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To sulk or be offended to fart with no sound to have a runny ass, talk shit runny ass, assquake, diarrhea a person who talks too much shit shithole, asshole shit! (literally - in one's ass!) little twat dickhead (literally - cock's vein) faggot (literally - shit pusher) Cunt destroyer sperma Why are you so baaad? You are so bad Ebola for you Fuck your brother You have no money I have never touched a human boob dads dick getting nowhere fast you monster! Aaaa evil, plants A very bad person A boy that isn't tough Your mom sweats when she shits! I'm Cuming Gay (Passive) I OWN your ass Best get to steppin' and fuck off. I'm your worst fucking nightmare. Watch your ass Fucking Awesome! What a Dick! dick juice; cum; jizz You look like a dick He likes dick; homosexual He loves dick; homosexual He's a dick She's a dick She is a dick He is a dick My dick is small Dick in a box Bent dick I need dick Pull a dick Don't be a dick Fuck you (lit. go to pussy) wipe it (the dick) Unwashed slut a tight fannty your fuck head / face ! You fucking haired-pussy bitch my friend (litt: "my ball") Face pipe Fuck off, prick Shut the fuck up motherfucker To cum on your eyebrows dont break myh balls folding you I will fuck you from here blue dicks Your mom likes dicks go shit / damn ! go and suck your mom Eat my ass! Fuck your mother's dead! Fuck your mother's Christ! Fuck your mouth! Fuck your mother's gods! an old fart you farted a fart Fuck your bloody bread Fucking God ! (oath) Your your vagina Your rectum Damn! (literally: Shit!) I'm a bronze player. hardbeaten whore! Fucking freak! I'll beat you up Donkey will fuck your moms vagina Im horny! a black person fuck death to death but can not die crazy cunt = stupid bitch What the nether Oh my god. Go to hell. A ugly building in Minecraft. Bad person, asshole your penis! Someone who is being cheated on person who sucks dick person who sucks nipple rub your pussy hair and show dead cock head shut your shit mouth
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