go to hell

How to say go to hell in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Assamise jahhanaame ja go to hell
Baby Guh Go to hell
Bahasa melayu Pegi Mampos ("pay-Ghee" "Mump-poss") Go & Die / go to hell
Brazil Vai pro Inferno Go to hell
Brazil vai pro inferno go to hell
Catalan Ves a la merda Go to hell
Chinese qu si go to hell
Costa rican Vayase al demonio Go to hell
Creole (cape verdean) ba pa madra go to hell
Creole (cape verdean) Ba pa merda Go to hell
Czech biezh do haaye! go to hell
Esperanto iru inferen go to hell
Estonian minge põrgu go to hell
Estonian mine prgu! go to hell!
Fag tok a Bezhal ! Go to Hell! Fuck off!
Faroese Far til helvitis Go to hell
Finnish Painu Helvettin! Go to hell!
Finnish Mee hervantaan Go to hell
French acadian(chiac) va su le djabe go to hell
Fujianese nu kok ccc go to hell
German Geh zum Teufel Go to hell (Lit. Go to the devil)
German fahr zur holle go to hell
Gorani Nosi se be Go to hell
Greek ade sto diaolo go to hell
Greek As to thialo Go to hell
Greek Sto Thialo go to hell
Hmong ntsej muag tuag! face die! (meaning go to hell)
Icelandic Farðu til Helvítis Go to Hell
Irish Go hifreann leat! Go to hell!
Irish gaelic Go h-ifreann leat (singular; to more than one person: Go h-ifreann libh) Go to hell
Irish gaelic Go hIfreann leat! Go to hell!
Italian Vai all'inferno go to hell
Italian A fanabla! Go to hell!
Italian Vai al inferno go to hell
Japanese Jiguko e ike kono ama! Go to hell you bitch!
Japanese Jigoku e ike! Go to hell!
Javanese mlebuo neroko wae go to hell
Kesporene (kasperian) KAVAKTEEN Y' LTV XAVEDEGRA M' ! Die & go to hell!
Mine craft Go to the Nether Go to hell.
Nicaragua Andate a la mierdad Go to hell
Norwegian dra til helvete go to hell
Portuguese va ao inferno go to hell
Portuguese (brazil) Vai pro inferno Go to hell
Puerto rican vete pal carajo go to hell
Puerto rican mamame el bixh go to hell
Romanian Dute dracu! Go to hell!
Romanian Du te Dracu Go to hell
Romulan urru Areinnye Go to hell
Sami mana fal helvehii go to hell
Scrael Gyen tae Hellte Go to hell
Serbian idi do djavola Go to hell
Skyrim I will banish you to oblivion! go to hell
Spanish ¡Vete al infierno! Go to hell!
Spanish Vete al infierno Go to hell
Spanish vete al infierno go to Hell
Spanish véte al infierno go to Hell
Spanish (cuban) vete pa casa'e la pinga go to hell
Spanish (peru) Vete a la mierda Go to hell
Spanish(spain) Vete a la mierda! Go to Hell!
Swedish dra åt helvete! go to hell!
Swedish Dra åt helvete Go to hell
Swiss german Fahr zur Höll Go to hell
Yiddish Vayrga hargit Go to Hell
Yiddish Gai in drerde Go to Hell

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