it could be used in a sentence:

?? ???? ?????? ????? ???? ??????? ????!

- Translation: I always smell this foul odor!

Remember, the use of offensive language is not appropriate and can be disrespectful, so it is best to avoid using such words in any conversation or written content.

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