Assyrian swear words beginning with the letter E

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Ekhree gawukh My shit in you (100%)      (0%)
Era go maket ymokh A dick in your mom's womb (100%)      (0%)
Era go mokhokh Fuck your brain/mind (84%)      (16%)
era gu yimukh dick in your mom (79%)      (21%)
Era khoma qo theezat babokh Black cock in your dads ass (60%)      (40%)
Era Qo Qotet Ymoukh A Dick In Your Mom's Pussy (90%)      (10%)
era shleeka boiled dick (86%)      (14%)
Era shleeka qo babookh Boiled dick in your dad (50%)      (50%)
ere go pimokh my dick in your mouth (75%)      (25%)
Eree b shwawokh Fuck your neighbour (83%)      (17%)
Eri beekhalola She's eating my dick (100%)      (0%)
Eri Fik Fuck off (29%)      (71%)
Eri go kotet yimmokh My dick in ur mothers pussy (85%)      (15%)
erid khmara donkeys dick (91%)      (9%)