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that was a good fuck sex toys Fuck your mother's tea Fuck your mother's cross! Fuck your mother's church! Fuck your mother's Easter! I shit on the cunt that spewed you Go shit yourself you bloody moron You're an aborted squid I'm fucked up A blowjob Wank, (wanker) Fake/Gay Kill yourself. Idiot or Stupid The clit of your mother's pussy I am a hairy gorilla Animal fucker Hairless dick Pussy with curly hairs your mom's onion pussy pussy madman Your penis is big Eat [name]'s balls! motherfucking asshple Horse´s cunt Fuck*u all pussy fart Piss off!/Fuck off! Fuck off! (Go to the dick!) Your mama's pussy fuck ur momma your hand in my dick blow job for me IM FUCKING YOUR MOTHER shut up you foolish and ugly tell your butt shut up faggot i fuck you faggot go lick her pussy With dick hit other dick you're not funny! your mothers cape clit stinks A annoying person(s) I WILL EAT YOUR FUCKING SPONGES! worst man with puzzy man with small pennise Jerk! son of the dishonest pussy of donkey I did not know it was/is you DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE suck your family Let's fuck? Eat your pubic hair i am a cat duck fucker idiot of shit!! your vagina is glittery stinky fart Dog chin In your auntie vegina gay (bottom) I want to fuck you into pussy ! Watch my big dick. I have big dick. coconut like pubic hair Pumkin Pussy run pubic motherfucker skid back home in vaginal oil red hot tomato like pussy Suck my rod you teeny bop bitch green motherfucker shouting bad words small shrivelled black balls BIGGEST PUSSY in the world man whore Give me your penis YOU FUCKING STOLE MY HAIR BITCH! I'm stupid I'm extremely stupid A term of endearment shit head (lit. shrimp head) minion (lit. scrotum carrier) lacking (as in mental capacity) bitchy or cranky homosexual intercourse i love you so so much! God damn (transliteration) arrogant (lit. big headed) horny (lit. itchy) man whore (lit. boar) boner (lit. to stick out) boner (lit. desire) boner (lit. projection) worthless (lit. worm shit) fuzz, pubes shit-smeared kid (or ass) I'm gong to eat your pussy
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