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Cuntfaggot i'll putt you a finger Fuck u real good. dick (sometimes) You got your ass beat..hard slang way of saying whore Your mother is the Hulk! vegan I'm gonna fuck your tits bitch Your mom is a prostitute fuck that star Go to the ass born out of a stinky pussy You must kill yourself! I fuck your melon I've shit myself what's wrong with your fucking God you retarded Private Part hair Go fuck yourself ! My dick's donkey (exactly) Donkey's dick Dinosaurs' ball big dick in your mouth licking a butt hole eat my ass's crap in a burrito! Fool! Mangy Dog! Mad/Crazy! Dammit I'm going to shit to your milk! Extreme weird gay Radical gay Worse than wanker bum (homeless) You're a devil parasite! Gay ass fucker fuck it all and all you bitches You poor fuckin bastard Browse your balls ! your mother fucker Holy Shitballs! Rat balls Literally ''pussy milk skin'' It stinks whore in headwind Thrusting boy (gay boy) Fuck your mom's pussy i will eat your mum i ate your mums dick cum holder you are dick Sperm / Jizz Panty / Panties mother fucking whore U are hot Eat my pussy. Underpants, Eastern Canada Underpants, Western Canada take my dick up your ass son of a flipflop wife of a pimp sister of a pimp spurm lake dicks garage come fuck me put your dick in my anal Beat the drum with your cock Tree fucker fuck you give me your items bitch There hundred bears Clarified butter of the dick fuck your family / race fuck your mom ass fuck your mom cunt Generically, heck/hell/etc. you mom cunt your mom pussy Fuck your ears I wanna fuck your mother You stink like a pig put your finger in your asshole mad mental Deep dick Fart head im a fucking pelican niggi big ass crazy fucker gay dickhead suck my pussy You are very stupid A bitch with a bad std My penis into your mouth Biggest choot deck in your pussy Son of the bitch I fuck your mouth I fuck your ass Wide opened Kunt Cock eater
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