One-eyed tiger

How to say One-eyed tiger in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afghan Kerim da Koonet Tanget My dick in ur tight anus hole
Afghan Kerim de koonet My dick in your ass
African american vernacular english Bitch nigga someone who act like a bitch
Albanian Ti qifsha byth Fuck Your Ass, or to fuck ones ass.
Albanian Ti qij rrobt! I will fuck everyone you have!
Albanian T'qift dreqi nonen! The devil fucks your mom!
Albanian Qift qeni nonen! May the dog fuck your mom!
Albanian Ta Qifte Derri Nonen May The Pig Fuck Your Mother
Alternative curse words Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea Oh Shit
Alternative curse words SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA Shit
American English Back door, basement butt slut Someone who engages in anal sex
American English Big ones Having large balls / being brave
American English One-eyed Willy penis
American English Riding the baloney pony Getting fucked
American English One-eyed monster Penis
American English One-eyed tiger Penis
American English Pussy Licker One who engages in cunnilingus
American English Shit slinger One who tells lies
American English Durfee A person who is prone to epic fails
American English cock block keep someone from getting sex
American English cock sucker someone who sucks penis or a jerk
American English Willy the One-Eyed Wonder Worm Penis
American English Cunt badger Someone that is a Badger of cunt
Amharic dingaye iras stonehead
Arabic (moroccan) Tabonek Wassee Your pussy is too large
Arabic (moroccan) nrsam lik tabone fwajhek i will draw a pussy on your face
Arabic (tunisian) sayeb zebi leave me the fuck alone
Arabic bahraini Ayaar Not honest
Arabic egyptian ya ibn el labwa son of a lioness
Arabic palestine Imak wahdi btoklo Ur mom is one who eats it (dick)
Arabic syrian bedi nik tiz emak l mamhoneh i wanna fuck you horny mother ass
Arabic syrian ya batroneh female pimp
Arabic syrian ya akho l mentakeh you brother of a fucked one
Argentinian Chupame un huevo Suck one of my eggs
Armenian Gondone Condom
Asian accent Goh Fak yuo sel fu to make love to oneself
Assamese Bal Abusing some one
Assyrian Ya bronet khmara You son of a donkey
Aussie slang You've got Buckley's and none You have no chance
Australian dickhead someone who is stupid
Australian Bangs like a dunny door Someone extremely sexual
Australian Bugger (n) one who causes mischief
Australian Ratbag (n) one who causes mischief
Austrian hau di übad heisa fuck off (or: leave me alone)
Azeri Chakgal Jackal (Someone foxy)
Azeri Lompaket Someone Dumb
Azeri Uypaket Someone Dumb
Bahasa indonesia Isap Konek Suck your dick
Baseball Died on base To lose ones erection during sex
Baseball Strike one Fuck you, you muther fucker
Bengali Thumi amar nunu khoa, onek mishti Eat my dick, its very sweet
Bihari bapjeth elder than one's father
Biohazerd * punch someone based on his minecraft skin* Yo ugly, come at me!
Breaking baddish I am the one who knocks I'm your worst fucking nightmare.
British u fukin wanker you have done something wrong
Bulgarian Makedonec Gay
Calabrese richione fag / homosexual male
Cantonese Gwan lei lun see ah None of your fucking business
Cat meOWW hiss hiss MEOW *claw* Leave my fucking food alone
Chi kin sit ahwant tho de khuai eth Leave me alone Bitch !!!
Chilean Webear Waste time or bother someone
Chinese tou ni ma look down the one
Chinese ni mama gei ren diao your mother fuck by someone else
Common swears Hawky Someone who wears a mohawk
Cook islands maori Rao Toka Stone/Hard Balls
Counter strike Hacker Everyone who is better than you.
Counter strike Eco Spend all of your money
Cow Suck my udder bitch please leave me alone
Creole (mauritian) Bousse imper liki ar moi tone tander! Close your pussy you understand!
Creole (Mauritian) falkoneti torti tortoise pussy
Creole (Mauritian) plok poner idiot
Creole (Mauritian) mone fleuri im stoned
Creole (Mauritian) mone defoncer im absolutely fucked
Creole (mauritian) mone envi bour toi i love you so so much!
Creole (mauritian) fafa fanta shit gone wrong
Creole haitian jebo te onaj ko te napravio may the one who made you fuck you
Creole mauritian Fer bour twa Look for someone to fuck u
Croatian Vrag ti kosti glodao May the Devil gnaw your bones
Cypriot Pezevegki Someone who is being cheated on
Dari (Farsi) kerrum tha donet My dick in your mouth
Deusenese quatainch one quarter of an inch
Disney princess let it go leave me the fuck alone whore
Dota 2 retard everyone who is not you
England Gobshite Someone you strongly disagree with
England Piss Pot Someone who talks bull
English One-eyed yoghurt lobber Penis
English Rm Job Lick ones asshole
English spin one off her chin ejaculate in a girls face
English cuntlapper one who performs fellatio
English You knobcheese (pronounced nob cheese) You are the cheese on someones cock
English Cocklump Someone of no use or ornament.
English Ya Me'Onen you wanker !
English Raging Cunt Someone who is rude
English Willie the one Eyed PurpleHeaded Monster Penis
Estonian sittur someone who farts/shits alot
Faroese fer nú og mogga ein get go now and fuck one goat
Farsi kir to char choobe koonet dick in to your frame of your ass
Farsi kire asbe abi too koonet hippo's cock in your ass
Farsi koonet laghe your ass is loose
Farsi dard tu koonet pain in your ass
Feral cat MAOOWWRRRRR *hiss* You boner biting bastard!
Football (american) end zone Buttocks / anus
French Laisse-moi tranquille! Leave me alone!
German Fich dich Der arschfotze go sit on a pine cone
Goth Trapped in my (ones) coffin In an awkward situation
Goth Hawkie Someone who wears a mohawk
Gujarati Gaand Ghapli work getting complicated by someone
Hawaiian lala-hu boner (lit. to stick out)
Hawaiian ko'i'i boner (lit. desire)
Hawaiian 'o-nu boner (lit. projection)
Hebrew Mas-tool Stoned
Hebrew Red li me'avrid Leave me alone
Hebrew Red li me'agav Leave me alone
Hebrew lech hape's me yena'ana otcha Go look for someone to fuck you
Hebrew לך חפש מי ינענע א• Go look for someone to fuck you
Hebrew Omed li I have a boner
Hindi sab ka lund teri ma ki chut mein everyones dick in your moms vagina
Hindi randi baj one who always fucks
Hindi bursungha one who smell pussy
Hokkien Pua Kang Broken Hole (choose one)
Ido Yonathan Bassan Fuck It Im Done
Irish gaelic Póg Mo Thón Kiss my Ass (Pronounced Pog Ma hone
Irish Gaelic pog mo hon (pog ma hone) kiss my ass
Irish gaelic Go h-ifreann leat (singular; to more than one person: Go h-ifreann libh) Go to hell
Italian cazzone (Pronounced: Kahtsoneh ) Literally means: Big Dick
Jail house mook one who is gay
Jail house Gonna need That Towel Going "IN" bone dry
Japanese Bokki Boner
Jiggumsmash Something just fell out of that girl's pants Someone made a poop
Kashmiri baaz akh de give me one fuck
Kashmiri kani jung stone pelting
Kashmiri Maji Siawa One who fucks his own mother
Kashmiri LiatRama One who is cocky
Khasi shi loh one dick
Konkani Gadith Man with one testicle
Kurdish (kurmanci) Kurre Be namusa son of the dishonest
Latvian Sūkā līko suck the curved one
Latvian dirs! shit! (literally - in one's ass!)
League of legends Report [Insert Summoner Name] He/She is being a nuisance to you
Macedonian Ke ti frknam edna I'm going to slap you one
Macedonian Jas sum Makedonec I'm fucked
Malay kepala konek Dick Head
Malay isap konek suck my dick
Malay konek dick
Malayalam Poori mone Son of big Pussy mother
Malayalam Ninte ammakku vettu nayinte mone fuck your mother you son of a bitch
Malayalam pundachi mone sone of a bitch
Malayalam nayinte mone Son of a dog
Malayalam kallel oouuki stone fucker
Malayalam avarathi mone mothers dick fucker
Malayalam Pezhachu Pettavan One who was born to a slut
Malayalam Nayinte Mone Son Of A Bitch
Malayalam kundaroli poori mone gay asshole
Malayalam naayinte mone son of a bitch
Manipuri Trumjao one who has big dick
Maracuchan a mis cojones (usually contracted to simply 'cojones') I don't give a fuck/fuck it
Marathi phodarphatya One with torn cunt
Marathi Gav Zawadi Woman who is used by everyone
Marathi Zavkhor One who fucks regularly
Massachusettian I ain't shittin ya one ounce. I'm telling you the truth.
Megrelian Gikhod ukhod Fuck everyone who are't fuck yet
Minecraft Can I join your server? I want 2 Bone u
Montenegrin Sramota jedna Shameful one
My little pony Phony pony full of baloney Lying sack of shit
Neapolitan va fancul' a chi ta muort' Fuck you and your dead ones
Neapolitan Cafone Uneducated person
Nederlands (dutch) kankerlijer (lit: someone suffering cancer) dickhead, mean and worthless person
New zealand Hangi Pants Someone who sleeps around
Newfoundland Shagger Someone who fucks anyone
Northern irish Saunter someone who is talking nonsense
Orewa college Creature someone who is on pingaz
Pakistan Kuss Marani Ka One Who gets his ass fucked
Pamirian tut mu jon u're my honey
Panjabi lun tay charja ride someones dick
Paripi4 Nema6 apri You have no money
Persian divooneh mad , crazy , insane
Peruvian chupame un huevo suck my bol (one bol)
Pig latin Ogay ivegay ouryay adday an ustyray ombonetray Go give your dad a rusty trombone.
Pokemon My Caterpie just evolved into a Metapod. I just got a boner.
Pokemon My Metapod used harden! I just got a boner.
Pokemon You have a Cubone You ass with an erectile disfuntion
Polish przejebaæ, przepierdoliæ loose, waste money, fail
Polish mamy przejebane/przekurwione we are fucked
Portuguese (brazil) me erra! leave me alone!
Portuguese (brazil) Cagar nas calas/Borrar as calas to shit one's pants
Portuguese (brazil) Borrar-se To shit oneself
Punjabi Tutta One of your balls
Roadman Little man give me ur P little shit give me ur money
Romanian Sa-mi fut una Fuck me one
Romanian Poponar one who takes it in the ass
Romanian Labagiu One who masturbates
Russian Huiplet Some one who talks a lot.
Salsadala Salad Dressing It's when you mix your cum with spices and Japanese leaf salad then give it to someone as a joke and
Serbian Jebo te onaj sto te gleda Fuck you that one who looks you
Serbian Jebo te ko te poslo May the one who sent you fuck you
Serbian Ode sve u kurac! Everything has gone to the cock!
Serbian Jebo te ko te dade Fuck the one that gave you
Serbian romani (gipsy) Kuraf'te mulo kokalo Fuck your dead bones
Sexting IWTA I Won't Tell Anyone
Sexting IWTA I Won't Tell Anyone
Sexting "Find Me And Finish It" Come here i need a boner
Shakespearian Thou art no more brain than stone You are stupid
Shardyyyy I'm good for it honestly bro I'm never gonna pay for this..:)
Shardyyyy The mean one.. Top grade a class bang bang boogie
Shardyyyy You know anyone who wants to buy an iPad??? I'm a junkie cunt, I'll suck
Sindarin elvish Utinu en lokirim Son of snakes (dishonest person)
Sindhi Randi jo putr sone of a whore
Slovak odrbat niekoho to lie, to deceive someone (vulgar)
Spanish nadie te quiere no one loves you
Spanish Me lo pones en la boca Put it in my mouth
Spanish cojones balls, testicles,
Spanish (chile) chupa la que cuelga suck the one that hangs
Swedish hoppas du blir vldtagen, slynhelvete I hope someone rapes you, you slut
Swiss German sohn vonere huere Son of a bitch
Swiss german z blöd zum Stei hiete to stupid to herd stones
Ta'agra Jimetiit One who drinks milk
Tamil kaai amuki one who presses the breast
Tamil oore otha thevadiya fucks everyone in town
Tamil kadiki one who bites the penis
Tamil Thevdiya kuthile thenu paru da Honey in prostitute pussy
Tamil pacha thevdia woman who fucks everyone
Tantalog a chooga moopa! everyone will be fucking out
Tulu Bajil To press someone's boobs
Turkish Siki tutmuþ The one who hold the cock
Twi wa bo dam you've gone mad
United kingdom Smackhead Someone who is addicted to heroin.
Uzbek Oneni ski Mother fucker
Uzbek Oneni eshshe siksin Hope donkey fucks your mom
Uzbek Oneni ami Your mother's pussy
Venezuelan pario por el culo one who was born from an ass
Venezuelan le sacaron las caraotas one who was raped
Venezuelan lo cogieron hasta por la cédula one who was fucked by all the holes
Venician italian Magnime el casso e spua i ossi Eat my dick and spit the bones
Vietnamese Du mot minh Fuck alone
Welsh Basdun Bastard.
Welsh Coeliwr Someone who play's with themselves
White girl Look at my iphone 6+ You have small tits
White girl I love starbucks I want to burn you with my iphone
Zusvout enfejanfi rions zeca no-one (no people) likes you

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