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arse-finger. dick-food Polizi mi picku wank-pump asslicker bend over and lick go fuck your sister old balls fucking dirty cunt suck my dick whore, eat a dick have sex with me Ahem shit on your head loose pussy fuck (do) Pussy Fuck/Fucker Cunt shit your mom is a slut ass head stupid like a shoe Long Mouth clitoris sucking your dick smells your pussy is wet Sidewalk slut Cancerdick vagaina, pussy Anea Nakaa I fuck your life. Pusshead! Dickhead! You stupid piece of shit! to copulate to have an orgasm (eyaculate) Fuck you, jerk-off. suck and lick my dick Cunt-face. Go and jerk off! slang for sperm Woody Your mom is such a slut Nancy boy you gay! Russian your dick hair pussy drummer Armpit hair Well, fuck me! asshole/idiot/dude/ox Don't fuck with me! Bastard. More commonly used for one person. the act of fucking (literary cow) but can be used as bitch Adj. A tosser, wanker, Asshole Noun. Papari - A Testicle Stretched arsehole A cunt hair. you give your wife to others Old bloody cunt Horse fucker Cripple heiry pussy licker tits/breasts male genitals I fucked up something shitty i hope you die dummy muthafucking thief fuckhead gas fart eat shit you dick masturing fuck life! child of a dog Mother's a whore black ass get lost/give ass cunt sucker im stoned slap shak get lost, fuck off your mum shitted you suck soz's ass go fuck your uncle! To Jerk off gay, homosexual fat girl fart hole you suck at politics screw your folks shit in diapers your pussy's on fire foul smell of pussy cock
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