How to say Piss-Flaps in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
American English Pissing Male or female urination
American English Don't give a piss I do not care / I could care less
American English Piss Cutter Vagina
American English Taking a piss Male or female urination

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American English Piss fenders Vagina lips
American english Drain the main vein Take a piss (male)
Arabic bashokh aleek(Palestinians slang) I piss on you
Arabic bashokh alaa imak(Palestinians slang) I piss on your mom
Arabic (lebanese) KISIK D'ARDA I piss on your sister
Arabic (moroccan) nboul lik fi wajhek i'll piss over your face
Aussie slang She's about and sweet as a cat pissing down ur mums cunt Have u seen my hairy pussy
Australian gunna shake hands with me best mate take a piss
Australian Pissed Drunk
Australian Lick my salty piss Vagina and cock head
Australian fuck off piss off/fuck off
Avatar: the legends of aang and korra just left the spirit world I really have to piss
Azeri ustuve ishiyerem i will piss on your all body
Baseball Light Beer Gay Male Piss
Baseball Draft Beer Gay Male Piss
Baseball I Gotta Take A Time Out I Gotta Go Take A Piss
Baseball I Need To Take A Time Out I Need To Go Take A Piss
Bavarian Sie Brunzkache, sie obislde You (are a) pissed Toilettile
Bavarian Brunzkache Shitface (lit.: Piss tile)
Breoon Kwatan de nur pissat moreono ta de Son of bitch
British Piss off Go away
British Piss-Flaps Lips of the Vagina
Bulgarian Da ti pikam v ustata! I'm gonna piss in your mouth!
Canadian pissfuck poohead
Cat Pisses on your stuff Fuck you bitch!
Cat hiss claw piss off bitch
Cockney rhyming slang Gypsy / Gipsy KIss Piss
Common swears pissed off angry >:O
Creole (mauritian) Boire pissar Drink pee
Creole (Mauritian) torma piss diboute your mum has a cock
Creole mauritian to p piss difer you are revolting
Deptic Guq Oafagle Pi Fiq Duzla vegruo I pissed in your milk bitch
Dhivehi goruboe drink piss
Dog Pisses on your bed Fuck you.
Dutch Pisvlek piss stain
Dutch pislul pissdick
Dutch Donder op Piss off
England Peter Piss Piss on your mom
England Piss Pot Someone who talks bull
English you fucking pisstaker your annoying
English pissprat bullshit
Estonian piss/kusi piss
Estonian kusema/pissima (v) to piss
Estonian peksa pihku piss off
Farsi Gooreto Gom Kon Fuck off, Piss off, Beat it
Finnish Kusipää Asshole (lit. pisshead)
Finnish vitun kusipää fucking pisshead
Finnish kusipaeae pisshead
Finnish vitun kusimulkku fucking pissdick
Firefly niao se duh doo-gway piss-soaked pikers
Football (american) Hot Ginger Ale Gay Male Piss
Football (american) Hot Apple Cider Gay Male Piss
Football (american) Clear Water Cider Athlete Piss
Football (american) Lemonade Athlete Piss
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Lemonade Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Grapefruitade Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Grapefruit Juice Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Lemon Juice Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out My Lemon Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out My Grapefruit Athlete Pissing
French Casse toi! Piss Off
French Casse-toi, idiot(e)! Piss off, idiot!
French allez, va t'en piss off
French Tu commence m'enmerder ! You're starting to piss me off !
German Verpiss dich! Piss off / Fuck off
German verpiss dich fuck off
German Pisser Fucker
German Varpiss dich! Fuck off!
Hebrew Al ta'atzben otti! Don't piss me off
Hindi rand ki moot piss of call girl
Hindi choot ka pissu pussy tick
Hindi mutra visarjan piss
Hobo can cuping pissing in can
Japanese Shōben (小便) Piss
Japanese shomben to piss
Kannada Ninna mokke nan makLu uchche huyya May my kids piss on your face
Kazakh Auzinga sieiyin Piss into your mouth
Konkani masti pisso mad mental
Korean Kuh-juh Piss off!/Fuck off!
L337 (leet) PMSL Pissing MySelf Laughing
Lithuanian myzalas (meazhalas) a piss
Lithuanian Uzhpisi your are pissing me off
Lithuanian Mizhnius Pisser
Macedonian pisser, coward Mocko (mochko)
Macedonian Mozko ('motschko') pisser, coward,
Marathi tuji ai mutli madkyat phala-phala ur mother pissed in pot
Massachusettian Wicked fuck in pissa Really good
Moldavian M-am zaibit! I'm fucking pissed!
Mongolian Ho-gain piss-tar Shit cunt
Mongolian Goy piss-tar Good cunt
Nepali moot piss
Nepali mootday piss-it
Newfoundland Piss-a-bed Local name for dandelion.
Niuean Fikogo (fee-ko-ngo) Bag of piss
Northern irish Piss Up Drinking
Piglatin isspay off untcay piss off cunt
Polish Odpierdol Sie Piss Off
Polish Spieprzaj Piss off
Polish wkurwiasz mnie you are pissing me off
Portuguese Mijar to piss
Punjabi Peshaab Piss
Pushto bowli piss
Pushto khlo ke de meetyazay o na kam piss in your mouth
Quebec (sex) P'tite criss d'agace pissette. Young bitch teaser
Quebecois Fait chier Pisses me off
Romanian pisa-ti-ai tamponul Piss your tampon
Scottish pesh piss
Scottish pish piss
Scottish Away an raffle yersel Milder form of Piss off.
Scottish piss up my killt fuck off, move away
Serbian popisam ti se na to ill piss on that yours
Serbian Popisam ti se na drzavu I piss on your country
Sinhala pissu paka crazy fucker
Sinhala Chu beepan Drink piss
Slovak stat to piss
Somali warya caadi iska diiq boy go clean up your piss
Swedish Pissluder Pisswhore
Swiss german seich piss
Swiss german schiffe to piss
Te reo maori mimi piss
Thai shee sai p'bark pom piss in my mouth
Thai bpai loi piss off
Toisanese (Taishan) Piss Nial
United kingdom Get lost ya tosser! Piss off you wanker!
Wookie RWA RAFF! Piss Off!