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My dick in ur mothers pussy your arse shut up dick pussy fucker pussy kisser fuck to my ass be gay Fucked (For girls) Eat Shit and Die Suck a frogdick! Fuck The What ?!?! small hole you are an antifreeze of my dick strong insult of a man slut whore Horse's dick on top of the hill Fool, Dumb-ass stupid cunt keep it in your mouth hair plucker wholly whore What balls Get the fuck out my seat! Piss Off! give me head stick my dick in your throat! puke head Fucking fuckhead go masturbate hottest deepest pits of hell! gay-ass You fucking dumb bell ! give me titts Go suck your dick your bitch and idiot lick my dog (girl) in her pussy female dog/bitch Your mom is a bitch! refers to a stupid person fuck it or dam it! put it in! put it in your ass dick, cock semen fraud, lie (very vulgar) i take your mother on my dick Your grandmom's pussy Your mums pussy is dirty your grandma's vagina to have sex Coward; Pussy ants in your mother's ass dog have bitten your mothers pussy your father prostitute mothers pussy spread in 40 acres black dog fucked your mother Son of Horse Fucker I am wearing you on my dick i fucked your mouth daughter fucker dog shit turtle Fart Go and take with you 60 demons! You son of your neighbours Fuck you! i will fuck your mums dad son of a dog May the people cum on your face i am gonna rip your mom's pussy pussy lips You're cow shit! Penis with sperm small fucker You're really dumb. rascal fellow your mum smells fuck your mom, Someone you strongly disagree with Man without testis Get the fuck out of here Suck on my dick! Fuck Your Mom Pussy ill shove it up your ass sit on my cock dirty asshole little fart big fart you brother of a whore/bitch! Milk sucker eat ass fuck with a donkey She/he fucked up/what a fuckup Fuck you (to female) Touch my dick Shit head You are a monster/bogeyman Monster Face/Face of a bogeyman Touch my scary pussy Face of Death/The face of the dead
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