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May dogs fuck your mom Dick edge I'd eat your ass! Die to cancer I'd eat your pussy! Lick me! Lick my ass! you fuck your sister!!! Made in Masturbation Smell of Dick son of dog Cancer whore fat head You are stupid Fuck you, bastard A bitch You are a slut leave me alone! Die, whore! He is stupid I'll shove a jackfruit up your ass Burn in hell Idiot, moron. A severe insult. I shit in your whore mother's milk I fuck that mother of yours Fuck you senor/senorita You're gay Your mother is an ugly bitch Your mom is a whore Your mom is stupid Your mother is very fat and ugly Your brother has no groin Throw yourself in a hole fuck me in the ass I am horny Rot in Hell Fucking bitch Don't fuck with me Stick it up your ass Your mother sweats when she shits dik fuck off you slut Your dick is small. Tiger-Bite God damn it. (lit. to hell) bitch (guy Homosexual (male) Fuck this shit! u fucked in womb. Everything's fucked up... Fuck off! (Lit.: Go to the whore) melon face! Fucking Place fucked up in the head dont be stupid blow my dick Baby masturbate, to wank Donkey/Ass fat prostitues son Go get dick up your ass eat my fart shite Big-headed Your fucked mother Titties! I love your ass Groin you speak shit You smell like shit The donkey knows more than you Shut your snout fatty You shit and jumped in it Testicle; idiot Kiss my ass, Bitch Masturbate from behind Fuck your dad I'm going to castrate you Castrate Gunna kill you Fucking traitor! Fight Passive gay guy BIG damn mother fucker do a blowjob worse than a normal wanker lick the ass Dikala ass wipe/dumb ass/fucker fuck disco balls below penis You're an idiot! Dickhead (literally) (An erect) dick smelly vagina go and eat banana shutup bitch Weakling
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