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I Fuck You In Your Mouth (sleng) your mothers vagina lick my cock with the cum dick, Fuck you! Shove it! Go I don't give a fuck blow my load foreskin/ hasnt cut Not even your mom likes you Daughter`s Dick Fuck buddy of low caste fuck ur sister Cunthead narrow pussy son of a shoe dick in your ass Sister`s Dick asshole, (sickness of the balls) eat shit for your mom Fuck your mouse I don't fucking believe it Like shit tit damn you your fathers prick What the fuck?! WTF evil bitch dumb bastard, stupid piece of shit Go give your dad a rusty trombone. you prostitute stupid jerk dont be asshole fister, masturbater, faggot Kill you you thief Cunt Eater / Pussy Eater Basterd Dick fucker Pubic Hair plucker Hanging Balls / Testicles Will fuck and tear your pussy Gay - Homo smoke of the pussy Suck my balls. fuck, you're stupid! Go fuck Curse your mom scratch dick Your fathers balls your mother's damn vagina Stick your head up your ass! God Damnit! Cockface Shit eating dog rapist Dicksnot Fuck your mom! Lick your mothers dirty cunt. Shitface my dick's fuck fucked animal May a dog fuck your mother! Bitchy you are a wanker! dirtbag Your dick. Not very good. hot girl get away! jerk condom, meaning shitty person Promiscuous woman Promiscuous woman (less offensive) fart (fartist) Stoned Sexy Girl Your pussy is too large fat shit Poop Your "tool" is small! Slutt Fuck your ancesters Damn! Shit! Fuck! Fuck! or Fuck you! sleeping cunt wimp Fuck you mother's cunt has a lot of sex cocaine Ugly Woman / Girl I'll fuck your family Your mother wears army shoes stupid, asshole son of a bustard Suck on my pussy Come over here so we can fuck Get the fuck away from me absolutely 100% stupid really stupid
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