How to say Emo in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans jou woers gemors your sperm
American English voldemort's nipple shut up
Arabic (moroccan) Rab dialk kan7wih min zkko Hemorrhoid bitch
Arabic palestine Rouh Wa Sittin Erd Ma'ak Go and take with you 60 demons!

Ashley Madison - Secret Affairs
Colombian caremondá dickface
Common swears God blasphemous insult
Common swears Goddam blasphemous insult
Common swears Jesus Christ blasphemous insult
Costa rican Vayase al demonio Go to hell
Danish Svensker Demon
Firefly Boo hway-hun duh puo-foo Remorseless harridan
Football (american) Lemonade Athlete Piss
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Lemonade Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Lemon Juice Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out My Lemon Athlete Pissing
Goth Emotional Emo
League of legends teemo small fucking annoying cunt
Malay setan demon(in offensive way)
Malayalam Pulayadi monae Son of a whoremonger
Marshallese kolen jemom your dad's cock!
Marshallese Kolen Jemom Fuck Your Dad
Metal Emo Fake/Gay
Pohnpeian Moangen Semomw Your dad's head (disrespectful)
Romanian Sa-mi sugi hemoroizii Suck on my hemorrhoids
Russian Peetoókh (TheMost rude) gay
Samoa Siko Lemo Daai fuck you eat shit
Sardo Diaulos de sas catenas Demons of the chains (may bind you)
Sonic the hedgehog Shadow the hedgehog emo pussy
Spanish Que llamo a los preemos! I will call to cousins
Syriac nukno emok fuck your mum
Syriac Gnakno Emoch Im going to fuck your mom
Syriac Nakno Emoch Fuck your mom
Tamil Avuthu kami Remove and show your pussy
West assyrian Nakno Emokh! I will fuck you mother!