How to say Your mother's cunt in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans Jou ma se poes! Your mother's cunt!
Afrikaans Jou ma se moer Your mother's cunt
Arabic algerian fuck your mother's cunt nik souet mok
Arabic algerian nik souet mok fuck your mother's cunt

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Arabic palestine Kus Emakh your mother's cunt
Assamese Maaeror Boos, maksudai Your mother's cunt, motherfucker
Bahasa melayu Puki mak your mother's cunt
Bulgarian na maika ti u putkata in your mother's cunt
Cantonese nimabi your mother's cunt
Croatian (Idi) u trie pičke materine! (Go) to three of your mother's cunts!
Croatian (Idi) u pičku materinu! (Go) to your mother's cunt!
Dimasa Nama ni khilaam Your mother's cunt
Guyanese Scunt, or Motha Scunt your mother's cunt
Hindi teri maa ki chut your mother's cunt
Hungarian Anyád picsája! Your mother's cunt!
Ibo Otu nne gi Your mother's cunt!
Indonesian Nyame your mother's cunt
Kiswahili Kuma nina your mother's cunt
Malaysian Maa hai Your Mother's Cunt
Moldavian Chizdoiu mătii your mother's cunt
Neapolitan Int' a chella fessa 'e mammeta Your mother's cunt
Otjiherero kanyoko konini your mother's cunt
Romana Te bag in pizda la ma-ta. I put you into your mother's cunt.
Romanian du-te-n pizda ma-tii! go back in your mother's cunt!
Sotho Nnywana ya mmao Your mother's cunt
Spanish La concha de tu madre Your mother's cunt
St.lucian Coocoon Mamaw Your Mother's Cunt
St.lucian your mudda trou coucoon your mother's cunthole
St.lucian hol your mudda cunt hold your mother's cunt
Toisanese (taishan) ew niek ma go hie fuck your mother's cunt
Toisanese (taishan) eel niea ma gah hai Fuck your mother's cunt
Tunisian Arabic zabburummuk your mother's cunt
Virgin islands creole Modda Skunt Your mother's cunt