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cheap floozy Like hell! Let's watch how we die! consistently useless Everybody shut the hell up! Go far away very fast Horrible old tyrant piss-soaked pikers Idiots. All of you. bottom Screw you frog-humping son of a bitch Holy testicle Tuesday! Mother humping son of a bitch outsider/white person fuck all you have Kick me in the bottom Whores in hell! Goddammit! nuts monkey raping cow dung Cow poop panda urine Cow sucking steaming crap pile Screw Ron Jeremy (wooly cunt-eater) cheap whore idiot (harsher than blo'on) go suck your own dick jerking my dog fuck ur sister dog fuck ur family pennis or dick Eat Cum Eat My Cum Man and Man ass fuck my bloody dick A mans asshole fuck your mother in the mouth suck my cock hard fuck the dirty whore life you are a gay dicksucker Your mums dirty fanny Loose Cunt Foul onion smell of pussy Rest your pussy here and stay Big black dick Circumcised dick Fuck your dead in your family You ball sack im goin to rip your sister pussy I fuck your mother. fuck everything in you my dick fucking your dead people more than 1 father Go get fucked in the ass by Greeks lick my deck shut ur mouth ass person i'll put a donkey on your mom piss in your mouth i'll shove it up your ass Meat head Snot eater (lit.) cum/ shit! malayalam (lit.) dick/ shit! as hell castrated bull stupid dog(like mine) Dick Sniffer Damn the Mother! Fuck, I'm going to Masturbate eat your moms pussy go eat shit u stupid. shit get away the devil's cunt Die in hell. You're my dog you're rubish! Fire in your cunt black bitch Fucking A! smelly cunt ass soup pregenant a gay from saham rotten peice of fucking shit To be in a bad situation Dick Motherfucker! frog in a vagina You are the hair on my ass your face looks like a pig's ass go and fuck yourself Sont of a bitch bastard (not literal)
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