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Salty Unwanted person Wow/shit (depends on context) Your input wasn't needed. you soup chicken (idiot) you can kiss them (my/your balls) you god danm goat fucker your moms coconut pubes First breast Coconut pussy Generation of whore I fuck you in the brain. I fucked your child's child. Thunder burned you. I shit in your hand I hope neighbor's cow dies. Crazy dick Sun never warmed you! fuck spiky pole I fuck your doorstep! Grave fucked you! i fuck your dawn! I fuck your sky! You fucked hedgehod in his back! Attacking first with a smoker Old man balls The noob's God You are a vagina You have small tits Suck one of my eggs I want to burn you with my iphone I fuck your bloody sun! swine real gay homos no mind monkey molester gayboy woman who fucks everyone fuck in her pussy Punching your pussy Large penis Fucked up life Sporting an erection Dick (lit. harmonica) Stupid, Foolish Son of thirty whores A man who uses women only for sex Stupid looking cunt pussy insect pussy worm broke you wanker ! You cunt with hairy pussy lick my ass sister I burn your mother's pubic hair go and fuck your dad Eat muddy shit Fuck your retarded kids Your father is sick idiot Fuck you in your bloody pockets Eat hairy gipsy balls You Retard (lit. You Fuckmistake) cunt, twat What a damn bitch Go and hide in nettles You kinda suck at life Cunt-damn saapadu Pussy becames ugly to you family fucker I hope your mother fart on parental I fuck your bloody liver Fucking whore dick You ugly goatfucker Man with one testicle You're too noob to join our party Top my dick Crazy son Find yourself a bitch to fuck you I'll fry your momma's pussy. Stretch Dick i will shit you up Fuck everyone who are't fuck yet Dick's skin every cop Fuck you'r mothers pussy C*nt Fuck your crazy mother stuped dumb fuk Heck lick my butthole Spend all of your money I am a virgin Lick my right ball Piss on your mom Shiteater Retarted lunatic Your mom's pussy What the hell!?
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