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suck cock fuck a goat fuck off (stroke the fuck off) go suck off a horse moron (rooster) strong blasphemeous oath to fuck / fuck twat (very bad singer) fuck you (very obscene insult) a piss Shit! (litterally, cunt) your mother farted in your mouth prawn brain (shit in the brain) female Shiter Shiter Son of something stupid/disgusting pigs' shit Bile relax and suck dick your fathers pussy you are gay You are getting butt fucked yours mums dick you are been fucked by a horse you have been black magicked you are getting fucked your dad fucks you Garbage idiot, asshole one who takes it in the ass you stupid stinking cunt eat Pussy, eat vagina suck my penis/dick cut the bullshit!!! big Penis, big dick, big cock beat the hell out you Denebian slime devil cock in mouth nathoo mother's pussy fuck me but dont fuck my words go get fucked!!! Eat shit and die you fucking cunt! Garbage or Shit Idiot / Shame on you Be unfortunate a person whose dick undulates Big deal! (literally, big dick) balls for kidneys (to scam) dick's son fuckable fucktard useless son of a bitch Asshole; bastard in your mom's cunt Ferengi dog Flatso (flat chested chick) Ugly girl Fuck you in the cunt Fuck your mom in the rotting cunt Fuck your entire family Your fucking crazy gringo big titty girl fuck a girl fucking Jap Jap fucking sons of a bitch sand niggers Want to die? testes or balls Mental, a nutter None of your fucking business Useless (son of a bitch) Something's wrong Prostitute or promiscuous women Traitor Treason Dry mucus or booger Mucus Stupid inbred stack of meat Shut up and make us wealthy We will enjoy your silence now We're in big trouble No way Remorseless harridan not entirely sane stinking horse-urine bullcrap a knot of self indulgent lunacy a babboon's ass-crack Junk Nonsense Loopy in the head a real bastard dog humping Mind your own business Filthy fornicators of livestock!
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