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Born to many fathers slag Oh crap! (Or: Oh Damn!) cunts You are bitch, slut, or whore Worst swear word ever Pussy cloth sanitary towel/ 'blood cloth' gigolo/male prostitute sandalwood motherfucker big cock haunted pussy electrocuting a pigs asshole flat dog blunt dog I fuck God ! (very strong oath) fucking (lit. mangy, scabby) lame stupid cunt Monkey's Pussy (Shut Up!) Faggot who takes it up the ass Camel Shit Bad boy Mother of all Dick Lovers Fuck your mother sperm Kick me Swamp whore That bastard/that idiot Your mum is riding my dick fuck drought fuck mouse may your crazy father fuck you fuck the milk that has fed you Travestite go suck a dick man hairy dick in a wild mood stray bitch / dirty bitch on heat should we go fighting? dirty rag fuck her powerfully fuck sake Through the rectal passage. Fuck eat shit your mums fat ass Erection male sex organs head of penis prostitute's offspring donkey (stupid) you fucking animal Fuck my dick! banana in mommys pussy slave to mother's pussy A male homosexual fuck you in your mouth fuck hundred of your mothers Fuck you bitch motherfucker a person who fucks horses What the fuck is wrong with you You peasant You crazy fucker I'm gonna fuck your face up You stupid fool I'll beat your ass Big idiot You fucked up finger in father ass may you miscariage your brother Dammit/fuck it I just shit my diaper Castro (= literally evil sorcerer) Pig Madonna fuck your dick shut-up ass head minor dickhead major dickhead Go take a shit on your dirty vagina Hoi dickhead! jump up in your ass baby-whore forget it, i run into your ass hairy gorilla your mother cunt Your a useless piece of shit I am Cumming I shit in your milk! Can I lick your pussy slut / worthless female person lausy, lazy, mostly fatty person fat (female)pig dirty smelly cunt lesbian whore get typhus slutty head dickhead, mean and worthless person You're a slut! eat my dick, fucker smelly shit May your feet dry out! Crazy / Retard
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