Minecraft top 10 swear words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Can I join your server? I want 2 Bone u (86%)      (14%)
You greifed my server! I hate you, you stupid cunt (80%)      (20%)
i love blocks i love cocks (92%)      (8%)
I will put my pickaxe in your diamond I will shove my dick up yo' ass (82%)      (18%)
I saw you use Kill Aura Im Pathetic (75%)      (25%)
HACKER!!!! This guy is better than me (60%)      (40%)
Creeper, Aw man, (86%)      (14%)
Welcome to my mine, we are mining diamonds, play that note block nicely, we I wish you suffering (83%)      (17%)
pickaxe large cock (50%)      (50%)