How to say Kle in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afghan Koss Chomlok Wrinkley Vagina
American English Kleng Fuck
Arabic (tunisian) niklek bzezlek i'm gonna fuck your boobs
Arabic syrian khalil aire wa kloo pickle my dick and eat it

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Aussie slang You've got Buckley's and none You have no chance
Australian Fucknuckle Dickhead
Australian fuck nuckle minor dickhead
Australian JJ Vagg Person with a freckled cock
Balinese Naskleng Dickhead
Belgian dutch kleine petotter little kid
Bulgarian kles sperm / jackass
Dutch (haags) gerimpelde kleibind wrinkled potato
Dutch (street slang) Klennie Crackhead
Football (american) Tackle Groping
Football (american) Field Tackle Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) Lawn Tackle Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Georgian Kle Cock, prick
Georgian tavkle Dickhead
Georgian Chemi Kle Mocuce suck my dick
German Mach die beine breit du kleine schlampe Spread your legs you little slut
Hungarian Töketlen barom Dickless beast
Kazakh Am (Um) Pussy, twat, cunt, bitch wrinkle
League of legends Yasuo Dickless beast
Lowland Scots yer tackle testicles
New zealand Fuck knuckle Idiot / Dumbass
Newfoundland Chuckle head stupid
Rick and morty I'M PICKLE RIIIIIICK!!!!!!!! Fuck therapy
Slovenian Prekleto! Dammit!
Slovenian Prekleta prasica You damned bitch
Slovenian Proklet cigan Damn Gipsy
Tunisian arabic bech niklek omek i will fuck your mother
Turkish Ananın amını eşşekler siksin Let donkeys fuck your mom's pussy
Unicorn Sparkle Obese mother fucker
West vlams e kleintje small dick