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To press someone's boobs You are fucking ugly A dumb person Ill Beat You With A Broom Stick Fucking normies! Son of a (female) thief Son of a fucking pussy Bitchy cunt sucker Sabeel Your Father's Pussy dirty wanker I fuck your sidter Go and eat shit. shitting with your penis Scared rock head may the devil eat you may god fuck your mom nasty animal kiss/suck/eat my balls an idiot (literally– an axe) Salman Khan My dick is bigger than yours finger dammed your mom She's eating my dick Smack the ass and drink the shit Drink my semen What did you say you shit ?!?! Wasting time not doing work your sisters bitch you and your mom are very cheap suck your sisters dick Whore, bitch ugly ape Hold my dick You damn child of a whore Stupid you Your dad is fat fucking hoes I will fight you, bitch! Small Testicle go fuck dogs Take a girl's virginity fucking village Fuck your bread Death to your family Hoe/Dog without a breed Your Dad is a pussy! Get to fuck you little slut! stupid vagina You pig dick Buffalo crazy cock suker Lick monkey ass Itchy Cock im gonna pee on your eyebrows Aw man, dick born for a prostitute Pussy obsessed horsey saggy balls yoour dads boohole fucking hemuli (a moomin character) one who has big dick Im out fucking hore Getting hard Fucking on top Having an erection Pussy in law May world fuck your mother Go eat the horses balls Daughter of a dog/bitch tiny pussy Big black cock Ugly girl (bitch) Drink his own pee Annoying person Fucknut fuck off you idiot Greasy Turkey Fucker Fight for the property Idiot/dickhead Monkey with public hair horse fucks your mother Got shit I wish to put my dick on your ass! your pretty dad died piggy dog fuck your pretty mom you are homosexual unplanned birth my dick hurts(i dont care) shut up you bitch eat dog shit Cute bitch Oh for fuck sake What the fuck do you want? You son of a thousand (whores) Hanging balls I fuck you until you die
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